Best Laptop For Cricut Maker [August 2022]

This article will provide information about the best laptop for Cricut maker. The tool has software dedicated to designing. This article focuses on the comparison of various laptops based on their specifications.

It also discusses the best laptop for Cricut maker online and offline app users. It also discusses the different attributes of a computer to meet the app’s requirements. The user must remember these qualities while buying the laptop to experience the best out of the app. 

In the age of high-tech gadgets, crafts and design standards touch the sky. People nowadays want to get things done in no time and without hassle.

To the rescue comes another device, Cricut. It is an electric-powered gadget that is efficient in cutting materials with ease. The tool is good enough to cut paper, vinyl, card stock, and sometimes even leather and wood.

The machine has an excellent software application to design almost any realistic style. The software proves to be a unique platform with easy to use interface. It shows laptops compatible with Cricut maker.

The app also offers a premium plan for buying Cricut Access. The premium pack opens a wide variety of features in the app. These features count for templates of fonts, backgrounds, and other parts.

The app provides a separate package known as Cricut Joy. This pack is free of cost for the users and works fine for on-the-go mode.  With the start of laptops with higher specs, the applications are developed to offer various features.

These features lure customers into trying the app and liking it. The first mistake users must try to avoid buying Chromebook laptops because of their low cost. While the applications also mention a set of most minor requirements to run the software.

For Windows, it asks for an operating system of Windows 10 with a 64bit version or higher. The app asks for 4GB RAM and 2 GB internal storage.

It also asks for a stable internet connection of 2 Mbps down speed and 1 Mbps up speed. The resolution of the display supported by the app is 1024×768 px.

The tool demands a USB port or Bluetooth connectivity to add hardware to the system. The processor that needs to be claimed by the application is Intel dual-core processor.

The app also works fine with AMD processors of the same output power delivery. While we talk about the system’s most minor requirements, some app features might not work. All the app features are eligible to run in systems with good specifications.

The application asks for an operating system of 11 or later for macOS. The device must have a CPU rating of 1.83 GHz or above to run the software smoothly.

The device must have a ram space of 4GB and 2GB free disk space to meet the minor requirements for play in mac devices. The screen resolution needed for mac devices is like that of the windows system, which is 1024x768px.

The USB port is necessary for the widget to connect the Cricut device to the system. The application works on medium to high-level internet connections.

The user must have a stable internet connection using a broadband connection. The speed limits for the fellowship must reach 2-3mbps download speed and 1-2 Mbps upload speed.

Mac users can also avail the benefits of the app using the offline app for Cricut. The offline app offers a bunch of features to the users, which make the app more interactive and easier to use.

9 Best Laptop For Cricut Maker Reviewed

#1. Dell XPS 15

In the list of best laptop for Cricut maker, Dell XPS 15 is a powerful yet sleek design by dell. It has a 12th Generation Intel Core i7 processor with up to 4.7GHz and 14 cores. It has a preinstalled operating system with Windows 11 Home. 

The device has video graphics of NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3050 Ti, 4 GB GDDR6. The device comes with a wide 15.6inch Ultra high-definition display with anti-reflect.

This device offers a choice to its users based on the Ram and memory space of the laptop. One device variant has 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD memory space. Yet, the other variant has a RAM capacity of 32GB and memory of 1TB.

The device comes in a single color with a polished silver body and black interior. The keyboard of the device is an attractive backlit keyboard.

The device is charged with a total of 3 type c ports. The tool consists of one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C™ Port and two Thunderbolt™ 4 USB Type-C™ ports.

Both the ports are well equipped with DisplayPort and Power Delivery features. The device also offers a 3.5mm standard audio jack port for earphones and audio devices.

The device has an SD card slot for quick access to memory cards. Dell XPS 15 has a wide division of weights depending upon touch and battery ratings.

There is a total of four variants for weights. The first one is 1.84Kg for the non-touchscreen with a battery rating of 56 Whr. The second one weighs 1.92Kg for a non-touch screen and has a battery rating of 86Whr.

Another variant comes in 1.96Kg for an awesome OLED touch display with an 86Whr battery. The last one weighs 2.10Kg for an excellent 4k+ resolution with an 86 Whr battery rating. The price for the 16GB RAM variant costs 2,33,990.03 Rs. while the 32GB RAM variant comes at a price of 2,49,990.01 Rs.


