14 Best AI Image Generator: Amazing Results (2022)

In this article, you will learn about how AI can generate artwork. Further, in this article, we will get to know about how artists use AI for their artwork. Also, we talk about an interesting question that arises from time to time with AI in any field, will it be able to replace artists? Also, we will cover some AI paintings with their relevant facts and figures. At last, you will find a list of AI image generator websites and apps which can help you to create your very own artwork with the help of AI.

Things that felt impossible in the past are now happening. AI, which stands for Artificial Intelligence, is becoming a part of daily human life now. From understanding your face on your smartphone’s lock screen to answering your questions like google assistant or Siri. The same is happening in the field of artwork too. The painting is created autonomously by Artificial Intelligence systems or a work that includes the participation of humans and an AI system.

Artists use algorithms to follow or not to follow the rules by commanding AI systems to analyze thousands of images that come under the artist’s criteria. Then AI systems follow all the commands and perform their work by creating new images with all protocols. To accomplish these operations of creating a good artwork using AI, a person should know background systems too.

We do think that someday this AI will take over, but in the case of artwork or artists, it is not going to happen soon or may not happen at all. With current AI systems can technology, it cannot replace artists at all. With time some studies were done by researchers and found it near impossible for AI to take over artists. But at the same time, we don’t know what will happen in the future too. We know that paintings are sold for thousands or millions of dollars, but these paintings are always old or created with human handwork.

But have you ever thought that AI art at Christie’s sold for $432,500? Believe it or not, it sold for this small amount back in the year 2018. Christie’s initial estimate of that painting was around in between $7,000 to $10,000. The buyer who brought this painting created from AI painting generator was an anonymous phone bidder.

14 Best Craiyon AI Image Generator & Creator in 2022

#1. NightCafe

This AI image generator was created back in the year 2017, and from there, it has been one of the famous AI artwork generators. It offers multiple ways to turn your images into an incredible masterpiece. It uses neural style transfer to convert your photo into beautiful artwork.

In NightCafe, you can also create artwork through a text prompt for which it uses text to image artificial intelligence to generate your artwork. Also, Night Cafe creator is one of the unique AI artwork generators available. This platform protects users’ copyright by ensuring that only people who own the original copy of the image or, basically, who is the owner of that image can only use it.

If any other person wants a copy of that image, two options are available to them. Either purchase it or borrow an authorized copy. The NightCafe is also available for your smartphone, which means it is available for free on android and iOS devices. NightCafe AI art generator is free to use. You can create up to five creations per day. Although if you need to make more, then you will have to pay starting plans at $7.99.

#2. Wombo

Dream by WOMBO is one of the best AI artwork generators. If you want your ideas to come alive and to make ai generated art, then Dream by WOMBO can help you with it. You can create your beautiful artwork on your laptop, computer, phone, or tablet, whichever you prefer the most suitable for creating some stunning creations.

This platform allows you to share your beautiful designs with your friends or family on social media. Also, you can save your creations on your devices too for later use. To start creating your own artwork, you need to enter your prompt, and then you have to select an art style, whichever you feel like, and just wait for seconds let WOMBO show its magic. In WOMBO, you do not have to use any kind of paintbrushes or anything. WOMBO alone will make your creation into a beautiful masterpiece.

#3. CF Spark

CF Spark is a new AI art generator tool in the market. Creative Fabrica is known for its creative graphics, fonts, crafts, and classes. You can create free images with their free version. If you want to speed up your creation, you can upgrade it to the creator version for just $9/month. You just have to type in the prompts in the search box to create your AI image. For example “silent night background scene” is a prompt that will generate AI images according to your typed prompt. If you want advanced AI images, it required descriptive text such as “whimsical ultra cute groot in fairytale landscape, pastel colors, fluffy fur, intricate details, v-ray, hyper detailed, ultra realistic, symmetrical, hd, 8k, cinematic atmosphere, rays of light, bright vivid colors“. To generate such additional elements and descriptive text you have to use the prompt generator. The prompt generator will help you to generate descriptive text easily.

creative fabrica spark
creative fabrica spark

#4. Dalle 2

DALL-E 2 is a GPT-3 extension that parses text prompts and answers with images. DALL-E 2 is a transformer language model with 12 billion parameters. For a variety of topics that can be stated in plain language, DALL-E 2 generates graphics from text descriptions. This ai drawing generator is capable of a variety of tasks, such as compellingly combining disparate concepts, anthropomorphizing inanimate objects and animals, rendering texts, and altering already existing images.

