13 Best Animation Apps for Android and IOS

Animations are the most impressive way to describe a scenario or to narrate a story. Who does not like animations? One of the other times, everybody has thought to begin with animations, but with a lack of tools, we give up! But there are various animation apps available for your mobile phone device which you can use for animation.

Animations such as Minions and Nemo have won the hearts of millions of people across the globe. You must have seen people using animations for every purpose, from congratulating friends to smart advertising.

With digitization animation industry has boomed, which has led to the creation of many animation technologies in the market. Even your small device could create pretty animations.

Animations nowadays play a vital role when it comes to marketing strategies as people admire visuals more than texts. From unprofessional to professional animators, these apps are suitable for everyone.

The best part about these animation apps is that you don’t need to have previous knowledge to use them. Whether you are thinking of beginning working with animations or you just have to use it sometimes for your discrete purposes, we have compiled a stack of animation apps for you.

Top 13 animation Apps for Android and IOS

Here is the list of 9 best animation apps for Android and iOS.

1. ToonTastic

ToonTastic is one of the top animation apps available these days for your mobile devices. This app allows you to create decent animations straight from your hand. You can explore your creative abilities having a simple approach.

Animation Apps

The interface of the app is very interactive and user-friendly. The app comes with loads of animation tools along with some predefined audio narratives which you can use to create powerful animations.

This 3D app is compact, and you can use it to design your characters too. You can also share your creations with your friends.

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2. Bot3D Editor

Bot3D Editor promises to deliver every animation tool and asset right at your fingertips. This app is compatible with all your devices and is one of the most efficient animation apps available.

The primary features of the app include the Full Body Inverse Kinematics Algorithm, the importing of sound data, and a Hand Editor, Face Editor and Scene Editor. You can also use this app to import your custom photos and audios.

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3. Animate Free

Developed by Stenson, this app aims to deliver a decent collection of animation tools. This app helps you to create your custom sketches, ad models. The interface is very easy, which offers simple tools and controls which can be used effortlessly with your fingertips.

The app is so simple that it can even be used by children to create animations. The key feature of the app is that you can add your custom skin to your models from your gallery.

4. FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation

FlipaClip is a free animation app developed by Visual Blasters LLC. Whether you love to sketch, model, animate, or like storyboarding, this app is the best fit for you. This app is a complete package to fulfill all your animation demands.


It comes with tools like Brushes, Lasso Fill, and other options that allow you to have your custom text and fonts. The frame by frame animation is very easy with this app due to its simple user interface, which provides professional-level animating experience.

5. Rough Animator

If you were searching for a platform from where you could begin your animation journey, then this app is for you.

Rough Animator

It is a smooth and smart app loaded with cool features. Not only can you draw your custom sketches, but also you can add your desirable texture and skins to your models.

This app is mainly focused on drawing and sketching purposes. You can also control the frame rate of your animation along with its resolution.

6. Animation Desk

This powerful app is perhaps the most popular animation app widely used for animated video creation. Many YouTubers and professionals use the app for incorporating high quality animated content.

Animation Desk

The app offers a frame to frame animations with various tools like 46 brushes and nine layers. The app is also used to create GIFs. You can also have some advanced Photoshop layers for your content. 

7. Animation Creator HD

Animation Creator HD is a powerful cartoon animation video editor and creator app. With its great drawing tools, you can design any artistic sketch.

Animation Creator HD

The app also comes with features like you can apply various frame shapes and colors to your animated frames in your video.

8. Animation Amino for MAP

Animation Amino is another powerful app that lets you create powerful video animations. The app can be sought as more of a community (MAP) where you can share your projects.

Animation Amino for MAP

You can also view and review the animation projects of other professionals and cast your vote towards them. The app provides you dynamic notifications and updates.

This is the best app for contributing your animation projects to the real world.

9. Scribbl- Scribble Animation Effect

Scribbl is a powerful animation video maker application that allows you to draw sketches and animations on images to deliver the wonderful animation effect. The app includes an astonishing feature with which you can add glow to your animation.

The best feature of this app is that it allows you to decide which type of animations you want by providing you with a wide range of tools. You can also draw on your videos easily and use the intrinsic tools to add animations to your videos as well.

The app also comes with a pro feature that can be purchased, if you want to gain access to all animation effects, to hide watermarks and an ad-free experience.

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10. GIFMob

GIFMob is another animation app that is available for both Android and iOS users. The app is mainly used for creating animated GIFs.


This app is developed by Phot3DLab and is perfect for stop motion animation. You can also share your videos with your friends.

11. Zoetropic

Zoetropic is a good animation app available for both AndroidAndroid and iOS, which will add fascinating effects to your still images. It is equipped with amazing tools such as motion tools, sequence tools, stabilization tools, select tools, and much more.


The motion tool will allow you to add motion to the selected area of an image, which is a great feature. It gives life to your photos.

12. PixaMotion

PixaMotion photo animator app has amazing effects that allow you to make live photos, live wallpapers, moving backgrounds, and themes with its wonderful animation effects.


With this app, you can create loop videos using images and share them with your friends and family.


VIMAGE is a cinema graph and lives photo editor, which is very handy for animation purposes.


It lets you add moving effects and elements to your photos to turn them into a realistic piece of art. The app has over a hundred effects, which makes your animation more creative.

Eleggible’s Final Words

So this was our list of the best animation apps for Android as well as iOS users. Go ahead and select the most suitable app for you and let your creativity flow out of your mind. Animate your photos and sketches and let the world see the artistic talent in you when you share it. 

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