Font Style Apps: 12 Apps for Changing Font Style (2022)

People tend to use different font style apps to enhance their everyday messages. But if you don’t know which is the best font style app? so that you can use the most attractive fonts while chatting. Just have a look below we discuss everything that you need to know.

The first thing that attracts humans is the beauty of anything. Whether design or art, it is natural that humans like beautiful things. This is the same with writing. Good handwriting or typography is very enticing, and it attracts anyone and makes things like document files, notes, websites, text messages excellent. 

What is written is secondary. But, how beautifully it is written is the primary thing that urges people to read it. So, to make things more beautiful for you. You can change font styles by using one of these best font apps. There are plenty of stylish fonts available for Android and iOS users which can download for free with the links given below. 

We have handpicked the best font style apps, like Japanese, happy birthday font style, italic styles, HTML font style, etc, which are widely used and most popular. These apps will help you increase the outlook of any written document.

Selecting a suitable font style name is essential because it can make things good or worse. A wrong font can make text very difficult to read. If the text is illegible, it makes no sense to write the whole thing.  So, after selecting the best font app, make sure to read the document by yourself after changing the font style. If it suits your eyes, then others will also like it.

How to Change Font Style in Android Phone

You can use any of the font style apps you have to change your phone settings. Go on settings, then click on Display, then click on Font. Not all mobile phones have the same settings but this is the general rule of thumb. After following these steps you can DOWNLOAD and install any of the font styles that you want.

You can also use this setting to change your writing style on your phone without any app if you want.

Best Font Style Apps (Quick Review)

We have covered all the apps with their features, positives, and negatives, it’s time to decide which one to download first.

For YOU, we have created this table with the App name, its ratings and reviews, and its download link, so you can easily select the best font style app for your Android mobile.

You can check the detailed review below this table.

App NameDownload LinkRatingsReviews
Fonts: Font Keyboard & Emojis Android4.60.36
♔Fonts: Fonts and Typeface for Instagram, Whatsapp Android4.54.3
Fancy text – cool fonts, nickname generator Android4.50.97
Fonts Keyboard – Text Fonts & Emoji Android4.50.75
Fonts KeyboardAndroid4.38.4
Stylish Text – Fonts Keyboard, Stickers, Nicknames Android4.22.14
Cool Fonts for Instagram – Stylish Text Fancy FontAndroid4.20.78
zFont 3 – Emoji & Custom Font Changer [No ROOT] Android41.4
PicSay Pro Font Pack – A Android3.90.98
Stylish Fonts & Keyboard Android3.82.6
HiFont – Cool Fonts Text Free + Galaxy FlipFont Android3.58.2
iFont(Expert of Fonts) Android32.7

12 Best Font Style Apps on Google Play Store in  2022

#1 Fonts

(Font Keyboard & Emojis)

Font Keyboard & Emojis

Download Size- 17 MB

Ratings – 3.7 Star

Price – Free/In-app Purchase

Download Link – Android

Fonts is one of the best free font app and is used for changing the font style. There are many different types of font style apps but this will make your Instagram captions, bio fonts, and stories more attractive. You can use this font application on both android and iPhone. On Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, WhatsApp, Snapchat, iMessage, and many more texting fonts apps which are best for Android. This is very easy to access and install. You have to install the Font Keyboard once, then use this keyboard in any other app. You can change font size and style and typing style on WhatsApp also with the guide provided by WhatsApp itself.

There are different emojis, emoticons, symbols, text faces to share with your friends and family. This font keyboard is very competitive to G-Board, and it is the same as the iPhone keyboard with multiple features in it.

It has the most relaxing font which is Serif font.

It has a shared key in place of the comma(,) key that disturbs typing and can’t be removed. There are some features for which one has to pay.

#2 ♔Fonts

(Fonts and Typeface for Instagram, Whatsapp)

Fonts  (Fonts and Typeface for Instagram, Whatsapp

Download Size- 28 MB

Ratings – 4.6 Star

Price – Free/In-app Purchase

Download Link – Android

Fonts app contains over 100 different types of stylish fonts with some unique symbols on your android phone. This app has the most attractive fonts like Playfair, Roboto (Android Default font), Raleway, and many more. The good thing is that with all these fonts, people can be used freely without charge. This best font app offers you some special Unicode characters, decorations, text emojis, etc.:

  1. You have to select the font style from the list.
  2. Tap the text field, and you can start writing.
  3. Copy the whole text when you are done with writing.

