8 Best Holy Bible Apps for Android & iOS (2024)

Today in this article, we will discuss eight amazing apps that will be your savior in carrying the Bible along with you. These best bible apps are always available because everyone has their phone.

In our daily life, there are many moments in which we feel like getting out of the situation and seeking peace. We often need to escape and get the word of god to feel more natural.

If you are also struggling with the same problem and are a spiritual person who wants to carry spirituality with you everywhere you go, this article is for you!

It often feels like we can give a quick read to our favorite spiritual books whenever we get time. However, the issue is that we must not readily have the book with us.

At such times, you may think of carrying the pocket version of the book with you, but it is not always possible to find one. Hence, the best solution to such a problem is to have an app for your rescue.

Also, they are free to use, which makes them must-haves for a reason. So, without wasting time, let us get into the article’s insights.

Top 8 Holy Bible Apps for Android & iOS in 2024

#1. YouVersion Bible App

YouVersion best bible apps
YouVersion Bible App

YouVersion Bible is one of the good best bible apps where you can find many unique features like audiobooks, verses of the day, and many more. The application is well-designed, and it is straightforward to use.

A user can also use this application offline without data. YouVersion Bible App includes a lot of unique features for the users.

For example, the user can easily make separate notes, listen to or read daily stories and verses of the day, study different versions of the Bible, audiobooks, and many more.

There are more than 1400 versions of the Bible in over a thousand languages. YouVersion Bible is a great application where you can get everything you need.

Audio Bibles are also available for the selected versions within the application. The users can also connect with their friends and the large community of people like them within the application. They can share their views and get new ideas as well.


The app is very organized and well-designed. It is straightforward to use and gives proper instructions before usage as well. 


The app crashes now and then, which is a severe issue. Also, it doesn’t give regular notifications to its users.

#2. King James Bible

King James Bible
King James Bible

King James Bible is another fantastic application where you can study the Bible even without internet access. The application King James Bible is straightforward to use, and anyone can effortlessly read the verses of the Bible here without internet access.

The users can also listen to the audiobook of the Bible within the application offline. They can download it quickly, which will be helpful for them.

The user can easily copy and paste the verses for their use. They can handily search for the required verses with the help of a keyword also.

One can bookmark their favorite verses, share them with their loved ones or on social media, take notes, and much more.

King James Bible is a great application where you can get everything you want for free. Try using this King James Bible app once, and you will not need to look for another one.


The app is designed decently, and the UI is great. It gives the user a chance to start the day on a spiritual note.


Sometimes, the app doesn’t open and declines the operation repeatedly. Also, innumerable annoying ads disturb the users.

#3. Bible App by Olive Tree

best bible apps by Olive Tree
Bible App by Olive Tree

The Bible App by Olive Tree is the next application on our list which is perfect for users who are looking for places where they can read Bible verses for free.

You can easily study the Bible verses offline and can get a lot of free resources as well. However, a few resources within the application are paid as well.

The Bible App by Olive Tree is not just A bible application; it includes various unique features that will amaze the user. The users can listen to audiobooks and get specific reading plans for them, devotionals, Bible maps, Ebooks, Greek and Hebrew tools, and many more.

This Bible Application by the Olive tree is effortless and easy to use. One can also purchase the Bible Study pack subscription, under which they will get many useful features. 


The app is fabulous to use, and you can also download the Bible to read it later on without any internet connection.


Initially, the app functions perfectly, but with time, the users have to face irritating ads frequently, which gives them a bad experience. 

#4. Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway best bible apps
Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway is the fourth application in our list that provides users with a free platform where they can read the Holy Bible and its verses.

More than ninety translations of the Bible are available on this beautiful app. The users can also listen to over twenty audiobooks of the holy Bible, including English and Spanish translations.

The users can also effortlessly search for a specific verse or Bible through a keyword. One can take notes of their favorite verses, bookmark them or highlight them as well.

However, the Application Bible Gateway is not entirely free to use. One needs to pay for the specific features available within the application.

One can also take the thirty-day free trial, where they can try all the features of this application for free. Try using this incredible application once, where you can read all the verses of the Bible handily. 


The app feels very significant to use, and the “Verses of the day” corner is just the cherry on top. You can even mark your favorite page or verse as well.


