13 Best DJ Apps For iPhone [2024 Picks]

On a computer or smartphone, the best DJ apps for iPhone enable you to mix several music files to make a new remixed tune.

It allows you to mix and scratch music on your computer. To be a great DJ, it helps to have a variety of traits, including a strong sense of time, a good sense of rhythm, the capacity to encourage others, the ability to handle finances, technical proficiency, and most importantly the creative ability to mix music.

When we talk about DJing, the stereotypical DJ set that we are familiar with comes to mind. But what if you could control every aspect of your DJ set from your phone?

Djing is considerably simpler to learn and more enjoyable to use now that there are so many more mobile applications accessible.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about expensive, bulky professional DJ equipment and accessories.

Therefore, all you need to do to start a career as a DJ is invest money in a mobile DJ app that is considerably less expensive. You can find a tonne of DJ applications on Google Play Store.

Before installing any software, it is usually a good idea to conduct research so you can get the most out of it. However, if you are short on time, you could require a reliable resource to assist you.

And this is where we come into play. We have carefully chosen the best DJ apps for iPhone that are listed below for your DJ needs, and using them will help you develop new talents and improve your current ones.

There is thus no excuse for you to skip looking at the list of the top DJ-ing apps for Android and iOS below.

Top 13 Free DJ Apps For iPhone in 2024

#1. Edjing Mix

Edjing Mix best DJ apps for iphone
Edjing Mix

This user-friendly application has a plethora of options, such as simple music mixing, effects tweaking, and the opportunity to store your creations as ringtones or share them with friends via social media.

You can produce personalized music mixes on your Android device with e-djing Mix and get your audience moving to the music.

You may gain extra benefits if you continue using this software and buy the premium version. You may feed your DJ soul with additional in-app purchases in addition to the basic capabilities.

Multiple audio files are available on SoundCloud, iTunes, etc. It has a clever search feature to help you find your favorite mixing track, sophisticated audio sorting, and a customized project-saving method.

The Edjing Mix can satisfy all of your music mixing and processing requirements and pave the road for you to become the town’s next top DJ expert. Overall, it is the most enjoyable and straightforward DJ program accessible online.

You can adjust sound effects and EQ settings to your preferences, choose from a sizable collection of tracks spanning many genres and use the app’s built-in lessons to learn more about DJing and music mixing.

#2. DJ Player Professional

DJ Player Professional
DJ Player Professional

To create a professional DJ number, use the best DJ apps for iPhone, which offer support for external equipment and virtually all DJ capabilities.

All standard DJ tools, including the scratcher and MIDI control, are supported by this program. It is similar to an all-in-one app for bespoke DJ stations that require outdoor equipment.

With the help of this incredible program, you can effortlessly create your audio masterpiece, sync it, and store it on DJ Player Pro Cloud.

HD, different layouts, low latency audio output, and more are also included. It provides tools for producing professional-level audio music, including audio templates, scratchers, merging, and looping.

You must try this one since it will undoubtedly satisfy all of your demands for DJing, and you will love learning with it.

This app is fantastic to have. Because this program allows you to compose rhythms, record vocals, add effects, and select from various sound packs.

Although the basic service is free, you must upgrade by paying for premium if you want more sophisticated functionality. The good news is that this program can be used for more than just DJing.

#3. DJ it

DJ it best DJ apps for iphone
DJ it

This software gives you the ability to scratch, mix, or remix like a pro and is one of the finest DJ applications for Android.

To create music that suits your tastes, a wide variety of toolkits are helpful. This virtual DJ mixer teaches you how to compose tunes when starting out. You may rework songs while honing your skills.

Additionally, it teaches you how to enhance your DJ mixing abilities. This helpful tool needs to be included in mobile DJ competitors.

Our list of the top DJ applications for the iPhone contains the DJ it! While thinking about a full range of expert-level music mixing.

It features several audio effects, such as 4 CUEs, Delay, and others. With this software, you may remix your favorite songs while on the fly and enjoy scratching two real turntables.

The DJ Mixer Studio will provide you with a sophisticated music-creation and mixing experience on the iPhone and iPad interfaces.

It contains tens of thousands of high-quality beats, loops, and samples that you may use to combine tracks.

Even better, you may immediately broadcast your works to a worldwide audience. You may use this app right away after downloading it.

#4. Beat Maker Go

Beat Maker Go
Beat Maker Go

The Beat Maker Go is a more experienced DJing alternative beyond the beginner level. With this excellent DJ software for the iPhone, you can scratch, loop, and mix your favorite songs.

Pitch shifters, EQ controls, and sophisticated audio filters are just a few of the tools and effects that are included in this cutting-edge program that may be used to produce fantastic music mixes.

This software is ideal for DJs and anyone interested in experimenting with novel music-mixing methods. Whether a novice or experienced DJ, this software can help you make some fantastic music mixes.

Choose and combine your favorite songs like a real DJ with customizable tracks. The software has a wide range of tools and functions, including beat-detecting technologies, sophisticated mixers, and even the ability to remix songs.

