13 Best AI Text Generator to Write Word, Script, Etc.

This article explains the use of AI in writing content and text generation. The technique yields the desired output using various algorithms and probability distribution. The post is also aware the users of the recent advancements in AI-based text generators. This service is quick and accurate. As we go forward, the article also shares the best AI text generator with text creation interfaces that are accessible. The service has found its uses in almost every domain in no time.

Generating text using artificial intelligence is a discovery in the field of Technology. This technique is a subset of natural language processing (NLP).

Programmers build and train a language model to study the prompt message. The model completes it after calculating the conditional probability of vocabulary. Then it further suggests text based on vocabulary determination. Yet, the model needs a prompt message to analyze the sensitivity and extend it further. The model also attempts to identify the pattern of the given statement.

Artificial intelligence-based text generators use well-designed story-generating algorithms. These algorithms help make the prompt message into long paragraphs.

The technique mentioned above is also implemented in automatic journalism or robot journalism. In this journalism, computer models generate news reports using algorithmic productions. Reporters use artificial intelligence to write efficient news articles in less time.

AI Text generators can help generate product descriptions and marketing text. The service can transcribe in different languages for a variable target audience.

The service is valuable for generating annual accounts and data reports. This technique also finds its use in weather forecasts and reports for events. 

The AI text generators uphold a reputation for writing stories and creative writing. The output usually has high accuracy. Thus, proving itself to be a gift for content writers.

Generally, every growing industry has an initial boom that slows down yet remains constant. Likewise, the founding companies of AI-based text generators faced an establishment barrier. Yet, they overcame this barrier by launching GPT2 and GPT3 technologies. The book mentioned above was made possible by OpenAI in mid-2020. The research had Elon Musk as a contributor too. 

Since then, mass language models have faced nothing but expansion in the field. Technological growth has made it easy to get resources from billions of web pages.

The following data of Google trends depict the above statements. The data shows a healthy increment in the market for AI-based content creation. It also shows a topographical variation of the searches made for the respective domains. The respective data helps companies identify their target audience.

The below timeline helps in understanding the timely updations in ai text generation technologies.

Kenya’s first content creation intelligent bot Miriam. 

Miriam is an AI-based bot developed to assist in content creation. A Kenyan firm, kenoobiAI, owns the bot in partnership with digital consultancy agency Growthpad. 

The bot has eased creating emails, blogs, social media content memos, and any form of content. The bot has a plug-and-play mode which enhances its interface. 

The brand claims that the bot is helpful for taglines giving ideas for blogs, and even writing emails. The company updates the bot according to the need and has a payment period of 30 days.

How to Use GPT-2 for Text Generation

The Transformer-based Generative Pretrained Transformer 2 (GPT-2) is what its name implies. It employs the learning algorithm to forecast the next word. The algorithm teaches it to concentrate on words that came before but are most pertinent to the context.

GPT-2 can produce excellent writing on its own. Yet, you must fine-tune it using your unique data if you want this to perform even better in a particular scenario. We start by importing the libraries. 

Tokenizing the information is transforming a series of characters into tokens or breaking a phrase into words. This process is done to use GPT2 for further processing.

Top 13 Best AI Text Generator to Write Words, Script, Jokes, and Many More

#1. Inferkit

Inferkit is a free web platform to generate text using AI-based text generators. The website takes a small part of the text from the user and generates the upcoming data using a neural network.

The network is configurable and creates content on any practical topic. The website can produce a text of any length, depending on the subject. Generally, a prompt message is the given text to the program.

The website is quite helpful in writing creative content and even poetry. Developers can also use this platform to write games and video content. This platform can also write business articles and news reports for official uses.

Yet, this platform also has some cons to it. The website only allows a limited number of words in the prompt message given by the user. Going beyond this limit only results in rejecting some part of the quick message. The website also warns its users of offensive and sexual content that it might create. 

It also advises its users to be alert and check the desired product before using it. The website might not guarantee the legal uses of the created content. Yet, it assures its users of rights to the content. The website doesn’t ask for any credit for the content.

#2. DeepAI

Deep AI is an online AI text generator for the best use of artificial intelligence in today’s world. It provides many services over the internet using artificial intelligence.

