9 Best Free Video Uploading Sites in 2022

Videos are the best means to share messages, emotions, and morals with the mass public. People with creative minds have started sharing their content through several Free Video Uploading Sites with ease and great efficiency.

With growing technology, faster and more dependable internet connections, sites that provide a platform for online video sharing have become a hit, especially with the upsurge of active participation from users.

Video graphics have become a major part of the content that we watch online today. With the rise of technologies like augmented realities and virtual realities, the supply and demand is likely to increase even further. Uploading your content videos has become easier than ever. In this article,

Top 9 Free Video Uploading Sites in 2022

we have compiled a list of some best Free video uploading sites where you can share your content. 

1. Vimeo

Vimeo has attained a good reputation for being one of the most popular video platforms for people who are serious about video content. It has earned this reputation as, for some time, it was the only platform that provided truly high-quality video hosting services for free.


Vimeo was a firm favorite with film-makers and animators. With a free account on Vimeo, you can only upload a maximum of 500 MBs per week, with a total cap at 5 GB. The platform provides four paid account levels that are Plus, Pro, Business, and Premium accounts.

Each account levels up the limit for uploading, along with the addition of some extra features like in some upgrades, you may be able to have customizable players for embedding into websites and social media.

2. Twitch

Twitch is perhaps the most popular video streaming site for gamers. On this platform, people broadcast themselves playing, talking, and reviewing about the games they play while others that are their customers or followers watch them.

With a Twitch account, you can either stream live or via a recorded video file. In addition to streaming your gameplay, the platform also lets you have a textual chat with the other gamers and join various gaming communities.

Free Video Uploading Sites

The free account on Twitch comes with advertisements on your videos, that is, some ads will be shown in between your videos. But if you want to remove them, consider going with the Turbo account.

Twitch TV is an Amazon subsidiary. Take advantage of their success, Twitch has started offering free hosting services to their users, and you can find as much pre-recorded content as live broadcasts on the site.

3. DailyMotion

Another good video uploading or hosting site is DailyMotion. For quite some time, Dailymotion had given a competition to YouTube. Dailymotion used to provide a counterpoint to YouTube in the early days when the internet copyright law was there, providing free access to content.

Best Free Video Uploading Sites

The reputation of DailyMotion was comparable as of a cowboy, and YouTube is a thing of the past now, with many businesses and new services using the service for the embedded content.

Dailymotion also allows users to earn through their content based on view count and some other parameters on their video content.

4. Google Drive

Yes! Yes! Google Drive is for backing up your files. While Google Drive is a way of backing up personal files, it is also well suited for hosting videos. With your Google Drive, you will miss out on the community aspect of the other traditional video sites and social media, but there is an advantage too.

Google Drive

Place a compatible video file in your Google Drive, share a link to it, and it will automatically be processed to a YouTube video (as it belongs to Google somewhat). You can also share the videos with a link, or embed them into websites and social media posts.

There is no such hard limit to Google Drive video size, but make sure it fits in your drive, and you are good to go!

5. LiveLeak

LiveLeak is a United Kingdom-based video sharing website that lets its users publish videos on it. Though LiveLeak is essentially a news channel that is somewhat oriented to politics, war, and other worldwide as well as national events, users are free to post any content they want, keeping in mind it doesn’t violate the website’s policy.

Consider this scenario; it is prohibited to upload any advertising media or music videos showing any criminal activity, etc. The best and the most appropriate way for uploading a video to LiveLeak is that the video should contain at least some sufficient background information or news values, which are facts. LiveLeak has over forty-five million monthly viewers.


Yet another video uploading site is VEOH, which can be sought as the internet streaming service website that hosts studio content videos, independent production houses, and user-generated materials.


Once you create a VEOH account, you can upload videos of any length and publish them on your site or blog. A good feature provided by Veoh is that it accepts hundreds of different file formats of your content and has a large community for you to join in.

You can get in touch with other content creators and people from all across the globe, leave your valuable comments on the posts, stream and discuss the videos in channels and forums provided by the platform.

7. Instagram

Though Instagram came into use in 2010, its use has exploded in popularity in recent years. You may be familiar with the Instagram Stories feature. Instagram added an IGTV feature as well, which is a longer form of video service that came into play in 2018.

Videos on IGTV can range from between 15 seconds to a whopping 10 minutes long and in a departure from the convention; videos must be portrait rather than being the landscape.


Popular Instagram users have taken to the service, but all users can post videos by creating an IGTV account in the app or on the Instagram website. Currently, Instagram has over one billion users from across the world.

Friends, Instagram is a very good platform on today’s time, to grow your business, friends, if you also want to grow your business through Instagram, then must read Instagram Secret to Grow Your Business.

8. Facebook

Facebook has done so much with the platform and the services it provides since its birth that it may be very easier to list a service they are not trying to provide. Facebook provides a simple video uploading and lives streaming platform service for free to every user.

To give a tough competition to YouTube, Facebook has now come up with the new Facebook Watch, which includes several prominent features and services, including the ability to share videos with friends.

On this new technical platform, you can also explore the latest videos created by your favorite video creators and your favorite pages in a dynamic format with an immensely personalized feed.

9. YouTube

What should we say about YouTube, you already know about it! YouTube makes the best use of artificial intelligence ad machine learning for providing some great suggestions for you, and the tech also has very good support for video resolutions for up to 8K.

This means that there are many methods and ways for its content creators to earn through their content.


The earning process is supervised through AdSense; creators must have at least one thousand subscribers, with a minimum of four thousand view hours of their videos in total from the last one year to start earning.

These rules and policies were implemented at the very beginning of 2018. Besides these, as the subscribers of your channel increase, your pay scale also increases exponentially.

Eleggible’s Final Words

So these were some amazing Free Video Uploading Sites using which you can share your videos to mass. If you are looking for ways to distribute your content to the mass audience, you must check with the websites provided in the above list. Go check out these sites and start your career as a content creator.

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