6 Best Golf Handicap Apps To Play (2022)

A golf handicap is a number that represents a player’s potential and is used to level the playing field for golfers of different skill levels. You might need to download the top best golf handicap apps since figuring out your handicap in golf might be complicated.

Golf handicaps frequently vary. In order to determine if you are progressing or need to work a little more on your game, it is helpful to monitor how your handicap is performing, how it is trending, and what it means for you.

Using a golf handicap app is one of the greatest ways to track your handicap. On the market, there are many different golf handicap applications.

Some of them are free, while others are in-app purchases. A golf handicap app is crucial for players that take their sport seriously and want to keep playing and improving. 

The top golf apps for 2022 will be reviewed in this post. We will go into great depth on the best golf handicap apps for keeping score, scheduling tee times, getting a precise distance through GPS, and getting expert advice on your swing.

You have a wide range of choices for golf handicap applications for iOS and Android. You may select an app that suits your preferences because they all provide a variety of functions.

You will undoubtedly discover your preferred app here, whether you require a GPS tracker or merely want a handicap calculator. Continue reading to find the top golf apps for 2022 in each of these categories! Without further ado, let’s get rolling.

Top 6 Best Golf Handicap Apps for Android and iPhone (Free)


DIABLO GOLF best golf handicap apps

The Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker may be used to calculate a USGA Handicap Index. This is a fun software that you can use to monitor your friends and publish scores, reviews, and ratings.

The fact that it is free to use is the best element. Furthermore, DiabloGolf fully integrates with Facebook, enabling you to publish scores, locate other players, track your friends’ handicaps, and more.

All of your devices, whether Android or iOS, desktop or mobile, may use this software. It is simple to use for everyone and has an intuitive user interface. To find out more, go to the app.

The app has the most detailed information on golf courses and other amazing features like the ability to join clubs authorized to utilize the USGA Handicap System and issue.

A Handicap Index, and the ability to publish and analyze your whole score history. It is simultaneously really easy to understand and a lot of fun.

#2. Golf GPS Rangefinder & Scoring

Golf GPS Rangefinder & Scoring
Golf GPS Rangefinder & Scoring

With more than 6 million users worldwide, this is the best-performing, free golf GPS rangefinder & scorecard app in the world. This app is very accurate, dependable, and battery-efficient, plus it is free forever.

A few really cool features are a digital scorecard that tracks your score and putts easily and automatically advances from hole to hole, a free handicap after posting scores from three rounds, the ability to track your shots and see how far you are hitting your clubs, daily golf instruction tips from our team of top-100 instructors, compatibility with Apple Watch, and more.

They are the best because they are devoted to user happiness with rapid, dependable customer service, always upgrading with new features and technology, and being the only golfer community-verified course database worldwide.

You may also purchase their premium version for more features. They also offer club suggestions based on your club distances, shot tracking, wind speed, and elevation.

As one of the greatest in the industry, we sincerely suggest them to you; you can definitely check them out for more information.

#3. V1 Golf

V1 Golf best golf handicap apps
V1 Golf

With the help of this industry-leading video golf swing analysis and instruction software, golfers can enhance their swing and do much more. Your golf swings may be quickly recorded and reviewed in sessions immediately stored in the cloud.

Learn from special model swings and information from the finest professional players and teachers in the world as you examine, evaluate, and compare your complete swing, short game, and putting stroke with the use of advanced playback and analysis tools.

A nice feature of V1 Golf is that it enables you to easily send golf swing videos to your teacher and receive voice-over video lessons that put your golf instructor’s voice in the palm of your hand whenever and wherever you need it.

There have been more than 1,000,000 downloads of this widely used application. Therefore, make sure to look at this one as well.

#4. GHIN Mobile

GHIN Mobile
GHIN Mobile

The Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN), a service provided by the USGA to golf organizations worldwide, has an official mobile best golf handicap app(s). Score Posting, Stat Tracking, Score History, Golfer Lookup, Course Handicap Calculator, etc. are just a few of its incredible essential features.

You can control and track your game with its own mobile experience. The usage of this software is only permitted for golfers of a club who utilize the GHIN services only through their golf organization, as stated by the makers themselves on Play Store and App Store.

Overall, it is a safe and entertaining application. You may thus check out this software for a fantastic experience playing golf. The yearly charge associated with this specific software is its main drawback, but it might not be a problem if you don’t mind that.



The best golf app for handicap, GPS, and scoring is called TheGrint. With facilities for scoring, statistics, and a GPS rangefinder for essentially every course in the globe, you can link your GHIN# and monitor your handicap, publish scores, and improve your game.

You may interact with your other golfers in the TheGrint community, examine each other’s stats and scores, submit golf photos from a day on the course, and criticize their play.

You may also take a detailed look at your swing distances, prior scores, and golfing tendencies. You can also keep track of the clubs you played on each hole and their results.

Additionally, this programme allows users to view scorecard history, scoring patterns, and pro-like performance analytics. Check out this app; it’s secure and simple to use.

Before you sign up for any other applications, it is worthwhile to look into the Grint app because it has a lot of features. You may purchase the Pro Plan with the Grint, which includes several services not found in any other plan.

#6. mScorecard

mScorecard best golf handicap apps

Last but not least is mScorecard. mScorecard is the ideal golf scorecard, statistics, and GPS software. It rapidly computes scores, handicaps, Stableford points, side games, advanced round statistics, and distances for up to five players.

The nicest aspect is that you can simply share data and scorecards with your pals. You can also use GPS always to see how far you are from the green.

Additionally, you may keep an infinite amount of courses, players, and rounds on your phone in addition to full game histories and extensive round data, or you can just put them on our server for in-depth analysis.

Track strokes for up to five players every round, including fairway hits, greens in regulation, up-and-downs, sand saves, and penalties. In a handful of seconds every hole, enter scores and shoot information.

You may download this software, which is helpful and simple to use, and learn more about it. It is a well-known and well-known software with over 500,000 downloads.

Eleggible’s Final Words

A golf handicap is a numerical indicator of your skill level. Every one of the best golf handicap apps we discussed in this post might improve your game in 2022.

Today’s golfers and golf enthusiasts may all benefit from modern technologies. Utilizing these applications is quite secure and safe. Therefore, be sure to choose what is best for you by taking your time.

The best part is that modern golf applications nearly always have a free version available.

The greatest advice we can give is to download a few of the free best golf handicap apps, give them all a try throughout various rounds, and then choose which one you want to rely on the most in 2022.

Consider paying a few dollars per month for the premium edition of your preferred app to receive the extra features.

As a last thought, we really hope you have liked reading this article as much as we have loved creating it for you.

Please let us know which option works best for you, and add your thoughtful comments and recommendations for what you’d want to see from our end in the near future. Additionally, please keep checking back because we’ll be bringing you more entertaining content shortly.

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