11 Best Dog Walking Apps for Android & iOS (2024)

In this article, best dog walking apps we know that you are constantly struggling between the thoughts of getting your furry friend a good walk and relaxing on the couch after a busy day. It’s hard to decide, right?

Well, it is impossible to show our love by taking them for a walk or just playing with them after a hectic day at the office or when we are in no mood to play on a bad day.

Don’t worry, and we have got you the best solution! Today, in this article, we have listed the 11 best dog-walking apps that will take well care of your dogs even when you are not in the mood to do so.

These apps bridge the gap between pet parents and sitters and smoothly get the work done. You can use these apps to find pet sitters that will take your dogs on a walk and even play with them if you want them to.

When you are not at home and want your pets to be taken health care of, then you can easily find a pet sitter by using these apps. You will have to pay them back with a sum mutually decided and you are set to go!

You can even track your dog’s movement when they are out. Hence, these best dog-walking apps ensure the full safety of your pets. You will be amazed at the unmatchable help that these apps will lend to you.

As mentioned below, an extensive list of ten apps is prepared after thorough research. We have taken into account the positive and negative reviews about the apps so that you can get a detailed viewpoint about them.

These best dog-walking apps are handy and their millions of downloads prove that. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s jump straight into the article.

Top 11 Dog Walking Apps for Dog Owners (2024)

#1. Rover

Rover best dog walking apps

This is the first dog-walking app on our list that works wonderfully. This app has various great features that help keep your dog healthy and fit. The app is fast and very easy to use.

One can quickly get their dog’s walking maps, food alerts, etc. The payment methods are easy and hassle-free; one will handily get notifications and texts from the sitters anytime during the walk.

The application is specially designed for pet sitters and dog walkers. One can send photos, videos, and messages to pet owners with just a few taps. With the great Rover app, you can also get settled with the money on the go, which is easy and safe.

The users can also seamlessly supervise your assistance wherever you are. You can also enable push notifications to answer quicker than ever to reserve requests. All of these features are responsible for making this app one of the best dog-walking apps available in the market. Try using this great application now!


  • The app is safe and secure to use with great features and you can go for it.


  • The plans are a bit expensive and then the issue of affordability comes into the show 

#2. Paway


This is the next dog walking app on our list that is entirely free to use and also carries a passionate community of pet lovers & experienced dog walkers around you to help you out.

The app has a lot of unique features that will blow your mind. You will not have stress anymore during your next dog walk, and you will have beautiful experiences.

You can share your own dog-related points of interest, & identify which dogs are friendly or antagonistic. Experienced dog walkers specially create this great application to help out new dog walkers and their parents.

This incredible application Paway takes the help of real-time crowd-sourced data that assures you that the sidewalk you are going to take for the dog walk is safe and secure.

Paway app informs its users immediately about hazards like stray dogs & dog fights or allures like hot dog sellers, public water dishes & poop bag dispensers. Along with all of these features, this app has many more exciting features that you can check out through the above-given link.


  • The app functions very smoothly without many crashes and you can go for it.


  • Many users complained about not getting frequent notifications about visits and walks.

#3. Dog Walk 

Dog Walk
Dog Walk

The following dog walking application on our list is Dog Walk, which is specially created for the dog walking community. Various exciting features of this excellent app, Dog Walk, including tracking your dog’s daily walks.

You can easily register the path you take for the walk, its distance, and the time period of each walk to see the amount of exercise your dog is getting each day. This app helps the dog parents maintain their dog’s health and keep them fit.

You can click cute pictures of the walk and can also share the lovely experiences of the walk with your friends and family. The app helps users to make lovely memories with their little friends.

The app has an easy interface, with excellent features such as taking pictures, sharing the pictures, and maps for the dog’s daily routes, and peeing activities. You can also check out the other features of this app in detail by checking out the provided link. Now, have fun with Dog Walk!


  • The app successfully finds great and professional pet sitters for your lovely pets.


  • You will have to face frequent ads in between using the application.

#4. Wag!

Wag! best dog walking apps

The fourth dog-walking app on our list is Wag. Wag is another fantastic app that helps you keep your dog healthy and with various dog walk-related issues. One can easily book qualified pet care around your household with this lovely app, Wag!

The various features of this incredible app include scheduled dog walks that will be based on your dog’s routine and preferences, and drop-in stays for those pets who necessarily do not require a walk but could use a potty recess.

The users can receive special veterinary consultations to answer their pet’s fitness queries from the comfort of their residence, available around the clock. This app works smoothly and is perfectly acceptable.

You will be satisfied with this app for sure. Try checking out the other details of Wag with the help of the provided link. You can also get daily personalized in-home and online dog training sessions for puppies & adult dogs to help them learn about various stunts and basic orders.


  • This is a great app that easily finds pet sitters around your neighborhood.


  • You will have to face frequent crashes in the application.

#5. Fetch! Pet Care

Fetch! Pet Care
Fetch! Pet Care

This app is a reflexive, delightful, and convenient application. This app is considered one of the other fantastic dog-walking applications. The app is more like a professional pet-care service designed specifically for dogs.

The app provides complete customized care for your dear pets. All of the Pet Care Providers from the application are background checked, trained, and have good reviews.

For the users’ comfort, our local Pet Care Coordinator finds a perfect pet care provider for your dog. The local managers from our app try their best to uphold the private connections with our Pet Care Providers.

Along with this, they govern every appointment and will always be present in case of any trouble. Many more amazing features are present within the application just for your cute dog.

The users can also get a free in-home consultation from the experts. Try using this amazing application now with the help of the link that is provided above.


  • The app works very smoothly and is not complicated to use.


  • Many ads constantly pop-ups about the premium packs and this hinders a smooth experience with the app.

