How to Add Bots to Your Discord Server in 2022

In the gaming culture discord has now become and grown into a pivotal part of the gaming world. In this article we have listed the simple steps by which you can add bots to your discord server. We can consider discord as one of the best ways of getting touch with people those who share the same interest in gaming. But before we get to know the steps that needs to be followed let us look what is actually bot.

What are Bots?

If you are new to the gaming world and does not know anything how they function, you should know that bots are generally common. We need them to run such a huge number of members.

The discord server must have common across them as they host a large member. Bots are basically fake accounts/users and they respond to only the command they are on. Bots can easily manipulate with various commands. 

Why use Bots?

Now you must be thinking that whether it is necessary to use bots or not. We can say that having a few bots in the discord server can make the management things ten time easier.

These bots can do a lot of functions like sending the welcome message to the new users and things like that. Not only the large discord but the small servers also have bots. They make their things easier like the Groovy that will add to your overall experience. 

Steps to Add Bots to Your Discord Server Easily

Now let us move to the steps to add bots to your discord server. 

1. Login- Firstly, you have to login into the discord. You have to make sure that the account is properly logging in the browser as well. Your two-factor authentication should be active to prevent the login details from leaking to the third party.

add bots to your discord server

2. Invite bot: after the login part, now you have to pick a bot so that you can add it into the server. You will find an option view on bot click on that; it will show you the list of certain bots. The point here that should be noted is that the bot should be online, so that you can communicate and invite it to the server. Click on the add bot option (the blue button).

add bots to your discord server
Invite bot

3. Select the server: after this process a window will appear that will show you the list of all the server in which the bots can be added. You should have a managerial power, because without them a bot cannot be invited into the server. Make sure of the power and that the admin is aware of all the bots that has been added. Then choose the required server. 

add bots to your discord server
Select a Server

4. Authorize the bot: after you have chosen the server discord will now show you all the powers that the bot can have once it is added to the server. Choose the server and check all the powers that it can access before assigning it the powers.

We would advise that you should not tick and kick off any of the powers because it may cause problems in the future. Now you can click on the authorize option. 

add bots to your discord server
Authorize the bot

5. Give the bot a role: now the bot will appear in the right side bar as it has been added to the selected server. You have to now choose its role from the server setting menu. The bot should have the access to all the aspects. 

6. Create command channel: now you have to create a bot command channel the channels have to be made so that users won’t be spamming commands in the general chat area but will be sent to a specific server to interact with bots. If you are creating the bot only for the admin then the channels have to be made accessible only for certain roles. 

7. Set up bot: the information of the bot should be read on the download page because all the bots are not same. This will give you a specific detail of the bots that you want. The updates of bots also keeps on coming with new features. Almost all the bots have the help command that will give you the details of the commands they can do. 

add bots to your discord server
Bot to discord server

Eleggible’s Final Words

Although the bots are not necessary yet it can be helpful in many ways. It ease your own work of management. The steps to add a bot is quite simple as mentioned in the article. Just follow the steps along with the precautions that needs to be taken to prevent the problems in the future. Hope this article was a help.

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