13 Best Cheating Apps for Android & iOS (2024)

Today’s article is about the best cheating apps that have a dual purpose of serving. Their first purpose is to help those who want to cheat on their spouses and take the help of an app in their affairs.

The second purpose of these apps is to help those people who are doubting their partners and catch them red-handed. Overall, these apps are a mix of spying apps and cheating apps.

We hardly believe that cheating on your partner and having a side affair is a good deed, but if you have decided to do so, you are not going to stop. These apps will be your savior when you are cheating on your partner.

They are super easy to use, and you won’t be caught. The apps don’t leave any trace behind, and their icon is hidden to protect their users from being caught.

These best cheating apps are designed to match the needs of people like you who are looking for apps just like these. Now, you must be curious about how these apps work and what advantages they offer you. We understand your curiosity, so let’s jump into the article without wasting any further time.

13 Best Free Cheating Apps for Cheaters (2024 List)

#1. mSpy

By using this amazing app, you will be no less than a super-smart detective. This app will enable you to monitor every single keystroke & every small tap that your partner would be hitting on their phone.

You can see where they’ve been and what they’re going on in real time. By using mSpy, you will be able to find out who they’ve called, as you will have total access to their call logs.

Even their search history will be under your surveillance, and you can read their social media chats, including deleted messages. All this can be done without the fear of being caught.

This is more than perfect, and we are confident that this is exactly what you were looking for. Now, you will worry less and know more about your partner. That is the motto of this app. Try it out and share your experiences with others. We are sure you will have the best experience and get everything you need from this app.


  • The app has 1.5 million happy customers and serves more than 180 countries.
  • This wideness is the best part of the app because you are not restricted to your locality.


  • The software of this app is not compatible with a Chromebook
  • The customer support team also fails to look after the queries of their customers many times.

#2. Avira Vault

Avira Vault is the app of your dreams if you are afraid that your partner may spy on your phone and get to know about your affair. This app completely protects your device from any spying, and you will feel safer than ever.

Avira Vault gives total web protection to any device in which it is installed and even traces whether the camera and microphones are hacked or not. If so, then you will be alerted right away and you can get things done and fixed immediately.

This way, no one can check what you are doing with your device, and you can continue your affair. You can also encrypt all your mobile traffic with this app to ensure better safety. Also, if you upgrade to the prime mobile version, you will get password protection.


  • The app gives timely notifications so that you can catch if anyone is spying on you on a real-time basis. 


  • The app crashes and hangs a lot and that is mentioned on the negative side of this app.

#3. Private SMS Box

Private SMS Box

This is the right app for you if you are worried that someone is watching your stuff on your device. If you feel that your privacy is hindered and checked by someone else and your secret affair can come out of the curtain, then don’t worry.

This app will be your savior. This app will hide all your calls, messages, and other media and block any attack on your privacy. By using this app, you will be safe and secure.

No one could break the security web of this app, and your partner’s efforts of spying on you will be all wasted. You can also set a particular contact as a personal contact, and then every call and message from that number will be automatically hidden. Try this amazing app now!


  • The notifications and notification icons are highly customizable and that is a plus point about this app.
  • Hence, you can perfectly hide this app.


  • Many users have complained that the app hangs a lot and stops working all of a sudden.
  • The problem has not been fixed even after an upgrade.

#4. eyeZy


This app will let you have an invisible eye on your partner’s device on a 24*7 basis. You can track every activity of their device and find out easily if they have any affairs.

A very reasonable amount has to be paid in advance for using the app; that is literally nothing in front of the services that they offer you. The app is super easy to use, but if you still face any problems, then the customer support team is always there to help you out.

Even if you are busy sometimes and can’t continuously monitor your partner’s device, you can stay relaxed because this app will alert you if any emergency occurs. Now, you can trace your partner’s device without any obstacles.


  • This app is totally trustworthy and you can totally rely on it to catch your partner’s affairs.


  • The app runs a bit slower than expected and this can hamper your smooth experience.

#5. SpyBubble

SkyBubble is the perfect app to spy on your partner if you doubt them. This app will check if there is anything fishy about your partner and their love life. All your anxiety will be calmed once you explore this app and get the answers to your doubts.

This app will help you with all the technicalities to reveal the truth about your partner and their affairs if any. This app is super easy to use and has a very simple installation process.

No special technical knowledge is required to install and use the app. All you have to do is to set the app on the target phone and then you will be properly reported using screenshots.

The interface of this app is very cool and has many unique features that make it better than the other best cheating apps mentioned in this list. Despite this, the app charges just the same amount as similar apps. We strongly recommend you try this app, and we are sure that you won’t regret doing so.


  • This is definitely an app worth your time and money.
  • It has a large base of satisfied users who have benefited a lot from this app.


  • The app slows down after working for a while and it is not supportable on every device. Hence, there is less variety

#6. Signal

Signal best cheating apps

The signal is the top-rated app if you go by your advice to find a secret messenger app. You can use the password to continue with your secret affair and be free of all worries of getting caught.

This app is secure; all your conversations will be hidden, and only you can activate them. You are not restricted to just messaging and can even go for voice calls, video calls, and much more.

You can connect with people all over the world without the fear of being caught. The network and connectivity are super fast; all this is free. Yes, that’s right, you don’t have to pay anything to anyone to use this amazing app. Don’t think twice; try it now.


  • You can go for this app without a second thought.
  • The app is totally reliable and keeps you safe and secure.


  • The app is slower than usual at times but that’s not a major issue to count as it is a temporary one.

