10 Best Accounting Schools in the USA [2022 List]

Are you also looking for the best accounting schools of your dreams? An accounting school that can guide you in the best manner in achieving the highest quality education concerning accounts.

Well, we are very well aware of all the troubles that you will be facing right now. Every student’s primary dilemma in pursuing higher education is that they are submerged under the ocean of information on the web.

It becomes tough to ransack the entire web and pick out the crucial information one needs. You don’t need to worry anymore because we are here to help you survive this game.

We have done all the hard work for you and have squeezed out the “Only Important” facts concerning the best accounting schools today.

Here, in this article, we have listed the top ten accounting schools with their best courses in accounting for you. The below-mentioned schools are the top-rated ones by their students and have a lot of positive reviews about them.

These reviews stand as a testimony to their goodwill. These Universities have everything of only the top-notch quality including the infrastructure and the faculty.

The curriculum of these accounting schools is carefully designed to match the student’s needs and help them succeed to the maximum.

The campuses of these Universities are way too beautiful that can’t be explained. We all are too obvious of the fact that it is only a positive atmosphere that can smoothly make the studies go well.

If a positive atmosphere is maintained around the campus and in the classes then it can facilitate the studies to take place without extra pressure.

This is why we have carefully listed only the best universities in terms of education and atmosphere for you in our article. These schools’ high ratings are their testimony; without wasting another minute, let’s jump into the article.

Top 10 Accounting Schools in the USA [Ranking Report]

#1. University of Texas, Austin

Accounting Program:- McCombs School of Business.

Website Link:- https://www.utexas.edu/

University of Texas, Austin best accounting schools
University of Texas, Austin

The University of Texas is among the top-notch universities that offer the best accountancy courses for students worldwide.

It has a variety of courses to study, including BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration), Masters of Science, and PhDs in various subjects as well.

The University of Texas, situated in Austin, is a public research University. It is the first University on our list and is considered one of the best accounting schools by US News and World Report.

The University offers some of the best accountancy courses and is a go-to option for your bright academic career in accounting.

The graduates of this University (specifically accounting graduates) have reported that they could fetch an average annual salary of approximately $54000.

This University provides students with first-class and quality education. This is why a lot of accounting students prefer to graduate from here.

The University was established in 1883 and completed its 139 years in 2022. This is an excellent choice for students pursuing accounting courses at a great school.

The University combines a total of 18 colleges under it. Not only accountancy courses, but students can also choose from over 170 courses available at this great University. 

#2. University of Illinois 

Accounting Program:- Champaign College of Business.

Website Link:- https://illinois.edu/

University of Illinois 
University of Illinois

The University of Illinois is the second excellent School on our list that offers the best accountancy degrees. This University is well known for its activities in the field of research.

Also, you will find the world’s largest student-run consultancy at this University. Apart from this, a lot of education abroad trips are also a part of this accounting school.

The University of Illinois, Chicago, is situated in the heart of the city and is famous for providing top-quality education at affordable prices.

A four-year Bachelor of Science, Master of Science in tax, Ph.D., and Master of Science are some of the degrees that this accounting school can expect.

Among the students, the University of Illinois is a popular choice as it provides various options among degrees which include the best accounting degrees as well.

As this University is included in our list, it is among the best accountancy schools worldwide. The University was founded and established in 1867.

The University of Illinois is also considered one of the largest Public universities by enrollment in the nation. More than 50,000 students complete their graduation and post-graduation from here every year.

Hence, the University of Illinois can be a great choice among students pursuing accountancy degrees at the best college worldwide.

#3. University of Notre Dame

Accounting Program:- Mendoza College of Business.

Website Link:- https://www.nd.edu/

University of Notre Dame best accounting schools
University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is another great University for accounting courses. This University has a lot of extracurricular activities substantiated by high-quality studies.

The University of Notre Dame is a private Catholic research university situated in South Bend, United States. The University of Notre Dame is one of the world’s best and most beautiful universities.