#6. Amiko


Track down your dog walks and register its route, take lovely pictures with your pet, share them with friends, and whatnot. You can do as many things as you want with the help of this fantastic dog-walking app named Amiko.

It will help you to see monthly statistics of your dog’s walks. The app is fun, and exciting, and will also be loved by your dog. You can easily keep track of your dog’s bathroom breaks, monitor their walking progress, and share their achievements with the large dog walking community within the app and your friends.

Amiko is a fun app that works smoothly without much hassle. Enjoy walks with your dog now with the help of this app, Amiko. Share your dog’s achievements, cute pictures, and many more. Check out the excellent app and try using it with the help of this application link that is provided above. Have fun with Amiko!


  • The app gives accurate GPS trackers and records.


  • You won’t be getting notifications on time and that is a big drawback for the app.

#7. Doggy Logs

Doggy Logs best dog walking apps
Doggy Logs

Now track your dog walks with the help of this amazing application Doggy Loga. The application Doggy Logs has various amazing features that help you take care of your pet dog and keep them healthy and fit.

The app automatically emails or sends a message to the dog owners with a summary after the walk. This app’s various features include tracking down your dog walks, a check-in mode for daily or frequent home visits and group walks with numerous pickups and drop-offs.

Meanwhile, the dog’s walk time will be tracked separately. You will be provided with Email Notifications attached with your specified logo or brand. These features are responsible for making this app one of the best dog-walking applications in the market.

You can also use this great application now with the help of the link that is provided above. Keep your dog healthy and save time with the best dog walking application, Doggy Logs.


  • Great and smooth services are provided for pet lovers.


  • You can not save the records of weight checks, and dates of visits.

#8. DogHero


This is our next app which is exclusively designed for those pet parents who are very busy and want a good caretaker for their furry friend. The pet sitters listed on DogHero are carefully chosen and went through a selection process so that you can rely on them.

This ensures that only some random pet sitters are allowed to take care of your pet. The special feature of this app is that if you are out of your home and your dog needs a night stay, then you can contact a pet sitter and schedule a night stay for your dog at home.

Your pet will get the same love, care, and affection at home as if they are their own. You can also arrange home visits for your pet if they do not want to go out and socialize.

The pet sitter will come to your place, provide them with food and water, and change the potty pads if needed. The app has a support team available all day and night to help you with any issue.


  • Works smoothly without crashing.
  • Easy communication with the sitters.


  • No option for a GPS tracker for the pet-sitters in case of home visits.

#9. Pawshake


It is an all-inclusive app that helps its users with all petting needs for busy pet parents such as pet boarding, pet sitting, daycare, and a lot more. The app is super easy to use.

All you need to do is to download the app, check the profiles of various pet sitters, and pick the best from them. You can even schedule a meeting before you book them for your pet.

After you are fully assured, you must choose the pet sitter. The experiences, ratings, and reviews of the pet sitters are also mentioned in detail to help you get only the best for your pet.

This app works in over 15 countries and has a comprehensive web connecting various pet parents. This app has an easy cancellation process without any fees if you want to cancel the scheduled visit.

If you want to rebook an appointment after cancellation, there are no rebooking fees. We highly recommend you try this app and we are sure you won’t be disappointed.


  • The app is really easy to communicate with the sitters while walking and during home visits.


  • You will have to face frequent crashes within the application.

#10. WoofTrax

WoofTrax best dog walking apps

This app is different from the other best dog-walking apps listed in this article because this app allows you to do something for society and get your dog a walk. This app ensures that every dog walk done via its platform earns donations for your local animal charity.

Isn’t that just perfect? You can shoot two targets with just one bullet. You can carefully pick the pet sitters for your dog and when they are out for a walk, you can track their movements.

This ensures that you have total control over your pet’s movement and continuously monitor their safety. A good walk is highly desirable for your dog to keep them healthy and with a busy schedule, you are not able to do that every day.

This app will solve your problem and the charity that you’ll be doing is something you must be proud of. Try this app now and enjoy the rest!


  • The users will be received by professional and promising pet sitters.


  • The plans are a bit expensive and not anyone can afford them.

#11. Barkly Pets

This app will be your go-to friend whenever you will need someone to take good care of your pet. The general working hours of this app are 10-6 but the customer support team is always available to assist you.

You can even provide the pet sitters with a personalized list of what your pet exactly needs. This list may include the kind of food they want along with the timings, their playing habits, and their sleeping routine.

You can ask the pet sitter to take your pet for a walk or just be with them at home. These pet sitters are highly qualified to look after your pets and you can totally rely on them because they are appointed after some serious tests.

All you need is to just pick one from the several profiles that are listed in the app and schedule a meeting with the pet sitter. The charges are very affordable and you can decide after a personal meeting whether you like the pet sitter or not.


  • This is the perfect app to get your pet some rides and have some fun.


  • The app is not as smooth as expected and gives a slower user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Do Dog Walking Services Cost? 

In 2024, the average cost of dog walking price is around £9.10 on an hourly basis. This ride may last between 45 minutes to an hour. The prices are believed to experience a rise from the previous year.

Eleggible’s Final Words 

Here, we have arrived at the end of this article, and we are confident that you must have found what you were looking for by now. We are confident that your search for the best dog-walking app must have ended by now.

We have mentioned the best dog-walking apps suitable to your needs and have even provided a detailed analysis. The app’s positive and negative sections will help you analyze them and then decide to choose the best out of them.

These apps are a lifesaver for those pet parents who rarely get some time to take good care of their pets. These best dog-walking apps are very secure, and the profiles they list for pet sitters are decided after severe quality checks.

Hence, you don’t need to worry about the quality thing. This makes the apps even more reliable. The charges are very reasonable, and the services are of top quality. Don’t wait, go ahead and get yourself a ride booked!

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