10 Best Free Genogram Maker Online (2023 List)

Want to know your whole family tree and its history beyond the sight, then definitely use these best online free Genogram maker.

For those who are unaware and have never listened to this term, genogram, means a depiction of one’s family history (or you also say family tree) and their medical conditions’ background in a pictorial way.

Genogram maker does not give you a simple collage of photos with just names and pics of your family members and ancestors, like just any other normal family tree.

It is like an advanced version of a decent family tree, wherein in the form of symbols, you get to see normal traits (gender, color, etc.) and medical conditions that each member had carried.

The sole purpose for using a genogram maker is to get deep info about your ancestors, ongoing generation’s behavior patterns, and medical issues that they might have if new generation has caught any genetic disease, and if they have then who is the person from whom they have carried because a genetic disease cannot always come from biological parents but long relative also.

You might think that it is mainly used in the medical field only but the use of genogram is not constrained till medical issues, it is also highly used in psychological aspects, where through a family tree template or chart provided by genogram one can know certain behavior patterns, which is derived from the study of medical conditions given by genogram.

Hence, it is like killing two birds with one stone. For example, many therapists and psychologists with the help of genogram diagrams can treat their patients more conveniently. You too can book massage at home with your smartphone as there are many applications for Android & iOS from which you can easily book your massage.

How to Make a Genogram: 10 Genogram Creator (Free)

We have listed these free Genogram software according to their features and popularity.

All these software have Genogram examples in them that will help you understand how to make a Genogram easily.

So, let’s begin.

#1 Edraw Max for Mac

Create Genogram online with Edraw Max, it is one of the best Genogram maker for Mac. It is created by EdrawSoft and is available for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux working frameworks. The Edraw Max App can make more than 260 sorts of drawings for a genogram.

Regardless of whether you need to make genogram symbols, flowcharts, infographics, Gantt diagrams, mind maps, or genogram keys, Edraw Max will make it simpler for you.

It has worked in genogram formats that spare your time. For instance: You need to make an average genogram for a family. So you need to make a family tree, including images, and organize the individuals in a hereditary request.

Here you can utilize Edraw Max Template that gives your prepared to-utilize format to make the clinical genogram quicker and more straightforward than any time in recent memory.

This easy genogram maker has a library of complete genogram images. So you can add the photos from the library to your genogram. These images are helpful to show family connections, enthusiastic status, and clinical circumstances according to necessity in your genogram.

It accompanies a simple to-utilize User Interface (UI). At the point when you first-time dispatch Edraw Max on your Mac, you won’t feel new. Since its UI is like Office Word App on Mac, for example, Home, Insert, Page Layout, and different alternatives. Sharing is a must for any genogram creator and this free genogram software has an option for that too.

Edraw Max gives different sharing alternatives, for example, .png, .jpg, .html, .svg, .pdf, .word and .ppt.Once the genogram is made in Edraw Max, you can Edit it effectively in Word, Excel, and PPT applications.

Genogram Makers For Mac
Edraw max for mac

#2 Family Tree Maker

Free Family Tree Maker is a free genogram software for Mac and Windows that permits the analyst to monitor data gathered during research and to make reports, outlines, and books containing that information.

The product was initially evolved by Kenneth Hess of Banner Blue Software, which was bought by Brøderbund in 1995.

It went through the hands of The Learning Company, Mattel, and others before going under its ebb and flow possession.

The center usefulness and UI of Family Tree Maker 2017 have changed little since 2010. Programming MacKiev touted four significant enhancements: 1. FamilySearch was joining 2. FamilySync 3. Shading Coding 4. Photograph Darkroom.

FamilySearch coordination gives potential matches to the FamilySearch.org Family Tree, yet not to their tremendous record assortments.

FamilySync is a trade for Ancestry.com’s TreeSync include; it gives possible matches to family trees, files, and records at Ancestry.com. It was required by Ancestry.com to resign their TreeSync Application Program Interface (API).

While the old API was utilized only by Ancestry.com, since they likewise possessed Family Tree Maker, the new API is available to other programming engineers to use.

Genogram Makers For Mac
Family tree maker

Shading Coding is another element that empowers clients to dole out dependent upon four unique hues to an individual and their predecessors.

Photograph Darkroom is another component that can obscure blurred dark and white photographs.

#3 SmartDraw

SmartDraw is the progressed and helps create Genogram online for free. You can make a genogram online with this free genogram software that is SmartDraw Website and download SmartDraw Software on your Mac. It has worked in a genogram starter layout that now incorporates healthy relatives.

SmartDraw Software has programmed instruments that help you to keep all the components of a family examine graph adjusted and organized.

Accordingly, your genogram will seem tremendous and straightforward for the watcher. It has a savvy arranging highlight that permits you to make and alter different genogram extends in the constrained timespan.

Genogram Makers For Mac

With the assistance of SmartDraw’s keen combination, you can undoubtedly trade a genogram to Office, G Suite, Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive and on any other cloud storage services available on the internet. It gives snappy and straightforward connection-sharing assistance.

