7 Best Macro Tracking Apps for Calorie Counting (2024)

In this article, the best macro-tracking apps it’s essential to keep track of what you put into your body each day, precisely how many macros you’re attempting to lose weight or want to be more careful of what you eat.

In order to maintain your attention on meal composition and total nutritional value rather than simply low-calorie selections, tracking macronutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and fats may be helpful. 

Thanks to a new wave of online food diary applications, you can easily keep track of your daily macro percentages and log your meals. We selected the best macro-tracking apps to make it simple for you to track your meals, evaluate your data, and modify your diet to achieve your health objectives.

Is a Macro Tracking App Good for Someone Who is Trying to Gain Strength and Muscle?

Your daily macros should be determined in consultation with a certified practitioner since they should be modified for factors such as height, weight, age, amount of exercise, and medical issues.

You may enter your daily food intake into macro monitoring applications, change serving sizes, and establish target calorie and macro objectives.

The majority of applications need you to input your current height and weight, target weight, level of exercise, and schedule for achieving your dreams. They then determine a proposed calorie goal and may recommend target macronutrient ratios.

Does Tracking Macros Really Work?

However, tracking your macronutrient intake is an excellent way to control your weight. It is a variant of calorie counting and is rooted in fundamental nutritional principles.

It is not a fad to count your macros; it will help you manage your weight. Many applications assist you in achieving your goals by giving precise or very precise outcomes.

You may enhance your body composition, reduce weight, and make smarter dietary decisions by keeping track of your macros. It benefits those who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle, are interested in learning more about nutrition, or just keep an eye on their diet owing to health issues like diabetes or heart disease.

It not only offers you a precise picture of how much you are eating but also makes you more conscious of the ingredients in the food you are consuming. Without further ado, let’s get started with the list of the best macro-tracking apps we’ve included in this post to assist you with the same.

Top 7 Macro Tracking Apps for Calorie Counting (2024 List)

#1. My Macros+

My Macros+ best macro tracking apps
My Macros+

With My Macros+, take your best macro-tracking apps to the next level. The app provides you with a daily nutritional analysis that accounts for your macronutrients, caloric intake, and physical characteristics.

It also aids in your goal-achieving through check-ins with a personal macro coach. It enables you to establish daily macro and calorie targets as well as track your weight over time. 

You can see how many calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat, and calories you have left for the day on the main page, which helps those who are trying to lose weight better understand how much they are consuming each day.

You may add your recipes to this app and enter the macros from the nutrition labels. Adding groceries from the shop fast with a barcode or scanner may be a significant time-saving.

You can access features like diet summaries, in-depth data analysis, the option to export to a spreadsheet, mealtime reminders, and notes if you subscribe to Pro for $1.99/month.

You may also make personalized menus to duplicate many days if you consume the same items every day, saving you a tonne of time and hassle. Overall, the application is fantastic.


  • There are more than 5 million meal options.
  • The macro coach upgrade adjusts your weekly aims.
  • “Quick add” macros are capable.
  • The one-time cost is $2.99.


  • App for easy food tracking.
  • It lacks features such as meal planning.
  • The cost of premium features varies.

#2. Calorie Counter – Cronometer

Calorie Counter - Cronometer
Calorie Counter – Cronometer

This can keep track of up to 82 micronutrients—commonly known as nutrients we need in little amounts, such as minerals and vitamins and your daily water intake—as well as your macronutrient intake and physical activity. Everything can be tracked, including calories, vitamins, micronutrients, and cholesterol.

The app uses this data to provide nutrition reports so you can quickly understand what aspects of your diet require adjustment or how successfully you’ve accomplished goals.

You need to go as far as Cronometer if you currently track your fitness data with a Fitbit or an Apple Watch and want to track your macros as well.

Instead of only providing information on your food intake, the app may connect to a fitness tracking device or another app you currently use to provide individualized health advice.

