7 Best Easy Wheels for Brompton (2023 Reviewed)

In the article, best easy wheels for Brompton, the Brompton is one of the most well-known bicycle models out of the many various kinds there are. For those who wish to travel without having to learn how to ride a bike, Brompton bikes are ideal. They are simple to operate and provide several riding options.

These are the most incredible, easy wheels if you’re seeking a quick and easy way to travel about Brompton. Anyone who wishes to travel without difficulty should use them.

We have discussed the top simple wheel alternatives in today’s post, and you are welcome to choose any of them according to your preferences and needs. We hope you like reading this guide and find it helpful. Let’s get started.

How to make Brompton lighter? 

Although Brompton is the finest folding bike in terms of how compact it can be, there is undoubtedly potential for weight reduction. The acquisition of a Titanium variant results in a weight savings of almost 1 kg in Brompton terms.

Because of its small size, handcrafted ethos, and simple fold, people like Brompton folding bikes. For Brompton riders, a tonne of bags and extras might lighten your bike.

What size are Brompton easy wheels? 

The following are the sizes of Brompton easy wheels: Wheels weigh 122 g, measure 9 x 8 x 12 centimetres, and have a 60mm diameter.

Which TYRE is best for Brompton? 

The best-selling tyre from Schwalbe is the Marathon Plus HS 440, which is also the most puncture-resistant tyre suitable for Brompton bicycles. It is a tyre that is highly strong, resilient, and long-lasting.

For Bromptons, this tyre offers the best mileage and flat resistance. The Marathon Plus is the bike of choice for many of my Brompton pals when cycling in and around London. A Marathon tyre typically has a lifespan of 3,728–7,456 miles or 6,000–12,000 kilometres.

How often do you change Brompton tyres? 

Even though there appears to be slight wear and tear upon visual inspection, tyres often need to be replaced five years after first being put to use. But if tyres suffer from severe cracking from poor storage, they could need to be replaced much sooner.

On Brompton Electric, the Marathon Racer is standard. A Marathon tyre typically has a lifespan of 3,728–7,456 miles or 6,000–12,000 kilometres. A Brompton tire’s pressure must be between 100 and 120 psi. After a lock and lights, a track pump with a pressure gauge is one of the most fabulous accessories you can get.

Why Trust Eleggible? 

A large variety of products are screened and assessed by a team of experts at Eleggible before we start reviewing the shortlist of products. We wish to offer authentic information. Therefore, we ask that you trust in us.

We never recommend anything that we wouldn’t personally use. To trust someone is to have faith in their ability to behave morally. All Brompton bicycle frames have a seven-year warranty when registered, and you should be aware of it.

The Brompton Electric comes with a two-year guarantee on its electrical parts, which, for C Line versions, may be extended to three years by registration. A two-year warranty is provided for all other non-wearing parts. Eleggible always assumes responsibility for its recommendations and only provides accurate and valuable details.

Top 7 Best Easy Wheels for Brompton (2023 List)

#1. Loom Tree Easy Wheel 

About the Product: This premium lightweight wheel is more durable than other typical ones since it is built from high-quality rubber and aluminium alloy and fits Brompton and other folding bikes.

It is one of the most excellent simple wheels on the market and was made specifically for moving folding bikes. The finest feature is that it has a single M6 mount bolt for quick and straightforward installation.

Additionally, a steel ball bearing increases the bike’s longevity and provides smoother rolling. Its width is 15mm or 0.59 inches, and its diameter is 6 cm or 2.36 inches. Check out this product on Amazon.

Reviews of the Product

This is very important: owing to the hand measurement, please allow a 1-3mm measuring variance. Overall, it may work well with your Brompton bike. It will undoubtedly make riding better and more pleasant for you because it is made of rubber and an aluminium alloy of high quality.

You will genuinely adore this product, I promise. Simply one colour—the one displayed on the Amazon app—differs from the actual colour; however, this is only a slight change caused by a different monitor and light effect, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


  • Amazing Build Quality.
  • Very affordable.


  • Size might be an issue.

#2. TPW Brompton Al Easy Wheels

About the Product: This wheel option provides a great substitute that enhances rolling when the wheel is folded. With titanium fasteners and sealed bearings, they also have a gorgeous finish. Compared to the Brompton option, these wheels are more considerable, allowing you to tilt the bike more when rolling and hold it comfortably.

