11 Best Metronome Apps For Android & iOS (2024)

A perfect rhythm makes a great musician; a suitable metronome ensures that. Many musicians have used metronomes to improve their sense of rhythm. You have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a good metronome. The best metronome apps are great for showing you the tempo and doing much more.

How This Article is Going to Help You

  1. The app helps you learn a complicated passage at full speed.
  2. The app guides you with speeding up or slowing down while playing a song.
  3. It permits you to record to a “Click Track” while playing music.

The app aids musicians in developing a strong sense of rhythm and allows them to play music at the right tempo. Practicing with a metronome app will help to build a better base. The app helps to keep track of progress.

The metronome apps in the free version work best. But for some apps, the premium plan unlocks all beat games and features and removes ads. It completely depends on the users’ needs to work with a free version or buy a subscription.

The Metronome apps are helpful for day-to-day practice and also for public performance. While practicing, you can adjust the accent beats in the metronome app’s settings. The app also functions well with any instrument you play, such as the guitar and piano. These apps have many features that meet your music skills and goals.

With so many apps available on the market, finding the ideal one can be time-consuming. Yet, we’ve put together some of the best metronome apps based on their rankings, reviews, and usability. Check the given list below.

Top 11 Metronome Apps For You (2024 Picks)

#1. 7Metronome


This free metronome app has a unique beat visualization feature. The metronome is simple to use thanks to its interactive multi-touch user interface. You can create intricate rhythms by touching, dragging, pinching, or zooming.

This app helps you with tricky rhythms and improves your timing. The app enables you to change the tempo reference note. The app contains more than 100 possible time signatures.

You can tap on your desired tempo to get beats per minute. The app allows a fast tempo setting function while sliding fingers up and down. The notes have subdivisions of up to 15 notes. The app produces six different high-quality music. You can adjust the pitch of the sound in the setting. 


  • A convenient interface with razor-sharp accuracy.

  • The app allows you to set the time signature and different sounds, and save tempos.
  • This app lets you add accents, subdivisions, and even save bars.
  • Effective and versatile


  • The app continues to make a sound even after closing
  • The premium plan gives more rhythmic divisions.
  • Unnecessary ads lead to distraction.
  • Sometimes the volume fluctuates. 

#2. Metronome+


It has so many more features than a metronome. It offers everything needed in a metronome, from a chromatic tuner, and loop mode, to a pitch player. All these features work along with the Metronome.

The app has more features for practicing and recording your playing. It enables a change of tempos and even adds a tuner. The app produces a wider variety of sounds while playing.

The app has seven custom accents and automated adjusted tempo settings over time. With an in-app buy, all modes of Metronome+ used are free. Easy to use, flexible with a great design metronome app. The updated version has ad unit changes and custom notification fixes 


  • Updated version with more significant improvements
  • Choice of metronome clicks and good practice setting.
  • Changes a simple beat  according to all musical needs
  • The app helps to save your favorite settings


  • Extensive use of In-App Purchases for features.
  • The number of users is less as compared to the other apps.
  • The app provides only 90 secs. for tuning

#3. Metronome Ϟ

Metronome Ϟ
Metronome Ϟ

The app boasts accurate visual and audio feedback. This app also has an easy-to-use timer to track your practice sessions. This app features a better user experience and an attractive beat visual indication.

The app has eight metronome sounds, including the human voice. You can choose to pick out a sound according to your mood. You’ll also enjoy Metronome’s background mode, which lets you blend in with other audio.

The app supports its visual feedback through iPhone LED flash. The app also has tap tempo functionality. The in-app purchases include features like a preset list and interactive beat editor. Custom time signatures and subdivisions are also added to in-app purchases.


  • Customizing the sound of the metronome makes
  • Different click sounds to help users find the one that works best with their ears.
  • This app is worthwhile for piano learners.
  • Easier to hear a voice counting with keeping time.


  • Sometimes the problem occurs in rearranging the order of different songs
  • Limited sounds for the metronome
  • Not suitable for music with an exact and steady beat.

#4. Camtronome


This app helps to master rhythm skills. It is an advanced metronome designed for live performances and band rehearsals. It also helps in personal practice to play live music with ease. This is like a metronome and camera in one device to focus on playing music. 