One of the services is text generation API. This API is supported by a wide-ranging language model capable of generating large text. The language model mentioned above is transformer-based. This model takes the help of GPT2 Technology. This API consumes a sentence or a series of words as input. It predicts the upcoming words by calculating the conditional probability from the information.

Additionally, it counsels customers to exercise caution and to thoroughly inspect a product before utilizing it.

The website offers various services to its user for text generation. It allows for generating text for input sentences and text prediction for small phrases. It also lets users complete paragraphs of generated text.

#3. Sassbook

Sassbook AI writer is an artificial intelligence-based bot. The bot has the vision to write stories and paragraphs. Yet, this bot has a unique quality. The bot supports many stories writing genres, including fiction of various kinds.

The website has an easy-to-use interface. It allows users to choose the genre and also gives more options like setting the word limit and inserting some keywords. It also asks for the level of creativity in the story. 

Besides novels, it works well for writing blogs, emails, and reports. The attention-grabbing quality of the website is its unique content. The website extends its services for commercial plans too. While it also lets users skip the waiting time by watching the small ad. 

The website is a good platform for content writers to avoid writer’s block.

#4. Huggingface

Huggingface is an open-source platform where people contribute and develop tools using AI. The application that grabs our attention is the AI text generator by hugging the face. This app is a free platform for creating content using AI. 

The app also takes in a prompt message to start the essay, and it is to continue the prompt message. The app senses the tone of the prompt message by itself and writes the article according to it. 

The app’s interface is quite simple and is free of ads. The app is quite helpful in generating text for articles, blogs, journals, and even reports. The app claims to include SEO techniques in work. 

#5. SModin

SModin presents a free AI writer platform and a text generator. This platform can generate good quality, plagiarism-free content in no time.

The app receives a prompt message from the user and continues it further. The website is easy to use and provides desired outputs in the form of essays, articles, and even poems. The bot also chooses to select the tone between descriptive and argumentative.

This app helps pull out the content writers from writer’s block. It also saves hours when the submission of the content is near.

The app claims to generate articles on almost any practical topic with an apt message. This app allows users to write ads, product descriptions, and marketing content.

The availability of various languages gives this website an edge over other ai text generators. Yet, the brand is planning to cost the app in the future.

#6. Zyro

Zyro extends its services in the form of an online AI text generator. This generator is free to use. 

The website has an attractive interface and an eye-catching design. It lets its users decide the category for the article or go without any particular topic.

The website aims to provide free and quick content for websites and blogs. The content provided by the website is unique, and the customers can use it. The website also considers the scenario and optimizes the content using SEO techniques.

The output of the website is SEO friendly. This attribute enhances the traffic to the website where the data is used. It also helps keep the website on top of the search engine results. With a bit of human intervention, the website can generate a blog, story, and article.

#7. Frase

AI text generator by Frase is a free content writing website that offers unique content to its users. This tool provides high-quality and plagiarism-free content. It focuses on generating the content per the keywords in the prompt message. The device works finely with a bit of human touch. 

The bot accumulates its resources through billions of web pages over the internet. The website helps write blogs, articles, and even product descriptions.

The tool takes a small prompt message from the user. It searches for the related web pages using keywords and gathers information. In a few seconds, it outputs a heading with content.

Frase incorporates the SERPs research in its AI model, making the output SEO friendly. This approach eliminates the need for a training model for SEO practices.

The website sounds quite helpful in generating FAQ questions. The user needs to input a single question about the topic.

#8. BoredHumans

Bored humans is a free online website. It works to bring out various AI-based tools in the form of small websites. Each website has a specific functionality.

Impulse communications Inc owns the website. The page that catches our attention is the new word generator tool. This tool generates new words which don’t pre-exist. The learning of this tool is based on dictionary training.

The tool gives a new word with its meaning. It also illustrates an example to make more sense. Yet, the device disclaims its users the probability of inappropriate content appearing. 

The collection also contains generators for lyrics, poetry, and story writing.

#9. Rytr

Rytr is an AI-based online platform for writing content using technology automation. The tool is precious for content creators. It creates high-quality, unique content in a matter of a few seconds. It also offers various cases to choose from for the upcoming work. The app also offers various tones to write the content. The website has an eye-catching interface with appropriate designs, making it look genuine.

