12 Best Honeycomb Mouse for Gamers [2023 Picks]

A honeycomb mouse is a particular computer mouse with an outer shell that resembles a honeycomb and is intended to minimize weight while supplying airflow for a better grip and comfort during prolonged use.

It is a popular choice among gamers and people who use computers because of the shell’s perforations, which improve airflow and prevent sweat and hand fatigue.

The value of a honeycomb mouse is in its capacity to offer a practical and comfortable user experience, mainly when used for extended periods. When combined with mouse mover software, users can further enhance their comfort and productivity by eliminating the need for manual mouse movements.

The lightweight construction makes it simple and quick to maneuver, and the ventilation helps keep heat and sweat from building up, lowering the likelihood of discomfort and possible harm.

When selecting the best honeycomb mouse, several criteria were considered, including the outer shell’s design and construction, the sensor’s responsiveness and accuracy, and the overall build quality and durability.

Other factors, such as the number and placement of programmable buttons and the customization options available for the mouse, were also considered.

By considering these criteria, we were able to identify the most reliable and effective honeycomb mice on the market, providing users with the assurance that they are investing in a quality product that meets their needs.

Top 12 Honeycomb Mouse: Best Options of 2023

#1. Logitech G Pro X Superlight

The Logitech G Pro X Superlight is a lightweight honeycomb mouse with a sleek design and durable build quality. Its performance is exceptional, thanks to its Hero 25K sensor and low-latency wireless connection. The mouse features six programmable buttons, on-the-fly DPI switching, and customizable profiles through the G HUB software.

Customers and professional reviewers alike have praised the Logitech G Pro X Superlight for its top-notch performance, customizable features, and comfortable design.

With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, this mouse is a popular choice among gamers and heavy computer users who value quality and reliability.

Logitech G Pro X Superlight best honeycomb mouse
Logitech G Pro X Superlight

Things I Like

  • Extremely lightweight, making it easy to move and control during fast-paced gaming
  • Durable and high-quality build, with a sleek honeycomb design that reduces heat and sweat build-up
  • Precise and accurate Hero 25K sensor, ensuring fast and reliable tracking during gaming sessions
  • Programmable buttons and customizable features allow for personalized and efficient use
  • Low-latency wireless connection for stable and uninterrupted performance.

Things I Don’t Like

  • High price point, making it less accessible to budget-conscious gamers
  • No option for a wired connection, which may be a deal-breaker for some users
  • A limited number of programmable buttons compared to other gaming mice on the market.

#2. Glorious Model O

A lightweight honeycomb mouse that enables quick and precise movements is the Glorious Model O. It is made of high-quality materials and has a rugged, matte exterior that resists tearing. The top-of-the-line Pixart 3360 sensor in the Model O offers accurate and dependable tracking.

Additionally, it offers features that can be altered to suit your gaming preferences, like six programmable buttons and movable RGB lighting. If you’re looking to keep your computer awake without touching the mouse, a mouse mover software can also come in handy, and some honeycomb mice are compatible with such software.

Customers have overwhelmingly given the Glorious Model O great reviews and ratings, citing its outstanding performance, appearance, and personalization possibilities.

Glorious Model O best honeycomb mouse
Glorious Model O

Things I Like

  • Lightweight design and honeycomb construction allow for fast and accurate movements during gaming.
  • High-quality, durable build with a matte outer shell that resists wear and tear
  • Precise and reliable Pixart 3360 sensor for exceptional tracking
  • Customizable features, such as six programmable buttons and adjustable RGB lighting, provide a personalized gaming experience.
  • Affordable price point compared to other honeycomb mice on the market.

Things I Don’t Like

  • Matte surfaces may attract fingerprints and oils, requiring frequent cleaning.
  • The honeycomb design may only be comfortable for some users, particularly those with larger hands.
  • No onboard memory to save custom profiles, meaning that customizations must be redone if the mouse is used on another device.

#3. Razer Viper 8K Hz

Extended gaming sessions are suited for the Razer Viper 8K Hz, a honeycomb mouse with a stylish and cozy design.

It is expertly constructed with a solid outside shell and a lightweight design that makes it simple to maneuver. The Focus+ Optical Sensor by Razer, found in the Viper 8K Hz, offers outstanding tracking and accuracy.

In addition, the mouse offers capabilities that may be customized, including eight programmable buttons, on-the-fly DPI change, and adjustable Chroma RGB lighting.

The Viper 8K Hz is a well-liked option among gamers, thanks to praise from customers for its outstanding performance and cozy design.