  • The device is a powerful example of technology with high RAM and a 4.7GHz processor.
  • The laptop has a well-designed aluminum body, carbon fiber, or woven glass fiber.
  • This build gives the device a polishing look and makes it light.
  • The manufacturer brand claims to offer a durable battery even on high-performance settings.
  • It also claims that the device runs for more than 9 hours, even on 4k+ resolution.
  • The graphic configuration of the device makes it a boon for content creators and designers.
  • This feature makes the device compatible with various applications, including the Cricut application.

  • Although the device is good enough for the Cricut application to run, it still has some service flaws.
  • The device’s cost is higher than the laptops on our list, and the creators have made this device for outstanding performance.
  • Yet, it doesn’t meet the pockets of those searching for affordable and suitable laptops.
  • Despite having several ports, the device lags behind USB ports.
  • This attribute avoids easy hardware connections like a mouse, keyboard, and Cricut machine.

#2. Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

This gadget is the most powerful laptop in the Surface series by Microsoft. It comes with a Quad-core-powered 11th Gen Intel Core i7 Series.

Windows 11 Home comes preinstalled. The graphic configuration of the device comes excellent with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, GDDR6 card.

The device gets its cutting and sleek build with a 14.4inch touchscreen display. This touchpad feature makes this best laptop for Cricut maker well suited and easy to use for designing.

The device comes with a Surface Slim Pen 2 for the best digital pen experience. The pen can be easily connected to the device, stored, and charged under the front of the device.

The pen gives a real-time feeling of using one on paper. This device offers its users a wide range of choices based on the Ram and memory space of the laptop.

The four laptops’ four variants based on storage start with 16Gb RAM- 256GB SSD. The following variant comes at 16GB RAM – 512GB SSD.

The following variant in the chain is 32GB RAM- 1TB SSD, costing 3,21,499.00Rs. Last but not least, it comes with a price of 3,45,999.00 Rs. and 32GB RAM- 2TB SSD memory. 

  • The device is a delicate piece of sheer development in technology.
  • The device has a smooth experience for designers. The Surface pen lets users quickly design with ease.
  • The graphic configurations of this laptop make it get the attention of users.
  • The device’s specifications are good enough to run the Cricut application with all features unlocked.
  • The computer is quite suitable for those who don’t leave the palm stand space in the laptop.
  • It offers a vast area for keeping hands while typing.
  • The fantastic piece of technology that Microsoft has to offer also has some things which the users usually dislike.
  • The laptop has a poor weight review.
  • The computer almost weighs 2Kg 700Gms.
  • This weight attribute makes it difficult for users to carry this delicate piece everywhere.
  • The size of this laptop makes it compact and possible to keep the computer in almost any bag.
  • Yet, this feature makes it challenging for designers and content creators to work on a smaller screen.
  • Usually, users prefer a big display screen while designing.

#3. Dell XPS 15 7590

A “heavy” competitor in laptops comes from the Dell company. It brings a 9th Gen Intel Corei7 processor. In the browser category, this laptop lags behind the other brands.

It comes with a Windows10 operating system. The graphic card configuration of the above notebook has a good hold. It comes with an AMD Radeon R5 graphic coprocessor and graphic card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650.

The laptop has a standard wide display of 15.6inches. The computer has a simple presentation with just one variant in the chain. This variant comes in with a RAM specification of 8GB.

It has an intermediate memory space of 512 GB SSD. The SSD memory makes it a quicker device instead of an HDD. The device consists of a single USB 2.0 port and one HDMI port. 

The device lacks in possession of an optical drive. This device weighs 2Kg 720grams. The device has a good screen resolution of 1920 x 1080pixels.

It offers its Full HD display with infinity edge IPS. This laptop gives an edge to its users with an extra feature of the fingerprint reader on the deck. This feature lets users quickly access the computer in no time. It also enhances the sense of security of the device.

  •  The laptop is a good enough product for students and undergrads for daily use.
  • Its specifications also assist users in easy to moderate use of the device.
  • The computer is not meant for higher quality and load processes.
  • It meets the minor requirements of the Cricut application.
  • The application seems to run fine on the device, with all its features unlocked for the users.
  • The device has a good and fast AMD Radeon graphic composition for better graphics.

  • The laptop is suitable for students and people with much office use.
  • Yet, it lacks to serve the designers and artists who have good heavy use of laptops.
  • The use of rich applications for designing and illustrations may be found difficult in the device.
  • It can be either because of the low RAM performance compared to the other laptops on this list.
  • Or it can be because of the previous versions of Graphic cards, which might sometimes offer common graphic qualities.
  • The device also lags behind other systems because of the use of the earlier version of windows.


