11+ Best Hack and Slash Games [2022 List]

Combat-oriented games, which involve playing with melee-based weapons, i.e., swords, blades, daggers, etc., fall under the category of hack and slash or hack and slay. The credits for the craze of the best avatar can partially be acknowledged to this gaming platform.

Getting into those really big, brute, or sleek but powerful players’ bodies and playing in that virtual environment is the most enjoyable affair for children, teens, creators, and other users. The ultimate virtual world with actual virtual problems engages your mind and relieves it from a bit of real stress.

Playing it on PlayStations is a different level of experience. The sound, the hunt, the pressure is ultimately top-notch. Moreover, the background and plot are grasping and legit. What is better than actually living the non-fictional characters? Slashing up the enemies, running for life, running for the quest, domination.

Just amazingly incredible!

We have tried to share with you this thrilling experience on our content so keep reading on to discover the fun!

Ever wondered how to beat the monotony of lockdown?

Yes, getting busy on TV or phone is prevalent but not positively taken.

What if we tell you that you can play with your family or alone and get your hands on a next-level experience.

What if you all get so engrossed in that section that you don’t repent of staying at home?

All you make are memories to cherish. Get acquainted with thrilling experiences. Here, we have placed top picks, which will definitely break your monotony and even expand your thinking, processing skills.

Go on reading to unlock the treasure.

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Top Edition Hack and Slash Games in this Generation

1. Bloodrayne

Bloodrayne hack and slash games

It was developed by Terminal Reality and published by Majesco Entertainment(2002-2022) Ziggurat interactive. It is essentially a third-person shooter video games series. The supporting platforms include- PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Microsoft Windows OS X, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The first game was published in 2002.

Overall there exist three published games. It has a satisfactory IMDb rating of 7.5 /10; hence we have included it in our list. History Lover and a gamer, here is your pick! The first BloodRayne had a setting of 1933 and 1938, before World War 2.

Hence the female protagonist, Rayne, is sent to fight supernatural creatures and the Nazi army. The area encompassed the Nazi fortress in Argentina and the ancient castle in Germany. For BloodRayne2 (2004), Rayne squares up to her vampire father, Kagan.

She fights the Cult of Kagan, a group of her half-siblings, who want to establish an era of vampire authority. In 2011, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network released BloodRayne: Betrayal. It is an easy-to-download side-scrolling game. The fourth game – BloodRayne: The Shroud, is currently under hold. But Ziggurat Interactive has bought the rights of this game to reintroduce the series with terminal reality.

2. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

It was developed by Lucasarts, Aspyr, Aspyr Studios, and Red Fly studio. Published by Lucasarts. The Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm. It is essentially an action-adventure video game. It is primarily a sequel to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (2008).

It’s the second installment of The Force Unleashed multimedia project. The game is supported by PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Windows, iOS, and Nintendo DS. It has a satisfactory rating of 7.1/10; hence we included it too. Non-fictional lovers alert!

Essentially a third-person game, where characters have weapons. Weapons in the form of The Force and a lightsaber. Experience points are earned by killing enemies and discovering relics. This ensures the increment of Starkiller’s power and traits.

It has an extra feature of puzzle-solving. Combat is modified to showcase the ability of dual lightsabers. It has additional Force powers, such as ‘Mind Trick’ and ‘Force Rage.’ It just wants to make you feel like a super-powerful- Jedi’.

3. Dante’s Inferno

Developed by Visceral Games, Electronic Arts, and Behavior Interactive. Electronic Arts published it. It is essentially a 2010 action video game. Compatible for Xbox, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation portable. It is single-player as well as multiplayer.

Based on the first Magnificat of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy- Inferno. The game’s protagonist is Dante; the gamer plays this character. It has an impressive IMDb rating of 7.7/10. Daredevils alert! Dante is supposed to be engaged with fast-paced combat, platforming, and environment-based puzzles.

Death’s scythe is the primary weapon. The secondary weapon being Holy Cross, firing energy as a projectile attack. The plot involves Dante being the Templar knight from The Crusades. He is guided by the spirit of the poet, Virgil. He is supposed to fight nine Circles of Hell. Then only he can save Beatrice from the devil, Lucifer.

4. Darksiders Genesis

Developed by Airship Syndicate. Published by THQ Nordic. It is essentially a hack-and-slashes action role-playing video game. It is supported by Stadia, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Essentially it is a spin-off prequel game in the Darksider series. The ‘new’ is the introduction of Strife. The fourth Horseman of the apocalypse. It has an IMDb rating of 7.2/10. Swordfighter and pistol lovers alert! He is eligible to team up with his brother, War.