The app upholds its reputation for being a complete package for content makers. It checks the wording and grammar and expands the text according to the word limit. It also seeks to make content plagiarism-free and unique. The app incorporates the use of SEO techniques in the output. This attribute makes the work polished and ready to use. 

It also lets users create accounts to save and track previous works. It manages the workflow for the consumers. The tool works fine for uses of chatting, email writing, and blogging. It also supports plugins for various websites like WordPress and Shopify.

The app is free to use with basic functionalities. Yet, it has two pricing plans for official and professional users.

#10. Brendansudol

Brendansudol is a free and simple AI text generator for generating jokes. This website has a primary interface without many designs. The website has been fed upon a vast collection of jokes. It gathers its data from the pre-learned marks and implements the data in the process. The working of the website consists of a recurring neural network. 

It takes a small prompt message from the user which can be 4-5 words or more. It then follows the sense of the letter to finish it. 

The website also offers an attribute of variation. Lessening the variation makes the bot more confident but conservative too. While increasing the variation makes the bot more diverse but results in increased mistakes such as spelling errors. The website is suitable for little witty jokes without much attention to grab.

#11. Boredhumans Jokes

Bored humans Joke is a free online website. It works to bring out various AI-based tools in the form of small websites. Each website has a specific functionality.

Impulse communications Inc owns the website. One of the tools offered by the collection is the joke generator. This website aims to generate jokes using the language model powered by ML. 

The joke generator asks for a joke from the user as a prompt message. The website claims to generate a superior joke than the submitted one. The website has a pretty simple interface and is not bombarded with many designs and ads. 

The collection also contains other content generators. Some of them are generators for anime plots, slogans, and poem composition.

#12. The Joking Computer

The joking computer is an online website for children. The University of Aberdeen created this website along with several contributors. The developers aimed at creating the website using the already developed software Standup. It has a basic website design without many fancy objects. 

This service promoted a likable habitat for children to develop verbal skills. This approach would let children explore the meaning of various words in a fun and quirky way. 

Children may engage in an exciting exploration of language and humor. Also, learning about the processes involved in creating computer simulations such as this. 

The program aimed at creating such tools for use at science centers. This tool would also let scientists study the human brain’s response. It would also give them an idea of the general perception of wit. 

#13. Deepstory

Deepstory AI is a free, easy to use ai based text generator. This website uses pre-existing script models to generate screenplay-type content. It claims to be a bridge between human creativity and computer intelligence. The website creates a story-like text quickly for its users. 

The website is not limited to creating stories. It can write scripts and endings of a scene with script formatting. Yet, the generator can work in the English language only.

The app also has a pricing structure for premium uses. Users with a free account can generate upto ten creations per day with a mediocre language model. Yet, a paid account can generate 10,000 words per month with a superior language model. It also contains other premium attributes like autosave and unlimited save for scripts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an AI Write a Script?

With AI taking over the technology, it also dominates the content writing domain. The AI can write stories, incidents, and scripts for movies and plays. It can finish the given prompt message using the algorithm for story development.

AI-powered with machine learning has now adapted billions of data from the internet. This valuable data is about story structure, story types, and script development. It makes AI capable of writing theories using algorithms.

Yet, a little human intervention is still required for a quality outcome. AI, being effortless, cannot write creative and inspirational content. 

Eleggible’s Final Words

Through this article, we have explained to our users the scenario of AI text generators in a simple way. We have researched to gather various apps and websites that generate text using ML-empowered AI.

This article also contains a separate section for its future prospect. It also describes the ability of AI to write scripts and stories. This attribute will help our readers clear their doubts about AI-based text generators.

In the abstract, we have tried to discuss the content creation process using AI in depth. We have tried to incorporate the findings intelligently and efficiently.

This article lets our readers choose the best website app for their work. Some websites are good enough for writing poems and stories. While some of them work fine for news articles and blogs.

Through the report, we have tried to deliver the gist of the topic to save our readers’ time. We hope you find this article to the best of its use as we have bought only the best for you.

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