You will get a Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, etc in this accounting school.

The School was established in 1842 and is a popular choice among students from all over the world. The University offers top-quality education and offers students various courses and the best accountancy degrees.

More than twelve thousand students are currently enrolled in the great University. The University of Notre Dame is another excellent choice among students for the best accountancy courses and education.

Many students worldwide choose to go to this University to opt for accounting courses and others. You can also look for this beautiful University.

#4. University of Southern California

Accounting Program:- Leventhal School of Accounting.

Website Link:- https://www.usc.edu/

University of Southern California
University of Southern California

The University of Southern California is the fourth University on our list that offers accountancy courses and the best quality education.

You can expect certificate courses, a Master’s of Science, a Bachelor’s of Business Administration, and much more at this University.

The University of Southern California is a private research university in Los Angeles, California, United States. This University was founded and established in 1880, and it offers excellent accountancy courses as well.

The University of Southern California is the oldest private research University in California. The University combines twenty-two graduate and postgraduate schools under it where more than 50000 students are enrolled as of now.

Students from more than 115 countries and different states of the United States are enrolled in this beautiful University for their education.

The University provides the best education and a variety of degrees and programs under it. This is why students from all over the world prefer to study here and opt for their dreams. 

#5. University of Mississippi

Accounting Program:- at Patterson School of Accounting.

Website Link:- https://olemiss.edu/

University of Mississippi
University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi is another great university offering its students accountancy courses and excellent education. The University of Mississippi is a public research University and is the oldest University in Mississippi.

This University is considered the largest University of Mississippi in terms of the number of enrollments. As it is one of the largest universities in Mississippi in terms of registration, many students from all over the country migrate here to complete their graduation and post-graduation.

This University is one of the best universities that combines 15 different schools under it and offers accountancy programs and courses as well.

Along with the beautiful architecture, the University provides the students with the best quality education and offers excellent courses, including accountancy courses.

If you are looking for the best accountancy schools, then the University of Mississippi is an excellent choice.

#6. University of Chicago

Accounting Program:- Booth School of Business.

Website Link:- https://www.uchicago.edu/

University of Chicago best accounting schools
University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is the sixth great University on our list that offers some of the best accountancy courses. At this accounting school, you can go for a Master of Business Administration or Ph.D.

The University of Chicago is situated in Chicago, Illinois, and is a private research University. The wide syllabus generally includes Financial analysis, Taxation, Financial statements, etc.

Apart from this, a lot of extracurricular activities are also a part of the regular business of this University. This University in Chicago offers some great courses, including the best accountancy courses and education.

That is why we have included this excellent University in our list. The campus is mesmerizing, which adds up to the positive reviews of this University.

It’s because a healthy and positive campus paves the way for mentally fit students who will be more focused on their studies.

The faculty members of this University are carefully cherry-picked, and only the best are directed toward teaching and guiding their fellow students.

Please attend the official website of this University and give it a chance to study accounting.

#7. Indiana University

Accounting Program:- Kelley School of Business.

Website Link:- https://www.indiana.edu/

Indiana University
Indiana University

Next on our list is Indiana University which has a very popular reputation state-wide. Here, accounting is available to study at all levels, ranging from graduation to a master’s and then a Ph.D.

This University also provides internships to its fellow students to help them gain fieldwork experience as well.

This is just the right match for your requirements, and we are sure you will get the course of your choice with all the qualities you are looking for here. Courses such as Masters of Science, Bachelor’s of Science, Ph.D., etc are available here for the students.

Those students who have been a part of this reputed University have enough positive words to say about it. It is considered the college of the colleges, defined as a perfect blend of what your dream college should be like.

The faculty at this University is impressive, and students are more than satisfied with their teaching style. The curriculum is carefully designed to keep the students positively engaged in their studies and bring the best out of them.

The campus of this University is so beautiful that it becomes tough for us to describe it. Words are just not enough to elaborate on the beauty of this University’s campus.