You may add a number of effects using the turntables’ center controls to your music. With this reliable and user-friendly DJ application, you may mix and record your music mixes.

This program has everything you could possibly need to succeed as a DJ. Therefore, the best DJ apps for iphonewill undoubtedly like it. So please don’t wait. Download it using the above link, and make use of one of the best DJ software programs available. 

#5. Cross DJ

Cross DJ
Cross DJ

Look no further than Cross DJ if you’re seeking a feature-rich yet simple-to-use virtual DJ software for Android. With this program, you can mix music, add effects, and even record your own songs.

It has all the functionality you need. Therefore, Cross DJ can help whether you’re a beginner or a veteran professional.

Additionally, you may purchase more comprehensive features within the app. You must acquire a number of elements before utilizing them, including support for external mixers, auto mixers, and sample tracks.

Additionally, you may access more services and remove the obnoxious advertising by making a purchase. This app is effective at determining BPM.

Not to mention, this program contains customary capabilities like beat grid manipulation and track synchronization.

The Cross DJ has a simple design and all the DJ features you might want in a single program. With this innovative DJ program, the audio mixing and scratching are faultless.

You will enjoy this software since it contains everything you could need to excel as a DJ. So please don’t wait. Download it using the link provided, and enjoy one of the most outstanding DJ applications available.

#6. Djay- DJ app & AI Mixer

Djay- DJ app & AI Mixer best DJ apps for iphone
Djay- DJ app & AI Mixer

Anyone wishing to learn or advance their DJing talents should use the Djay software. You get access to up to 25 songs from your personal music collection.

It provides you with a more professional feel and impact because of its user-friendly interface and very low-latency connection.

This program allows users to experiment with songs, giving both beginners and professionals high-quality outcomes.

This feature-rich tool, which is one of the free music mixing applications, has all the features a DJ needs, including a broad selection of music genres, effects, and customization choices.

In addition, it has many of the standard DJ features, including cue points, results, looping, pitch blending, and auto-mixing.

You may turn on the automatic mode or do a live remix to drop the beat in the fully featured software. This program is appropriate for both experienced users and new users and has a straightforward interface.

Beat matching and automated pace, a shuffle playlist of your tunes, and looping are some of the app’s standout features. You should definitely try out this app.

#7. Deej


Another paid software on our list offers a neat and manageable user interface for remixing and mashups of your favorite music.

DJing can be done anywhere thanks to the app’s powerful features and configurable UI. The stylishly called “Deej” is a fundamental DJ software for newcomers.

The program includes an interactive lesson to assist beginners in organically learning the craft of music editing. It enhances your music with beautiful loops and effects. Your track also has a slight crush effect.

Three-band equalizers let you completely manage your music. Your sessions will also be recordable; you may submit the recordings to SoundCloud, MixCloud, and Dropbox. Using this software, it’s simple to combine your favorite tunes smoothly.

Millions of songs in the best DJ apps for iPhone collection, the ability to mix numerous tracks and record them quickly before sharing them on cloud storage, and the ability to personalize your DJ turntables with a variety of eye-catching skins are just a few of the features that set this app apart.

Overall, this app is worth your subscription fees because it has beautiful elements, and you will genuinely like using it. Feel free to get it for nothing now.

#8. Pacemaker


For Spotify users, Pacemaker DJ is a straightforward-looking program with a tonne of potent capabilities. You can easily select songs from your private playlist without creating new playlists and add them to your party playlist for mixing.

With the help of this user-friendly app’s capabilities, which include beat synchronization and waveform manipulation, it is simple to make professional-level mixes in a matter of minutes.

With the help of controls in the turntables’ center, you may add various effects via the app. You may mix and record your own music mixes with this robust and straightforward DJ program.

You have complete creative control over the song-mixing process, including the ability to scratch, use a turntable, sync the rhythms of different tracks, and crossfade using an on-screen slider.

A number of essential functions, including central control, automatic crossfading with configurable duration, and manual shift sliding, are prepared to rock your party.

This fantastic app guarantees flawless synchronization and exceptional audio performance. Many features, such as the external mixer that controls the crossfader, equalizers, and quantize tool for hot cues and loops, are to thank for this.

Downloading the Pacemaker app is highly recommended because it offers so much.

#9. DJ Control

DJ Control
DJ Control

DJ Control will then play you some dynamic music that was sourced from a variety of cloud storage. After that, it provides a tonne of tools, such as pitching, merging, and mixing, to help your DJ career take off.

Pitch shifters, EQ controls, and sophisticated audio filters are just a few of the tools and effects that you can use with this cutting-edge program to make unique music mixes.

This software is ideal for DJs and anyone interested in experimenting with novel music-mixing methods.

Due to its basic capabilities that allow you to mix and remix tracks, apply effects, and store playlists, this flexible tool is perfect for beginning DJs and amateurs.

