10 Best ADHD Apps for People with ADHD

These ADHD apps were created with the advent of technology to assist those with the symptoms of ADHD. Apps for ADHD are an excellent tool for managing tasks and avoiding overwhelm.

Globally, the COVID-19 outbreak has altered how people live and work. All of the changes to the environment and routine have made it difficult for persons with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to stay organized and productive.

Mobile phones divert us all more often than we’d care to admit, and social media is chock full of meaningless entertainment. Within the twinkling of an eye, hours can pass. Anyone can experience this, including people with adult-onset ADHD.

Although apps can’t magically cure or make ADHD go away, they can assist people with ADHD handle some of life’s most stressful situations, enhancing the overall quality of life with a few little adjustments.

ADHD is a prevalent neurodevelopmental condition. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that more than 10 million adults in the United States have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a condition that is often associated with children.

These applications aid in maintaining positivity and attention in both children and adults with signs of ADHD.

Many people have had success assigning significant productivity and memory tasks to their mobile devices. You can organize, prioritize, and add order to your life with the aid of ADHD apps. 

Here is a list of the top applications for managing the symptoms of ADHD in children and adults, such as inattentiveness, distractibility, disorganization, poor time management, and impulsivity. If this is what interests you and brings you here, feel free to read on.

Top 10 ADHD Apps for Adult People with ADHD (2022)

#1. SimpleMind Pro

SimpleMind Pro ADHD apps
SimpleMind Pro

SimpleMind Pro is intended to synchronize your Mind Map across platforms. It’s an excellent attribute because they are continually improved depending on client input.

You can easily add media and documents utilizing smooth cloud synchronization, and you can even share mind maps. The best aspect is that you can always modify the Mind Map’s layout and use the tools provided by the software to aid in maintaining an overview.

As a well-known program with more than ten years of updates and upgrades, it is of excellent quality. This program is stunning and user-friendly, allowing you to mind map whenever and wherever you choose with a distinctive free-form style or a variety of auto-layouts.

With the help of this one, you can organize and restructure your subjects using drag, rotate, rearrange, or reconnect, as well as checkboxes, progress bars, and auto-numbering.

It also allows you to set topics anywhere you choose in the free-form style or utilize auto layout, which is great for brainstorming.

Additionally, you may link any two subjects together using a crosslink, label relations, and nearly any number of items on the page. Check out this great program that allows many Mind Maps to be shown on a single page.

#2. RescueTime


You can analyze and manage the time spent on your Android smartphone with the aid of RescueTime for Android, an automated productivity and time tracker.

To create better habits, you may set screen time limits, manage your phone usage, and keep track of all your daily objectives. You might receive immediate feedback from ADHD apps when you indulge in too many diversions.

Isn’t it amazing to track offline time like your meetings, phone calls, and lunch breaks—directly from your phone to get a clearer sense of how you spend your time?

RescueTime Lite is unrestrictedly free. It is a terrific upgrade with many great features and is available for $12/month or $78/year if you want even more control over how you use your time.

RescueTime provides support for premium and free subscriptions, allowing you to receive help from their professionals constantly.

During FocusTime sessions, this software will automatically enter your phone into the do-not-disturb mode for you, which will improve your ability to concentrate. You should try out this program since it is user-friendly and you could like it.

#3. Asana


The easiest route to handle both team projects and your personal chores is using Asana. Asana organizes work so that you and your teams are aware of what needs to be done when it needs to be done, and how to accomplish it, which is fantastic, isn’t it?

Because of how compatible it is, you can use Asana on both mobile and the web. Create many projects to organize your team’s work in a single common location.

This software is really easy to use. It’s very convenient to use and allows you to interact with your team members by liking, commenting, or adding files straight to tasks.

You’ll also receive automatic updates about the tasks and projects that are important to you sent to your Inbox. Check out this software since it is genuinely unique and lives up to its claims.

Asana is trusted by more than 100,000 companies and millions of individuals worldwide to help them remain on top of and in control of their work.

The most attractive feature is that you may increase your productivity with the My Tasks option by viewing all of the work that has been delegated to you in a single to-do list.

You may effortlessly prioritize your work by dragging and dropping tasks into Asana’s pre-built parts, creating your own unique checklist sections, or sorting by various dimensions.

#4. Evernote

Evernote ADHD apps

Evernote syncs with all your devices, allowing you to continue working on the road. Take on your to-do list with the Tasks option, keep on top of your calendar by connecting to your Google Calendar, and access your most important information fast with a personalized Home dashboard.

This program allows you to create, gather, and record ideas in searchable notes, notebooks, and to-do lists. It also makes it incredibly simple to clip interesting articles and websites for later reading or usage.

You can easily add a variety of material types to your notes, including text, docs, PDFs, drawings, photographs, music, online clippings, and more.

Evernote can even use your camera to scan and organize paper documents, business cards, and handwritten notes—fun software with many things to explore.

You can effortlessly sync your notes and notebooks across any Chromebook, phone, or tablet, so check it out since it won’t let you down.

This allows you to start working on one device and continue it on another without missing a beat. This program is one of the best in the industry, so try it out for yourself.

It also lets you keep track of lecture notes, examinations, and assignments so you don’t miss essential facts. It also allows you to create notebooks for each class and keep everything organized.

#5. Focus@Will


Focus@will is a neuroscience-based subscription service that provides online ADHD apps that helps users focus on their work. It does this by using phase-sequenced playlists of instrumental music.

To choose the channel, select backdrop pictures, the session start sound, and the timer length while simultaneously being productive, you may just take the quiz on the app.