The titanium rear triangle of the Superlight Brompton blends well with the grey finish. The silver nicely complements any colour or finish of a Brompton. The threaded area of the rear triangle, immediately beyond the saddle clamp, is where the standard wheels are supposed to be installed.

Long bolts on the EZ wheels for racks are intended for installation in the rack’s back position. You may access them by clicking on the link provided above.

Reviews of the Product

Order two pairs of these if your bicycle has a rear rack—one 66mm and one 66mm back rack type. The threaded area of the rear triangle, immediately beyond the saddle clamp, is where the standard wheels are supposed to be installed.

Long bolts on the EZ wheels for racks are intended for installation in the rack’s back position. This one is one of the most excellent products to improve your riding experience.


  • Compared to the Brompton add-on simple wheels, they are more smoother and easier to roll.
  • High-quality design.


  • To start underway, they need a little lubrication.

#3. Brompton Eazy Wheels

About the Product: Genuine Brompton Eazy Wheels, two of them. No matter your bike’s year, you must use the 6mm version if you plan to mount Eazy Wheels to the main frame.

Pre-2016 racks require 5mm Eazy Wheels, while 2016 or later racks require 6mm Eazy Wheels if you also wish to attach Eazy Wheels to them. Since they are lightweight and easy to instal, you will like using them.

You will genuinely enjoy how these wheels work because they are simple to operate and improve any rider’s bike. You may purchase them by following the link provided above.

Reviews of the Product

The practical design follows you both indoors and outside as you go about your day. These wheels feel fantastic and are realistic. One should without any doubt get this set of wheels since they are very practical, really comfortable, and completely enjoyable to use.

The new Eazy wheels make rolling the foldable bike around more smoother and better than any ordinary wheels. Bicycles ride more smoothly on Eazy Wheels because they have bearings that give the bike more excellent stability. You can definitely buy this one.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Great Quality.


  • A little overpriced.

#4. Three-spokes lightweight 

About the Product: These three-spoke alloy simple wheels provide a race-inspired appearance and exceptional durability as a straight replacement for your Brompton bicycle.

The chosen materials are R400 rubber compound and 7075 aircraft-grade aluminium for a lightweight solution weighing only 24 grammes per wheel. Anodizing is a surface treatment method that produces a durable metallic finish.

Bolts made of raw titanium or black titanium are an upgrade option. Two wheels, two nuts, and two aluminium spacers are included in each set. Order two sets for the Brompton R variant and one set for the Brompton L model (which lacks a baggage rack) (with luggage rack). If you click on the link we supplied to Etsy, you may check out this product, which is worthwhile purchasing.

Reviews of the Product

The airbag saddle holder generally receives high marks from users. The construction was seamless thanks to the item’s excellent packaging, clear assembly instructions, and included mounting supplies.

The holder is of high quality, just as stated and easily attaches to the regular saddle of a Brompton. Full marks for this outstanding product since the emblem is nicely constructed and looks fantastic, as is anticipated of bicycle visual candy. You must check this one out since it is thick and of excellent quality, and the surface is flawlessly flat and velvety.


  • Aluminium alloy CNC machined.
  • Rubber compound R400.
  • Ball bearings with less friction.
  • Easy to put together.


  • A little expensive set of wheels.
  • Delayed shipping and delivery.

#5. 60mm Easy Wheels 

About the Product: These Brompton simple wheels are made of aluminium. To increase stability, you use an o-ring of the flat kind with a larger surface contact area. For increased longevity and smoother rolling, use large bearings.

This authentic product is incredibly light, stylish, and the best deal around! How great is it that one set of aluminium simple wheels only weighs 45 grammes? The wheel diameter is 60mm as well.

You should also be aware that not all components will work with Brompton bikes from the P/T series. Please ask Etsy customer care for guidance if you need clarification. Depending on the manufacturing year, M5 (5mm) bolts are required for various Brompton racks. We’ve included a link so that you may check it out on Etsy.