Although it is a virtual music mixer, it functions just like one. It has a wealth of practical sound effects tools. With the help of intelligent tools and DJ features, you may remix and improve the extensive music collection.

DJing can be done anywhere thanks to the best DJ apps for iPhone with its powerful features and configurable UI. Whether you are a seasoned DJ or just getting started, it offers the ideal platform for making original music mixes.

Your abilities advance thanks to a few characteristics. This program includes sound effects that let you alter sound texture in order to create music of the highest caliber.

Additionally, a sampler is available to enhance your creativity with a variety of sounds. For further information, check out this app.

#10. Groovepad

Groovepad best DJ apps for iphone

Look no further than Groovepad – DJ Mixer if you want a robust and user-friendly DJ tool to create your own music mixes.

Pitch control, rhythm synchronization, looping, and other valuable tools and effects are included in this user-friendly interface, making it simple to produce professional compounds in a matter of minutes.

The app makes it simple to adjust sound effects and EQ settings to your tastes. You may use a variety of sound effects and tools from the app, as well as compose, record, and share music while you’re on the road.

This app also offers an extensive music collection that is updated regularly. You may finally find your unique style by experimenting with the app’s speed and filter settings.

The app’s features are well-defined and easy to use. It has several output options, a MIDI connection, Timecode vinyl control, and other vital components.

Overall, this program has all the tools a DJ could possibly need to become a professional.

This program goes above and beyond your expectations by offering you a tonne of extra tools and allowing you to make different effects on your smartphone.

So why are you still waiting? Use this very excellent program to drop some beats.

#11. GarageBand for iOS

GarageBand for iOS
GarageBand for iOS

Apple highly recommends the well-known program Garageband, which iPhone and iPad users frequently use for various music editing activities. This covers creating music, adjusting the volume, blending sounds, sharing, and more.

Some of its standout features include a good selection of music tracks for you to remix, a thorough music creator and beats mixer, audio effects with all multi-genre EQ presets, simultaneous listening and music creation, the ability to take, store, record, and share music with friends, etc.

You may play and mix the music you have stored on your phone with this app. Then, you may create your sound using performance characteristics and FX.

Along with that, some other features include a crossfader, beat sync, pre-cueing, and a 2-channel layout. Best of all, it’s straightforward to use and guarantees hours of entertainment.

It comes with various remixing tools, such as a beat-matching sequencer, a looper with eight separate loops per track, and a sequencer that aids in creating beats.

Many more sophisticated capabilities are available, including high-resolution waveforms, auto gain, and audio FX. Check out this app if you want exciting features and outstanding functionality. You may download it for free.

#12. DJ Studio 5 – Music mixer

DJ Studio 5 - Music mixer
DJ Studio 5 – Music mixer

DJ Studio 5, which has had over 50 million downloads, is a well-known DJ program among experienced and newcomers.

With the help of this powerful yet free virtual turntable, you can easily remix, mix, scratch, or loop music. It offers an intuitive design and user-friendly UI for the most incredible music experience.

You will receive eight sound effects, ten sample pads, a live mix recording, an equalization, and many more features as part of the free features.

However, you may also add in-purchase extra options if you still need to be pleased with the free ones. Spotify is a supporter of this app. Additionally, you may install the hardware controller if you want this program to run in a more main workspace.

Furthermore, you may record your creations and share them with your friends. The main features of this program include two turntables, desks that can be customized with seven different skins, and an editable playlist.

It also contains a particular scratch engine and eight different sound effects, including Flanger, Gate, Phaser, Reverb, Brake, and many others. With DJ 5 Studio, you may explore your musical potential and showcase your originality.

Unfortunately, only Android-compatible devices may use this software.

#13. DJ Mix Pad

DJ Mix Pad best DJ apps for iphone
DJ Mix Pad

Due to their ease, DJ Mix Pads must be included in this list of the best DJ apps for iPhone. The rationale is that anyone may use this program to experiment and try to combine several sounds into one.

With this program, any curious child of any age may pretend to be a top DJ. This cutting-edge app’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to build original mixes utilizing beat-synchronized samples, loops, and various sound effects and filters.

Whatever your level of DJing expertise, DJ Mix Pads is the best software for making original music mixes. There are many different kinds of rhythms and noises to add variety.

Your song will be better and more valuable thanks to the professional sound effects. To make your music stand out, add a unique sound.

Additionally, as the program is intended for amateur usage, become familiar with it and try making some sounds. It would be best if you tried out this free software since it offers outstanding features.

Eleggible’s Final Words 

There you have it. In order to give you the finest, we put a lot of time and work into compiling the best DJ apps for iPhone list. Using the applications mentioned above, you can either pursue a profession as a DJ or set the tone at an event.

Every app on this list the best DJ apps for iPhone provides a tad bit of something different. You may do many things with them; some will help you learn new things, while others will let you improvise using your existing DJ abilities.

We sincerely hope you found this helpful and learned something from it. Please share your best with us and any insightful criticism so we can address it in future articles. Stay tuned for more entertaining articles to come your way.

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