11 Best Face Swap Apps for Android & iOS in 2022

Have you ever wondered how you will look if you have a different face? There are many apps that can easily swap your faces and make you look completely different. In this article, I have listed some of the best face swap apps that you can try. They can be used by both android and iOS users.

Before using all these apps make sure that both the faces are clearly visible so that you can get the best result. You can try several combinations of faces.

Top 11 Face Swap Apps for Android & iOS

Let us now move to the list of apps: 

1. Snapchat

This is one of the largest social media platforms that has gained popularity recently with more than 200 million active users. Along with all the amazing features, it also gives you the option of swap faces and tries all the new combinations that can be possible. If you want to run this on your PC then read this guide.

It is the best among the face swap apps. You can easily share the photos with your friends and have fun. You just have to place your finger on the portion where the face is visible and then multiple faces will appear with whom you can swap. 



This is a free app that can be used by both android and iOS users. this is primarily a beauty or a filter camera but it also has an option that can be used to swap faces.

But this feature can only work in real-time which means you must have at least two people in a shot at the time so that the camera can swap the faces. You just have to enable the swap option and start recording. Simply take a picture the app will swap your faces.


3. Cupace 4.8

This is an amazing app but can be used by android users only. The app contains ads as it is the free version. The app is mainly used to make memes and make funny photos but its face swap option is amazing and you can easily save the photo in the gallery as well.

It has an easy interface with user-friendly features. You just have to cut the face of the photo and then choose a photo where you want to paste it. 

Cupace 4.8
Cupace 4.8

4. Face Swap by Microsoft

This is an incredible app among all face swap apps that can be used by both android and iOS users. this is a cross-platform app that has been developed by Microsoft. You can easily swap your face with a celebrity or with whom you want to swap your face.

Just click a quick selfie of yourself and find a face to swap with. There may be some error as it is not necessary that each and every time you get the best result but yet you will get the rough idea and will have fun. 

Face swap
Face swap

5. Face App 4.2

This is a free app but if you want to access all its features then you have to buy its pro version. It actually does not allow you to swap your faces with someone completely but you can easily make your face look like the celebrities.

It has all the features that will help you look completely, like with different gender, different smile, skin tone, and many more. 

Face app
Face app

6. Face Swap 4.3

This app has an abundance of features that can be used to swap the faces and make you look completely different. You can easily clone your face and even swap them to get a different look each time in a single video itself.

It has an easy interface and is quite user friendly so that it will be easier for the new users to know and understand all the features and have fun. 

7. MSQRD 4.3

This is another amazing app with incredible features. You can easily swap your faces with cute animals and even your favorite superhero. The app also contains a rich filter gallery so you can make each 30-second video you record even more amazing.

You can easily save the edited photos and even share them with your friends on the app and even on Facebook. 

8. Face Swap live 4.0

This is a very popular face swap app for iOS users. you can easily swap the faces but in real-time only. It has an option on in purchase also so that you can easily access many more features that are inbuilt.

But if you don’t want to spend your money on such things then you can try the elite version, which also has similar features.

Face swap live
Face swap live

9. Face Swap Booth

This is a unique face swap app that can be used by both android and IOS users. It has a feature by using which you can place your face on a photo as many times as you want.

It does the work with utmost precision so that you get the best result that could be possible and will swap your faces in all the photos that you have selected just by choosing them once. 

10. Mix Booth 4.0

This is a free app yet a very interesting app with many incredible features. It can help you transform your face into your favorite artist or some celebrity just by choosing the photos.

You can save the edited photos then share them with your friends. Mix both lets you take photos or import images from your photo library or even from your Facebook account.

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11. Face Blender

This is a funny selfie poster creator. It can swap the faces and blends it so well that at first sight, no one can tell the difference. It has an easy interface with all the user-friendly features. Even new users can understand them very well.

Just click a picture and choose a template to blend your face on that template. The app has over a hundred templates ranging from an astronaut to a gymnast.

face blender
Face blender

Eleggible’s Final Words

All the face swap apps that are mentioned in the list are incredible. Serves many more features other than just to swap the faces. They have an easy interface and user-friendly environment. You can trust the apps as it maintains your privacy.

The edited photos can be easily saved. Even shared with your friends to have fun. Download the apps and give them a try, hope the article was a help.

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