11 Best Games Like Civilization to Play in 2022

One of the greatest strategy games to ever come on board, Sid Meier’s Civilization. It makes you build human civilization right from the stone age to the future.

It is one of the very few games that doesn’t rely solely on combat in order to make things interesting as you can fight others using manipulation, diplomacy and making yourself far superior in technology.

Top 11 Games like Civilization to Play in 2022

Even if Civilization is one of a kind there are certain games out there which are worth trying out, games that are like Civilization or maybe even better.

In this list, I have searched high and low to find out the Best Games like Civilization. Here the listed Best Games like Civilization to Play in 2022.

1. Age of Empires

One of the very few Games that can challenge Civilization in terms of popularity and fanbase. With the Age of Empires 4 likely to be released in 2021, there’s no reason to not give it a try.

Like the Civilization series, AOE series starts from the stone age and requires players to advance in many different aspects in order to evolve and grow as an empire. It is multiplayer as well so that you and your homies can work on your perfect empire together.

Age of empire
Age of empire

2. Ancient Cities

You are a tribal leader responsible for the fate of every man, woman and child in your tribe in the worst of all times- The Neolithic Era.

Consequently, you need resources to take care of your tribe however gathering resources isn’t easy as you need to venture into the wild to do so making this Game have a survival mix as well.

Throughout the game, you will need to make decisions and one wrong move can lead to extinction. All this compacted with decent mechanics and gameplay makes Ancient Cities worth a try.

Ancient cities
Ancient cities

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3. Dawn of Man

Very similar to Ancient Cities, Dawn of Man is a combination of city-builder and survival. You are to lead a prehistoric settlement and make efficient use of the environment and technology available.

The game is richly crafted and details have been given to the smallest of events. Seasons influence a lot of things like the abundance of food and the requirements of clothes and materials.

If you don’t like to compromise on details this game is definitely something you should check out.

Dawn of man
Dawn of man

4. Expeditions: Viking

Sequel to the Expeditions: Conquistador, this game is an RPG-Strategy hybrid where combats are conducted on a more RPG like way along with the players need to make decisions that could change a lot.

The game has a well-designed storyline and you are sure to meet with betrayal and hardships throughout the course of this game.


5. Banished

A classic definition of a strategy game, Banished starts with the player taking the lead of his people after they are thrown out of their homeland.

The story progresses as the player needs to ensure that the population remains alive by finding an adequate settlement and finding resources and tools necessary for survival.

Surviving in this game is a lot more ruthless task, like cold winter nights force you to cut forests which will lead to deforestation and make the animals less which will take a toll on your food resources.

Immensely well crafted this is a game you should surely check out if you are survival fanatic.


6. Anno 1800

Based on a Western-European island around a timeline of 18th century, Anno 1800 will make you sit on your PC for hours and not blink an eye. If your laptop or PC does not have a graphic card then you must check it How to Run High-End Games Without Graphics Card.

The island comprises of many classes of people and you are tasked with the impossible job of fulfilling their needs.

It is a good city building game where you get to witness the Industrial Revolution. Even build ships in order to search for new lands to colonize and trade with.

7. Warlock 2

In a world of wizards, mages, werewolves, vampires, and the Great Turtle, Warlock 2 is an action-packed game from tip to toe.

You will be waging war against your arch-rivals, the Mages and have to use spells strategically in order to outwit your enemies. You will have to balance your resources, keep your kingdom growing steadily, and win wars no matter what.

If you have played the first edition of this game you must be knowing what I am talking about.

Warlock 2
Warlock 2

8. Rise of Nations: Extended Edition

Rise of Nations is what you get when you mix Civilization and Age of Empires. You begin with as a simple town with the city centre, a few farms, a library and that are pretty much it.

As you continue to move up the ages you will have more things on your plate to pay attention to like the economy, soldiers and furthermore you will unlock spies, bombers and nuclear missiles.

There is a lot to explore in this game and if you wish to start with a game similar to Civilization this is probably it.’

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9. Age of Wonders 3

This game will basically give you the feels of lord of the rings. The campaign consists of elves, orcs, dragons and basically everything.

It is seen as a close competitor of Civilization because of its turn-based strategic battles. Though the game is slow at the beginning things get interesting if you hang in there for some time.

Age of wonders
Age of wonders

10. Galactic Civilizations 3

This game gives you a constant sense of discovery and progress with its extensive customization.

From the bloodthirsty space pirates to the puppet masters operating from the shadows this game brings something new to the table.

There are new resources to gather, new changes to shipping customization and design and new enemies to defeat which are sure to give you a good time.

Galactic civilization
Galactic civilization 3

11. Stellaris

Stellaris is about creating your space empire from scratch. You get control over the type your specie you wish to be from mammalian, reptilian and avian.

Each empire has its own positives and negatives that influence their physical and mental prowess which further influence how you should approach another specie to be it on battle or diplomatic grounds.

A fun experience overall Stellaris takes space exploration to whole new levels and thus makes this list.


Eleggible’s Final Words

And now we are done. There is usually a newer or older version of the games. I have mentioned so make sure to check whether you meet the minimum requirements or not.

Though some of these games are a lot like Civilization others are totally different. This allows you to choose whether you wish to be a similar game or move to something new. Anyway, I hope this list helps you. 

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