This metronome changes BPM for a complex, programmable digital metronome. Camtronome comes with an extended practice mode. The app lets you create your metronomes where tempo or rhythm changes over time.

You can organize metronomes into playlists and store them in a cloud. The app trains your timing, precision, and accuracy. It lets us enjoy the multitude of handy settings.

The app also features a video recording function to keep track of your progress. You can loop your desired settings to maintain a constant tempo during rehearsal. 


  • Users can create a track with a voice prompt
  • Excellent user interface and easy-to-use
  • The recording function helps during practice.
  • Exceptional sound quality


  • The bpm and time signature buttons sometimes do not work 
  • No way to put many videos together
  • No robotic voice for time counting

#5. Metronome: Tempo

Metronome: Tempo
Metronome: Tempo

This is a great metronome app for practice sessions to live performances. Tempo provides the features you need while maintaining usability. It offers high accuracy and stability.

The app comes with an attractive and comprehensive single-screen interface. Flashing LEDs serve as buttons to alter beats and produce intricate rhythms. The app saves configurations as songs in setlists.

Those setlists are shared and backed via email. Tempo has a unique interface that switches between five modes. The five modes are basic, preset, practice sessions,  setlist, and gig. Each mode presents a different combination of optimized functionalities.

The Tracker feature tracks the number of bars played. The Automator feature of the app stops the playback after reaching the limit. The app lets you control the volume and choose from 12 sound sets.


  • The app controls setlists, tempo, and playback with AirTurn Bluetooth controllers
  • The app allows automatic tempo change
  • Supports multitasking 
  • It enables advanced setlist management such as search, overwriting,  and multi-deletion


  • Accent counts in the app begin to sound the same
  • Limited click sounds
  • Small LEDs and subtle light don’t match the sounds
  • The app shows volume and sound quality issues

#6. Pro Metronome

Pro Metronome
Pro Metronome

It has powerful and complete features for daily practice or stage performance. The interface is intuitive and ad-free. The app allows you to change accents and beat sounds.

Pro Metronome lets you see the beats and choose different beat volume levels. The app provides visual and vibrating modes while playing loud instruments. Flash Mode of the app uses the camera flash to synchronize the entire band.

The pendulum mode enables better visual feedback. The Rhythm Trainer, designed by Pro Metronome, mutes a chosen bar of the beat. This feature trains your innate sense of timing.

This feature is not found in any other apps. Pro Metronome provides landscape mode for increased resolution. It has dynamic time signature settings, including a counting voice.


  • In-app volume adjustment and tone generators
  • The app has a timer to help you keep track of your session
  • This app highlights unlimited customization. 


  • The tempo moves up two beats every few minutes
  • The Pro Version has even more features including subdivisions and polyrhythm settings.
  • It has a distracting aural experience

#7. Simple Metronome

Simple Metronome
Simple Metronome

As the name suggests, the app is a simple metronome. Unlike some free metronome apps, it offers a high consistent tempo. This app has NO ADS and is simple and easy to use.

This helps to stay focused whilst practicing. The app provides a stable tempo and first-beat accent. The app is excellent for setting tempos for live performances.

This helps store “Favorites” for quick tempo recall. The app works along with other audio applications. The app fosters ideas about rhythm. You can play the instrument with patience and balance.

Thus, the complete concentration of the mind makes practice more efficient. The app provides an adjustable BPM and time signature. The app sets a visual indicator of each beat. 


  • There are plenty of options available for the customization of sounds and tempo
  • It’s not loaded with unnecessary features
  • The app doesn’t turn off while turning on another app  or when there is a notification


  • The metronome sound disappears on playing songs
  • Users have to navigate in the app itself to stop it
  • There is a continuous fluctuation in volume.

#8. Fender Guitar Tuner

Fender Guitar Tuner
Fender Guitar Tuner

This metronome app has interactive guitar chords and in-built customizable drum beats. The Fender’s dynamic guitar chord library has new sonic possibilities. This library creates any chord pattern with many shape variations.

The app shows chord diagrams and finger placement for each version of a chord in any position. You can find a chord by searching for a note. The app teaches complex scales with easy-to-understand visuals.