#4. HP Pavilion x360

The present device is an all-rounder laptop for every use. This best laptop for Cricut maker comes with versatility in almost every domain. It is a by-product of the famous brand HP in the pavilion series.

It brings the 11th Generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor. This processor configuration helps in efficient office use. It comes with a windows ten operating system.

The brand claims to upgrade the system with windows 11 as soon as the service is available for the device. The graphic configuration of the machine stays unique from others by implementing Intel Iris Xe Graphics.

The graphics work fine for official use and gaming purposes. The device is well equipped with a 14-inch diagonal multi-touch screen. The resolution offered by the device is 1920 x 1080pixels.

The end-to-end glass display gives the device a fantastic look. The brand doesn’t have much to offer about this model in the pavilion series.

The device has a simple memory distribution of 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD. The RAM works fine in office uses, while the memory might run short with time.

The device has no optical port for the optical drive. Yet, this device doesn’t stop here. The laptop has an impressive and long-lasting battery.

The average battery life for the device is 9 hours. This battery life works for even long durations for office uses and video playback mode.

  • The laptop tries to make the users content with the properties.
  • Its sleek design is most loved among office people and students.
  • These people need to carry it everywhere, and for them, this device proves to be a boon.
  • With its 360-degree rotation, it allows users to work tirelessly.
  • It can mould itself into any shape to make working easier.
  • The smooth and immersive touch display lures users into the work mode.
  • Designers and artists with high precision in their work admire this laptop’s touch display.
  • With such good properties to offer, this laptop finally brings joy to the face of people with remote working.
  • This laptop is easy to carry and has an excellent battery retention capacity.
  • It has an average battery backup of 9 hours.
  • This extending battery life lets users take their fortune without worrying about a cable hanging below.

  • Everything comes at a price.
  • This laptop explains the above fact.
  • With being such an immersive object of technology, this device has some drawbacks too.
  • The laptop’s processor rating is low compared to the other laptops on the list.
  • The I5 processor makes it a little tricky for the computer to handle the multitasking by the user.
  • It also faces quite a lag while using it for heavy purposes like photoshop and video editing.
  • Apart from this, the laptop has a previous version installed on it.
  • This earlier version hampers users from getting extra benefits from windows.
  • This effect reduces the productivity of the work.

#5. Acer Predator Helios 300

This laptop is a complete package of performance, display, and looks. The brand has smartly worked to bring all the factors together in a single piece.

The item discussed has impressive performance with the latest 7th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor The processor speed measures at 2.8GHz, going up to 3.8GHz with the Turbo Boost Technology.

This device uses Windows 10 with 64-bit architecture in the operating system. The laptop offers a chance to gamers with a great graphic card configuration.

The specification of the graphic card makes it to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6 GB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM. This high level of visual support makes the work easier for designers, gamers, and artists to create work with higher graphic quality

The laptop has a comprehensive display of 15.6 inches. The screen is full HD with a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. The computer has several ports for many uses. It has a combination of two USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.

The number of ports makes the laptop unique from other laptops on the list. It has fantastic application-based RAM storage of 16 GB of type DDR4.

While the brand takes the lead forward in praise, the hard drive memory stands at 256GB SSD. The laptop has a good battery backup of 7 hours. The computer works fine with college students and designers with a set workstation. 

  • The laptop is a supercharge of almost every factor.
  • The brand focuses on delivering performance with elegance.
  • It has a good battery backup of 7 hours.
  • This fortune lets users switch locations and work during travel.
  • The laptop also keeps an eye on the performance with its turbo boost mode.
  • It allows users to get faster processing even when high power consumption occurs.
  • The laptop has impressive RAM storage of 16GB.
  • It lets designers and multitasking people work on different apps simultaneously.
  • It also looks at the number of ports in the device.
  • This variety of ports allows the user to connect many devices.
  • These devices can be a mouse, keyboard, or Cricut.
  • The brand also allows expandable memory using suitable and compatible hard disks.

  • The laptop is all good in other domains until we discuss its SSD memory.
  • It takes away the opportunity from the hands of users to store large chunks of data.
  • The lack of storage can make the device choppy for high-performance needs.
  • The developers also need to keep in their mind the weight factor.
  • Because including all the elements, this device weighs down heavily.
  • This attribute makes the laptop less attractive to students and remote office workers.

