11 Best Animoji Apps for Android & iOS (2022)

Everyone uses messenger and other messaging apps for talking to their friends and families, but sometimes words cannot convey all your feelings for this emojis are much required. In this article I have mentioned some of the amazing animoji apps for both android and iOS users.

You can even create emojis as now phones can recognize your face. Some of the phones have inbuild Animoji but this feature is not available on every phone don’t worry this reason only there are several Animoji apps.

Top 11 Animoji Apps for Android & iOS in 2022

1. Zepeto

This is the most popular and amazing animoji apps for creating animated stickers that can be used during the conversation. Both the Android and iOS users can you the app. In this app, you can create stickers with your facial expression.

This app reads your facial features and facial expression and create a sticker for you. For using this app you need a Wi-Fi or an internet connection, select an already uploaded smile face then the camera will read your facial features and make a sticker for you.

You can also add special effects and edit the sticker before using them.

animoji apps

2. Bitmoji

This is an interesting app for creating stickers. Both Android and iOS users can use the app, this app can put a funny expression on people’s face. For this, the app has an optical recognition method.

When you this app the camera has the main role as it automatically reads one face and put funny expressions that can be shared to your friends and other contacts that are on the list. The best feature of this app is that the send stickers are not stored in your phone’s storage without your knowledge.

Photos and videos both can get edited through this app, at the bottom of the app you can also see buttons to switch between photos and videos.


3. Bobble keyboard fonts, GIF, stickers and themes

This is a funny application for making stickers and both the Android and iOS users can use the app. This app will change your appearance then you can take photos or just make a funny video that can be shared with your friends.

There are different categories along with 33 images that can be used to make videos or for taking funny pictures. Frames and extra effects are also available that will make the process even more fun.

Booble keyboard
Booble keyboard

4. Boo – 3D avatar & AR chat

The app will convert your face into 3D and then follow your facial expression. Some of the extra features of this app is that it can make your eyes unnaturally large, even create an Xray effect and at last, add extra pounds to your face.

In this you just have to choose the sticker from the options displayed then it will replace your face and you can create amazing and funny animated stickers.

Boo 3D avatar
Boo 3D avatar

5. Chudo

This new app for making stickers is becoming quite popular these days. All the features of this app are quite simple. This app will help you change faces in photos and videos by overlaying different stickers and other faces on it.

Both Android and iOS users can use the app. All the photos and videos that you edited or created are saved in your phone itself.


6. Face cam avatar face emoji

This app allows you to create personalized stickers that can be shared with your friends and family. There are ready-made animated stickers available that can be used by you during a conversation with your friend so that your message is easily conveyed.

Just simply install the app, open the messenger and in the keyboard press the comma button so that the sticker panel appears. Click on the icon that depicts a multi-coloured face. A suggestion will appear to create a mini-avatar.

Click on the Create button. Then just click your photo and do the editing part.

Face cam
Face cam

7. FaceQ

These amazing animoji apps allow you to turn boring emojis into animated stickers. You can even create characters like yourself. The steps are quite easy you have to first select the shape of the head and the facial expression that you want.

Other features of the face can also be customized using this app like eyes, nose hairstyle and other accessories. This will help you communicate in a more interesting way.

Face Q

8. Halo 3D emoji

Halo allows you to add an already existing mask on your face to create an amazing stickers.  These amazing stickers and emojis can be used to make your conversation more interesting.

You have to click a photo of yourself then by the features that are available you can easily edit the picture by changing the skin colour, hairstyle, shape of the face etc. various mask are also available such as those of animals, celebrities etc so that you can have fun.

9. Genies the digital human race

This has now become the most popular application for stickers and emojis. The photos and video that are created by this app look natural and original yet different from the rest of the videos. This is a selfie editing app.

There are various features and mask that are available that can change the actual picture in such a way that no one can recognize it.

animoji apps
Geneis the human race

10. Mojipop

By using this app, you can take a selfie and create your own stickers that can be shared with your friends and family. The best feature of this app is that you can send the edited stickers without leaving the chat and sharing emojis with this app is quite easy.

There is a + button available by using this you can easily share the emojis and stickers similarly how you share your normal emoticons.

Animoji apps

11. Zmoji

This is an amazing app which will help you create emojis. The app has a feature of artificial intelligence and machine learning that helps it to do its work properly.

The creation process through this app is also quite easy and the stickers can be easily shared through this app. Just click on the create option and click your photo then do the necessary changes and once you are satisfied with the created sticker simply click on the finish option.

Eleggible’s Final Words

All the above mentioned animoji apps are popular and amazing that helps you to create your own personalized stickers so that you can share them with your friends and family and make your conversation even more interesting.

The links for downloading the apps are also given so that it is easy for the reader to download the app and give it a try. Hope this article was a help. 

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