Then in the last step, you can paste the copied text wherever you want to use it. 

Fonts can be used in every platform, whether Android, iOS, or windows. You can even combine different fonts in one text message, and you can also customize your fonts according to the way you like. Sometimes, the app shows a question mark without any reason while using this app. Another issue is that it converts everything into symbolic language. 

#3 Fancy Text

(Cool Fonts, Nickname Generator)

Download Size- 6.2 MB

Ratings – 4.7 Star

Price – Free

Download Link – Android

Fancy text app is used to change the font and is the best font app for android and iOS users in which you can write any text with different calligraphic font styles. You can also decorate it with different symbols like stars, hearts, flowers, signs, etc. You can also create beautiful nicknames like ꧁ ࿇ ☬Queen☬ ࿇ ꧂. There are other features also like you can scan text with a camera—emoji name maker converter will help you create a nickname for your game.

The app contains more than 130 font styles, and you can also manage lists of favorite symbols and text fonts. The app is helpful for gamers who play PubG or free fire. You can generate different names from it to use in the games. 

The quality of ads is for adults, and it is not suitable for users under 21. These types of ads are repetitive. After writing the fancy lettering text, users must wait for almost 60 seconds to copy and paste it. 

#4 Fonts Keyboard

(Text Fonts & Emoji)

Fonts Keyboard  (Text Fonts & Emoji)

Download Size- 7.0 MB

Ratings – 4.7 Star

Price – Free

Download Link – Android

Fonts Keyboard: Text Fonts & Emoji contains 2000+ cool emojis, symbols, and 100+ cool fonts. You can also change the font keyboard’s background, change the themes or any photo, and make it your font keyboard background in this font style app. This app has the easiest fonts to read like Helvetica. There is a multi-typing language system embedded in it like English, German, Hindi, Marathi, etc. The size of the keyboard is adjustable, and it can be increased or decreased.

The font keyboard change feature is the best. Not every font style apps have this feature. This app is one of the best font keyboards among its features. The auto-correct function does not function properly, and it keeps on correcting the typing text, and it does not contain a continuous capital letter feature. 

#5 Fonts Keyboard

Fonts Keyboard

Download Size- 6.2 MB

Ratings – 4.6 Star

Price – Free/In-app Purchase

Download Link – Android

Fonts Keyboard will help you to express yourself most stylishly. The app will help you to stand out on social media. Use its different fonts to design and attract more people. It will help you to go beyond your imagination.

This app has no limits; you can use its font styles to send messages to your friends and family. It has sticker fonts, symbols, kaomoji, and many more. The app does not drain your battery. Developers have done a great job with it, and they also have included every type of font style, symbol, and emojis to make it a great app.

There is no clipboard function in it. You copy the text once, and the second time it is gone, and it isn’t easy to find the text once again. 

#6 Stylish Text

(Fonts Keyboard, Stickers, Nicknames)

Stylish Text  (Fonts Keyboard, Stickers, Nicknames)

Download Size- 9.0 MB

Ratings – 4.1 Star

Price – Free/In-app Purchase

Download Link – Android

With Stylish Text – Fonts Keyboard, you can directly use all your favorite fonts in your favorite chat apps. With the help of a stylish text app, you can convert all your images into classic stickers very quickly. This best font app creates stickers in round, square, rectangle shapes, and you can soon write anything in different font styles on them.

These stylish texts can also be used as floating pop-ups so that you don’t have to open a chat app every time. This app also contains features like a Nickname generator, 120+ text font styles. It has an exemplary user interface and sleek design to make it look good. It offers text in multiple languages like English, Hindi, French, German, etc.

When you create a sticker from the app, it shows a pop-up that “stylish text has stopped”. This enables the users to create a sticker. Android devices don’t support some font styles.

#7 Cool Fonts for Instagram

(Stylish Text Fancy Font)

Fancy Text (Cool Fonts, Nickname Generator

Download Size- 16 MB

Ratings – 4.1 Star

Price – Free/In-app Purchase

Download Link – Android

Cool Fonts for Instagram is a specially designed app for Instagram only. It has more than 140+ unique cool fonts styles. You can create your special status for Instagram and Facebook as well. You can get more retweets on Twitter as you use different fonts for your tweets.

There is a unique feature in this best font app called bubble text your name. In which bubbles surround all the letters in different fonts. It will help you create great picture arts and emojis with its 140+ unique fonts. All font styles can be used in notes, documents, calendars, task lists, etc. Devices can be customized in a whole new look by using these fonts. 

