13 Best Christian Apps to Follow Christianity (2024)

There are about 7 billion active best Christian apps globally. Are we even taking the time to thank the planet’s creator for such an excellent, prosperous existence when, on average, every person in the world possesses a mobile phone?

A Christian mobile app not only enables you to keep in contact with your community from any location, at any time, using any device, but it also allows you to listen to prayers and study the Bible in a variety of ways.

If not, there is always time to change. Like many of us, you probably came here looking for a valuable tool to help you in your prayer practice.

Because we constantly have our smartphones with us, prayer apps are a great tool to support your prayer habit. We can allow these gadgets to keep us from praying, or we may genuinely use them to help us.

We are all aware that a Christian mobile app not only helps you to stay in touch with your community from any region, at any hour, and on any device, but it also helps you to listen to prayers and follow the Bible in a number of ways.

Use these top-rated Christian smartphone apps to access content on a range of subjects, such as prayer, meditation, entertainment, sermons during church services, youth ministry, and more.

The prayer promise represents a commitment made by a family, group of people, home, or person to pray every day for 35 days and, ideally, on an ongoing basis forever.

You can do a variety of things with the use of the best Christian apps, including Reading devotionals, Watching sermons, Listening to Christian music, Watching Christian videos, and Following Bible reading schedules.

Find stuff from your favorite writers or lecturers; you can even follow the live prayers of your neighborhood churches. It might be difficult at times to carry your Bible everywhere you go.

Instead, you might choose from a variety of unique applications on our list of the best 11 best Christian apps.

It would be impossible to highlight every single one of the fantastic applications that are available, but we made an effort to focus on the top ones that are highly functional, well-rated, and well-designed. Let’s begin without wasting any more time.

Top 13 Best Christian Apps For Android & iOS

#1. iDisciple

The iDisciple app is fantastic for messages, devotions, music, films, and other things. People who enjoy scrolling through social media sites like Facebook and engaging with the videos or articles that appear in their feeds will love iDisciple.

The finest feature is that your material will sync across all of your devices if you download the app to a variety of them, including your phone, computer, and tablet.

You can navigate through a chronology of sermons, essays, devotionals, music, films, and other content written or spoken by eminent Christian authors, presenters, or artists.

The material you see will be tailored to you depending on your selections. Even iDisciple Radio is available there, allowing you to stream Christian music or tune in to Christian radio stations.

You may download the iDisciple app for free for 14 days, after which you can subscribe for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

It’s beautiful that all of the money made from these subscriptions is given to support Christian ministries. This software is a complete package, in our opinion! 

#2. FaithPlay

You may listen to various religious programs and learn more about the Bible with the help of FaithPlay.

Check out FaithPlay for handpicked Christian podcasts and sermons if you’re tired of endlessly browsing through podcasts that don’t resonate with you.

Finding new Christian podcasts that encourage you in your Faith is easy this way. You may play and stop your favorite shows at any moment while subscribing, downloading, and sharing them.

Additionally, you may download some of the episodes from the app and receive notifications whenever new episodes are available.

FaithPlay collects the most excellent Christian audio sermons in a user-friendly app. Listen wherever life takes you—at home, in the car, in the gym, etc.

It also has an iPhone podcasting app for Christians with all the features. FaithPlay compiles the finest sermons, messages, and inspirational podcasts into a single, cost-free app.

It is simple to use, free to download, and available for iOS and Android gadgets. In particular, when you are traveling, it is unquestionably a useful app to have on your phone.

#3. Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway is one of the top best Christian apps for engaging with God’s word, which is accessible on both iOS and Android smartphones.

You may enjoy your favorite passages as often as you like when reading and listening to the Bible. This app notifies you to pray and even invites you to attend their prayer sessions in the morning, noon, evening, or late at night.

The number of individuals praying simultaneously can be seen, and you can sense the strength of the Christian community. It provides you with a Bible verse to read each day.

It serves as a reminder of God’s message. The free edition already has all of these elements, but you can upgrade to the premium version to have access to even more exciting features.

Before choosing to subscribe to the full version or continue using the free version, you may begin with a 30-day free trial. To help you understand what you’re reading, chapters are titled. It’s one of the most incredible Christian applications ever!

#4. Prayer Mate

PrayerMate is an alternative application that may be used to manage your prayer requests. PrayerMate is the app for you if you’ve ever pledged to pray for someone and then forgotten.

After entering your prayer requests, you may set up daily reminders that will appear as index cards. A gallery of prayers and a reminder clock are also included in this app.

