17 Best Auto Mouse Mover Software/App for Windows [2024]

What to Know

⇒  Without touching the mouse, now make your computer self-reliant with the best auto mouse mover software and app. 

⇒  It prevents the detection of the employee’s cursor movement.

⇒  It can also collect points on your behalf in the game by clicking and moving the mouse constantly.

Today in this article, we will learn about mouse mover software. We have a list of software with us to share with you. You can use whichever software you like or prefer more.

Let’s understand first what mouse mover software is basically. Sometimes you do not want your computer to sleep because of inactivity. However, you can set your laptop on never sleep mode but still, sometimes you do not want to change settings and do not want your PC to go to sleep, and there are more conditions like you play some game and that game requires your mouse cursor to move constantly to show that you’re active.

In this type of situation, this auto mouse mover tool can be a great help. Some companies also check their employees whether are working or not, so they try detecting the movement of your cursor.

Here this software can be a big help too. This software fools computer algorithms that try to see the direction of your mouse cursor. How this software works, this software installs its program on the user’s computer. You can test your mouse clicking and mouse moving compatibility at cpstest.org the best click observation tool online.

After installing programs, they intend to move the mouse automatically while away from your computer or busy with some other work. This software can be a big help for users. Who does not want their screen to be timed out due to inactivity?

About 90% of the time, it’s hard to detect whether any automatic mouse mover software is being used or not. So it’s safe to use them, but we are still not 100% taking a bet on this software.

As such there are no auto mouse mover Chrome extensions that can help you to move the mouse on your Chrome. You just have to use these software and these will help you to move your mouse cursor in Chrome also.

Top 17 Auto Mouse Mover Software/App to Move Mouse Automatically [2024]

Mouse mover is also available in hardware form, called mouse jiggler. You can also try that, but you need to pay some amount to use it, or instead, you can use free software for it, which does the same work as mouse jigglers do.

Not only for seconds or minutes you can spend screen time even for hours, besides this facility, there are many other features too, that you can have access to. Just get the best auto mouse mover and enjoy even your office work.

We have tested software from USB Mouse Jiggler to Murgee auto mouse click and created this list according to the features and pricing. Each software is unique and easy to use, you can select anyone according to your choice and need.

So, here is the best automatic mouse-clicking software for Windows.

Let’s begin.

#1. Move Mouse

This Move Mouse software was published by Ella and is available to install on your computer from the Microsoft Windows Apps section. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in Microsoft technologies, you may want to check out ExamSnap’s list of the most popular Microsoft certifications to help you get started on your path to success.

This auto move mouse software is easy to use and is available with proper instructions on how to use it with limitations also. People also have uploaded their reviews about this software on the Microsoft Store, and it also has 4.5-star ratings on the Microsoft store.

Auto move mouse software

You can set time intervals in this software to move the mouse and accordingly to set intervals your mouse will move. Within a few clicks, you quickly set this software to start its job of moving the cursor.

You also get an option to hide your cursor. Sometimes it becomes so annoying and disturbing for us to see the cursor moving randomly while sitting next to our computer and doing some other work.

So to save us from any kind of disturbance, you use this option to hide the cursor. Yet, this one is the best software but, if you don’t want to use this then there are more move mouse alternatives that we have reviewed below.

#2. Auto Clicker Typer

Auto Clicker Typer is an open-source free move mouse alternative Windows that allows users to program clicks and hit buttons as users want. This all can be set up on a repetitive basis also.

This tool can help those people the most who use a similar or identical program on their personal computers or laptops. It can help you in gaming too. Many games require constant clicking; the more you click, the more you grind in-game.

Auto Clicker Typer move mouse automatically

This software can complete your wishes in games smoothly in no time. You just have to set up this program accordingly with your game on go to good sleep at night and wake up prosperous tomorrow in your favorite game. Also, the user can list the number of clicks wanted.

This program will move the mouse automatically without any manual work. The program will not exceed that number of clicks if the user defines it. These are some cool features of Auto Clicker Typer.

#3. NoSleep Mouse Mover App

NoSleep is an open-source and free mouse mover app. This app was developed and published by Humboldt Apps. This app is available to download on the Microsoft App Store. To use this, you have to enable background running for this app and not close this.

This app is easy to use and available with a simple user interface. Currently, this app does not work so well with Windows 10 and Windows 11. But it does work fine with previous windows. There is no default preset available with this mouse mover app which makes this app less popular. But still, some users use this app.

#4. Mouse Jiggler

Mouse Jiggler makes your cursor move and prevents your system from going into sleep mode or hibernation mode. It has more than one million downloads. There are two options available which are almost the same with a tiny difference between them.