The system may accept up to 1280 tokens of data, including text and graphics, in a single data stream. Along with creating a whole new image, DALL-E 2 may also regenerate a concept to make it coherent with the text prompt. Also, this platform is very easy to use. Understanding how it works does not take a lot of time. Within minutes you will be able to understand the essential work of this platform you will be able to create fantastic artwork.

#5. StarryAi

Download – Android

The UI of Starryai is simple and intuitive. It gives you the ability to make art by just expressing what you’d like to. Utilizing a simple approach, Starryai enables you to produce your magnificent artworks in under 20 minutes. Simply type a prompt—it can be an emoji—and choose your preferred style. By using Starryai to create AI art, you are assured full ownership of your works.

Your artworks are available for printing, social media sharing, and usage in future NFT projects. You can alter the look and feel of your product by using various models, beginning pictures, and aspect ratios. Free versions of Starryai are accessible for iOS and Android. Also, Starryai is safe to use, so you can use it mind-free. You can create artwork with even the most superficial prompt. Regular updates maintain their platform free from any kind of bugs or glitches.

#6. Artbreeder

If you want to get deep inside artwork, then ArtBreeder is a good option for you. This artwork generator is one of the famous AI artwork generators. This AI image generator has the ability to change anything about a photo by altering or replacing its ethics. The specialty of ArtBreeder is in creating digital artwork.

Although the technology used may be confusing or more of a technical thing to understand, it is easy to use this AI generator because of its user interface. You can easily create your digital artwork or enter an abstract to find a good color and shape to reach the final outcome of your digital artwork. This ai picture generator offers three levels of customization or modification. You can start from the pre-built pallets using a color picker. You can also customize it as per your preference. Also, you set up shapes too. Moreover, this AI artwork generator is safe to use.

#7. HotPot

If you are not a professional artist, or even if you are one, then Hotpot offers you an excellent opportunity to create stunning and marvelous artworks created using AI. This artwork can be used for your social media networks, websites, apps, articles, blogs, content marketing, and many more places where you can use your artwork.

This AI image generator helps you create automatic artwork by automating tasks using creativity. Also, you get to work on attractive, easy-to-edit templates to create mockups. This AI artwork generator generates high-resolution artwork. All creations are mobile-friendly. You will get the option to download source files, edit them and make suitable them according to your needs.

Hotpot offers a variety of templates with different categories, such as business, design, marketing, photography, and more. You can use different keywords to find graphics. Once you find a suitable graphic, you can quickly start editing it. Hotpot offers different format downloads so that you can easily download your creation in your preferred format.

#8. Deep Dream Generator

DeepDream Generator is one of the most famous AI artwork generators. You can explore different types of algorithms in DeepDream Generator. There are three different styles or you can call ways that this ai photo generator uses deep style, thin style, and deep dream. Deep style is a more advanced method that uses processing power to create AI creations with profound interpretations.

However, the thin style cannot process progressive transformation. But on the other side, it is faster than the deep style. Third, we have a deep sleep. This tool is a new AI art abstract that needs to be explored. However, Deep Dream helped a lot of scientists to figure out how the nervous system feels when a person looks at a photo. Also, with Dream Dream artificial intelligence art generator, you do not have to worry about if you are not that creative. This AI artwork generator is one of the artwork generators which are suitable for creating NFT paintings.

#9. Fotor

Over 200 million users worldwide have utilized the Fotor AI art creator in over 200 different nations. The primary purpose of Fotor, a free ai art generator, is to make professional photo editing available to everyone. The sophisticated, feature-rich online photo editor is impressive. Users of Fotor claim that the program has a similar interface to an online version of Adobe Photoshop.

Since then, it has created unique artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision technologies that enable consumers to generate stunning photographs quickly. You can edit your photo’s fundamental elements, such as color, size, light, and contrast, with Fotor.

The straightforward yet sophisticated photo editor contains helpful tools and effects that will enhance the quality, atmosphere, and enchantment of your photographs. This AI artwork generator is simple to use and has user-friendly features. You get a good variety of effects and filters to choose from. If you love to edit faces, or somehow you have to edit faces in any of your creations, then here you get some of the exciting features for face editing.

#10. PixRay

Geek users may select from a variety of AI engines and add filters and parameters to create the AI image using Pixray’s comprehensive documentation. Pixray is a free text-to-art generator that may be used with an API, on a computer, or in a web browser. Although it has a straightforward user interface, geeks will enjoy using it because of the adjustable AI engines and the extensive documentation for custom programs.

