11 Best iTunes Alternatives To Use in 2022

As you know, iTunes have there with Apple more than a decade, now apart from iTunes, there are various alternatives that one can use. In this article, I have listed some of the best iTunes alternatives that you all can try.

It s true that if you want to replace iTunes, then you have to be quite selective as iTunes is multifunctional. As you know, finder has done quite a good task in managing apple, but still, it lacks some of the function, like you cannot restore the data selectively.

Top 11 iTunes Alternatives To Use in 2022

Leaving the topic here let’s have a look at the iTunes alternatives.

1. WALTR 2

This is one of the best and popular iTunes alternatives that you can try. This software is cheap and has an easy interface which makes it easier to use. It can be easily connected with your iPhone either with a wire cable or a Wi-Fi.

It provides quite a fast Wi-Fi connection. One of the best features of this software is that it can easily support all the files that one can transfer. 


2. Music Bee

If you are looking for software that can just manage your music playlist so that you can easily listen to it, then this is the best software as an iTunes alternative. It will easily allow you to manage, find and play music on your PC.

It has an easy interface and also has 15 band equalizer. Other important features of this app are logarithmic volume scaling, gapless playback, support for WinAmp plugins. It is free of cost and is support on the Windows platform.

Music bee

3. Vox Media Player

This is the best alternative if you are a Mac user. This software is simple, have an easy interface, yet is feature-rich. It supports various media format like MP3, MP4, FLAC, CUE, APE etc. Through this software, you can easily play music on sound cloud, youtube and more than 30,000 radio station. It is supported by Mac user; this software is free but also have paid subscription. 

Vox media player

4. Winx Media Trans

If you are a windows user, then this is the best iTunes alternative that you can try. This software will allow you to easily transfer photos, videos and other files.

One of the best features of this software is that it provides you with an automatic photo backup, music managements book organizer, ringtone maker and many other features like this. This software is only supported on windows platform and is free of cost yet has a paid subscription.

Winx media
Winx media

5. Dear Mob iPhone Manager

This software can be considered as all in one software which allows you to manager your photos, videos and file folder, create an automatic backup and many other features like this. It can be said that this software is quite similar to iTunes as you can do almost every task that you can do with iTunes. This software can be used on Windows and macOS.

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6. Mascquie

This is a music player that can be used by only Mac users. This software is clean, have an easy interface which means it can be easily used by everyone. This software will very nicely organize your playlist in artist and songs or album categories.

This is free software. One of the best features of this software is that it doesn’t not change the folder structure that you have created in any way. 

7. Swinsian

This is another interesting music player for Mac users. it has comparatively large wide format support, folder watching and advanced tag editing. It has an easy interface but it is quite customizable interface so that the user can change it according to your need.

This can be only used by macOS users and is free only on trial mode then you have to get a paid subscription of $24.95.

8. Dr. Fone

This is an interesting software. It provides you with features such as creating backups, permanently erasing of data on your iPhone, and more. One of the best feature of this software is that you can easily create automatic back up , restore you iPhones and many other features like these.

This software can be used on windows and macOS platforms and provides you with only a free trial then there is a subscription of $69.95 per year.

9. Fidelia

This is another amazing iTunes alternative. This software can provides you with ability to organize, customize and make a good music collection. It supports over 64 bit audio unit. This is  player that is made of audiophiles. This can be inly used on macOS platform and is not free the cost of the subscription is $29.95.


10. Pod Trans

This is an interesting software that allows you to easily transfer music between desktop computer and iPods. This software can be used on macOS and windows platform. This software is free of cost. You can easily manage files like videos, movies, TV shows etc.

11. Phone Rescue

I would lie to end the list of iTunes alternatives with this amazing software. This is a great software as whenever you delete a sensitive file you can easily restore all the files using this software.

It allows you to retrieve files of almost all format so, you need not worry if your important files get deleted by chance. This can be used in windows and macOS platform and provides you with a free download option but have a paid subscription that is of $49.99 per year.

Phone rescue
Phone rescue

Eleggible’s Final Words

All the iTunes alternative software that are mentioned above are amazing and is free even though some have a paid subscription after a certain file.

You can easily organize your music playlist and other files through the software. All these software almost fulfill all the features that are provided by iTunes. 

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