11 Of The Best Age Progression Apps to Change Face

Isn’t it fascinating to imagine what we may look like in the distant future, perhaps three to four decades from now if you’re a young person? Similarly, it must be exciting for elderly individuals to recall how they looked in their childhood and admire the aging process. We know that the majority of us think about such stuff in our spare time. So, what is more, better than to have such age progression apps available to try.

Since AI technology has advanced so much. No more just imagining but trying it out with friends and family and on yourself. These apps specialize in creating a realistic aged photo of your face in seconds. Along with the primary face aging app technology.

11 Of The Best Age Progression Apps That Ages your Face in 2022

The majority of these apps have a lot more fun things to experiment with. Isn’t having fun while passing the time talent in itself? So, considering all the aspects we have the 11 best age progression apps worthy of trying. Let’s get started without further ado.

#1 FaceApp: Face Editor

FaceApp: Face Editor age progression apps
FaceApp: Face Editor

Download Size – 51 MB

Ratings – 4.5 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

FaceApp is a one-stop solution for creating stunning and flawless edits. Not only does it offer age progression filters to make you appear younger or older. But it also has other features. It has some amazing filters and effects. These filters can also be used in video recordings. stand out with Modals like portraits with impression filters, make-up filters, and face editing options.

It has a lot of functions, including the ability to change haircuts and facial hairs. There are also amusing filters such as gender swaps, face swaps. FaceApp is available for both Android and iOS devices. The fact that most of the app’s filters are only available in the pro edition is a disadvantage. These may be accessed by paying.

#2 Magic Face: Face Aging, Young Camera, Fantastic App

Magic Face: Face Aging, Young Camera, Fantastic age progression apps
Magic Face: Face Aging

Download Size – 19 MB

Ratings – 4.1 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

Being a fantastic exciting pass-time app with a lot of fantastic features. Magic Face earned a spot on the best age progression apps list. This is an app that shows what you look like older, which is available for Android devices, includes a lot of options. Use several cameras to make yourself appear younger or to foretell how you’ll look as you become older. It’s a lot of fun to switch genders.

One of the most impressive features is the ability to view how your future kid or past-life self might seem. Before purchasing the subscription, you may test it out in the trial version. Though some reviews may have stated that this game is too expensive to acquire for a simple pass-time app.

#3 Age Recognition App: How Old I Am? Age From Photo

Age Recognition App: How Old I Am? Age From Photo age progression apps
Age Recognition App

Download Size – 5.9 MB

Ratings – 3.8 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

The name of the app says everything about what you’ll get out of our list of age progression apps. This app uses face detection to figure out exact ages just by simply looking at your picture. The is an app that ages your face and is available for free on all mobile devices and offers a lot of functions. Other unique aspects that the Age accessing tool can infer are culture, nation, emotions, status, and so on.

The ideal app for folks who wish to know how old they seem by looking at their faces is this age finder. The Age evaluation program also works on numerous faces in a single image, figuring the age of each face. There are only five free demos offered, beyond which you must pay a fee.

#4 FaceLab: Face Editor, Aging

FaceLab: Face Editor, Aging age progression apps
FaceLab: Face Editor

Download Size – 28 MB

Ratings – 3.7 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

For Android and iOS users, FaceLab: Face Editor, Aging is accessible. You can have a lot of fun and make stunning selfies with this Intelligent AI face editing aging progression app. You may either select an image from the device’s library or use a camera to create a fantastic selfie. The aging effect gives you the ability to seem both elderly and young.

Aside from that, some effects will transform you into a comic character. Makeover yourself, or fool your pals by changing the gender of the photo. FaceLab has a variety of filters to transform your look, making you fat, into a zombie. This app is free to download, however, there is an in-app payment for more filters and features.

#5 Face Up – Face Editor

Face Up - Face Editor age progression apps
Face Up – Face Editor

Download Size – 14 MB

Ratings – 3.7 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

Depending on your mood, you may want to make subtle or wild and exciting edits to your images. Then Face up – Face Editor, which is available for free on Android, is the app for you. This is the best age progression app for turning your face into a young or aged face using AI. This program allows you to alter your face and change your gender. With real-time filters, you can make your face cute or comical.

Share your photographs on social media after customizing them with stickers and emoticons. With a variety of backdrop frames to choose from, it’s simple to modify images. Make ordinary photos more interesting by adding haircuts. The free version is truly amazing, despite its limiting features.