By creating brain music that is uniquely suited to each person’s brain type, they have assisted over 2,000,000 people in focusing over the past ten years.

Our music is composed by musicians expressly for productivity, and their patented AI engine is connected to the most significant brain database on the planet.

Their goal is to aid in your concentration. First, you may download and launch this app to start a 7-day, fully functional free trial. Then, enjoy your finest work session on-demand; isn’t that cool?

Additionally, if it doesn’t work out for you, they have a complete 30-day money-back guarantee, which is great, huh? You must check it out since it is enjoyable and easy to use, and you can quickly adjust it for your particular brain type. 

#6. Todoist


Todoist is a highly straightforward yet effective task manager and to-do list tool. Organize your work and personal life with this app, which is trusted by more than 30 million individuals and teams worldwide.

The main feature of this program is that it works on any device and includes applications, extensions, and widgets. It provides insights into your unique productivity and task-planning patterns to help you better understand yourself.

Todoist will rapidly take over as your preferred task manager for organizing your professional and personal life. Todoist is attractively designed, quick to set up, and easy to use; you will love using it.

You can very easily integrate Todoist with your calendar, voice assistant, and 60+ other apps like Outlook or Gmail. You may even work together on projects of any magnitude by entrusting people with to-do list items.

It’s nice that you can add files, comments, and voice memos to tasks. You should check out this program because ready-made project templates are accessible to assist you with everything.

#7. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk ADHD apps
Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is a clever to-do software for folks who are always on the go. Some of these ADHD apps’ cool features include getting to-dos off your mind and letting it remember for you, getting reminders via email, text, IM, Twitter, and mobile notifications, sharing your lists and assigning tasks to others to complete tasks more quickly, and staying magically in sync across all of your devices.

Millions of people use this program to become more organized and productive, and it is both user-friendly and secure. You can track your progress, arrange and color-code your lists using tag colors, sort and organize your chores any way you choose, and know how many tasks are due at a glance.

Additionally, you may sync it with your Google Calendar, Twitter, Evernote, and other services.

Remember The Milk software may be downloaded and used for free, but for certain extra features, you can pay for a Pro membership. However, you should only use this app since it lives up to the moniker and is among the finest.

#8. Freedom | Block Distractions

Freedom | Block Distractions
Freedom | Block Distractions

Over two million individuals use the app and website blocker Freedom, and you can use it to temporarily halt time-wasting apps and websites to increase your attention and productivity.

The most extraordinary thing about Freedom is that it is non-restrictive and allows you to ban applications and websites wherever you are or whatever you’re doing.

There is no limit to the number of devices you may connect to Freedom. According to research from Freedom users, users of the program get an additional 2.5 hours of productive time per day on average.

The software provides advice on focusing when working from home, maintaining focus throughout the day, studying more effectively, managing your social media usage, and devoting yourself to digital detox.

This is great software that will assist you in controlling your phone habits and addiction as well as being more present with friends and family. Check it out since it helps you develop better working habits, and who wouldn’t want that?

#9. Headspace


Headspace is your go-to resource for incorporating mindfulness into your daily life. To become more focused and well-rested, learn how to relax, control stress, and concentrate your energy.

Use Headspace to create a serene and uplifting environment. The built-in guided meditation, sleep meditation, and breathing exercises on Headspace can also help you reduce stress and get a good night’s sleep, which is what we all need in this busy world.

Other incredible features include the option to choose between short 3-minute sessions that fit easily into a busy schedule and longer meditations to set your intentions for the day.

You can also use Sleep by Headspace to listen to relaxing sounds and music or use Move Mode to relieve stress and tension by moving around.

Balance in daily life may be achieved through Headspace. You should try this one out since it is pretty innovative and successful. A membership to Headspace is also offered, including more exciting features, professional meditation sessions, and other things.

#10. Brain Focus Productivity Timer

Brain Focus Productivity Timer ADHD apps
Brain Focus Productivity Timer

A time-management tool called Brain Focus can help you get things done. You may track your time per work, specify various preferences for each task, and organize tasks into categories, among other essential features.

The UI of the program supports a variety of themes (Red, Green, Blue, Black, Pink, and Grey), making it incredibly configurable. More than 30 other languages are also supported.

More than 1,000,000 downloads attest to the quality and security of this software. Consider purchasing a Pro membership if you want to add Widgets, use more than three categories, export data to CSV, get rid of ads, or make backups.

It’s brilliant how you reward yourself with a break at the beginning of a work session and vice versa at the conclusion. This software will assist you in developing better balance and responsibility.

It would be best if you thus tried it out since it won’t let you down and you’ll end up liking it as you start to receive rewards and praise from the ADHD apps.

Eleggible’s Final Words 

We took into account each app’s features, usability, and availability for iPhone and Android smartphones while selecting the top ADHD apps.

You may better arrange your life with the aid of ADHD applications to feel less overwhelmed. These applications can help you stay focused, meet crucial deadlines, organize your ideas, and motivate you to start work.

Including an ADHD app in your daily routine will help you stay on top of your to-do list and manage your medication and treatment regimens. 

Now that you’ve seen our list of the top 10 ADHD apps, you can download them all, try them out, and then choose the one that best satisfies your needs.

Also, tell us which worked best for you. We hope you had as much fun reading this essay as we created it for you. Thank you for reading this; we sincerely hope you can appreciate the time, work, and research that went into its creation.

Please share your insightful comments and recommendations as well so that we may address them in our upcoming postings. Stay tuned, as we will soon have new, original content for you!

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