#6. MacBook Air

The master of all laptops comes to dominate our list of best laptop for Cricut maker. The brand has a broad base of sophisticated users across the globe. The laptop comes with a supercharged Apple M1 chip with an 8-core CPU.

The processor configuration lets users perform high graphic editing and designing. It also allows gamers to perform power-packed gaming on a MacBook.

The laptop also brings an 8-core GPU processor for five times faster graphics. The device is easy to use with its basic and easy to adapt to the environment.

The device has a short memory of 8 GB unified memory. It lets users efficiently multitask and quickly access large graphic and data files. The MacBook comes with a fantastic display of 13.3inches.

The show is almost perfect for designers who need accuracy in color display. The text is sharper and brighter. This attribute lures readers and writers to buy the device.

The device remains supercharged with an extending battery. The device has an extraordinary battery life of 18 hours. The laptop is devoid of noise as it is free of the fan. The computer enters the arena with 512GB of memory. Yet, it extends to a unique 2TB size with double reading speed. 

  • The laptop is an all-rounder of the list.
  • It is faster, lighter, and brighter than the other laptops on the list.
  • It contains a battery backup of 18 hours for a limitless experience every time a user opens it.
  • The laptop is compact and is thus liked by the students and officer-grade crowd.
  • The mechanism is one of the lightest competitors on the list.
  • It weighs around 1Kg 250Gram.
  • The laptop is packed with several super-fast charging and data transfer ports.
  • These little things add ups to the ease for the user.
  • At the same time, various hardware can be connected, enhancing work efficiency.

  • The laptop is well equipped with several pros, but it also has some disadvantages.
  • These flaws come from viewers with a regular sitting for movies and videos.
  • Such users are fond of the big screen.
  • MacBook fails to please its users with the idea of a gigantic screen for regular watching.
  • The device lags in providing the external space.
  • This effect stays in the market as people save their work and data files on the device itself.

#7. Dell Inspiron 15 5000 5570

The laptop has many users features like performance, display, and memory. The computer has an i7 core processor for higher-level gaming.

The laptop is suitable for designing high-pixel graphics and tedious video editing. The laptop is also beneficial in light of high-level gaming with the ultra-graphic need.

The device has ram support of 12 GB, which is good enough to meet almost every app’s least demand. The laptop brings in vast memory storage of 1TB memory.

This attribute lets users store data files in the system without thinking much of capacity. The computer has a wide touch screen display of 15.6inches. 

It offers an excellent screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The widescreen lures viewers and designers. At the same time, the touch screen gropes the attention of artists.

These features make the process of designing hassle-free. It also brings in a chipset of intel-integrated UHD graphics 620. The graphic support of this laptop enables it for editing and gaming.

The computer has an average battery backup of 5 hours. This lack of good battery support makes the computer a bit stationary. The device has many ports for various connections at a time.

It consists of two USB 3.0 ports and a single USB 2.0 port. This multiport facility eases the connection of devices like Cricut to connect easily. The laptop lags in providing the latest window support of windows 11. The laptop still works on Windows 10. 

  • The device is full of features and attributes that suit the interest of everyone.
  • The widescreen lures the attention of users with a binge-watching habit.
  • Those can sit and enjoy a wide high-resolution screen.
  • The touch screen lets artists design new masterpieces without much hassle.
  • The laptop also attracts the attention of readers and content writers.
  • It meets the basic needs of writing. The RAM adds glitters to its performance.
  • The machine doesn’t stop and hangs around when working on many projects.
  • The vast SSD support by the laptop brand lets users save large data files.
  • It frees them from uploading the files online again and again.


  • Despite being full of many features, the laptop lags behind the other laptops in some domains.
  • The battery’s short capacity hampers users’ ability to take the computer while working.
  • It makes the device less mobile, and people avoid working on it while travelling.
  • The device follows the previous version of windows. It lags in providing the latest windows 11 support to its users.
  • This earlier version of windows might stop users from adapting to a newer spectrum of features offered in windows 11.


#8. Acer Aspire 5 slim

Here comes a fantastic deal of features by the brand Acer. This laptop is good enough to meet the basic requirements of a user in everyday life.

It is affordable for everyone, and thus it is pinned on the list of buyers. The laptop has an AMD ryzen three dual-core processor to speed up the processing.

It speeds up to 3.5GHz to avoid overheating and allows multitasking to people. It has ram storage of 4GB to meet the basic requirements of applications these days. Acer Aspire 5 slim gives memory storage of 128GB to its users. 