With this app, you may add event reminders, keep track of prayers that have been heard, and even start a sharing group with your friends.

Many people believe that the software has completely changed the way they pray because of its simple user interface.

When you get to turn a daily prayer request from a request into praise because you have seen it met, it is one of the best things about keeping track of prayer requests over a long period of time.

It is unquestionably necessary because it will keep you on task and modernize your prayer method. With the guidance of this software, you may inspire your fans to pray. Start prayer groups to get people praying with you, or publish prayer feeds to keep everyone informed.

Although PrayerMate is free to use, you can subscribe to become a PrayerMate Patron to help fund the app’s ongoing growth.

You can swipe between them to pray as PrayerMate chooses a person or subject from each of your primary daily categories and displays them to you as a set of index cards.

#5. Prayer Notebook

This app called Prayer Notebook might assist you in keeping track of your daily prayers. Every prayer may have a reminder set up for it, and Prayer Notebook can be connected to your email and social media accounts so that you can quickly send a message to a friend or family when you’ve done praying for them.

The app is fantastic to have because it also has a feature for Tweeting what you’re currently praying for. An effective tool for scheduling prayer time is a prayer notebook.

The app enables you to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reminders for particular prayers. Its full-screen mode and ability to sync with various devices aid in concentration when you are actively praying.

Take control of your prayer life with this easy-to-use, distraction-free software. It is a God-centered, worship-based prayer software that organizes and archives Scripture passages and prayer requests so that you can access them anytime you want.

#6. The Chosen: Stream the Series

You may watch The Chosen, a Christian app, for free on their website or in the app. It is the first and only multi-season serial on the life of Jesus Christ and His disciples.

This is a beautiful place to start if you’re looking for family-friendly television, whether religious or not. The Chosen contains events and lines of conversation taken straight from the Bible and situations and bars that are not.

For free access to Seasons 1 & 2 on iOS and Android, download the Chosen app. You will undoubtedly discover a great deal about the foundation and history of Christianity.

It is a record-breaking Jesus-centered television series with a 9.9 rating on IMDb. Being the most extensive crowdfunded TV series, The Chosen app has received much attention.

Jesus grants you all the hope you require in this escalating despair and widespread fear. Jesus has a great sense of humor, which makes you want to see the following episode.

The selected app develops and broadcasts its content, operating similarly to the Netflix app. Through the app, you may explore Jesus Christ’s life through the viewpoint of individuals who knew him.

This show is for everyone, no matter where you are spiritually with Jesus. This app has a tonne of information, so you should download it and find out for yourself.

#7. Abide: Christian Meditation

The Christian meditation app Abide is precisely what its name implies—meditation software. This application can be used by Christians who want mental and physical serenity when hearing Bible texts.

It supports your ability to concentrate and achieve a state of calm while covering subjects like blessings, direction, and spiritual development.

It encourages you to approach Him. Daily guided meditations and bedtime tales from Abide are all based on biblical passages.

Depending on your schedule, you may select guided meditations that last 2 to 15 minutes and address a variety of subjects, such as conquering anxiety and sadness, sleeping, daily devotion, stress, forgiving others, and more.

Christian meditation is a method that has been developed over thousands of years and is based on the Bible.

This software really contributes to it by uniting and empowering our thoughts and emotions in Jesus. Install it now on your device; it is a fantastic app.

#8. Bible App for Kids

YouVersion Bible produced the Bible App for Kids, which is presently their latest edition. This app entertains youngsters with age-appropriate Bible stories that include fun activities and rewards for them.

It is free software for Android, Apple, and Kindle devices and has already been downloaded on over 90 million other devices worldwide.

The app aims to inspire young kids to read and appreciate the Bible. The app provides a variety of interactive materials to do this. Your kids may hear Biblical tales about Jesus, the gift of eternal life, and the numerous teachings God imparts to us through this app.

Your children will enjoy gathering stuff as they read the books and earning points for correctly answering quizzes. It is a safe app to give your child access to, and it is available in more than 60 different languages.

It contains vibrant images and touch-activated animations and is simple for children to explore. Numerous individuals may be seen praying simultaneously, and you can sense the strength of the Christian community.

Every possible translation, a first-rate user interface, and other unique features like daily Bible reading schedules and devotionals are all included in this app.

It’s all free, which is the finest part. Your phone should indeed have this essential and practical application.