Razer Viper 8K Hz
Razer Viper 8K Hz

Things I Like

  • Stylish and cozy design, ideal for prolonged gaming sessions
  • lightweight, controllable construction with a muscular build quality
  • Utilizing Razer’s Focus+ Optical Sensor, exceptional tracking and accuracy are possible.
  • A personalized gaming experience is made possible by features that may be changed, such as the eight programmable buttons, on-the-fly DPI switching, and Chroma RGB illumination.
  • 8K Hz polling rate improvement for a smoother, quicker performance.

Things I Don’t Like

  • Some users may find the honeycomb pattern uncomfortable, especially those with larger hands.
  • Expensive compared to other gaming mice available on the market.
  • Because there is no onboard memory to save customized profiles, adjustments must be repeated whenever the mouse is used with a different device.

#4. SteelSeries Rival 600

A honeycomb mouse with a striking design and exceptional construction is the SteelSeries Rival 600. The silicone grips on the sides make it simple to hold, and its design makes it durable.

The Rival 600’s TrueMove3+ dual sensor system enables quick and precise tracking, and the lift-off distance may be customized to preferences.

The mouse also features eight customizable buttons, RGB lights that can be adjusted, and fast sensitivity changes.

The Rival 600 has received high honors from customers and industry professionals for its design, usability, and customization options.

SteelSeries Rival 600
SteelSeries Rival 600

Things I Like

  • Excellent construction and a distinctive design with a silicone grip for enhanced comfort
  • A dual-sensor system provides fast and accurate tracking, and the lift-off distance may be adjusted to suit preferences.
  • A personalized gaming experience is offered via eight programmable buttons, customizable RGB illumination, and on-the-fly sensitivity changes.
  • Customizable weight and balance are possible with a modular design.
  • A unique program for configuring and customizing the mouse.

Things I Don’t Like

  • It may only be perfect for some users because it is heavier than other honeycomb mice.
  • pricier than some other gaming mice available on the market
  • Some users, particularly those with larger hands, may find the silicone grip on the sides uncomfortable.
  • Because there is no onboard memory to save customized profiles, adjustments must be repeated whenever the mouse is used with a different device.

#5. HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro

For first-person shooter games, HyperX created the Pulsefire FPS Pro gaming mouse. With a honeycomb shell architecture that enables quick and precise motions during games, it has a modern, ergonomic design.

With a solid exterior casing and robust buttons that can sustain frequent usage, the Pulsefire FPS Pro is expertly constructed.

The mouse has a Pixart 3389 sensor, which offers excellent tracking and precision. Six programmable buttons, RGB illumination that may be customized, and on-the-fly DPI adjustments are other features that enable customized gameplay.

The performance, appearance, and price of the Pulsefire FPS Pro have received good marks from customers.

HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro best honeycomb mouse
HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro

Things I Like

  • The sleek and comfortable design makes fast and precise motions possible during games.
  • High-quality buttons that are made to last and have a solid outer shell for long-term use.
  • The Pixart 3389 sensor offers outstanding tracking and precision.
  • A unique gaming experience is made possible by six programmable buttons, RGB illumination that may be changed, and on-the-fly DPI adjustments.
  • With good customer ratings and favorable reviews, this product offers excellent value for the cost.

Things I Don’t Like

  • Customizations must be repeated if the mouse is used on another device because there is no onboard memory to save personalized profiles.
  • restricted customizability options in comparison to some other gaming mice available on the market
  • Not all users, especially those who prefer wireless mice, may be comfortable using a wired connection.

#6. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Professional gamers will appreciate the top-of-the-line gaming mouse, the Logitech G Pro Wireless. This sleek white gaming mouse not only looks great, making it is a great choice for competitive gaming.

The honeycomb shell architecture allows for quick and precise movements during gameplay, while its lightweight and ergonomic design make it comfortable for prolonged use.

The mouse’s HERO 25K sensor offers excellent tracking and precision. Individualized gaming experiences are made possible with its configurable RGB illumination, six buttons, and on-the-fly DPI adjustments.

Performance, build quality, and wireless connectivity have all received excellent marks from customers for the G Pro Wireless.

Wireless technology offers a fluid gaming experience with no lag or network concerns.

Overall, the Logitech G Pro Wireless is an excellent option for gamers seeking the highest performance and quality from their gaming equipment.