You can email your genogram venture connects to your associate, and she/he can see it online without making a record.

It is one of the intelligent and best genograms for mac with 34000+ Symbols, 4500+ Templates, and 70 distinctive chart types in single programming.

#4 GenoProX

GenoProX is another free genogram software for Mac and cell phones. At present, GenoPro is accessible for Windows Operating System.

However, the engineers have begun taking a shot at GenoProX. The up-and-coming programming will chip away at Mac PC, MacBook, and some cell phones.

The GenoProX will have every single astonishing component that GenoPro has, and it will likewise get a couple of cutting-edge includes that will take your genogram-making experience to the following level.

GenoProX is a family tree and genogram creation instrument. It offers premium membership and one-time buy alternatives.

You can draw, see, and create any genogram venture in GenoProX App on your Mac by utilizing its layouts, images, and different highlights. It permits you to spare any clinical information and reports into the Health Journal.

GenoProX additionally gives GenoShare Membership that incorporates private content, voice, and video talk with any individual from your foundation.

genogram Maker free

#5 RootsMagic

RootsMagic is an ancestry programming program planned and composed by RootsMagic, Inc, a United States programming structure and improvement organization established by Bruce Buzbee in 1987. Bruce initially wrote the program Family Origins.

The product was initially evolved as Windows-just. However, it is currently accessible in Mac OS X. It is structured as a single record database.

It is set up to import or fare information from or to the Ancestry.com site. Hence, it permits reinforcement to a hard drive, streak drive, CD, DropBox, or Google Drive. 

Standard family see, with five or six ages visible; Family see (permits to take a gander at the nuclear family, and explore to and fro between ages; Relatives see (two to seven generations); with the help of genogram keys.

The course of events View, indicating an ordered rundown of occasions in the subject’s life, remembering significant opportunities for their folks and youngsters’ lives. “Intuitive” element to permit duplicating people, families, and whole more distant families are starting with one database then onto the next.

It can make client site records and keeps up its free site (MyRootsMagic.com) for clients to distribute their family histories.

#6 ProGeny Pedigree

ProGeny is a venture that gives Genogram Maker App to iPad. You can likewise utilize ProGeny on Mac or other PC through its Online Pedigree Tool. Offspring is the overall chief in family programming and following family ancestry information.

It offers astonishing highlights and a straightforward interface to assist you with making a genogram as brisk as you need.

Hence, it permits you to make boundless families (family trees) by drawing or utilizing the auto-produced alternative in ProGeny Online Pedigree Tool. It gives you singular qualities and relationship characteristics. You can apply and change the properties in each genogram.

Genogram Makers For Mac
ProGeny Pedigree

You can alter every single Pedigree on ProGeny by picking its looks and modifying its size and space. It permits you to spare the genogram as an Image on your Mac PC. It gives the best printing alternatives to your genogram generator that likewise incorporates ‘Fit to Page” and other custom details.

#7 Genogram Analytics

Genogram Analytics is basic software to create Genogram online. It encourages you to make a genogram that shows legacy, relational connections, occupation, sicknesses, and considerably more.

The easy-to-understand interface of Genogram Analytics makes it simple for everybody to make a wide range of genograms with no trouble. It accompanies Snapshot in Time include.

You can see any genogram by merely choosing the date on Genogram Analytics. For instance: You made a genogram a year ago, and as of late, you have made the same family’s genogram. So the depiction highlight permits you to see the progressions that occurred in relational peculiarities in a single year.

genogram generator
Genogram Analytics

It ensures the classified information you have spared inside the genogram application. Nobody can see or have unapproved access to the essential and individual information saved in the type of genogram. You can use local classifieds apps that are used to post ads locally for free.

It gives highlights to show complex family circumstances, for example, mixed families, various accomplices, divorces, same-sex connections, and elective living courses of action, for instance, live-in-relationship.

Hence, it permits us to make graphs so productively that improves the efficiency of understudies, specialists, and advisors. It has numerous predefined qualities, for example, salary, legacy, occupation, and training. 

#8 Creately

#9 Familyecho

#10 Canva

#11 Gitmind

#12 Visual paradigm online

Eleggible’s Final Words

Therefore definitely try out these best genogram makers if you are curious about your family generation. Not only do genogram makers give you detailed knowledge of your own ancestors but also can be used by professionals such as a family doctor or therapist to get to know their client better.

Moreover, it will even help you detect a genetic hereditary disease or illness if there is any, hence making you alert and ensure precautions for new generations to come in the hereditary.

The genogram maker is absolutely easy to use and mainly consists of mathematical shapes as a symbol to depict a certain trait of an individual, for e.g. a square coming up with a straight line means it is a male, while a square coming up with dotted green lines means it’s an adopted child, all such symbols are there, even for abortion, IVF child a symbol is there.

Hence it is quite interesting also to study it, different symbols show different aspects, which can be understood by even by a child, no complexity by long paragraph on a single trait, only a single symbol can tell all the details just at a glance. Wait no more, and try it now.

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