The UI is basic by default. To begin, enter your statement as you would usually in any program. Then select one of the various AI render engines in the “drawer”: pixel produces pixel art, vegan produces GAN-pictures (which are frequently sketched has images based on strokes as if they were written on a painting and then erased.

You will receive beautiful shots from this on its own, but the Settings portion at the end is where the fun is. You can adjust the AI parameters in a number of ways, as detailed in the extensive Pixray documentation. For instance, by changing the settings for the drawer, display, filter, video, and picture, you may add artists or styles, choose quality, iterations, or scale, and learn in-depth ways to alter your artwork.

#11. Dalle Mini

An open-source version of the popular OpenAI Dall-E, Dall-E Mini lets you experience how it creates nine images based on any sentence you write. AI research facility The Dall-E, the first and most well-known AI text-to-image generator, was developed by OpenAI. The Dall-E 2 is currently captivating online users with its capacity to translate natural language into visuals, but it is in closed beta. You can put your name on the waiting list and hopefully obtain access to the online app shortly.

You can utilize the open-source Dall-E Mini, a publically accessible version of the original AI model, up until that time. By scanning the captions of other photographs on the internet, the machine picks up descriptors that it then applies to any phrase you write. Hit Run after you’ve typed your sentence, being as specific as you can.

Dall-E Mini will eventually provide you with nine different images derived from your sentence after some waiting. Any or all photographs can be saved to your hard drive. Dall-E Mini is the simplest text-to-image AI image generator that gives unlimited free trials, unlike other programs, which can be enhanced or customized.

#12. AI Painter

With the help of AI Painter, you can quickly transform a snapshot into a work of art. There are roughly 20 distinct art styles available. Artists from the 1900s, such as Piet Mondrian, Umberto Boccioni, and Francis Picabia, are primarily responsible for these aesthetics. It’s simple to utilize this online painting generator. All you have to do is select your preferred design and submit a photo.

Using the quick artwork preview function on this website, AI power enables you to see an AI painting in advance. It is effortless. You don’t bother installing any programs or signing up for anything. One of the appealing features of this website is that an artist will completely physically paint the ai generated images for you and ship them right to your door. You get a lot of options for styles to choose from. The processing and working speed of this generator are pretty fast. No registration is required to use the AI artwork generator.

#13. AIGahaku

Download – Android

An online program called AI Gahaku allows you to make paintings using AI. You may quickly produce magnificent oil paintings with the aid of AI Gahaku. Choose any image of a human face from your gallery to begin started, then give AI Gahaku permission to analyze the aspects of the face. An initial sketch of you is drawn by an ai art generator from text, after which you can select from ten various paintings.

Among the painting movements that are available are Expressionism, Pop Art, and Renaissance. You will obtain the resulting image in a matter of seconds after choosing. Images on AI Gahaku are smaller than those on other platforms. AI Gahaku has mobile apps in addition to web apps. AI Gahaku also allows you to share your art directly on social media channels. It does not require any kind of registration to start with your artwork on AI Gahaku.

#14. DeepAI

DeepAI is open-source online software. This AI artwork generator offers various tools that can be used to create realistic artwork. You can create any number of images with this AI artwork generator. Also, each creation will unique and different from its own kind. This AI artwork generator is highly customizable which lets you edit and customize your creation as per your preference.

You can easily change the amount of color used, textures, and much more to edit in your creation. If you have an illustration ready with you just you need to enter it and DeepAI will immediately generate a resolution-independent vector image. DeepAI also offers a cool tool known as CartoonGAN. You can use this tool to turn any of your creations or photos into cartoons. Other tools offered by this AI artwork generator are StyleGAN and BigGAN, these tools help the user to create more realistic photos.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Artificial Intelligence was a dream in the past for the human race, but now this dream is coming true. In the future, AI will play a crucial role in the lives of humans. Although advancing with technology, AI can cause problems in the future, but if we talk about today, this technology is a kind of life saver for us.

AI is making people’s work easier in the world of artwork too. Even people who do not have creative minds are now able to create mind-boggling designs and paintings. These AI image generator help ordinary people to develop creations of their dreams, and most of them offer their services are for free of cost.

Also, people share these designs on social media to show off in front of their family and friends. But indeed, this artificial intelligence is changing our world. We have mentioned some of our top and best picks on AI artwork generators.

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