Cool font app can design very beautiful Instagram bio and captions. It will increase your followers on Instagram as well, and the overall appearance of your profile will increase.

Sometimes the app does not allow you to paste the copied text on other apps, and it lags sometimes takes 5 minutes to write two sentences. 

#8 zFont 3

(Emoji & Custom Font Changer)

Download Size- 8.8 MB

Ratings – 3.7 Star

Price – Free

Download Link – Android

zFont 3 – Emoji & Custom Font Changer is not less than other font style apps, which gives a classic look to your text. All Android versions like KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie, etc. supports it. The zFont 3 is supported in all devices such as Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Tecno, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Infinix.

While all the other apps do not support every Android version, this is the only app that every device supports. A few months after using the app, the app stops showing emojis. Even after re-installing the app, it offers the same issue.

It enables you to apply every font style app you want to use in the text. There is an issue in setting the wallpaper, and after some time, the wallpaper is removed automatically. 

#9 PicSay Pro Font Pack – A

PicSay Pro Font Pack - A

Download Size- 2.9 MB

Ratings – 3.8 Star

Price – Free

Download Link – Android

PicSay Pro Font Pack is a free font for personal use in which you can use the old-style font or some 80s style font. PicSay can add styled text to your photos, and it will give a different look to your photos with its different stylish fonts. Open PicSay Pro in the title editor, go to the menu and choose the font style you want to apply. 

The most used font style in this app is Hope font style, and you can give it a try. Other font styles can provide a different kind to your text and images. There is a lack of stylish font in the app. There should be Alien, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and a few other font styles per user review. 

#10 Stylish Fonts & Keyboard

Stylish Fonts & Keyboard

Download Size-17 MB

Ratings – 3.2 Star

Price – Free/In-app Purchase

Download Link – Android

Stylish Fonts & Keyboard is designed to give your smartphone an elegant look with more than 50+ modern and 70s style fonts. You can preview the font style before applying it. You can apply it and use it freely if you like the font style. This app is compatible with all devices and android versions.

Later on, you can share your designs in other chatting apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Anyone can create a stylish bio using this best font app, and it is more beneficial for daily conversations. 

This is the best font style app for long and daily conversations with stylish fonts to impress others. After adding extra fonts, it doesn’t work that way. Even after rebooting the device, it doesn’t respond appropriately.

#11 HiFont

(Cool Fonts Text Free + Galaxy FlipFont)

HiFont  (Cool Fonts Text Free + Galaxy FlipFont)

Download Size- 15 MB

Ratings – 3.1 Star

Price – Free

Download Link – Android

You can use many different types of font style apps but this will customize your phone with hundreds of fonts for free. You can anytime change its font styles to colorful, cute, love, sweetie, dark, candy, comic, galaxy, sexy, love, pink, and so on. There is a preview font before installing it. Every colored font style in this app is specially designed for a specific theme. This app releases new fonts every week.

App asks to root the device before using any new font style. It shows installation errors sometimes whenever I try to install the app. It shows a lot of pop-up ads in it.

#12 iFont

(Expert of Fonts)

iFont  (Expert of Fonts)

Download Size- 9.2 MB

Ratings – 2.1 Star

Price – Free

Download Link – Android 

iFont is specially designed to install beautiful font styles for your phone. With the help of iFont, you can create and download hundreds of fonts for your phone. It will redesign the look of your phone. Let the app font styles design your text and wait for the magic to happen with your phone. It will amazingly increase the look of your phone. All the fonts in this app are handpicked. 

Devices like Samsung devices like Galaxy S7, S8, S9, Note all support the iFont app without root change. iFont supports fonts like Myanmar, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, etc. 


Ques. How do I use Google fonts on Android?

Ans. All the Android phones have by default Google fonts installed. So, you don’t have to change anything to use Google fonts on Android.

Ques. What fonts are available in Android?

AnsThere are three fonts in Android namely: Normal (Droid Sans), Serif (Droid Serif), and Monospace (Droid Sans Mono).

Eleggible’s Final Words

We assume that you have chosen the best font app from the choices given above. There are different types of fonts, and they carry multiple features like boldness, curve, thickness, color, etc.

They all are designed to fulfill a specific need or desire before selecting any app or font style related to your niche. Analyze every feature it offers. If it suits you and matches your work, then you can go for it.

They all are designed to enhance your, job not to degrade them. So we have provided you with the best font style apps and hope you like them. Leave a comment below if we missed any apps.

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