It is a top-bottom-oriented action game. Hence you are allowed to switch between War and Strife anytime. War uses his sword, Chaos eater. In contrast, Strife is loaded with pistols- Mercy and Redemption. Co-op mode is impressive and can be played easily with two players playing War and Strife.

A killing of sufficient enemies helps you to use burst abilities to kill enemies faster. The game currency is the souls of the enemies wiped out. Game mechanics like bombs are also present.

5. Heavenly Sword

Ninja Theory developed it. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is essentially a 2007 action-adventure hack and slashes video game. As the name suggests, it is the gameplay of martial arts. It highlights tumultuous combat, and Ranged attacks are also featured. Amazingly impressive ratings of 7.9/10.

Gamers alert! The protagonist is Nariko. She is provided with a weapon, Heavenly Sword. She can modify it into any of the three forms depending on what attacking stance you play for the fight. Two stances are available to maintain a balance between damage and speed- Range Stance and Power Stance.

She has to fight with the antagonist, King Bohan. The game uses Quick time events, QTE, with other exploration and other battles. Secondary character Kai is also introduced to accomplish other adventures. Projectile maneuvering is possible using the motion-sensing feature of the Sixaxis controller.

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6. Hades

Hades hack and slash games

It was developed and published by SuperGiant games. This is essentially a dungeon crawler video game. It has roguelike action. This is immensely compatible with Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Nintendo Switch. It is a single-player game. Amazingly awesomeness rating of 9/10.

Gamers alert! Players have to control Zagreus. He is the son of Hades, who tries to reach Mount Olympus. Each run is beset with rooms. Rooms are populated with enemies and rewards. There is an amalgamation of dash power, weapon attack, and magic used to strengthen the progress.

It uses a hash and slack combat system. New features can be unlocked using gained treasure.

7. Torchlight II

It was developed and published by Runic Games. It is a dungeon crawler video game. Supported by Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Since it has received a 9/10 rating, hence we have included it in our list. It is a single and multiplayer game. Fantasy lovers alert! The game encompasses a fantasy land. Four classes have been divided, accorded with different skills and abilities.

Alchemist is in search of a cure to deal with his illness. Hence destruction starts from the town of Torchlight. The trail of destruction begins. The player has to trek varied geographical areas by the three acts of the story and an epilogue.

An Imperial camp serves as a player’s town. Due to positive reviews from critics, its sequel, Torchlight 3, was released in 2021.

8. Titan Quest

It was developed by Iron Lore Entertainment and published by THQ in 2006. It is essentially an action role-playing hack and slashes video game. Compatible with Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It has received an impressive 9/10 rating. It is a single and multiplayer game.

Want to create your player?

The player creates his protagonist. Then the protagonist navigates Ancient Greece, Egypt, and China, on a quest to defeat Titans. The navigation is held with a mouse-driven- tile-based interface. Gameplay covers role-playing mechanics and real-time combat.

Players play using a role avatar, enabling them to choose their name, role, and toga. There even exists a Fog of War effect. The game received a positive response from critics.

Hence this game was followed by a series of quests. They include- Immortal throne (2007), Titan Quest: Ragnarok (2017), and Titan Quest: Atlantic (2019).

9. Golden Axe

It was developed and published by Sega. Essentially it is a side-scrolling hack and slashes arcade video game. Compatible with the following systems: Arcade Mega Drive, Sega CD, IBM PC, Amiga, PC Engine CD, etc. It has an IMDb rating of 7.4/10. It is single as well as multiplayer.

The game involves three warriors. The antagonist being Death Adder. The warrior/warriors have to free the fantastic land of Yuria from his tyranny. Fantasy lovers alert! The golden ax is also freed from his clutches. It was well-received at the time of release.

Hence, several sequels were developed later. You can jump, cast spells, and use weapons to fight with Death Adder’s henchmen. The strength of the magic depends on the number of bars, which can be gained by collecting magic blue potions, hence a fantasy-based concept.

10. Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games developed it. Published by Grinding Gear Games, Tencent, Garena, and Kakao games. It is a free game! Primarily action role video playing games. It is supported by the following systems: macOS, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

It has an impressive IMDb rating of 8.2/10.

Fantasy lovers alert! This game is set in a dark fantasy world. The government of Oriath Exiles its citizens to Wraeclast. This new place is essentially a ruined home to ancient gods. Overall, seven characters are provided.

These characters include- Marauder, Duelist, Ranger, Shadow, Witch, Templar, and Scion. You can choose whichever player you want to be.

Hence highlighting it to be single and multiplayer. All you have to do is go back to Oriath, defeating ancient gods and great evils.

11. Dynasty Warriors 8

It was developed by Omega Force and published by Tecmo Koei. It is a hack-and-slashes video game. Also, the eighth installment of the Dynasty Warriors series.

