11 Best CM13 Themes to Personalize your Cyanogen Mod Experience

In this article, we have listed some of the best CM13 themes to enhance your cyanogen Mod experience. This is considered to be the best and most popular ROM for android.

One of the best features is its theme support. There are many cyanogen mod themes that one can try they are very amazing and make your experience even more incredible.

Top 11 CM13 Themes to Personalize your Cyanogen Mod Experience

All the best CM13 themes mentioned here have CM13 integrated and one point that should be noted here is that once you have installed a theme make sure to reboot your phone for the best performance. 

1. Dark Material

This is one of the most popular CM13 theme modes for cyanogen Mod. If you love your phone in dark mode then this is the best theme for you. It will give your phone a cool dark mode.

It is free of cost and it also comes with its own icons but in case you love thee icons of android phones more then you can download its regression+ version. Dark material has a grey-black infusion interface all around giving it a cool look. 

best cm13 themes
Dark material

2. Material Glass

I think by its name itself you can guess that it will be a transparent theme. It has an aesthetic transparent interface element inbuild.

Material Glass cyanogenmod 13 theme will make sure that your whole theme is transparent so that you can easily view your home screen along with the apps. it is free of cost. It is most widely used as you just have to set a beautiful theme then it can be viewed and become a part of every page. 

cyanogenmod 13 theme
Glass material

3. Swift Dark

It has been a popular black theme for CM13. As mentioned above about the dark material this theme gives a clearer black background all across the UI. There will be still some colorful elements that give your phone a cool look.

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It is a paid theme with a cost of $1.60. the themes keep on getting updated with more new features each time making the look aesthetic and cool.

Swift dark

4. Coal Field

It is a paid theme of $0.99 but it can be considered as the best cm13 themes. This theme has a unique style that helps it to stand out, it offers its users to select and choose one theme from a collection of different theme variants.

If you love tinkering with your device’s interface, you will be happy to know that it features plenty of options for most UI elements.

Coal field
Coal field

5. Euphoria

If you love the euphoria OS custom ROM then you will surely love this cynogen themes. It is free of cost theme, that keeps on updating itself with various new features.

Although it is also a dark black mode yet it has a more refined look than any other theme. The developer has made sure to apply the dark mode only on certain elements of the interface giving it an aesthetic look. 

best cm13 themes

6. Flux

If you frequently want to switch between the dark and the bright mode, then this is the best theme for you. This theme is available in both dark and bright modes.

This theme brings a gorgeous modern look to your cyanogen mod. It is a paid theme of $1.38 the developer has kept in mind the detailed graphics and the good design. 


7. Deep Darkness

It is a free cyanogenmod 13 theme with a modern look. It is also a dark theme-based mode. The developer has made sure about its looks so that it can be available for all CM based devices.

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This theme brings layers for more than 200 apps along with 1600+ app icons. The theme keeps on updating itself with the new features. 

cyanogenmod 13 theme
Deep darkness

8. Pitch Black

Dark theme is one of the popular themes for all CM based devices. This is also a dark theme as you can easily make out from the name itself. it will give a cool modern look to your phone.

This theme will give a combination of black and red all across the OS. It is a free theme and you can easily install them. The good thing is the developer has also made sure that the Black elements don’t become a hindrance while reading a text.

Pitch black
Pitch black

9. H2OS

This is one of the amazing free and best cm13 themes that one can try. Hydrogen OS is an alternative OS that one plus has developed. If you are a fan of one plus ROM then this is the best theme for you.

The theme brings the same minimalistic flat icons and beautiful colors we have come across in Hydrogen OS. One of the drawbacks of this theme is that it does not have a layer for the third party. 

10. Ubuntu

If you love the colorful theme then this is the best theme for you. This theme gives a beautiful, aesthetic look for your phone. The theme still has the same look that we have known from Ubuntu. It is a paid theme for $1.34.

This app has both dark and light mode so that you can switch between the two according to your wish. The theme keeps on updating itself with new features and has an easy interface. 

best cm13 themes

11. Material Up

This is an amazing theme that one can try. It has Google’s material theme design UI languages. This theme is most developed with every UI element and the most third-party apps.

The theme can be said to be the most complete material design theme for CM that anyone could want. It is a paid theme for $1.16. the theme has all the features that Google is still not able to implement in its themes. 

Eleggible’s Final Words

All the best CM13 themes that are mentioned above are amazing with features that keep on updating itself one of the most used themes for CM based devices are the dark theme mode as it gives a cool look, but certain themes are also mentioned that colorful and in bright mode. Try all these themes, hope this article was a help. 

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