The first option will move the user’s cursor normally as programmed by the user. The second option has one extra thing, which is called Zen mode.

best mouse jiggler for windows

When the user turns on the second option, the cursor will move as it is programmed to move, but it will not show the cursor on-screen basically, it will hide your cursor from the screen.

Mouse Jiggler has one of the most straightforward user interfaces, making it very easy to use. People prefer this best mouse jiggler for Windows more because of the more extensive user base, and the good reviews people gave after using this software.

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#5. Vaydeer

Vaydeer Mouse Jiggler is hardware. Developed by Vaydeer. This is one of the best mouse jigglers present in the market. It can cost you around 25$ to 35$ more or less depending on whether you getting the best deal.

According to Vaydeer, this object is 100% undetectable, which means if you are using the Vaydeer Mouse Jiggler, you sit back and rest without any fear of getting detected.

Vaydeer mouse jiggler makes a soft sound that is under 45 dB while working. This product is recommended for office work and gaming. This device is compatible with Laptops with mice attached and computers. This device only supports a mouse.

You need to have a mouse to use the Vaydeer mouse jiggler. You do not need any driver to use this device, which is one of the best parts. The compact size makes it easy to carry with you anywhere. You can use it on any mouse.

#6. Stageek Mouse Jiggler

Stageek Mouse Jiggler is a device used for making automatic motions with the cursor. This device was developed by Stageek and is available to purchase on Amazon.

This product ranges from $20 to $30, and the rest depends on your best deal. According to Stageek, this product is undetectable, which is one of the main things the user requires while spending on a product like this one.

Users do not need to install any software to use it. This product has 4.5-star ratings on Amazon, which shows how trustworthy this product is.

With one switch on and off, this product starts its work. Optical mice should be used for the best results. This device is pocket-friendly; you can easily carry it anywhere, and it fits right in your pocket.

#7. Mini Mouse Macro

Mini Mouse Macro is a free and open-source automatic mouse mover software that Turnssoft publishes. This software is suitable for repetitive actions.

First, you need to create your profile where you can set your commands for the software, and then the software will work as per your commands only. You can make different profiles for different applications you want to use this software.

Mini Mouse Macro automatic mouse mover

You have the option to create macros where the software will remember all your commands for any particular application. So that you do not have to set orders or program software every time you use it.

It will save a lot of time and start working in a few clicks only. You also get the recordings option, where you can record your commands for further use in the future. This software supports Hotkey which makes it easier to use and handy for its users.

#8. XuMouse Auto Mouse Mover

XuMouse is free and open-source software that Torrez developed. This software currently has a user base of hundreds of thousands of users. It is also available in some different languages than English.

This software has two options to offer. The first option has a mover who will make your mouse cursor move based on how you program it to move. The second option has been clicked. You can set intervals and program the cursor to click where you want, and it will start connecting according to the commands of its user.

XuMouse auto mouse mover

This auto cursor mover software has a large main user base from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. This software will take up shallow storage space on your computer or laptop, and it’s straightforward to use and operate.

If you do not have to set any moving command, you can just click on XuMouse action mode. The user’s cursor random mouse mover will move randomly on the screen to keep the status active in this mode.

#9. MouseController

MouseController is free and open-source auto-move mouse software that Tgutzler publishes. This software has many options which can help you carry out the operations you want.

This software has the most customizable options, and this software has shortcut keys to improve productivity. Users can customize commands according to their preferences and save them with software for future uses. The automatic mover option will let your mouse cursor move without a particular direction.

MouseController auto move mouse software

It also supports execution from the command prompt with parameters on. This software requires .NET framework 4.8 runtimes to run on the user’s computer. The software installer will install the framework if it is necessary to install it.

Although it does not mean that software is heavy to run or requires any specific specifications, it can run efficiently on any specs. This software is light and small in size with a good user interface.

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#10. Mouse Machine

Mouse Machine is free and open-source software that Daniel Cimino develops. This Mouse moving software can be a big time-saving help for many users. With this software, you can build almost nine hundred nighties and nine configurations.

You can save these configurations and use them with a single mouse click in the future. This software does not require any kind of installation at all. You use this software anytime and anywhere.

Mouse Machine mouse moving software

The best part is that you can carry this software on a pen drive or hard disk, which is preferable for you. With a single click, this software will start, and with a few more clicks, you will experience the magic of this software.

When running, this software constantly shares the position and coordinates of the cursor with a user, who later helps create an automated path. Users can easily copy this automatic path and easily share it with other users.

#11. KeyControl

KeyControl is free and open-source software that HexStead develops. This software has some good features, and one of them is so interested in it.

Element of learning, by creating a preset of commands and programs by the user, this software will learn how its user works and suggest a better way of doing the same operation more efficiently. The limited number of functions and fewer customizable settings available make this software simple to use.


