13 Best Garage Sale Apps for Android & iOS (2022)

If you want to get rid of an item and wish to do it at a specific appropriate price, then garage sale apps are perfect.

These apps can be used for both selling as well as buying a used item at an appropriate price so that both the buyer and the seller gain profit.

Earlier it was not easy to find a garage sale from home, but how many apps have been developed with technology, which makes it easier for people.

Top 13 Garage Sale Apps for Android & iOS

In this article, I will list some of the best garage sales apps that will be of great use to all. 

1. Varage sale

Varage sale is one of the best online yard sale apps among many apps for both android and iOS users. It is the best virtual garage sales which guarantee 100% profit on products to both seller and the customer.

In this, you simply have to create an account before using the app. The app is also connected to your Facebook account so that all can see the real name and photo of the user.

Then you can browse through various listed items according to their category or title.

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2. Listia

This app can also be called the online mobile marketplace, which allows both selling and buying things.

In this, you can sell all the things that you don’t need anymore and buy the items that is required free of cost.

In this, you get credits for the item that you sell; the main point here is that the more you will sell, the more items you can get for free depending on the credits you earn.

The photos and other details about the items are easily accessible. The best part about it is that it gives you information if any nearby user is selling some stuff or not.

3. Wallapop

This is another garage sell app that is for free and easy to use. In this, you simply have to click and upload the photo of the used items that you want to sell with other specific details about the items.

Then it will be available to the user that are lives nearby. This app is free of delivery charges, waiting time, and other wrong details about the items. It has many categories, including fashion, cars, electronics, etc.

4. Yard sale

Yard sale is an amazing app for both android and iOS users. In the map available yards that are near, you can be easily located, sales details, photos, and the directions to the yard.

The search is made easy in this by categorizing them based on dates, products, or even certain keywords that can be used.

For posting adds for old and used items, you just have to create garage sale listing on craigslist, then you can easily post the details of the items.

5. 5miles

This is the highest-rated local yard sale app that allows you to sell and buy old items near your localities. It is free, easy to use, and, most important, it is a safe app.

Great products are available at a great price. It is just required to log in and register through your facebook or email account so that the service is secured.

After that, you can easily upload the photos and other details about the product and can even share the details through Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or emails.

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6. Letgo

This is a quick app and helps you find all the great deals that are nearby. It has a huge collection of a variety of items that are categorized on the basis of their clothes, furniture, games, and automobiles. The details and photos can be posted within a few seconds.

7. KSL classified

This is a popular categorized yard sale apps android and iOS users, which lets you sell used items to others.

You can easily post the photos along with its description and also the edited video if you feel like posting.

This app also allows you to post your resume for a job, which will surely help you find a job according to your profile.

It also has a private chat option so that the buyer and the customer can talk and qualify all their doubts.

8. Offer up

This is the biggest app that helps you buy and sell products locally. This is a popular app listed in the play store.

The products can be purchased or sold at a good price. It is effortless to post the ad about the product.

It also has an option to short and browse items by title, image, category, location, and others so that you can get items easily and quickly.

9. Tally sheets

It is a usable, simple, easy to use, and best yard sale app that will help you clean your house. This app will surely save your time, and you will be at a profit, you just have to upload the photos.

It has an amazing feature where you can easily upload pictures of items with 3d camera apps. Along with these, it also has available various photo frameworks to share photos of an item.

10. Garage sales by map

As the name suggests, the app is used to finds garages and yards near your locality by taking the help of the map.

The sales here are listed according to various categories and sites. You can easily find the product that you want by using the category option in the app.

The app will use your current location, making it easier to find sales that are near your localities. You can also get the complete driving route to the garage through this app.

11. Cplus

This is a geo-location-based garage sale app for both android and iOS users. It is the most popular yard sale app that helps you find products for different cites at the same time. It also has a location changer option that can help you change your current location.

It has multiple display modes for search results as the photo with a description view, photo grid view, photo album view, a map view, and a big photo view.

12. Bookoo

It is another yard sale app for both android and iOS users. It is free and easy to use the app for buying items near your neighborhood.

It also has the option to post an ad, talk to the buyer before buying the items, and even set a location and meet the buyer in person before buying. 

13. Vintage

It is an app developed by Biznetx LLC for both android and iOS users.It can be used to buy and sell a variety of products depending on the huge collection of categories that are listed in the app.

Along with these, it also allows you to discover awesome bargains in your neighborhood or list your preowned items for sale in seconds.

Eleggible’s Final Words

the above-mentioned apps are all the garage sale app for android & iOS and will be profitable to both the buyer and the seller and help you all to get rid of the waste items in your house that are not used by you now.

Along with the app’s details, the links for downloading the apps are also given below the app, making it easier for all the readers to download and try these apps. I hope this article was a help.

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