#9. Grace to You

You may access Pastor John MacArthur’s extensive library of sermons with the app Grace to your sermons. The best Christian apps offer John’s verse-by-verse Bible instruction on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and Kindle Fire devices.

By putting in the subject of your interest, you may quickly access any sermon from any specific section of the New Testament. This program is incredibly effective and beneficial.

This app can be a terrific way to incorporate a devotional into your morning when you get up if you want to make it a regular part of your routine.

The entire New Testament has been taught verse by verse in this app. In other words, this app has you covered if you want to hear a sermon on any New Testament verse.

Those who are new to the neighborhood or are having a hard time understanding the truth about God may find this software to be beneficial.

#10. SermonAudio 2.0 

You may browse and search the world’s largest and most reliable archive of audio and video sermons from hundreds of conservative churches and ministries with the SermonAudio 2.0 app.

Downloading it to your phone is highly recommended because it is a fantastic app and is also completely free to use. The app’s user interface is simple, and many believe it has altered how users pray.

Additionally, the app has educational materials that will help you make the most of your downtime. It makes it possible to locate and listen to preachers from all around the world.

You may do a name, subject, or Bible verse search. Streaming or downloading a sermon with our practical Sermon Audio software is simple.

Additionally, if your church makes use of Sermon Audio, you may configure it so that you keep up with all of your pastor’s most recent sermons.

This app can be a terrific way to incorporate a devotional into your morning when you get up if you want to make it a regular part of your routine. 

#11. Bible.is 

Use the free Bible.is an app to read, watch, listen to, and share the Bible on your mobile device from anywhere at any time. Some of this app’s features include: Accessing the Bible for free in more than 1,300 languages.

Every month, more languages are introduced. At home, at work, or in the vehicle, listen to wonderfully dramatized Scripture. Easily make your own Plans and Playlists for Bible study with friends, family, or the church.

Find and implement other people’s Bible engagement strategies, and Bible verse searches can be done by language or nation.

Navigate using your native language—Bible.is will identify the language that is being used on your phone and automatically change the text, or you may choose a different language, Look up terms, titles of books, or poems.

This straightforward Bible offers the text of the Old and New Testaments in a number of translations.

Additionally, it offers a number of excellent audio Bibles that you may use whenever you want to hear the Bible read aloud, whether you’re driving, working, or just relaxing.

The Faith Comes by Hearing ministry is expanded through the app. You can definitely check this one out.

#12. The Study Bible

As you get better at prayer, the software reduces distractions to a minimum and is uncluttered. One of the top best Christian apps available on the Appstore is The Study Bible.

It enables you to read the Bible and, if you like, to listen to the passage’s audio. This app’s main selling point is that it gives you access to notes from the MacArthur Study Bible.

It’s a very nice app, and you can use it to listen to an audio Bible commentary for the section you are now reading. But the best part about this software is that you can buy all of the MacArthur Study Bible notes as an in-app purchase.

When you need to refer to the notes, it is simpler to pull them out. When someone is having a hard time, you may assist them.

It is, therefore, incredibly convenient to have it with you at all times. Download it now since it is entirely free to use, and it is fantastic library software.

#13. First 5 

With the help of the software First 5, the best Christian apps you may designate worshipping God as your daily top priority.

In order to become a good Christian, you can spend the first five minutes of each day reading the Bible, listening to His Word, and considering yourself.

The application emphasizes your obligation. If setting priorities is a challenge for you, use this app. Use the First 5 app to change the way you spend time with God; it will change your life.

Before you become sidetracked by social media and other things vying for your attention, First 5 was created expressly to give you a brief message from God’s Word each day.

The appeal of this software lies not in how many features it has but in how well-designed and straightforward it is.

One section of Scripture must be read, comprehended, and learned about each day. That’s all there is to it. You may begin each day by reading and studying God’s Word with the First 5.

Eleggble’s Final Words 

Being a good Christian is more than just reading the Bible; it also involves thinking about what you’ve read and applying what you’ve learned to your daily life.

You may get support from the applications mentioned above as you go through life. Before making a decision, you may thoroughly investigate and learn about each one.

As various applications have diverse functions, you can utilize numerous ones. There is something for everyone on this list, including bible reading apps, devotional planning, prayer, and Christian dating apps.

We hope that you find this list to be helpful. If there are any applications you feel ought to have been included in the top 11, best Christian apps please let us know in the comments, and we’ll look.

Stay tuned for the new material we have planned for you shortly. Nearly every Bible app we’ve mentioned has a unique feature you’ll like. Please share any feedback and ideas you may have for us.

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