The laptop has a wide 15.6inches backlit display. It has a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution for a great gaming experience. The computer is rich in various ports that allow users to easily connect devices like mouse, keyboard, and Cricut devices.

The laptop has AMD Radeon Vega 3 Mobile Graphics. This chipset lets users efficiently work on editing software and designing apps.  It has a backlit keyboard for users to work in the dark and at night. It also provides a good battery backup of 7.5 hours.

This battery backup allows users to take the device with them while traveling. The everlasting battery life frees them of thinking of the device getting discharged. The laptop discussed comes at an affordable price of 339$

  • Acer Aspire 5 slim is a good buy for students searching for laptops to meet their basic needs.
  • The computer doesn’t offer much in the memory part.
  • Yet, it has a good hold in the domain of the battery.
  • The device has an average battery life of 7.5 hours.
  • This attribute lets users quickly take the good while traveling and doesn’t stop continuous working.
  • The laptop is also affordable.
  • It takes care of the interest of those who want laptops with good specifications at an affordable price.

  • The laptop is an excellent model to buy.
  • Yet, the brand fails to please the users with some attributes.
  • The laptop is short of RAM storage with just 4GB RAM.
  • This lack of RAM hampers the working of users who are addicted to working on various tabs at the same time.
  • It also stops them from using heavy performance-requiring software.
  • The laptop is also short on memory storage. It offers an SSD memory of just 128GB.
  • The memory of 128GB is relatively less than the other laptops on the list.
  • This shortage of SSD memory makes the users a bit confused about working with heavy software.

#9. Asus Vivobook S14

The gadget by Asus is another masterpiece by ASUS. It is a good-performance laptop that provides a compact and light model. The device has an AMD Ryzen 5 processor for lightning-fast processing.

It allows users to have a device with a fast-booting speed. It consists of a chipset of t integrated graphics. The graphics are suitable for light to moderate gaming and designing.

It has a compact size with a 14inches antiglare screen. It offers a good 8GB RAM storage for multitasking and allows users to work on different domains.

The memory support by the gadget is itself good. It has a vast repository of 1TB, enough to run the widget smoothly and avoid glitches. It comes in preinstalled with a windows ten operating system.

The laptop has an exceptional weight. With merely 1.4 Kg, this device offers so many things. This light weight makes the tool more favorable and a popular choice. 


  • The gadget is a thin piece of technology.
  • The brand has focused on delivering a compact and easy-to-carry device.
  • It makes the laptop more workable to carry and travel.
  • It has a weight of 1.4Kg which makes it easy for users to take the machine everywhere without much hassle.
  • The laptop has good memory storage of 1TB.
  • This reasonable amount of memory allows users to save files and large chunks of data.
  • It will enable users with a glitch-free interface.
  • It has a fingerprint sensor on the mousepad for faster login and high security.

  • Despite having good features and a significant build, the laptop lags behind some attributes.
  • It has the operating system of windows 10.
  • This older version of windows hampers work productivity as it stops users from availing of the best features of the updated design.
  • Windows 10 is now the new basic operating system. The laptop also has a tiny 14 inches screen.
  • This small screen can be a good attribute for content writers, while it doesn’t please the binge-watching crowd and designers.
  • The big screen offered by the laptops on the list makes it workable for users to design easily.


Eleggible’s Final Words

This article has tried to incorporate the findings on the best laptop for Cricut maker. We have also talked about the minor requirements of the laptops to run the application.

It showcases laptops compatible with Cricut’s design space. These requirements are subject to change with time. We have mentioned a variety of laptops in this article.

We hope this article clarifies your doubts about the laptops for Cricut. This article has the list of best laptops for the Cricut design space. We have tried to brief the information available on the web.

We have made it into consumable data for our users. The brands and laptops mentioned in this article are star performers in their respective fields.

Yet, we have tried to make a minor difference to them to ease the decision to buy the laptops. The article talks about each laptop’s pros and cons, making it easier for users to make the judgment themselves.

This guide helps users choose the best laptop to use with Cricut maker. The brands we mentioned in this article are some of the reputed companies with millions of users worldwide.

The brands are well aware of the advancements and requirements of people. This attribute makes the brands design their products to meet users’ needs.

We hope this article helps you pick up the laptop with the most extensive compatibility. We have purchased only the finest for you, so we hope you find this helpful report.

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