Reviews of the Product

These are an excellent set of wheels that were purchased with mudguards. The best wheelsets ever manufactured are these. They are stylish and function really well. You will like this pair since LondonCraftwork creates fantastic work and has good customer service.

Since Etsy backs and promotes this product, you can be sure that it will be a good investment. You will definitely like riding your Brompton bikes with these wheels because they ride much smoother than the normal ones.


  • Great customer support.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Delayed shipping and delivery.

#6. Large 82mm Wide 

About the Product: These wheels have a new, upgraded wheel design that offers superior durability and stability (wider 12 mm tyres and bigger 82 mm wheels). A single pair of simple aluminium wheels weigh approximately 122 grammes.

The wheels have an 82 mm diameter and a 12 mm thickness. Depending on the manufacture year, some older Brompton racks require M5 (5mm) bolts, while this one comes with 6mm ones.

You should also be aware that not all components will work with Brompton bikes from the P/T series. Please ask Etsy customer care for guidance if you need clarification. Overall, these wheels are among the greatest to use; click on the link we provided to learn more about them.

Reviews of the Product

These wheels are pretty costly, which is why not everyone would consider buying them, despite over 900 delighted customers thrilled with the product—particularly those on a tight budget.

Additionally, users fitted a lightweight metal tray to the same frame integrated into bags bearing the Brompton name so they could easily bungee non-Brompton bags to their bikes. They enjoy using their bikes with these wheels for transportation. Check out this one, then.


  • Great customer support.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great built quality.


  • Delay in shipping and delivery.
  • Very expensive compared to competitors.

#7. Wide Easy Wheels

About the Product: This excellent set of wheels features greater stability, durability, and a new, more comprehensive 15 mm tyre design. Additionally, a single set of aluminium simple wheels has a wheel diameter of 60 mm and weighs around 90 grammes. 2 simple wheels and 2 M6 (6mm) steel bolts are included in the basic box when you buy it.

Once more, you should be aware that M5 (5mm) bolts are required for some vintage Brompton racks, depending on the year of manufacturing. Another crucial point is that some components could not work with Brompton bikes from the P/T series.

Please seek guidance from the Etsy hotline if you need clarification. To learn more about these wheels, visit Etsy using the link provided above.

Reviews of the Product

Although not everyone would acquire these wheels due to their high price, those who have are generally pleased with their performance. Sadly, it doesn’t suit the most recent P Line mudguards.

But like all of LondonCraftwork’s accessories, this one has a very high-quality build and lovely finish. Etsy offers excellent customer service as well; customers have been really pleased. They are really attractive, but contrary to what is depicted in the picture, according to the website, they are gun-metal grey instead of black. You may look it over, though.


  • Worldwide Shipping.
  • Great build quality.
  • Compatibility is high.


  • Delayed shipping and delivery.
  • Very expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Brompton bikes hold their value?

Brompton bicycles frequently retain their worth quite well. You should expect to get a reasonable price for your Brompton, even on the used market, because they are well-made, iconic, and in great demand.

Their value is not much affected by age when compared to other bicycles. The value of Brompton bicycles is exceptionally strong. A few-year-old secondhand Brompton costs just 15% to 20% less than a brand-new one.

What is the most expensive Brompton?

Because of its reputation, superior quality, and longevity, Bromptons are pricey. Every part of every bike is created and produced by Brompton. The Brompton T-idea Line is straightforward.

The most costly and lightest Brompton ever made. The bike weighs just 7.45kg in its most lightweight single-speed configuration and 7.95 kilograms in our Urban variant with four gears (complete with mudguard, pedals and roller wheels).

Eleggible’s Final Words 

The build and riding qualities of Brompton bikes are fantastic, and they are the perfect size for any rider. They are perfect for commuters because of their foldable, compact shape.

You will possess a bike that will allow you to travel everywhere, but you can easily fold it up, move it via public transportation, or carry it if necessary. Here is a selection of simple wheel alternatives that you may use to dress up your Brompton bike; feel free to examine, purchase, and employ them as needed. We hope that this list proves beneficial to you in some manner.

So we look forward to hearing back from you positively. We appreciate you taking the time to read this post; please let us know what more you would like to see from us, and we will try our best to deliver it. Hold your connection till then for more excellent content, and provide us with your insightful thoughts.

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