#6 Fantastic Face – Aging Prediction, Face – Gender

Fantastic Face – Aging Prediction, Face - Gender aging app
Fantastic Face – Aging Prediction

Download Size – 39 MB

Ratings – 3.5 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

Fantastic Face app to make you look older and offers more than simply filters and morphing effects. For starters, there’s a tool that can tell you how you’ll appear in 30 years or so. What’s even more exciting is that you can view how you’ll appear when you’re older alongside your pal. Examine your attractiveness index, skin health grade daily. Predict the appearance of your future child with your partner.

Upload images and compete with friends in beauty contests. Discover which celebrity resembles you. Meanwhile, palmistry forecasters provide love, health, prosperity tips. There are a lot of unique features to choose from, as well as a lot of alternatives. That alone will entice you to upgrade to the PRO edition.

#7 Old Face

Old Face make me old app
Old Face

Download Size – 6.1 MB

Ratings – 3.1 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

Old Face features the most basic user interface and is straightforward to use for everyone. This is your normal face aging online game in a compact package. You may choose a photo from your smartphone or take one on the spot, and in a matter of seconds, you’ll be transformed into an oldie.

Have a great laugh at what you or your buddies will look like in decades. With the selector, you may select eyes and position them wherever you like on your picture, as well as resize and rearrange them. Share your content for free on various social media networks.

#8 Make Me Old

Make Me Old age apps
Make Me Old

Download Size – 28 MB

Ratings – 2.9 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

Make Me Old app is only available for Android devices. This age progression app is simple to use, 100% free, and a lot of fun. Use the aging shutter option if you want to see how you’ll appear at different ages. With this option, you may choose an age for yourself and the app will transform your photo into a realistic elderly self.

As you test it out with your buddies, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and your friends. It also can make you appear younger as if you were in your twenties. Aside from that, you can experiment with different beards as you get older. You may also adjust the photo’s expression to make yourself laugh or grin.

#9 Age Face – Make Me OLD

Age Face - Make Me OLD best age progression app
Age Face – Make Me OLD

Download Size – 13 MB

Ratings – 2.7 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

This age progression app is pretty good in terms of making my old filter and has excellent visual quality. Age Face – Make me OLD lets you try out several old faces and masks from the game’s library. You may pick and try out the 20plus various older looks it offers by using your imagination. Some of the age change effects are available for free. in this incredibly interesting picture editor app.

Using Luxand APIs to provide various ages, masks, effects. Even allows you to simply adjust the faces. Another useful aspect of this tool is that images are automatically stored in the gallery. With in-app purchases, you may upgrade to more filters. and share this amusing app with your friends.

#10 Face Scanner What Age Prank

Face Scanner What Age Prank free age progression software
Face Scanner What Age Prank

Download Size – 10 MB

Ratings – 2.7 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

Starting with the fact that it isn’t a true age face scanner, it nonetheless earned a spot on this list due to how fantastic of an app it is. If you enjoy pranking and having a good time, give Face scanner What age Prank a try. This app simulates an Age facial scanner. Scanning findings are random and unreliable.

However, you may use your humorous imagination to make it seem true to your buddies. Make a joke about it showing the emotional age or any other narrative. Also, enjoy seeing their expressions when the app displays a random age. On an Android device, you may use it for free.

#11 AgingBooth

AgingBooth age progressed photo app

Download Size – 8.6 MB

Ratings – 2.1 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

After gaining popularity among iOS users. The most well-known AgingBooth app is now accessible for Android devices. Why is this the best app for age progression? Because it has its merits. This is a simple and amusing way to make oneself appear older. With this facial aging machine, you may quickly become an elderly person. There is no need for an online connection, and auto-cropping is done using facial detection technology.

You may quickly save results to your gallery and share them across many platforms. As stated in the description, this app is intended for amusement purposes only. Yet, the outcomes are generally accurate and entertaining to share with friends and family.

Eleggible’s Final Words

There are several functions that you can use either to flatter or scare someone by making them appear younger or older. Play pranks on your friends and compete in beauty contests. And, of course, with one great function, you can forecast the appearance of your future child.

Isn’t it amusing and hilarious? We believe you will discover the most enjoyable age progression apps after considering all of the features and functionalities. Though we believe it is critical to remember that not all of these age progression apps provide reliable results.

Even if the result is a bit amusing or frightening to speak. If the elderly grumpy face it displays is not what you expected. Then don’t give it much thought since, after all, it’s just a fun app. Try them out and tell us about your great experience in the comments section.

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