Logitech G Pro Wireless
Logitech G Pro Wireless

Things I Like

  • Comfortable for prolonged usage because of its lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Players can move quickly and precisely throughout games thanks to the honeycomb shell’s structure.
  • Lag-free wireless connectivity without connectivity problems

Things I Don’t Like

  • Customers who like heavier mice might need help finding this product suitable.
  • the more significant price tag in comparison to some other gaming mice
  • Given that it is made for right-handed use, left-handed users could find it inappropriate.

#7. BenQ Zowie FK2

The highly praised BenQ Zowie FK2 gaming mouse has a straightforward and lightweight design that accommodates a range of hand sizes and grip preferences.

Omron switches, a 3360 sensor with a maximum DPI of 3200, and a symmetrical design give it great tracking accuracy and responsiveness.

Six buttons on the mouse may be configured using the Zowie software, and four DPI levels can be altered.

Customers compliment its pleasant grip and dependable performance, and it is robust for prolonged use because of its high-quality build materials and solid construction.

The FK2 is an excellent option for gamers who value accuracy, functionality, and simplicity.

BenQ Zowie FK2
BenQ Zowie FK2

Things I Like

  • Simple and lightweight design that is comfortable for various hand sizes and grip styles.
  • High-quality build materials and sturdy construction make it durable for extended use.
  • Excellent tracking accuracy and responsiveness with the 3360 sensors and Omron switches.

Things I Don’t Like

  • Limited customization options compared to other gaming mice in its price range.
  • The design may not be suitable for left-handed users.
  • The mouse needs RGB lighting, which may appeal to some users who prioritize aesthetics.

#8. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

Its sleek and ergonomic design makes the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless a multipurpose gaming mouse that can be used by both recreational and competitive players.

It has a 10,000 DPI optical sensor and low latency connectivity, ensuring accurate and quick tracking for the best gaming experience.

Additionally, the mouse has six programmable buttons and RGB illumination that can be controlled using the iCUE software.

Customer evaluations laud its pleasant grip, dependable wireless connectivity, high-quality build materials, and solid construction, which make it durable for prolonged usage.

The Harpoon RGB Wireless is an excellent option for gamers who value variety, comfort, and performance.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless best honeycomb mouse
Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

Things I Like

  • Comfortable to use for lengthy gaming sessions because of its versatile and ergonomic design.
  • A 10,000 DPI optical sensor and low latency wireless communication allow precise and quick tracking.
  • Utilizing the iCUE software, six programmable buttons and RGB illumination are available.

Things I Don’t Like

  • Users with larger hands or those with a palm hold might find the mouse too small.
  • Some customers have mentioned intermittent connectivity problems with the wireless technology.
  • Comparatively speaking to other wireless gaming mice in the same price range, the battery life is brief.

#9. Redragon M686 Wireless

A gaming mouse with a reliable design, high build quality, and a comfortable grip for prolonged use is the Redragon M686 Wireless.

With a 16000 DPI sensor, it offers excellent performance and accurate tracking even during intense gaming sessions. Additionally, the mouse offers a 1000 Hz polling rate for quick and accurate cursor movement.

Its features, which provide a customized gaming experience, include six programmable buttons, RGB illumination, and adjustable weight tuning.

Most customer reviews and ratings are favorable, praising the product’s overall performance, value for the money, and durability.

Users have reported sporadic connectivity troubles with the wireless capabilities, though.

Redragon M686 Wireless
Redragon M686 Wireless

Things I Like

  • Wireless connectivity to allow for mobility
  • Button and macro customization for individual use
  • High-quality sensor for precise tracking

Things I Don’t Like

  • There’s a chance the battery will last less time than advertised.
  • Some users might have too small or huge hands.
  • May have connection issues

#10. Cooler Master MM710

With its honeycomb shell, which reduces weight while retaining durability, the Cooler Master MM710 has a distinctive design and superb build quality.

With a 16000 DPI optical sensor and 1000Hz polling rate, it performs superbly, offering accurate and quick tracking. The MM710 has several valuable features, like adjustable RGB lighting and on-the-fly DPI adjustments.

Customers have commended its precise control and lightweight feel, giving it high scores and favorable reviews. Overall, the Cooler Master MM710 gaming mouse is a solid performer that will dazzle any gamer.

Cooler Master MM710
Cooler Master MM710

Things I Like

  • The form is compact with a honeycomb shell for increased airflow and grip.
  • Excellently precise optical sensor with programmable DPI levels for increased specificity and accuracy.
  • You can move quickly and efficiently while keeping excellent control and lowering friction when wearing PTFE feet.

Things I Don’t Like

  • Due to its small size, it might not be ideal for those with larger hands.
  • Over time, a honeycomb shell may gather dust and filth, necessitating more frequent cleaning.
  • Because they are small, side buttons could be challenging for certain users to press.

