8 Best Breastfeeding Tracker Apps for Mothers (2022)

The main purpose of today’s article; is we’ve compiled a list of the best breastfeeding apps for you. When you breastfeed, you typically give your infant breast milk straight from your breast.

Nursing is another name for it. Your baby needs breast milk because it guards against allergies, illnesses, and obesity. It offers defense against conditions including cancer and diabetes. Both your kid and you are protected from infections.

Your baby’s health is maintained through breast milk. If they drink their mother’s milk, babies usually grow to be healthier weight. Although raising a child has its hardships, breastfeeding is a joyful process. 

Some mothers experience a brief period of pain at the start of a breastfeeding session when newborns latch on properly. The pain should, after that, subside. While your baby feeds, you could feel a slight tug on your breasts, but it shouldn’t hurt.

However, a significant number of people are unaware of this or have expert suggestions.

These nursing applications come in both free and paid versions. Overall though, these applications help provide answers to many questions you could have concerning breastfeeding, your baby’s overall health, and much more.

Any app is an option, depending on your needs and device. Look through the list and choose the finest applications to assist you in overcoming all breastfeeding-related difficulties. So, without further ado, let’s move on to the carefully compiled list that we have.

Top 8 Breastfeeding Tracking Apps for Mothers in 2022

#1. Baby Feed Timer

Baby Feed Timer
Baby Feed Timer

This app was created by breastfeeding mothers for breastfeeding mothers who wish to track when and how long their baby eats. It also includes a helpful feed reminder.

Isn’t it amazing how the app tracks your lactate graph when you enter accurate information and even advises you which breast to start on?

This entertaining and one of the simple best breastfeeding apps allows you to keep track of breastfeeds, bottle feeds, breast pumps, diaper changes, solid food intake, weight, length, notes, and reminders, among many other things.

Additionally, they provide analyzed data that is prepared for you and your pediatrician and display daily, weekly, and monthly averages. This app may be completely tailored to your preferences by adding an image, the baby’s name, and the birth date.

Even cooler, it informs you how many weeks old your kid is. Another nice feature is the ability to receive local reminders or notifications when the next feed is due.

You may easily make calls, play games, etc., without any difficulty, and the feed timer will still be running. Check out this one since you’ll love it rather than be disappointed.

#2. Baby Connect

Baby Connect best breastfeeding app
Baby Connect

Baby Connect is a comprehensive tool for tracking a baby’s developmental and growth milestones. This is great app that all new mothers should check out.

It allows you to record your baby’s sleep, feedings, diaper changes, and mood in a simple-to-use interface that enables you to communicate information in real time.

The best part is that you can examine your baby’s growth charts and milestones and attach infant photographs. It’s quite fascinating to keep track of a baby’s weight, height, blood type, allergies, and head size while comparing it to the US or global percentiles.

Baby Connect is the only social app accessible across browsers and all app stores. With other approved Baby Connect users on your account, you may share information across platforms and receive real-time updates and notifications.

While breastfeeding might be challenging, you can effortlessly log and track to know when your next feed is due with this app at your side. Check out this application since it is among the greatest in the industry, and we strongly suggest it.

#3. Breastfeeding – Baby Tracker

Breastfeeding - Baby Tracker
Breastfeeding – Baby Tracker

Keep close tabs on and exchange information on your child’s activities, especially breastfeeding. This program makes tracking simple with no advertisements, flexible layouts, status bar widgets, and a night mode.

Even though breastfeeding might be challenging, you can easily log and monitor your feedings using this app on your phone. The visual examination of the daily nursing and lunch timings is the greatest feature.

But this app does much more than simply track breastfeeding; it also keeps track of supplemental feeding, naps, crying, weight, height, head circumference, pumping times, temperature, and even arbitrary self-defined events like diaper changes or fever.

It is the ideal free package for new mothers since you learn about your baby’s development over time. You may also choose to purchase the premium edition of the app, which has some intriguing extra features and trackers of all kinds.

In general, this app is fantastic. You should read this one since it will make your transition to parenthood much easier.

#4. Baby Daybook

Baby Daybook
Baby Daybook

Baby Daybook is a fully-featured baby tracker and one of the best breastfeeding apps that include family sync, child growth monitoring, reminder notifications, baby development photo albums, and more.

It will give you a breath of relief in your new parenthood journey and will track all of the items mentioned above for you with simplicity. Using the share option, you can also share your baby’s sleep schedule and your nursing diary with carers.

To get a complete picture of the baby’s day, other features now include logging the baby’s bath, tummy time, outside walks, playing, and other activities.

It facilitates breastfeeding since you can quickly and simply record breast milk or formula feeding amounts for a more complete graph of your baby’s nutrition.

