11 Best Hamachi Alternatives That you Can Try (2022)

Multiplayer gaming always gives the next level of satisfaction. For these games, Hamachi is preferred, which is a virtual LAN connector, and makes your PC feels that you are connected to another computer via LAN. In this article, we have listed some of the amazing Hamachi alternatives that one can try.

Top 11 Hamachi Alternatives That you Can Try

Think about it will be so much fun with so many computers and your gaming buddies together having a great time. Let’s not waste much time and move to the alternative that you can try. 

1. Evolve (player.me)

This is one of the best alternatives to hamachi that one can try. It has many more features than just the feature of providing you with virtual LAN gaming. This app will give you additional features like party mode and even matchmaking. It has an easy interface and is user friendly. It also provides users with a live game streaming option. What else a game lover wants?

Hamachi Alternatives
Evolve player.me

2. Game Ranger

This is an amazing LAN virtual gaming client that will make your gaming time even more fun, with its incredible features. It is a very trustworthy gaming app and assures you with full security. It is free of cost but also has silver membership of $19.95 per year and a gold membership of $39.95 per year. Unlike other gaming software this uses its own client to emulate the LAN connection, due to this the pings are always low. 

alternatives to hamachi
Game ranger

3. Wippien

This is one of the lightest alternatives that you can find to emulate the LAN connections. It is as light as just 2MB. It is free of cost and can be easily downloaded. Even if you have never used programs lie this, it provides you with proper guidance as it has an easy interface and is user friendly. It connects PCs with a P2P association and the source code for Wippien is also open. 


4. Net Over Net

This alternative is one of the simplest and the basic client to simulate virtual LAN that you can find. Basically, it is a VPN emulator, but nowadays it is very popular among game lovers due to its certain features like its ability to connect multiple PC, and it has an easy/ simple interface.

One of the best features of the alternative is that it gives its own login details to every computer. Files and documents can be easily shared among all the connected computers and everyone can easily access computers. 

Net over net
Net over net

5. Radmin VPN

It is another perfect alternative to Hamachi as it does not limit the number of computers that can be connected at a particular time. It has one of the fastest speeds among all the other Hamachi alternatives and also there will be no ping issues. The speed provided by this alternative is as high as 100 MBPS. It also provides users with the most protected and secured VPN tunnel. You can use overclocking software if you want to increase your PC system.

6. Free LAN

As you can easily guess by the name, this Hamachi alternative is free of cost. The reason why this alternative has become popular among gamers is that it provides the user with the easiest way the user can make its own private network like a virtual Lan software on the computer. It provides you quite a good speed and also assures that the user will not face any lag while playing the game. If you don’t know how to create a private network, then the guides are easily available that will be helpful.


P2P is a peer to peer, and this is considered to be a great Hamachi alternative that you try. This alternative was made as a single project by developers, but now it has gained popularity as it can easily create a VPN.

It has an easy and simple interface with quite basic features that make it user friendly to all the new users. It is an open-source that was developed by Java, but its last update came in 2010 but is quite functional till now. 

8. Softether

It is quite a powerful best programs like hamachi as it easily creates a VPN for all operating systems. It will provide you with full privacy and security, which makes it more trustworthy. The program implements SSL – VPN tunneling.  It also offers AES 256-bit and RSA 4096 bit encryptions for all your privacy needs. It is free of cost program.

9. Zero Tier

It is also quite amazing software, and this also has its own application that can be downloaded and installed on android and iOS phones. Apart from providing amazing VPN service like all the other hamachi like programs, it also provides the user with SDN.

If you face any problem while setting the LAN connections with your gaming friends then you don’t have to worry, this software has a large community that will help you solve the problem. 

hamachi alternatives
Zero tier

10. Neo Router

With the help of this alternative, you can easily create both public and private servers and other than this it also allows the users to keep a look on the servers created with the help of the internet. It provides you with great security and high-speed data and even can unblock websites for you. It is free of cost but also has a paid subscription of $99. 

11. Port Forwarding

This is an amazing Hamachi alternative but is also considered to be the most complicated alternative to create a VPN server. But it is an efficient alternative to play virtual LAN games. The settings of the software can be different from one router to another. But Port Forwarding offers the fastest speeds and can theoretically support an unlimited amount of users simultaneously.

Eleggible’s Final Words

All the Hamachi alternatives that are mentioned above are amazing and quite popular. These will help you create VPN servers at a much faster rate so that you can enjoy playing virtual games with your buddies without any lag. This software is user friendly and has an easy interface making it easier for the new users. Try these Hamachi alternatives they are incredible, hope this article was a help.  

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