17 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables in 2022

The consumer non-durables sector is up-and-coming indeed, and it has plenty of jobs. The industry’s size is enormous, which ensures a certain number of jobs available all the time, and thus the sector keeps on flourishing. Talking about the point of joining this sector, one must consider all the benefits and adversities of pursuing a job in this sector to carefully determine if this career path is suited to oneself or not. We have tried to review the job profile of the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables in this article. We have made a deep analysis of the salary and job outlook, and remarks are made accordingly about the possible career scenarios in this industry.

Firstly, we must understand what is consumer goods to learn in-depth about non-durable consumer goods. So, a consumer good refers to any good or product meant for the usage or consumption of an average consumer. Consumer goods are the final result of the entire production process. Non-durable consumer goods refer to those products which are not meant for more extended usage and are used up or consumed very quickly. Their life span is generally concise, which may range from a period of minimum few minutes to a maximum of three years.

The consumer non-durables sector comprises all the industries and businesses operating in consumer non-durables, and they are involved in the manufacturing and selling of these goods.

An example of a consumer non-durable can be any food item, clothing and footwear items, plates made of paper or thermocol, etc. These items are not meant for repeated usage and have a shorter life span.

Difference Between Consumer Durable and Consumer Non-Durable?

Basis of Differentiation

Consumer Non-Durables

Consumer Durables

MeaningConsumer non-durables are products that have a lifespan that may range from a minimum of a few minutes to a maximum of three years.Consumer durables are those goods or products which have a lifespan of more than three years.
Purchase RepetitionThe consumer is bound to make repeated purchases for nondurables because they are quickly exhausted.Consumer durables last longer and their purchase is generally made once in a few years.
Taxation systemLower sales taxHigher sales tax
ValueConsumer non-durables are less valued Consumer durables are more valued 
ExamplesEdible food items, ornamental flowers, beverages, etc.Refrigerator, television, washing machine, bicycle, etc.

What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay?

Any industry pays its employees as per the nature of its services. As an individual industry, this sector has a good collection of some of the highest and best paying jobs in consumer non-durables in the market. It depends on how capable the employee is of gaining from the industry. The sector’s overall performance in the market is good, and it pays its employees fairly.

What Companies are in the Consumer Non-Durables Field?

There are many companies running under the head of consumer non-durables, and they are doing well. Even a few of the top-most companies also run under the same charge, which is:

#1. Nestle AG

You must have heard of Nestle AG for sure. We consume a lot of their non-durable products in our everyday life. It is doing quite well in the consumer non-durables sector, and it is the largest food and non-alcoholic beverages company in the world. It is well known for the quality of its products.

#2. Kellogg’s

Kellogg’s is also a very familiar company to most of us, and we consume its products very often, and almost all of us are regular company customers. It is primarily an American multinational food manufacturing company and deals in periodic edibles such as waffles, cornflakes, crackers, cookies, etc.

#3. Coca-Cola

We all are very prone to consuming the soft drinks manufactured by Coca-cola. It is a trendy brand and has excellent customer trust, and it is an American company that deals in non-alcoholic beverage manufacturing. 

#4. Unilever

Unilever has established such a massive name that its name alone is enough to understand its identity. There are over 400 brand names in 190 countries with which Unilever runs its business. It is a multinational corporation that deals in consumer non-durables goods, including foods, beverages, and more. Unilever deals in three classes of goods: food and refreshments, beauty & personal care, and home care.

#5. Danone

Danone is a trendy French multinational corporation that deals in food products and is based in Paris. It was founded in Barcelona, Spain. The company has substantial goodwill and is listed on Euronext Paris, making it reliable. The company’s products are trendy amongst the users, and it gets huge sales every year.

How Many Jobs are Available in Consumer Non-Durables?

The consumer non-durables sector is so huge that there is always an excellent availability of jobs in the market for this sector. Provided that, you must be capable enough and imparted with the set of skills required to cater to the demand of this sector. This sector demands competent people because the nature of jobs here is diverse. If you are looking for the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables, don’t worry because there are plenty of them.

You must be well-versed with a few facts before entering into the consumer non-durables industry. This preparation will ensure that you will not face any sudden shock by discovering unknown facts about the industry later on. Also, if you have good information about the industry in advance, you will eventually increase your chance of getting the job quickly.