It has a satisfactory IMDb rating of 7.5.

It has more than 82 characters featured in it. Available for both single and multiplayer. It is compatible with- Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

The plot is based on a 14-century Chinese historical novel, Romance Of The Three Kingdoms. It has added several tweaks to the combat system.

Even worked on adding more content for replayability. Largely based on the Dynasty Warriors 7 system. The other two expansions follow it. Equipped with upgraded weapons.

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12. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordo

It was developed by Monolith production and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Single play user alert! It is one of the hack and slash games which is an action-adventure video.

The following systems support it: Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Linux, and OS 10.

It has a good IMDb rating of 8.3/10. Hence one of the tops picks for you.

The game is set between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord Of the Rings film trilogies. The protagonist being Talion, a Gondorian Ranger. He is associated with Lord Celebrimbor. The two satiate their thirst for vengeance procured due to the death of their loved ones.

The antagonist being, the Sauron. Celebrimbor grants Talion wraith-like abilities. It is a solo platform of a bunch of side adventures apart from accomplishing the main quest. It was so well appreciated and popular that it also has a sequel- Middle Earth Shadow of War (2017).

13. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

It was developed and published by Ubisoft. Single-player alert! It is essentially an action-adventure game. The following systems are supported by Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Mobile, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

It has a good IMDb rating of 8.5/10. Hence we included it on our list.

It is rightly considered as a reboot of the Prince of Persia series. It is a sort of puzzle platform. The protagonist is an unnamed Prince who forms a kingdom of Persia. He is provided with a companion, Farah. If she is killed, the game ends.

The prince sorts large environmental puzzles, essentially being a journey to varied geographical land. It has been regarded as the greatest videogames of all time and has won a lot of awards. Come use your dagger to kill, rewind the time and freeze monsters made from sand.

14. Onimusha: Warlords

Developed and published by Capcom. It is essentially an action-adventure hack and slash games. Available for the platforms- PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

It has a good IMDb rating of 8.3/10. Hence we have picked it up for you.

The protagonist is Samanosuke Akechi. The antagonist being Nobunaga Oda. Their fight is set in the Sengoku period. After Nobunaga’s death, Samanosuke goes on to save princess Yuki from demons.

Samanosuke possesses multiple weapons eligible for up-gradation after sufficient enemy defeat. You have to control the duo of – Samanosuke and his female partner, Kaede, to fight against demons. It is the first PlayStation 2 game to reach one million sales. Single user players alert!

15. God of War III

It was developed at Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Single-player alert! It is essentially an action-adventure game. Primarily compatible with PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It belongs to the God of War series.

It has an impressive IMDb rating of 9.1/10.

Greek mythology lovers alert! It is based on Greek mythology, with the setting of ancient Greece. The plot revolves around vengeance. The protagonist being, former God of War, Kratos.

He has been betrayed by his father, Zeus, the King of Olympian Gods. To defeat him, he requires Pandora to open Pandora’s Box. Guided by Athena’s spirit, he battles gods, demons, and Titans. Highly recommended for single players.

Eleggible’s Recommendation

These are a few top picks for you to enhance your gaming skills or try out something new and break the lockdown monotony. Well, even if you are new or you want to upgrade your gaming skill set, you can pick the ones from above with comparatively higher IMDb ratings. This is just to ensure that your first experience is with the best and turns out the best. You can go for:

  • God of War III
  • Titan Quest
  • Torchlight II
  • Hades

They are developed and well equipped with the modern amalgamation of what players want, keep interested in, and satisfy top-notch game world experience.

Other than this, you can reach out based on your demand. Some who may want to play on mobile phones can go for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

For ardent fantasy lovers, we have already alerted you above. Hence, we have tried to sort for you different hack and slash games based on your discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Hack And Slash Games Should I Get?

There exists a wide spectrum of games at your service. The best ones are listed for you above. God of War and Hades rank at the top based on general preference.

2. What Is The Hardest Hack And Slash Games?

Purely based on your discretion. Some find vampires fascinating, while some go for ancient chronicles. Hence categorization is based on one’s abilities to play. On and on, Devil May Cry-3 is considered as one of the hardest hack and slash games by far.

3. Is The Witcher 3 Hack And Slash?

No, Witcher 3 does not fall under the hack and slash game. It’s about the world and not combat.

 4. Is Sekiro Hack And Slash?

No, it does not fit with the hack and slash category. It is different from combat. More tactics and skills are required to play it, which are not part of combating skills.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Now it’s your turn!

Did you pick any game from above?

Which appealed to you the most?

Or you know about some other hack and slash games that can have been added to the above list.

Do share with me by leaving a comment below.

Happy Slaying!

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