#11. Pixart 3370 Sensor Honeycomb Shell Mouse

The Pixart 3370 sensor honeycomb shell mouse is lightweight and well-built, making it simple to operate and pleasant for prolonged periods.

It’s an attractive option for professionals and gamers because its high-performance sensor provides precise and accurate tracking. When playing challenging video games, the honeycomb shell design also offers excellent airflow to keep hands dry and cool.

Customers love this mouse’s snappy buttons and ergonomic design, and reviewers give it top marks for quality and performance in general.

Anyone searching for a premium, portable, and practical gaming mouse should consider the Pixart 3370 sensor honeycomb shell mouse.

Pixart 3370 Sensor Honeycomb Shell Mouse best honeycomb mouse
Pixart 3370 Sensor Honeycomb Shell Mouse

Things I Like

  • One of the most cutting-edge and precise sensors for gaming mice is the Pixart 3370 sensor.
  • The honeycomb shell design lightens the device and enhances airflow, which might lessen the likelihood of sweaty palms and enhance grip.
  • Movements in video games can be more fluid and accurate when a high-quality sensor is combined with a lightweight design.

Things I Don’t Like

  • Some users, particularly those with larger hands or who prefer the heavier mouse, may find the honeycomb shell uncomfortable or challenging to grip.
  • Because of the perforations in the shell, dust, and other particles may gather inside the mouse, thus impairing performance or necessitating more regular cleaning.
  • The mouse could cost more than alternatives with comparable characteristics.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Honeycomb Mouse

#1. Ergonomic Design

When choosing a honeycomb mouse, there are several ergonomic design factors to consider. The mouse’s weight should be light for easy maneuverability, and the honeycomb structure should provide a comfortable grip.

The mouse should also be sized to fit comfortably in your hand, with easily accessible buttons and a scroll wheel.

Consider the sensitivity and accuracy of the mouse sensor and any customization options for button mapping and RGB lighting.

Overall, a well-designed honeycomb mouse should provide a comfortable and efficient experience for extended periods of use.

#2. Wireless Connectivity

Consider the wireless connectivity choices available when selecting a honeycomb mouse. Radiofrequency (RF) connections and Bluetooth are the two primary forms.

Bluetooth is normally more power-efficient and practical when used with mobile devices, although RF is typically more dependable and has a more extended range.

Some honeycomb mice may provide both options or have their unique wireless protocols. It’s crucial to select a wireless mouse that is appropriate for your demands and usage habits.

#3. DPI and Sensitivity

The DPI and sensitivity of a honeycomb mouse should be considered. Dots per inch, or DPI, measures how responsive the mouse is to movement; greater DPI enables more precise motions.

However, the mouse’s sensitivity also affects how responsive it is to move. While moving swiftly could be made simpler by a high sensitivity level, controlling the mouse might become more challenging.

Ultimately, personal preferences and the mouse’s intended application will determine the ideal DPI and sensitivity ratio.

#4. Size and Weight

It’s crucial to consider size and weight while picking a honeycomb mouse. Your hand should readily access all of the buttons on a mouse that is the right size for your hand.

The mouse’s weight should also be just right—not too light that it feels flimsy or lacks precision, but not too heavy that it causes fatigue during prolonged use.

In addition, it’s crucial to consider the mouse’s general construction quality and any other characteristics that might be crucial for the purpose for which you plan to use it.

#5. Battery Life

The battery life of a honeycomb mouse is a crucial factor to consider. Since honeycomb mice are intended to be lightweight, their batteries are frequently smaller.

The mouse should last long enough between charges if the battery life is at least 50 hours.

Think about whether the mouse uses replaceable batteries or a rechargeable battery because this will have an impact on ongoing costs.

Additionally, look for power-saving features that can prolong battery life, such as auto-sleep or on/off switches.

Eleggible’s Final Words

In conclusion, gamers and computer users who prefer lightweight and ergonomic mice frequently use honeycomb mice. The Glorious Model O, a top pick for its adjustable RGB illumination and lightweight design, is one of the best honeycomb mice.

Due to its incredibly light design and sensitive sensors, the Logitech G Pro X Superlight is a fantastic choice. A wireless option with long battery life and programmable buttons is the Razer Viper Ultimate.

Consider the size, weight, sensor, buttons, and pricing while selecting a honeycomb mouse. The most excellent honeycomb mouse for you will ultimately depend on your requirements and tastes.

You can discover a honeycomb mouse that matches your preferences and price range thanks to the wide range of alternatives available.

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