ADM for PC | Install Free Download Manager for Windows 10

ADM that is Advanced Download Manager is another IDM alternative. IDM that is Internet Download Manager is a tool to manage and schedule downloads. It has the ability to recovery and resume capabilities to restore the interrupted downloads due to lost connection, network issues, or power outages. Refer, to this article for ADM for PC.

Although, ADM allows you to download your files, software, or applications at a higher speed than IDM. The drawback of ADM is that it is currently only available on Android platforms, but today we are going to tell you some steps so that you can install this ADM app on your PC. 

Features of ADM for PC

Why should we use ADM for downloading? What are the features that are allowing us to use ADM? We will now tell you about the features of ADM:

1. In-built web browser – the best feature of this application is that the web browser is pre-defined available and we can search and directly download it from the browser.

2. Large file download – most of the browsers do not allow us to download over 2 GB of data, but this is the benefit of a DM that allows us to download files that take more than 2GB space or data.

3. Resume download after failure – sometimes we have noticed that we fail to download the whole file and we are unable to resume it again so we have to restart it over. Here the good thing about ADM is is that we can resume where we left off.

4. Multi-files download – this is the best part of ADM that we can download two or more files at one time without losing the internet speed.

What Does Download with ADM Mean?

Advanced Download Manager is an Android app by DimonVideo is mainly helpful for those with slow data connections. Download with ADM means that we will download it through to an alternative. It is usually known as a download manager.

It works simultaneously by multithreading a file or actually splitting it into smaller parts (up to 9 parts) and downloading them in parallel and therefore also the app has wonderful built-in automation capabilities.

If you’re downloading a few software setups every once then it doesn’t give you any benefit while if you are downloading YouTube videos or from One-Click-Hosters then a download manager makes it easier to handle.

How to Install ADM on PC (Windows 7/8/10)

As we know ADM is available for the Android platform. We need to use it on our PC or in Windows 7, 8, or 10. We are going to tell you about two alternative methods to download and install IDM on PC:

1. Using Emulator

There are many Android emulator applications available to use on PC. The most common are BlueStacks and NOX, app player. However, there is also another Android emulator that will help and you can download ADM through those we recommend you to use BlueStacks on NOX player because of their stability of working properly on PC.

First of all, let me tell you the steps to download BlueStacks (Android emulator) on your PC:

1. Search on Google, you will find the official website.

Search Bluestacks

2. Download the version of BlueStacks depending on your Windows 32 bit or 64-bit capability.

Download Bluestacks

3. After downloading install this app on your PC.

After installing BlueStacks you can open the app and can see the Android look ok as we know it is an Android emulator. So now, the further steps to download ADM:

4. Open BlueStacks.

Open Bluestacks

5. Open Google play store.

Go to Google Store

6. Search for ADM or Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager

7. Install the app on your Android emulator.

Process for the ADM Download Queue:

From the ADM main window, click on the overflow button:

1. Tap the Settings gear icon, and then Downloading.

2. Tap Folder for files. Click on the folder icon.

3. Select and save the folder where you want to save your downloads. Click OK.

These tips will all work depending on your Windows version and the Android emulators’ support. After installing now you can use the ADM properly on your Android emulator. BlueStacks mostly supports the Windows 10 version so if you are having this version then it is beneficial for you.

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2. Using Chrome Extension

If you want to download your files directly from Chrome and you want to add the ADM extension to Chrome so that the ADM works directly on Chrome. You need to do some tricks if these tricks don’t work then there is to having alternate methods to succeed.

Firstly you need to download Google Chrome extensions and later on, if this doesn’t work then you have to install the IDM extension in Chrome. Now let us see the following methods given here.

For downloading Google Chrome extensions from the official location of approved extensions:

1. Visit the Chrome Web Store. Search for the extension you want to install for ADM.

ADM for PC
Google Web Store

2. Select the extension and go for the Details page.

ADM for PC

3. Select Add to Chrome. There is a confirmation box, select Add extension.

If the above method doesn’t work or if ADM is not available to install in Chrome Extension do try IDM. Here is the process to install the IDM extension in Chrome.

1. Open Program Files (x86) and search for the internet download manager folder. Choose the file named IDMGCExt.crx in the folder.

2. Drag and drop the file in the Google Chrome extensions tab.

3. Then the IDM extension will be installed in the chrome browser.

ADM for PC
IDM Extension

Here are some alternatives for ADM or IDM in PC. JDownloader, Ninja Download Manager, Free Download Manager, EagleGet, uGet, Xtreme Download Manager, iDownload Manager are one of the best download managers that you can get for your Windows PC.

How Can I Make my ADM Faster?

Do you want to make your ADM work faster than usual or maybe you feel that after downloading ADM there is no difference between normal downloading and the downloading here in ADM?

Let us tell you some methods to make your work a download faster but remember that installing files one by one doesn’t affect the speed but downloading YouTube videos through links at a time matters the speed of ADM.

We are going to tell you three methods for making ADM signal faster:

1. Change Settings

  • Number of Downloads – 3
  • Number of Threads – 9
  • Speed of download – MAX
  • Smart download –  ON 

2. Change your Wi-fi password

Mostly PC users use Wi-fi for using the internet. Make sure that you are the only one using that wi-fi in order to make ADM work faster than normal. If only a single person is using wi-fi then you can see super fast internet speed.

ADM for PC
Change wifi password

3. Restart your PC

Due to the applications running in the background you may find a slow internet speed. So in order to remove this problem, you must restart your PC to make your ADM work faster.

ADM for PC

Is Download Manager a Virus?

Download Manager actually allows you to organize downloads, control file priorities for torrents, efficiently download large files, adjust traffic usage, and resume broken downloads.  It collects various software and hardware information, which is later mostly shared with third parties. Download Manager applications are guaranteed to be ‘legitimate and virus-free’ but however, reckless installation risks of adware or malware-type applications.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Today we told you about how to install ADM on PC the lots of information about this download manager. Hope so your issue is solved by reading these points. Thanks for reading and if you liked this info then do share it with your colleagues.

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