11 Best Free IDM Alternatives to Use in 2022

If you love internet browsing, then you must be knowing how internet download manager (IDM) is a boon, but it also has a certain limitation which forces the people to switch to IDM alternatives. So, in this article, I have listed some of the best free IDM alternatives that one can try.

Top 11 Free IDM Alternatives to Use in 2022

These alternatives are amazing, and you can easily use them on an operating system other than windows free of cost. 

1. Free Download Manager

This is one of the best and amazing free IDM alternatives that one can use. It is very similar to IDM and has an easy interface which makes it easier to use. One of the best features of this website is that it supports bit torrent.

It provides you with good downloading speed; you have all the option of pausing or cancelling the download. It is best compatible with Windows and Mac. 

free IDM alternatives
Free download manager

2. Internet Download Accelerator

This is very much similar, or we can say the exactly similar only difference is that IDA is free of cost. It will provide you with an amazing downloading speed that is five times the normal speed. The alternative is most compatible with the windows operator.

It has been given an amazing rating of 4. Some of the drawbacks of this are that it is not compatible with iOS operators and you have to take a premium version if you want to use all the advanced features.

Internet Download accelerator
Internet download accelerator

3. Download Accelerator Plus

This is another amazing alternative to IDM. It provides you with an incredible downloading speed apart from that it also ensures your security by telling if the link that you are downloading or the sites are valid or not.

It supports more than 48 languages so that everyone can access them. The alternative also allows you to convert videos into any format so that it will easy for you to share and view. But it also has a premium version.

4. jDownloader

It is also quite similar to IDM, but it also offers you CAPTCHA for many of the sites preventing misuse. This software can be considered as the extended version of IDM and is free of cost. It has been given an amazing rating of 4.8. It is most compatible with windows, macOS., Linux and Java-based platforms. 


5. Flash Get Downloader

This is one of the perfect alternatives for IDM as it provides you with twice the speed that IDM provides. It is free of cost and has an integrated offline reader.

The alternative will even restore the antivirus after the download is completed as in some download you have to delete your antivirus because of the firewall protection. It has a rating of 4.5, but it is only compatible with windows. 

6. Download Ninja

It is not IDM extension but is a chromes extension that means it will work only for chrome browser but still it is quite similar to IDM. This software even lets you shred data and metadata. It will provide you with fast downloading speed, resume or pause the download, theme applications and many more features like these. It is rated 4.7 and is free of cost.

Ninja download manager
Ninja download manager

7. Eagleget

It is considered to be a more advanced and modified alternative of IDM. The alternative has an inbuilt antivirus program. It is compatible with only windows and is free of cost. This provides an amazing speed of 6 times that IDM provides.

It also provides you with many other features like fixing speed limits, browser integration, multilingual support, and so on. 


8. Gozilla! Download Manager

It is an amazing alternative of IDM that supports many other features than IDM like HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, HTTPS, FTPS protocols. But it shows compatibility with windows only. It is free of cost. This software enhances the downloading speed. This is an amazing software you should give it a try.


9. uGet Download Manager

This is an amazing alternative and is basically an 0open-source project and is a safe and secure software to use. It is compatible in Windows, Linux and macOS. It is a free program and has been rated 4.5, which is amazing. So, you can trust the software and give it a try as an IDM alternative. 

uGet download manager
uGet download manager

10. Orbit Downloader

If you want to download any video or files from social media like Facebook, youtube, Pandora, Rapidshare and many more like these then the orbit downloader is the best alternative of IDM.

One of the best features of this software is that it supports all major browsers and protocols. It is only compatible with windows, it is free of cost and has been rated 4.6.

11. Down Them All

This is an amazing and free IDM alternative; it can be easily used in Firefox. If you are a regular Firefox user, then you should surely use this software as an IDM alternative.

This software has all the features that IDM has like you will get downloading speed of 4 times the normal speed, categorized, or filtered downloading. If you are not looking for a standalone download manager, then you should definitely try this one.

free IDM alternatives
Down them all

Eleggible’s Final Words

All the free IDM alternatives that are mentioned above are amazing, popular, and the best IDM alternative. They all provide you with a similar feature like the IDM and even provides some other amazing features.

They all provide you with great downloading speed. You should visit the site and give them a try, hope this article was a help.

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