You can find scale diagrams and patterns for any variation anywhere on the fretboard. The app improves your playing. The app has a flexible drum kit based on an actual acoustic drum set made for Fender.

We can choose the pace and time signature on the app to practice with any rhythm. The app also features a standard metronome to help you stay on time.


  • The app has advanced precision tuning capabilities
  • The dynamic scale library from Fender enhances your lead playing
  • The chord offers a wealth of chord shapes, all in the sam


  • The app sometimes does not pick the correct string for tuning. 
  • Sometimes the app shows trouble placing the octave in the desired note
  • Includes chords for six-string guitar only

#9. Metronome Beats

Metronome Beats
Metronome Beats

This app is for solo and group music practice. The app has a wide variety of tempos from which to choose. Metronome Beats controls for easy up and down of the tempo in small increments.

The tap function helps to set the beat. The beat is subdivided to help practice faster parts of your music. You can also create your custom sound settings. Using the app, you can change the pitch of the metronome to hear it better over the instrument.

This easy-to-use app comes free, with a different layout that supports various devices. The visual beat indicator keeps track of your progress. The app enables you to mute the metronome and check the tempo with visual effects. 


  • You can mute the sound and use visualizations to follow the beat.
  • You can carry on the next time where you left off.
  • Easy to set up many rhythm patterns.


  • The sound does not synchronize with the visual indicator.
  • The sound appears broken and needs to be adjusted
  • The beat is very loud, and for earbuds, it hurts

#10. Metronomics Metronome

Metronomics Metronome
Metronomics Metronome

This metronome app uses Metronomics to create random patterns or sequenced grooves. Combining both makes it possible to practice with more than the standard click track.

The app has forty different samples to choose from. Each of these enables you to create patterns for total control over each subdivision. It helps you work with preset patterns like claves or cymbals.

The “offset” feature allows you to move rhythm to different parts of the measure to practice with. Metronomes are saved and shared with other users via email.

The app helps track your metronome usage. The app gives a solid sense of time and rhythm. This app has a handy manual and videos describing features. The app features sliders that allow quick adjustments to rhythmic subdivisions. 


  • You can control the playing of subdivisions.
  • The app has normalized sounds for a good volume.
  • The independence mode helps to set inaudible bars.


  • Users facing difficulty in setting the metronome to count 6 
  • The subscription plan comes with great features but is costly
  • The app needs auto bpm increasing to be perfect.
  • The app does not provide a count-in feature.

#11. Real Metronome for Guitar, Dru

Real Metronome for Guitar, Dru
Real Metronome for Guitar, Dru

This is a quartz-accurate digital mobile metronome app. This app is a precisely designed app for experiencing an accurate metronome.  This metronome is reliable and simple to use.

The app keeps tempo with the help of metronome beats. The tempo animations of the app give moving pendulum animation. This pendulum mode helps to change and adjust the temp.

The visual flash allows you to see the beat and vibration to feel the beats. All popular tempos are in the app, and one can adjust manually to any desired tempo.

You can set any time signature from the famous time signature presets. The app has over ten handpicked sounds for every band and style. The light and vibrate options come in handy in certain situations.


  • No ads to interrupt the metronome sessions
  • The app provides the most precision
  • The sound is pretty crystal clear
  • The app is a good choice for some professional band practice metronome


  • The app doesn’t have skip beat option
  • Sometimes the lights lose sync with the correct beat 
  • The app doesn’t have much personalization available

Eleggible’s Final Words

The list of the best metronome apps will only benefit you and your music career immensely. Downloading an extra music app may be ineffective. But if you are serious about music, try the metronome apps listed above.

Each app has its standard features, which makes them different from the other metronome apps. These metronome apps help musicians not to skip a beat. The apps include a wide range of functions from simple to complex.

These apps perfectly fit the skill level and goals of musicians. A metronome helps you improve and teaches you how to stay on track. These apps allow users to play music at the appropriate pace.

We have listed some of the best physical metronomes to use during practice. So, consider getting a metronome to learn the correct way of playing. Innumerable artists have developed their sense of rhythm with Metronomes apps. The list allows you to select one that matches your musical abilities and ambitions.

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