The consumer non-durable industry has been rising since time immortal, and it will increase in the future. The reason is that the demand for the good that it deals in is humongous and never-ending. The consumer is always willing to consume, and as its disposable income increases, it tends to drink even more. There can be some cases in which a consumer may cut down its consumption expenditure for these non-durables, but the consumer will continue to consume again in the long run. Moreover, globalization and technological advancements have further expanded the scope of betterment for the sector and the people associated with it. This is a positive growth curve that indicates that the future of this sector is also expected to be good enough.

10 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables [High Paying]

The employee’s pay scale in this sector generally depends on the type of job and the employee’s capacities. The better set of skills the employee has to offer, the better payment gets. However, we have listed a few of the best jobs from the sector below that offer the highest salaries to their employees.

#1. Human Resource Manager

Job Description

The job of a human resource manager is to look after the recruitment, interviewing, and fresh hiring of employees. They act as the link through which the company’s workforce is built up. The manager remains continuously in touch with the old employees as well. They look after the overall performance and betterment of the employees. The human resource managers have a vital role in the company’s overall functioning, and their position is said to be of utmost responsibility.


The human resource managers are paid quite well in the consumer non-durables industry, and they are paid well because of their crucial role. For the human resource manager, the base salary may lie anywhere between $97,966 to $123,838. Many people can expect to get an average base salary of $110,353. Not just this, they can also expect paid time off and other healthcare benefits from their company.

#2. Information Security Analyst

Job Description

This is an era of Data deluge, and there is an extreme threat of increasing cyber crimes around us. In such a period, the job of information security analyst gets so many invitations from the industry. This job comprises information security professionals who have an expert standard of knowledge of cyber threats. They are expected to provide measures and suggest ways to protect confidential data from getting into cybercrimes.


There is a massive demand for information security analysts in the industry, which ensures that they will be paid well. The starting salary may range somewhere between $70,000 to $160,000 annually. It must be kept in mind that their salary dramatically depends on the quality of skills and experience they possess.

#3. Quality Assurance Analyst

Job Description

The job of Quality assurance analysts is to look after the proper maintenance of the company’s products and services and make sure that the standards that the company sets are met before these products and services go to market for sale. The quality assurance analyst looks after all the possible flaws in delivering the goods mentioned above and services along with the due review processes. They are also entrusted with performing quality tests. Hence, this job is pretty demanding.


A quality assurance analyst gets a median annual salary of $63,720 as per the 2018 data. However, the speculated salary in 2022 is expected to be $78,270, and the payout increases with time.

#4. Production Associates

Job Description

Production associates have a very full-of-life kind of job. They generally work on documenting product development with the help of tools like a camera. His work includes regular feedback mechanisms as well. The position of a production associate is of utmost significance for the company. Their job is exciting but at the same time very demanding as well. Hence, they always have to put in extra hard work while performing their job.


There is a wide belief that the production associates are paid hefty salaries, which is quite true. However, in return, they are demanded a good amount of work. The speculated median annual salary of a production associate is believed to be $44,110.

#5. Communication Specialists

Job Description

Communication Specialists have a very high demand in both national and international markets. This job profile is highly recommended to those seeking to establish a career in this domain because it has enormous scope in the present and the coming time. The communication specialists get a chance to work with some of the world’s biggest and most successful brands. These big firms pay hefty salaries to their employees, so communication specialists are paid very well. Anyone willing to take up communication specialist as a career must surely go ahead.


People estimate the speculated salary of communication specialists is relatively high, and it is approximately $64,300 on average. There are many options to grow yourself further in this domain, which will give you a chance to increase your payouts.

#6. Digital Designer

Job Description

This is one of the emerging and best paying jobs in consumer non-durables. The job of a digital designer is very demanding in this modern digital era. It would be best if you were very effective, efficient, and exceptionally creative. You are expected to learn several other skills throughout your working period.


Still, these qualities will fetch you somewhere between $70K, and with time there is great scope of increments in your payment. Hence, with hard work, you can realize a reasonable amount out of the job of a digital designer.

#7. Benefits Coordinator

Job Description

A benefits coordinator’s job has very high demand in the national and international market. They get decent pay for their job and get several additional health care benefits. Their job is a safe one to have. Continuous hard work and determination are required to fulfill the duties of a benefits coordinator, which is why the person is expected to be extremely hard-working.


Benefits Coordinators are believed to get a decent salary. This is true because their basic pay averages more than $68,000 per year, which is a fair enough price given in remuneration.

