11 Best Fake GPS Apps for Android & iOS [2024]

Ever felt the need to fake your location? Is it your boss calling you to come to the office and you are on holiday, while you tell your boss that you are hospitalized? Or is it your friend who has been forcing you to attend his party, but you have some different priorities? Faking your location has become quite easy with the help of various Fake GPS Apps!

Top 11 Fake GPS Apps for Android & IOS

Here are the 11 Best Fake GPS Apps for Android and iOS.

#1. Fake GPS Run

A free app for Android, this app, Fake GPS Apps Run, can be used to place your location anywhere on the earth and fool everyone about your location! This is the best change location app right now.

All you have to do is open the app, give some relevant permissions, and then boom! You can change your location in a few easy steps.

This is the scenario if you have a root, however, for devices with no root, the steps increase in number.

For permissions, you will need to become the developer first, and then you the need to permit Fake GPS Run to determine your position.

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#2. Fake GPS Location – GPS Joystick

Fake GPS Location – GPS Joystick, another app for Android users, where you can easily spoof your location with some easy steps.

This can be done for devices with or even without root, with a little difference in the steps.

This GPS changer app has an extra feature, by which you can toggle your location easily by using the joystick.

It has many other walking modes, where your position moves according to the location decided by you and also the speed set by you. It is the perfect app if you wish to make a fool of someone!

#3. Fake GPS Location Changer

Just like the previous apps, a super simple app for Android and iOS users, where you can get your location mocked.

You have to be a developer, give the app permission to set the location and select a location you want to spoof, and boom, the app sets out your location!

It can be used as a prank app because you can change your location in a minute! It also offers the joystick feature for even better control!

#4. Fake GPS by Hola

A free fake GPS app that helps you change your location in seconds! A perfect app for pranksters! All you got to do is give some permissions to the app and boom; the app works like magic to get you to the task done.

Select your desired location and press ‘Go,’ and yes, the location spoof has done its job! This app also works when you set up coordinates and also when you enter a location or just tap on the desired one.

#5. FGL Pro

Another similar app that is free to use, is FGL Pro which provides a location-changing feature. You can easily spoof your location after giving it specific permissions.

One of the distinguishable features of this app is that you can access various routes, with various movement options like walking, running, and driving, that is, it provides an option for a change of speed and use your way of reaching out to the pinned location.

#6. VPNa

VPNa is a fake GPS location free available on Android and iOS devices and offers Fake GPS features. All you need to do is select a location on the map, and the app will have you a fake location for all your apps!

You can use any app to test it, and you will get the place in your GPS. One interesting feature is that you can mark some specific locations to your favorites, hence if you want to spoof your location for being at your office, 10 seconds would be enough to do it!

You can also create flight itineraries online with just one click but yes these are fake websites just to prank with friends.

#7. Fake GPS 360

A simple app, with a super-easy UI, presenting to you, Fake GPS 360. It is super simple to use and works without root.

You can change your location manually in a few easy steps and boom; you just teleported yourself!

You can choose a starting point, along with an ending point, and walk, run, or drive your way through! This fake GPS location app makes your prank clear of any doubt!

#8. Spoofer Go

The best GPS spoofer for iOS. A simple UI, easy execution, and one-touch location spoof. All it takes is a few seconds of the long press to spoof your location.

This app is a perfect one for iOS users, but one drawback it holds is that it is not a free app, but a paid one, making users avoid using this app.

#9. Fake GPS Location by iCubemedia

Fake GPS Location is an app for iOS users using which you can make a fake location for yourself and share it with your friends and fool them! Sounds fun, right?

It has a fast search system, where you can search for your desired location and spoof your location, thereby using this.

#10. Fake Location

Another best mock location app for iOS. You can use it for free to spoof your location, Fake location. A simple app that can be used to get a fake location in a few simple steps. You can search for a location and keep it as your location for the time being!

#11. Find a location by MagicPocket

An app for iOS users, a location spoof app called Find Location, was developed by MagicPocket. You have to search for a location and keep it as your temporary location! A good app for iOS users to spoof their location!

Eleggible’s Final Words

So, here’s our list of 11 Best Fake GPS Apps for Android and iOS. Choosing out of this would be difficult and even risky, because you provide the apps access to your location, and even change your location.

If the apps misuse this power, then it may prove harmful for your device and even you, so one must be super careful in selecting one for your device! Select one according to the features you will require in this!

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