11+ Best Barcode Generator Software to Create Barcodes

Create your own barcode to maintain the confidentiality and security of your products and sales with these amazing and free barcode generator software.

We regularly see something like scan barcodes to connect or win a gift card in our day-to-day life. Whether you are a retailer or a small business owner, nowadays barcode is the ultimate key to secure your sales, details of your goods, knowing the build-up of your inventory, and many more other aspects.

Not only barcode is used in buying and selling activities but it is world widely used in other types of industries also, where a unique identification name or number is given in a machine-readable form.

Since people are becoming more aware of technology, and some even misusing it, it’s quite reasonable to create your own barcode to safeguard the details of your sales and products to maintain digital security.

These free barcode maker software would enable you to create your own unique barcode just in seconds. Not only a barcode but you can also create a point-of-the-sale barcode scanner, UPC barcode, barcode for the inventory tracking system, 2d barcodes, and much more by a single software.

Quite a deal isn’t it?. Just by one click, any type of barcode for any use is easily ready. Ensuring confidentiality and security at its best, as your unique barcodes can’t be known without your knowledge, thanks to such efficient barcode generators. So, take a step ahead in maintaining digital security through barcode generators.

12 Best Barcode Generator Software to Create Barcode (Free & Paid) 2022

We have created this list according to the features and popularity of the free barcode maker software. All these software are free to use. Paid versions of them are also available, if you want to upgrade then you can.

So, without further ado, let’s start.

#1 Barcode Maker (Free)

Link – http://www.barcode-generator.org/

Barcode Maker is one of the most mainstream Software for creating barcodes. The most recent rendition of the apparatus is Barcode Maker 8.

This is a product ready to react to each need with many highlights, not effectively reachable in the other free barcode generator software.

This barcode software, in its most recent form, bolsters practically all barcode types. Among them, there is the most utilized retail barcode in the US, the UPC-An, and the other overall spread code EAN-13.

Barcode Maker best barcode generator software
Barcode Maker

Different barcodes included are ISBN for books, ITF-14, Code 2 of 5 Interleaved, QR Code, Code 39, UPC-A (GTIN-12, UCC-12), UPC-E.

It merits referencing that Barcode Maker has more than 390 pre-characterized name sheets included for printing.

Additionally, you can then download the barcode PNG, PDF JPEG, Bitmap, TIFF, and Portable Network Graphics. Convert any file into any format you want with these free online file converters.

Imagining the document in MS Excel is conceivable, yet clients need to add the barcodes to the Barcode rundown to do that.

#2 Online Barcode Generator (Free | € 92 to $ 1554)

Link – https://barcode.tec-it.com/en

Online Barcode Generator is the product of semi-proficient quality. You can utilize this free barcode maker software for testing reasons.

This barcode warehouse management software is a good option for the warehouse common problems.

It is anything but difficult to use by encoding numerous customizations. You can make a barcode by following a few stages.

From the outset, you have to visit the site. Presently you need to choose the parameter from the Barcode dropdown menu.

Online Barcode Generator
Online Barcode Generator

Similarly, you need to enter substance, choices, and scale. On the off chance that you have to create a barcode for semi-proficient and additionally testing purposes, visit this barcode reader site.

This is online assistance exceptionally simple to utilize that enables you to make barcodes utilizing different encoding and apply various customization choices to them, at no expense.

#3 BarcodesINC.com (Custom Pricing)

Link – https://www.barcodesinc.com/

The BarcodesINC.com is extraordinary compared to other barcode generator software. It is basic yet ground-breaking.

Go on this barcode program, enter the information, and snap-on ‘Create Barcode.’ Your barcode will be created right away. It has amazing features like changing barcode font, file size, file mode of download etc.

You can even download the barcode to your PC and implant it on your site. Be that as it may, don’t stress as you can even get proficient functionalities.

BarcodesINC free barcode maker software

You can include your organization logo, the highest point of the barcodes. That is extraordinary.

It can likewise build the brand estimation of your organization on the off chance that you have one.

Every one of the functionalities is likewise accessible for nothing. Consequently, don’t pause and begin utilizing it.

#4 Easy Label (Free | $245 Per Month)

Link – https://www.tharo.com/easylabel/

Simple Label is simple to utilize barcode just as RFID mark Software. It is accessible for each strategy for printing and makes name structure simple, quick, and exact.

For an all-out naming arrangement, Easy Label is accessible in various forms, each with various highlights.

Easy Label

Simple The mark will assist you with printing your contact addresses in the ideal design. It is valuable for printing data on separable mark sheets.

This free barcode inventory software used by lots of inventory management officials in their offices.

What’s more, this product is fit for bringing in your contact data legitimately from your Windows address book in Windows XP and your Windows contacts in Vista.

Key highlights of Easy Label:

1. Utilizing EasyLabel, you can import your contacts from your Windows address book or Windows contacts naturally.

2. You can likewise add new contacts physically to both the contact and the mark records.

3. It enables you to spare just as revive your contact records, mark records, and print designs.

4. It enables you to oversee classes for your contacts.

#5 iBarcoder (Free | 1 License $49.99)

Link – https://ibarcoder.com/

iBarcoder makes sequential barcodes or single Mac barcodes effectively. Using this free barcode maker software, you can make any number of various vivid barcode names in any size, style, or shape.

iBarcoder enables you to make barcode illustrations for books, retail bundles, stickers, and the sky is the limit from there.

iBarcoder free barcode maker software

Utilizing the information network generator and Mac QR code, you can include picture boxes, content boxes, ovals, square shapes, just as lines to your names. This software has many barcode template that you can use as per your requirements.

