11 Best Paranormal Apps for Android & iOS

Do you like scary movies or are a fan of paranormal activities, then this article is for you all only? In this article, I have mentioned some of the best paranormal apps that can be used by android and iOS users.

Some of these apps have high VR quality and a 360-degree camera or 3D camera that will help you all to take the shots of paranormal activities anywhere in the area.

And if these apps will be in your smartphones, then there is no need for giant cameras and other instruments to record the paranormal activities.

Top 11 Paranormal Apps or Ghost Hunting Apps for Android & iOS

Isn’t it unusual for all the paranormal activities lovers? So, without wasting time, let us move to the description of the apps.

1. Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner

This is the best and most popular ghost hunters app that can be used by both android and iOS users. It has an easy interface making it easy for use and understand.

The EMF will record with the help of the magnetometer sensor of your device, and later these readings can be analyzed in the app itself with the help of interactive charts.

The Settings screen you can activate simulated measurements, responsive UI with full support for all screen sizes, and device orientations. After you have the data, then you can easily watch things on the screen.

2. PAIRS Spirit Box

This is an amazing app that is developed by people of three different countries and can be used by both android and iOS. The app helps you to seek ghosts from a distance. If your device detects any paranormal activity, then it will glow in different colors.

The colors glow depending on the distance between the ghost and the device. Each color represents a 20% increase or decrease in the distance. This app also has an easy interface to make the app easier to use.

3. EVP Recorder – Spotted Ghosts

If you love haunting ghosts and want to do more, then this is the best ghost detector apps real for you. The app has an easy interface, and both android and iOS users can use it. But don’t put high hopes on the app as it will not make the ghost talk to you directly.

All your recordings of the sound or the paranormal activities will be saved in the ”EVP recording folder” and later, these recordings can be converted into mp3 formats. You can see the functionality on the main screen.

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4. Ghost Finder – Paranormal Discovery Tracker Hunter

This is one of the amazing ghost apps or prank app for paranormal activities and can be used by both android and iOS users. You just have to start the app and then open the camera.

You have to view your surrounding through the camera and at some point, it will create an image which you can tell your friends is the paranormal activity. 

5. Ghost Rider

Among the ghost hunters app, this is the best app that can be used by both android and iOS users. This app is different as it does not detect anything unless it is genuine, as some of these apps just detect anything due to an increase in energy.

When you are searching for paranormal activities, then the voice can inform you about the supernatural activity.

6. Ghost Radar

This is one of the advanced apps that are meant to detect paranormal activities. It has a more sophisticated setting but has an easy interface making it easier to use.

The app can translate energy into words and bring them to the indicators or numeric values. One of the other exciting features is the different languages it can translate. 

7. Ultimate EMF Detector Free

This app works on the sensor of your device to scan through the EMF detector to detect the paranormal activities near your surroundings. The EMF detector has a meter and a led.

This app will use the magnetic sensor of the compass on your device; then, it will display the reading on the LED in the form of lines. EMF studying is not the only purpose of this app. It can also detect metals, magnets, and devices.

8. Ghost Detector Camera

One of the main reasons for the popularity of this app is its authenticity of the app. it ill create an atmosphere that will make the person more interested in the process. It has an easy interface that makes it easier to use and understand.

It also uses the real EMF waves to detect the paranormal activities near your surroundings. Move your device from left to right and keep an eye on the ghost proximity indicator.

9. Ghost Detector Radar

If you just want to brag around your friends that you have seen a ghost or something, then this is one of the best ghost hunting apps that really work. This app also provides you with a night mode camera so that you can easily find the paranormal activities near your surrounding.

There are also calibrating sensors in the app which will show the concentration of EMF in the zone you explore. This app is available in many languages making it even more fun.

You can also download fun apps to prank with your friends.

10. Paranormal Window

This is an app that will not help you catch or detect the paranormal activities, but this app contains all the details and information that you want to know about the paranormal world.

There is a news related to the latest discoveries and events in this field. Along with these, there are videos, audio ad photos that are already found associated with the paranormal world. 

11. Ghost Camera Photo Prank with Paranormal Effects

If you want to take an unusual picture and even add a ghost to it!? Then this is the ghost hunters app for you. Both android and iOS users can use the app. this app will help you to take the best paranormal pictures.

You just need to find a ghost sticker that you want to add to your photo. When your picture will be ready, prank your friends with it. You just have to choose a photo from your phone gallery and add a ghost sticker to it or add several ghost stickers if you like.

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Eleggible’s Final Words

All the apps that are mentioned above are amazing, popular, and are easy to use because it has an easy interface. You can easily prank your friends by taking pictures.

You can even detect paranormal activities with the help of an EMF scanner that works on the sensor of your device. Download thee apps and give it a try, hope this article was a help.

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