Enter your meals and goal into this app, and it will compute your macronutrients and produce an exercise schedule. Its free edition is excellent for people who want to monitor their food intake, want to concentrate on total caloric intake, and like a location to log their food, weight, and progress pictures all in one spot.

Overall, you will enjoy this program because it simplifies your life.


  • Updated often with new features.
  • Excellent for tracking diet changes.
  • Educates you about nutrition.


  • The UI is rather crowded.
  • The food database is limited.
  • Does not keep track of salt consumption.

#3. Track – Calorie Counter

Track - Calorie Counter best macro tracking apps
Track – Calorie Counter

Dietitians developed Nutritionix Track, which is an excellent choice for people who frequently consume prepared meals or go out. This software, which is accessible on both Android and iOS, offers a wide variety of items from supermarkets, eateries, and other sources.

Additionally, it features dishes from more than 760 restaurant brands’ menus, ensuring that you always stick to your macros even while dining out. You may alter the portion size and other information as you track your meals, and they routinely update their database to reflect new menus.

You may use the barcode scanner to scan grocery store items, add recipes, and bookmark your favorite meals for quick access, as with many other applications.

Thanks to the app, which shows your daily totals, it is quick and simple to check how many calories and macronutrients you have left after each meal. You receive a comprehensive picture of your daily protein, fat, and carb intake, which is crucial for people who are attempting to strike the ideal balance.

Overall, Nutritionix Track is a straightforward and fundamental app for monitoring meals. It is excellent for people who want an accurate food database without the headache of attempting to enter restaurant meals, which is sometimes tricky manually.


  • Simple to use.
  • Allows you to personalize your meals.
  • Tracks water consumption.
  • A Barcode scanner is included.
  • Has meals from approximately 800 eateries.


  • Uses FDA rounding standards, which screws off calorie accuracy.
  • Functions only with a Fitbit.
  • It’s challenging to alter prior meals.

#4. Calorie Counter by Lose It

Calorie Counter by Lose It
Calorie Counter by Lose It

An app like LoseIt! is just what you need if you also want to lose weight in addition to tracking your macros. The app provides meal recommendations based on your eating patterns and informs you how many calories and what proportion of macronutrients you should aim for in order to reach your desired weight.

Because you may earn extra calories for achieving specific activity targets, it encourages exercise. Even though it’s unclear how this is determined, it’s a great reason to incorporate exercise into your everyday routine.

We like how well it interacts with so many fitness applications; your data syncs across effortlessly, saving you time. The option to email your meal records from the app is valid, even though you can’t save progress images in the app.

A macro tracking app’s free version, which is accessible on iOS and Android, is a fantastic place to start. You can view your information quickly thanks to an intuitive design, an extensive cuisine database, and community assistance.

Carb monitoring, pattern analysis, dietary insights, sample meals, exercises, and the opportunity to customize additional objectives like sleep and activity minutes are all included in the premium features.

The premium package costs $39.99 per year. This is a fantastic option for someone looking for the best macro-tracking apps who want to lose weight.


  • Both unrestricted and free.
  • It has a vast database, which includes restaurant goods.
  • Custom foods and recipes can be entered.
  • Many fitness applications are compatible with it.
  • Reports from the app may be emailed.


  • Time-consuming.
  • The calorie burn bonus needs to be clarified.
  • You cannot share any progress pictures.

#5. Lifesum: Healthy Eating & Diet

Lifesum: Healthy Eating & Diet
Lifesum: Healthy Eating & Diet

Planning your meals is one of the most excellent methods to manage your macros, but there are so many alternatives available that it can take time to select a menu for the week.

This is when Lifesum can be helpful too. A variety of seven- to 21-day meal plans with shopping lists and recipes are available on the app. The app calculates your calories and macros as you enter your meals so you can make sure you’re on track with your objectives.

You can log your eating and activity with the free edition, but many features that make this program wonderful are unavailable. You may specify your target percentages for your daily fat, protein, and carbohydrate consumption in the updated edition, which includes macro rates.

Additionally, it will provide you access to in-depth meal details like fiber, sugar, and salt, which may be crucial for people with dietary restrictions or particular objectives.