You can likewise embed wanted pictures and type in the essential content to make proficient barcode marks for business use. You can make successive barcodes for retail and list tasks.

Significant Features

1. iBarcoder is for MAC client.

2. 2D and 3D barcoding offices.

3. Adjustable measurement with barcode age.

4. Custom level plan and level format.

5. A full-shading proofreader with a high exactness on-screen show.

6. It has various levels of choice.

7. It underpins the custom level organization

#6 HandiFox (Free | $1195)

Link – https://www.handifox.com/

HandiFox is a business the executives and versatile stock administration free barcode generator software which enables little and enormous organizations to robotize deals and have total stock control effortlessly.

It is accessible with various appealing highlights, for example, getting and making buy orders, filter barcodes, shipment confirmation, and mechanized stock tallying.

It works with deals exchanges for various cell phones and has an extra client authorization highlight. The product confines clients to the administrator segment for better observing.

HandiFox free barcode generator software

Utilizing HandiFox, you can immobilize the back catch on the marking screen. HandiFox is a barcode stock framework to make your stock administration for your client.

Fundamentally, with its portable application, the client can check the barcode from the field, which is associated with the distribution center.

It accelerates your everyday activity and for all intents and purposes, takes out the stock expense.

#7 Aeromium Barcode Maker 

Link – https://www.barcodefonts.net/

One of the most well known Windows barcode application is Aeromium Barcode Maker. The primary adaptation of the product was discharged on February 08, 2011. The app makes proficient quality barcode pictures.

It can produce more than 24 kinds of straight barcodes (without checking the varieties), for example, Code39, EAN13, UPCA, and UCCEAN128.

On account of the high goals that is utilized, the barcode pictures are reasonable for various industry necessities.

Aeromium barcode label generator software gives a few picture groups, including Bitmap, Metafile, and Portable Network Graphics.

This product is anything but difficult to utilize. The single exchange UI guarantees to make barcodes committed to the most various industry needs.

Clients are happy with this product. It can effectively address their issues for making in-house barcodes to barcodes for the stockpile chains.

Aeromium Barcode Maker is one of the celebrated barcode producers for the Windows working framework.

Aeromium Barcode Maker can create inexact 24 sorts of the direct barcode. This barcode is appropriate for various industries as a result of its great picture.

#8 Barcode Maker for Mac

Link – https://www.barcodeproducer.com/

Barcode Maker for Mac is a barcode generator software for MAC working framework, which gives a proficient quality barcode.

It allows the client to produce a unique barcode with a simple and basic way. The retailers and wholesalers find most likely incredible utility for a specific utilization of barcode age.

It can stamp barcode reports like pdf records. Barcode producer for Mac underpins various sorts of barcode-like ISBN, Code 128, EAN 128, Postnet, and so forth. Any object of this product can be sent out to other Software.

Significant Features

1. You can make up to 20 sorts of Barcode level.

2. It can process 100+ pictures.

3. It is a business stock Software.

4. This product is for MAC working framework.

5. It is allowed to attempt with watermark restriction.

6. It additionally underpins 2D and 3D barcoding.

7. Level format with the sequential number following.

#9 Barcode-Generator

Link – http://www.barcode-generator.org/

Another alternative to Maker barcodes is the barcode generator on the Barcode-Generator Software.

It has a decent and intuitive interface that supports the most widely recognized barcode positions accessible right now.

The benevolent interface of this site may entrance you. This free barcode maker software is prosperous to full fill the entirety of your necessity.

You can make a little, medium, and enormous size barcode as indicated by your prerequisite.

You can import the URL of your site, email, Vcard, SMS, pdf, facebook page, and a lot another info arrangement to make a barcode.

#10 2P Barcode Creator

Link – https://www.2ptech.com/

2P Barcode Creator is an industry quality barcode mark producer. It bolsters different information source choices like date time, database, counter document, and a lot of other data.

It can meet the intricate item bundling. 2P Barcode Creator is a simple to utilize ground-breaking barcode program that can satisfy the entirety of your business need.

You can print the barcode with warm and some other barcode printer. The printed barcode is profoundly expert and of great quality.

#11 BarCloud Online Inventory

Link – https://asapsystems.com/

BarCloud Online Inventory is finished barcode generator software for stock administration and resource following framework for simple electronic stock following.

With the assistance of this barcoding Software, you can sort out fundamental information safely in the cloud.

Accessibility of a cross-gadget perfect versatile application will enable you to screen stock just as resources online progressively.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Besides these barcode generators software, there are also free barcode maker software which are absolutely free. Any type of barcode like: healthcare codes, event code, ISBN codes can be generated through a single software.

One must go through the guidelines stated in the software/online barcode generators to have clarity before using it. These barcode generators maintain the secrecy of your private details.

No third party has any access to your own unique barcode generated through these software without your knowledge. Since these software are free of cost, giving personal details of your debit/credit card or any other money source should be avoided, the software wouldn’t be responsible for any mishap.

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