10 Best Facebook Groups for Jobs Seekers Online

Facebook is an effective networking tool, and the Job groups are partly responsible for that. On this site, the best Facebook groups for jobs allow you to network and build professional connections with other members of your field and possible clients.

Facebook is an excellent platform for local companies, traders, and individuals to promote employment openings and fill vacancies for those seeking work. It efficiently provides excellent career prospects in addition to being a superb social platform for interpersonal interaction.

This is especially advantageous for freelancers as they may deal directly with clients without the “Middleman” and do a variety of tasks for clients without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

Businesses may post job openings on their Facebook pages using the new “Jobs” function on Facebook. All site visitors will be able to see the jobs, and users who have “loved” the page will also see them in their news feeds.

The reach and exposure that organizations provide are outstanding. You don’t have to join every organization you find after looking for them since it is not the best course of action.

You may join up to 6,000 groups on Facebook, but you should think about picking only a few worthwhile groups and concentrating on becoming an active participant in them.

By doing this, you’ll improve both your reputation and your chances of being discovered. It would be best if you gave preference to the groups with active members, appropriate descriptions, and less spam.

We will discover this in today’s post; we have carefully selected a list of the top 10 best Facebook groups for jobs. These will assist you in networking or in finding employment. Let’s get started immediately, and you must be patient as you check them out.

Top 10 Facebook Groups for Jobs Seekers in 2022

#1. Secret Sourcing Group


For the purpose of learning and sharing, recruiters and sources can join this private community. These chats mainly involve recruiters asking questions and receiving advice, with a bit of humor thrown in.

This is precisely what you would expect from the staff at RecruitingDaily. This club has almost 14K members, and anybody involved in recruiting is welcome here, including recruiters, talent acquisition specialists, hiring managers, and HR personnel. Since this is not a sales group, there cannot be any employment or sales ads, as they will be removed.

It was established seven years ago and had a lot of renowned members, making it a reliable platform. To learn more about them, you must search them up.

#2. Recruiters Online


This is a beautiful community to join if you’re seeking for work-related discussions because it has the most members, and Michael Kelemen leads talks that can be challenging but are always thought-provoking.

A variety of vendors, recruiters, and industry influencers make up the membership. This website primarily serves as a discussion forum for recruiters. Members must work in or for a firm that engages in recruiting, sourcing, interviewing, hiring, HR, marketing, social media, or career consulting.

It should be highlighted that this is not the place to promote your business or post job openings. You should definitely check out this club because it has over 24000 members online. 

#3. HR Shares


In order to introduce an open-source approach to HR and recruitment, HR Shares, which was born out of the HR Open Source (#HROS) Facebook Group, encourages contributors to join together as a community of peers.

The goal of #HROS is to make it simpler for practitioners to get the information, advice, strategies, and tactics they need to thrive in the modern workplace while attracting and nurturing tomorrow’s top talent.

They firmly hold that you succeed via cooperation and that the community is larger than the individual. If this description piques your curiosity, you ought to check out this 2015-starting project.

#4. SourceCon


SourceCon is both a blog and a conference series that offers webinars. SourceCon is a community on Facebook with over 13K members; it is not a place for self-promotion but rather a place to share tools, concepts, and strategies for becoming better sources.

They merely want to educate, inspire, and empower. It was made nine years ago, which is fantastic since it establishes its credibility. In this unofficial Facebook group for ERE’s SourceCon, concerns about sourcing and recruitment are discussed often.

The group members also keep things lighthearted by rifting on the unicorn and purple squirrel memes. If the description of something attracts you, you must look into it.

#5. Talent Product Plays


Talent product kinds congregate here to exchange ideas, quarrel, locate employment opportunities, and make plans to take over the world. This group of product creators, sellers, marketers, and analysts is open to you.

It was made on October 23, 2015, making it a seasoned and reliable resource. You should also be aware that the administrators of this tiny but formidable best Facebook groups for jobs for staying up to date on industry news, and inquiries typically center on vendors or solutions.

If the idea of it appeals to you, you can look into it. You can talk openly about complex product challenges, but it goes against the group’s ethos to DM others to bully, gossip, etc.

#6. Jobs in NYC


This group’s goal is to tell its members about employment that they might not be able to discover on their own. You can advertise here, but if you want to post a job, the group moderators must first give their approval.

You can post if you’re seeking employment in a particular industry. This private organization, which has more than 150K members and was founded 11 years ago, requires a request in order to join.

You may put in as much time and effort as it is worth. You must check out this one because you will truly love it; go to the Facebook page to do so. 



You may register and join this group on this site; it will be enjoyable since everyone here has similar interests. This group has over 78.2K members and is headquartered in Canada.

It was founded in 2018. It will assist you in your job search. Since this is a public, open community, anybody may post here from anywhere in the globe, which could potentially be a disadvantage since there is no screening or way to keep members’ identities private.

Postings, requests, letters seeking employment, and much more are all permitted here. It would be best if you looked at it to learn more because joining is easy and uncomplicated.

#8. Digital Nomad Jobs


The founders of this Facebook page assert that they started it as a community committed to helping others and to genuine remote employment. If you want to share an opportunity with the community or if you are looking to employ someone, you may post to this group.

If you’re seeking for work, you may respond to or comment on a job offer by posting a brief statement of your qualifications, your availability, and a link to your website.

This club has more than 135K members, making it a reasonably well-known one for job seekers. This group has fantastic remote employment possibilities that have been hand-selected and validated by the digital nomad community, which is a huge benefit.

It would be best if you looked into this since it will help you secure employment.

#9. International Jobs Network


Here is your chance to obtain employment if you are interested in doing so after earning your degree. Both public and commercial employment opportunities in the sector are available here.

Whether it be careers in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, biotechnology, B.Tech., MCA, or banking, etc., this 2015-created Facebook group has it all.

It’s fantastic that you can find the best Graduate Jobs online, along with a comprehensive list of all Graduate Jobs. You may quickly join up and become one of its 143K current members; just keep in mind that you must provide more than you get to this community.

Spam, self-promotion, and unrelated links are not permitted here. For further information, look it up.

#10. Social Media, Marketing & PR Jobs


This community was established with the goal of assisting people in discovering a new chance in the innovative and fascinating world of social media. Social media has developed since the organization was founded, and the founders have exposed the group to a more extensive range of marketing prospects.

Additionally, each post is now carefully scrutinized before being accepted into the group. According to the Facebook page’s policies, positions in this group are only permitted for paid job openings.

This is a collection of professionals. Without prior notice, you will be kicked out of the group and banned if you are disrespectful, rude, condescending, sarcastic, or patronizing to any other group members.

The basic guideline is that you should conduct yourselves professionally because you are all here seeking or offering employment. For further information, look it up.

Eleggible’s Final Words 

Here are the top 10 best Facebook groups for jobs for finding online employment. You may explore other groups and select the one that works best for you. You can search for more organizations and let us know if we overlooked any significant ones.

A terrific platform to connect with family and friends about anything social has always been Facebook. It’s now a powerful technique to network with your future new job.

Our main recommendation is to make an informed decision about your employment. Avoid positions that look too good to be true, and study the company. We appreciate you reading all the way through and hope you liked it as much as we did create it for you.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do better and share any insightful observations or suggestions so we can address them in future blogs. Please keep checking our website since we will be adding new content soon.

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