There are many features to share with you, but the more good we can say is less because this app is truly remarkable. Nevertheless, there is one more interesting feature: you can export your baby’s activity log to a printable file and share it with a pediatrician.

Additionally, you can use Google Assistant to interact with this baby feeding and diaper tracking app. You’ll love this app if you check out its fantastic features.

#5. Medela Family Baby Tracker

Medela Family Baby Tracker best breastfeeding app
Medela Family Baby Tracker

Medela Family is the personal assistant for expectant and nursing mothers; it will walk you through each stage. This maternity app offers pregnancy, nursing, breast pumping monitoring features, and more.

It was also created by the world’s top producer of breast pumps. This program is made even better by its abundance of features. This app has everything, so great, na?

From tracking your contractions with the pregnancy tracker to viewing the size of your unborn child when pregnant to tracking your baby’s feeding sessions and milk production. This app is completely free for you to use.

Additionally, you get access to professional advice and content that will help you overcome obstacles and achieve your nursing and pregnancy objectives.

You may acquire the greatest services with the Medela Family pregnancy tracker, baby tracker, breast pumping & best breastfeeding app.

They will elegantly accompany you digitally throughout the pregnancy and breastfeeding process. You should check out this great app because it offers so much.

#6. Baby Breastfeeding Tracker

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker
Baby Breastfeeding Tracker

Using the simple-to-use app Baby Breastfeeding Tracker, you can keep tabs on your infant’s breastfeeding development, growth, diaper changes, medical visits, and more.

The ability to view in-depth information about your nursing progress, including the most recent nursing, daily averages, cumulative totals, and graphs, is neat. We even assist you in determining how much you have fed your child.

They are among the best because you can record your baby’s weight, height, and head size and then view them all on our detailed growth chart.

You can also record your baby’s daily activities, developmental milestones, and special moments. This can also back up your data to ensure that you never lose it, which is amazing because you can save and share it with your loved ones.

You may sync your data with your partner, nanny, or childcare provider. Overall, it’s one of the fantastic and best breastfeeding apps, and we urge you to check it out if you enjoyed the description.

It’s a simple, rewarding method to monitor your child’s development and take in all the precious moments, so yes? Is this not cool?

#7. Glow Baby

Glow Baby
Glow Baby

Glow Baby is a great all-around app that lets you record all your baby’s milestones and monitor newborn growth, from nursing to diaper changes.

It now includes features for tracking baby teething, meals, and everyday activities. It’s an easy way to observe your child’s growth and capture all the special moments.

This will make life easier for new mothers. You may use Glow Baby to monitor your baby’s sleep patterns and keep tabs on their first teeth, solid food intake, and nursing in one app.

Additionally, this baby tracker is so simple to use that you can begin filling your family book with lovely pictures while spending time with your wonderful new baby.

You can get detailed PDF summaries of your child’s feeding history, sleep schedule, and interactive growth charts.

In addition, you can use the app for social interaction, record your child’s adorable giggles on video, and share these precious moments with other parents to demonstrate your support for them.

It would be best if you considered installing this app since it is fantastic and you will like it.

#8. Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker

Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker best breastfeeding app
Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker

Record your baby’s milestones and newborn growth week by week, including information on daily feedings, nursing, diapers, sleep, and more.

This baby milestone tracker is there for you every step of the way, serving as a baby tracker, feeding log, breastfeeding tracker, milestone tracker, and more, so you can just enjoy every moment, from your baby’s first grin to their first steps.

Its tracking features and feeding reminders make breastfeeding simple. Over 15 million families have benefited from Ovia applications, so they have a high reputation in the industry and genuinely adhere to that.

Additionally, you get articles, advice, and updates on how your children are doing. Daily materials that are beneficial and in line with your child’s growth are provided.

Check them out since they are happy to provide Ovia Health, a maternity and family benefit that helps families and women at home and work. We wholeheartedly suggest this app to all new families with children; you won’t be disappointed.

Eleggible’s Final Words 

It might not be easy to breastfeed often. However, you may now practice nursing as a beginner, thanks to the best breastfeeding apps described above.

Some of these applications will also record your baby’s sleeping, eating, and diapering schedules, while others will instruct you on various feeding positions, lactation-improving activities, and meals.

Don’t hesitate to download any of the best breastfeeding apps to improve your nursing experience. You can pick based on your needs; this list includes both paid and free versions. It’s now up to you.

We hope you enjoyed reading today’s post as much as we loved writing it for you and that you learned something new from it. Please share your valuable comments and future proposal ideas; we appreciate them.

Remain an eye out for more stuff heading your way very soon, and until then, keep in contact. We’ll see you again soon. We appreciate you taking the time to read this article because it took a lot of work and research to create.

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