#7. Dust – Private Messenger

Dust - Private Messenger best cheating apps
Dust – Private Messenger

It is the seventh app on our list and is highly appreciable if you are also afraid of someone spying on you and your device. It will inform you immediately if anyone is spying on your device and if a screenshot is taken.

You will get the highest level of privacy and strict control over who can access your device’s content. You can secretly manage your conversations, and no one will get a clue about them.

Using this app, you can be a pro at hiding your device’s content. Also, your messages are encrypted, and you can unsend any notice whenever you want. There is full flexibility, and that is certainly the cherry on top.


  • This app has an accurate GPS tracker and records which promises the users a successful spying mission.


  • The app may not be functioning very smoothly and you can experience some crashes and that is one problematic thing about this app.


Xnspy gives users access to all the installed best cheating apps on their partner’s device, a laptop, or a mobile phone. This app covers every dimension in which total tracing of your partner’s device can be done, including multimedia tracking, gallery including the pictures and videos, location, instant messenger, etc.

This app operates in full stealth mode to perform your spying task without being caught. Not just this, all the incoming and outgoing calls in your partner’s device will be tracked, recorded, and forwarded to you simultaneously. Don’t have any second thoughts, and this is the best app to try immediately.


  • Overall, the performance of the app is up to the mark and you can go for it.


  • The app may delay the notifications sometimes and this can be really annoying.

#9. Cocospy

Cocospy is the right app for you if you are also willing to monitor your partner’s device remotely. This app will help you remotely take care of your partner’s device and check if they are loyal to you.

You will be safe while performing this action, and your partner won’t be able to detect that you are spying on them. Using Cocospy, you can track their calls, locations, apps, and more.

This app is highly trustworthy as it is used by more than a million people in around 190+ countries. Most people are highly positive about this app and have left great remarks about the same.

These numbers speak a lot about the creditworthiness of Cocospy. Hence, you can try this app without a single doubt in your mind. Go for it now!


  • The app is very particular with the update process and makes sure that you only use the latest version of the app.


  • The notifications and notification icons are not properly customizable and that keeps you in a fear of getting caught.

#10. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison best cheating apps
Ashley Madison

This is the exact app you want to spice things up in your life. If you are also bored with your relationship or marriage and need real fun, try this app without giving it a second thought.

This app is free to download and connects hundreds of people in a locality for hookups, relationships, and much more. This is the best way to get some no-strings-attached relationships.

The app is free to download and has over 75 million trusted accounts. Using this app, you can comfortably send winks, get noticed, and discover other people along with the Ashley Madison members in your locality.


  • The app functions quite smoothly without many crashes and that is the most impressive thing about this app.


  • The notifications of this app are not very regular and that is a big hurdle for the users of this app.

#11. Lovoo


This app comes under our list of best cheating apps of the year. As the name suggests, the app is an awesome and super cool option to find adventurous love when you are bored of the usual romance in your life.

This app will help you to get some extra romance without being caught. Lovoo will get you the most interesting people out there, set a chemistry for yourself, and have some real fun.

Using this app, you can search for people near you and schedule a date with them if you fall for anyone. You can demonstrate your flirting skills and take a step toward your first date.

You can initially try this app with the basic version, but we recommend you go for the premium version and enjoy the additional features that this app has to offer. 


  • It is certainly highly useful and has many downloads.
  • The app runs smoothly and is super easy to use.


  • Many users complained about not getting frequent notifications about this recent happening related to the app.

#12. FlexiSPY


FlexiSPY is the next app in our list that gives its users total control of any particular device. Using this app, you can look at what is happening on your partner’s device, be it their laptop or phone.

All your tension will be washed away by using this app because you will get to know what your partner is doing and at what time. You can have complete access to their call logs, messages, social media, search history, and much more.

This will even record your calls and automatically send them to you. You can also listen to their environment, which means you can hear what is happening in their surroundings and know who they are spending time with.

This app will be your one-stop solution and free you from all worries. Don’t wait; go ahead and install this app now!


  • The software of this app is mostly compatible with all the major devices out there.
  • The customer support team is also always available to look after the queries of their customers.


  • The premium plans of this app are a bit expensive and not anyone can afford them.

#13. Kik

Kik best cheating apps

This is the most decent app for all the secret daters out there! Using Kik, you can secretly chat with random strangers without fear of being caught. To use this app, you don’t need to register with your number, as this app respects your secrecy the most.

All you need to do is to put in a username for yourself and start using the app. You will find amazing people to talk with and see chemistry for yourself. You can hide this app and it will leave no trace which means you won’t get caught.

This app is the smartest way to cheat on your partner and have some fun out of the way! You can find many people on the web that have similar interests. Try it now to learn more about the app. 


  • The app is really amazing with an impressive user interface and works quite smoothly with superb protection and security.


  • Many times the app doesn’t update on a timely basis and this can be really frustrating because you will have to rely on the older versions of the app.

Eleggible’s Final Words 

Here, we have arrived at the end of today’s article best cheating apps and we are pretty sure that we were successful in providing you with all that you needed. We are hopeful that by now, you have found exactly what you were looking for.

Whether you wanted to get the best cheating app for yourself to have an affair or you wanted to catch your cheating partner and get the best spying app. We are sure that you found your target app and are set to use it.

These best cheating apps are highly useful and have many downloads. The hundreds of positive reviews that people have left for these apps are a testimony of their trustworthiness, and that is why they are totally safe to use. Don’t think much, download the app of your choice and get started on your mission!

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