However, this software can perform all necessary work operations but not one of those with top high-tech functions because you do not need those in the end.

The user can create loops as much as the user wants to create and save them with the software. This software has one of the most accessible user interfaces, and it is tiny in size too.

#12. TinyTask

Tiny Task is free and open-source auto AFK mouse mover software that Vista Software develops. It has a user base of more than two hundred thousand users.

Small Task is one software that is easy and fast to program. Users can set up this software in seconds and let this software handle all their work. Users can create automatic profiles, which can later be edited and set up for use.

TinyTask mouse mover software

Also, users can record and playback their program with Tiny Task. Once you turn on recording, this software will record every activity on your mouse and keyboard.

Once you are done with recording, just tap stop then you can use these recordings for your operations. Users can easily playback these recordings at the speed of their choice. It can be 2x or 0.25x at any rate, according to the user.

#13. Leo Moon

LeoMoon is open-source and free software. This software has a bold interface but is easy to use simultaneously. It comes with some preset for time intervals to get your work done in a few clicks. But you can make your very own preset too.

There is no restriction on time variables which lets the user customize it according to his wants. Users can use [Ctr}l + ]Win] + [.] to enable this software and same to disable this software while using it.

Leo Moon

This software is portable users can carry it in pen drives or anything they want. You can also create a small file to share this software with anyone.

This software takes very little storage space and runs smoothly on any computer or laptop. This software receives regular updates from its developer, which is suitable for users and can help them with any bugs.

#14. WiggleMouse Automatic Mouse Mover

WiggleMouse is an open-source and free automatic mouse mover software. Samuel develops this software. This software uses Javascript to move mouse cursor. This software has some limited options, which are still helpful.

But if you are looking for more sorted and easy-to-use software, this software is good for you. With almost no available customization, you can create your customization with Wiggle Mouse, which will let you set up your interval sections and time-out sessions.

Wiggle Mouse automatic mouse mover

This software is available in the English language only. There is proper instruction on use with this software available. This software has one of the most straightforward user interfaces.

This helps users who are not friendly in dealing with a computer can easily use it. With almost no options on the software user interface, you can enable these options from settings and set them accordingly.

#15. Asoftech

Asoftech is open-source auto-move mouse software. This software requires a subscription to use, which makes this software a paid one. This software has many customized click options supported. You can create your very own presets. These presets can be linked with shortcut keys to save some time for its users.

This software supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. The user will have full control of time intervals.

Asoftech auto move mouse software

This software also supports drag and drop, which is a unique and good feature for users. This software has a simple and good user interface.

The user interface of this software has so many options available on the front only, which will save you from the trouble of finding features and options.

#16. Mouse Recorder Pro

Mouse Recorder Pro is open-source and free mouse mover software. If you are looking for software that will help you move the mouse cursor automatically and want any software to do clicks as you program, then this software is good to go for you. This software has a good user interface which makes it user-friendly software.

This is very small in size, so you do not have to worry about space or will this software be easy to run on your computer or not. It has a variety of configuration options available within this software.

Mouse Recorder Pro free mouse mover software

This software is script-friendly too, and the user can easily create his script and use almost every function. Users can use the Mouse Recorder Pro calendar to schedule a run time and interval time for recordings. User can easily edit their script in Mouse Recorder Pro Editor for it.

#17. Auto Clicker

Auto-Clicker is an open-source and free auto mouse mover software. This software is available on Windows. Minecraft auto clicker, auto click MAC, GS auto clicker, Auto clicker for Roblox, OP auto clicker, and Auto clicker for Android.

This software can help you auto-clicking with a wide range of available options. You can set time intervals according to you easily. Create as many presets as you like to create. It is one of the best user interfaces it has. Which makes it easy to use this software.

Auto Clicker auto mouse mover

You can carry out different operations within a few clicks, and yes, Auto Clicker offers a help section within its software to help you out. Program Hotkeys to start your work within a few clicks or maybe with one click only. You can set this software on Autostart, which will let this software automatically start when you start your computer.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Mouser mover software and the clicker are the need of the hour for many users. There are many free options available online to download. If you are ready to pay some money out of your pocket, you can buy products from Amazon or any other website where these products are available.

You can also try paid software. But trust us, free software is as good as paid ones. Some software offers a unique feature that is not even available on paid software. So, free software is a must-try, from setting up intervals to making your customizable options in the software.

Users have access to all this. The Hardware mouse movers offer a 100% undetectable scheme whereas the software does not guarantee anything. But here come user reviews and ratings, which can help you make your final decisions. If you ask us about our choice, it would be, Move Mouse, Mini Mouse Macro, and Mouse Jiggler. These will be our top picks.

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