A positive vibe is always surrounding the campus, and it makes studies much more fun.

#8. Ohio State University

Accounting Program:- Fisher College of Business.

Website Link:- https://www.ohio.edu/

Ohio State University best accounting schools
Ohio State University

The next University on our list is The Ohio State University which is also popularly known as Ohio State or OSU. You will get a variety of 12 specialization courses at this University.

The specialization subjects may include Not-profit accounting, tax management, etc. This accounting school is ranked fourth nationwide in accounting research.

This University has high rankings when it comes to quality ratings by students. The students of this University and beyond are not at all skeptical about the quality of education and other related facilities at this place.

You can get a Bachelor’s of Business Administration, a Masters in Business, or even a PhD from this accounting school. Apart from the main forte of education, the University also takes great care of the infrastructure and related stuff so that the entire heritage of the University can be well-maintained.

The faculty members are highly qualified individuals that leave no stone unturned to help you master your subject. The accounting faculty and the accounting course at this University are no different.

If you are planning to take the accounting course from this University then you are in the right direction. We will surely recommend you go to this accounting school as it is the best place you can be.

#9. University of California, Berkeley

Accounting Program:- Haas School of Business.

Website Link:- https://www.berkeley.edu/

University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Berkeley

Next, we have on our list is the University of California, Berkeley. This University is built on public grant land and has an amazing ancient building.

You can avail of a certificate course or a Ph.D. degree from this School in your choice of accounting. However, this University does not offer a major or minor in accounting, but your way will be cleared to take the CPA exam by opting for the various accounting courses that this School offers.

For the postgraduates, there is an amazing opportunity to go for the Ph.D. course with two years of formal coursework and two years of joint research with prestigious faculty members.

The beauty of this University dates back to 1868. It still carries the legacy and has maintained high standards since then.

The quality of education is perfect here and the faculty members are also gems of wisdom. You will be left with zero complaints once you start learning from this School.

The pass-out students have left many positive comments about the University and the teachers and claim to be satisfied with the quality of education that they got.

The beautiful infrastructure adds more to the beauty of the surroundings, and a positive atmosphere can be felt everywhere if you are thinking of going to this University for your accounting course then kudos!

This is the right decision. Go ahead and enjoy the entire system with the best teachers at the best University.

#10. University of Tulsa

Accounting Program:- Collins College of Business.

Website Link:- http://www.utulsa.edu/.

University of Tulsa best accounting schools
University of Tulsa

Last but not least on our list is, The University of Tulsa. This University has a vast campus and offers a variety of courses to go for.

For your accounting course, you can opt for a certificate course of your choice. This University has an astonishing rate of around ninety-eight percent placement of students.

Here, you can get the best accounting courses and a chance to learn from the finest faculty members. The curriculum of accounting courses at this University is very diverse and gives excellent insights into the subject on a 360-degree basis.

You will get a good knowledge of the issue, and all your curiosity concerning the matter will be nicely catered to if you enroll in this University’s programs.

This private research University is situated in the heart of Oklahoma, and the architecture is a real treat to the eyes. The infrastructure is as good as the curriculum itself, which is why we suggest this University to you.

Not surprisingly, this University has a good number of enrollments every year in all the courses, including the accounting course.

Example – https://big4accountingfirms.org/best-accounting-schools/

Eleggible’s Final Words 

So, these are the top ten accounting schools you can ransack right now to find the best for yourself. Here is our list of the best accounting schools you can choose for your dream accounting course.

These Universities are just above ordinary and give you an edge when going for quality higher studies. A particular system can be done from anywhere, but only the best schools must be considered when it comes to doing your best.

In our article, best accounting schools we took care of your requirements and mentioned only the top accounting schools so that you can decide the best for yourself.

We are sure that by now, you must have gathered good insights about every School we mentioned. You can now make your decision to go for one of the ones that suit you the most.

We wish you luck for your future and hope that you outperform your expectations in your dream course.

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