The upgraded edition also offers you access to their collection of meal plans, including the 3-week weight reduction and keto burn programs.

With these meal plans, you receive entire shopping lists, recipes, and all of your meals for the day. If you’ll use the meal plans, it’s definitely worth the $49.99/year cost of the premium version.


  • Extensive food database
  • Many pre-made meal plans are included.
  • The UI is simple.
  • A Barcode scanner is included.


  • No group or individual coaching.
  • Meal plans are not included in the free edition.
  • Only works with some fitness apps.

#6. FoodNoms – Food Tracker 

FoodNoms - Food Tracker best macro tracking apps
FoodNoms – Food Tracker

This app is a meal monitoring software that respects your privacy while being quick to use. You must download FoodNoms if your diet consists of both freshly made meals and packaged goods.

The best macro-tracking apps allow you to track your food consumption and have a built-in barcode reader that takes the guesswork out of buying packaged items.

The app keeps track of your macros and provides a complete nutritional analysis of your meal selections. People now find it easier than ever to keep up with meal tracking thanks to FoodNoms.

FoodNoms is divided into three areas that may be accessed from the app’s tab bar: History, Goals, and Settings. You’ll spend most of your time on FoodNoms on the History tab since it’s where you can log items, add new things, and track your daily progress toward objectives.

FoodNoms may be downloaded for free from the App Store. Still, a premium subscription costs $1.99 per month or $16.99 annually and includes features like limitless nutrition goals, intermittent fasting monitoring, documenting meal portion estimations, and tracking water, coffee, and alcohol.


  • Simple to use UI.
  • It makes it simple to set goals.
  • Ideal for personalization and fine detailing.


  • The food database is limited.
  • It needs to keep track of salt consumption.
  • Ads are present.

#7. Carb Manager–Keto Diet Tracker

Carb Manager–Keto Diet Tracker best macro tracking apps
Carb Manager–Keto Diet Tracker

If you follow the keto diet, tracking your macros is very beneficial, and Carb Manager makes it easier to do so. Additionally, the app rates how well-suited to ketosis each item you consume and provides meal ideas and recipes to keep you on track.

You may alter the portion size, repeat an article over several days, and even receive a rating on how keto-friendly an item is when you add items to the list. Android and iOS devices can both use the app.

We loved how the food monitoring app also provided meal planning, recipe suggestions, and a way to interact with friends who were also using the program. You may participate in various challenges, support your friends, and learn about the keto diet. 

The premium version allows you to access more recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists, which cost $39.99/per year. Additionally, this edition enables you to link your fitness gadgets and track more detailed health data, such as glucose or ketone readings, which benefits people who follow the ketogenic diet. This software is a fantastic deal all around.


  • Calculator for macros built-in.
  • Food is simple to track.
  • Low-carb recipes and meal planning are included.
  • It can track weight, body measurements, and other health indicators.


  • Only the keto diet is highlighted.
  • No location to submit pictures of the progress.
  • Food logs cannot be exported in the free version.
  • The free edition has no connections to other activity-based apps.

Eleggible’s Final Words 

Make it less stressful to keep track of your macros. Try one of these suggested free macro trackers to reach your goals! It’s significant to highlight that several apps lacked capabilities like data exporting, community connection, and measurements or progress image upload.

Additionally, some users feel that using food diary apps can take time and effort. So please choose wisely and ensure the app meets all of your demands by selecting the appropriate one for you.

It’s crucial to remember that merely reaching your macros doesn’t mean you are automatically choosing healthier foods. You’ll still need to understand healthy eating, and working with a nutritionist is a unique approach to learning about food and nutrition.

We hope that this article, the best macro-tracking apps are helpful to you. Please look at each of these applications before choosing one to use exclusively. You will undoubtedly love your weight loss and Marco control journey.

Please let us know if you find this type of information to be beneficial and what other stuff you would like to see from us. Till then, keep checking back for more fascinating material!

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