The search box sometimes becomes annoying when the searched information is not displayed timely.

#5. Bible App for Kids

best bible apps for Kids
Bible App for Kids

The Bible App for kids is another great application on our list. This application is preferred for kids who they will find studying the Bible exciting and fun.

The Bible App for Kids is an extraordinary application that includes animated videos, colorful illustrations, touch-activated animations, various fun facts, and activities for the kids, which will keep your kids engaged in a better way.

It will help your kids to grow in a better and good practice as well as in developing love and a special affection towards god. The Bible App for Kids also provides the kids with particular challenges that keep them immersed in the holy world of this beautiful application.

Once they start using this fun and beneficial application, they will come here again and again. I definitely prefer your kids to use this incredible application and help them to develop their personalities as well.


The app is easy to use and not so technical as various similar apps in the market, which makes it a must-try.


The app tends to freeze very often, which can be very irritating for those trying to find peace.

#6. Daily Bible – KJV Holy Bible

Daily Bible - KJV Holy Bible
Daily Bible – KJV Holy Bible

Daily Bible is one of the best bible apps to get access to the holy teachings of the Bible at your fingertips. This app is completely free to use and comes with a fantastic UI.

Daily Bible provides a fabulous user experience, and many users have experienced it. This app is currently doing the best in the market in the niche of Bible books.

Its additional features are what attract the customers further. You can highlight the text while reading, and even bookmarks and note-making is available.

What else would you ask for while reading the Bible? By using the Daily Bible, you can also share the verses of the Bible with your friends and family and help them enlighten their knowledge.

Reading the Daily Bible is simply a mood changer and a true spirit soother. This app has a vast user base and is highly trustworthy. We recommend you try this now and share your experiences.


The app is significant when it comes to dealing with your day-to-day hassles. No money is charged for its use, and it is effortless to use.


It is sometimes really tough to switch between the old and new testaments, and the script is also confusing at times.

#7. Pray.com

Pray.com best bible apps

Pray.com will help you in keeping your Christianity alive. No matter how busy your day is, you can always read or listen to the divine stories and lessons this app offers.

You can read or listen to the accounts at your convenience. This app will help elevate your praying habits and strengthen your faith to unimaginable levels.

You can use this app any time you want, and it is far better than reading the Bible itself because it is much handier. The UI is great, and this app is extremely easy to use.

You will notice significant results after using this app. Pray.com works as nothing less than therapy to both the mind and the heart. It has a vast user base that gives testimony to its trustworthiness. We recommend you try this at least once.


Using this app will calm your mind down, and you will be able to do better in your day-to-day life. 


Sometimes, the app crashes all of a sudden, and you have to wait for it to come out of the frozen zone before you can reaccess it.

#8. Bible Home

best bible apps Home
Bible Home

Bible home will help you get the word of god at any time and place of your choice. You can read the Bible in this app, or you can listen to it on your way.

The best part about this app is that you will get both the old and new Testaments for the holy Bible. All the versions of the Bible are available in this one single app, and this means you won’t have to switch to various apps to get access to multiple interpretations.

This app is a great tool to help those who want an escape from the daily chaotic world and get some inner peace by reading the holy Bible.

You will be guided by the Bible and won’t even get disturbed by anyone. This app will let you start reading from where you left reading last time, and this will ensure that you won’t have to search again and again for the pages. You can even highlight or bookmark any preferred page.


This app is perfect for those looking for some peace in their busy lives. It is elementary to use, and you can definitely try your hands over it.


Many users have complained that this app has interfered with the arrangements of their phones, especially the home screen.

Eleggible’s Final Words 

Finally, we are at the end of this article. We are hopeful that we were successful in serving our purpose via this article. We have mentioned the 8 best bible apps for you to read the Bible.

These apps give the simplest and easiest way to read the holy Bible. While most of us don’t get enough time to read spiritual texts as they are not that easy to carry around.

These apps have just fixed the trouble for us because now we can have such books on our phones and carry them anywhere we like. These apps don’t charge a single penny for their use and it accessible to everyone.

In our daily busy lives, we can squeeze out some time to relax and devote it to spirituality to be better at our lives.

We have listed the best apps that have gained great confidence from their users for a long time. You are also suggested to try them now and start the journey of being more spiritual and calm.

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