#8. Brand Manager

Job Description

A brand manager’s job role is quite challenging as well as adventurous. A brand manager identifies their consumer’s needs, and he then works on determining how to cater to them. You need to have assertive communication skills and an entrepreneurial spirit to become a good Brand manager.


The brand manager gets an average salary annually of $110,154. However, there is quite a reasonable growth rate of 9%.

#9. Sales Representatives

Job Description

A sales representative’s job is evergreen in the industry. Almost every company needs them. Hence, you will never be short of the jobs of sales representatives. There are a few skills that you need to master to become a successful sales representative. You must develop a personality that goes well with interacting with humans. A sales representative has to convince consumers to purchase consumer non-durable goods that his company manufactures.


In the Sales representative job, one can get high pay if he works diligently. A sales representative gets $53,000 annually on average.

#10. Network Engineer

Job Description

Most people expect that the job of a network engineer demands an individual to be highly trained to design and implement various computer networks. To get a job as a network engineer, there must be a technology and computer science background. Still, it is not the case that you won’t be able to secure a job as a network engineer without a degree. To get this job, a degree isn’t always necessary. Various companies prefer that they can comfortably work with network engineers even if they do not have a relevant degree. Still, they must have at least one or two years of relevant work experience before applying.


Network engineers’ jobs are trendy in the industry, and the job growth rate for network engineers is very high. There is enough demand for their services, and they probably get a median salary of $98,520. This amount may vary by company—the better the company, the better the payout.

7 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables [Medium Paying] (But Easy)

#1. Pharmaceutical Production Technician

Job Description

The Pharmaceutical production technicians are appointed to evaluate various types of products to ensure that the quality is up to the mark. Their job typically demands them to work in the mainstream factories, and they inspect and test the consequences for the company before they are dispatched for the usage of customers. They have to be very alert while doing this job because, after their approval, the product is transferred for the consumer’s use, which makes them incredibly accountable to many people.

A pharmaceutical manufacturing technician is expected to have not ordinary but advanced laboratory skills. Moreover, a great representation of interpersonal skills is also demanded from him to collaborate with the entire laboratory team smoothly.


The Pharmaceutical Production Technician is expected to get a payout of $38,446 per year, which is quite decent to sustain a comfortable life. There are many more options to grow in the future if the work is done with wholeheartedness.

#2. Material Handlers

Job Description

The material handlers are warehouse associates, hand laborers, freight handlers, chemical handlers, etc. The material handler in a company is delegated with the job responsibilities of pulling and validating materials and materials used in production orders. It is their responsibility to look after the inventory in operating facilities continuously. They also look after the loading areas and make sure that the equipment is clean. The material handlers are supposed to have excellent organizational skills; they must possess a remarkable ability to read and analyze information and be able to multitask. 


The average material manager’s salary is speculated to be $ 17.39 per hour in many places. Moreover, they may get $ 5,250 as overtime per year.

#3. Forklift Operator

Job Description

A forklift Operator is a technician responsible for delivering goods to warehouses or other industrial sites. They do this by using a forklift to reduce the delivery of trucks and stack boxes for storage in all warehouses and other industrial buildings. You can count this as one of the easiest and best paying jobs in consumer non-durables. Good Technical skills are a must-have for a forklift operator, and forklift operators must know several other skills, each with slightly different controls and components. The forklift operator must be committed to safety. It would be best to take security seriously and have good communication skills, flexibility, teamwork, good judgment, and honesty.

It is responsible for setting up equipment, loading, operating equipment, and improving machine power. They need to ensure that the machine is fully operational, oversee its maintenance, and check quality promptly.


The average forklift operator’s salary is $ 17.83 per hour in the United States and $ 5,250 overtime per year.

#4. Internal Sales Representative

Job Description

An internal Sales Representative is a professional who transforms the leadership of previously trained professionals and produces new business and existing customers through marketing strategies that ensure a positive customer experience. An internal sales representative must have proven sales experience. He must be able to track his record of over-the-counter assignments. He must possess a strong phone presence and the feeling of dialing many calls a day.

Apart from this, he must be an experienced person with business productivity and web presentation tools. He must feel free to work with the sales force. He must be the master of not just average but excellent communication skills both verbally and in writing. The listening and presentation skills of an inside sales associate must be unique, and he must possess strong abilities to perform multiple tasks, prioritize, and manage time effectively.

#5. Laboratory Analyst

Job Description

The lab analyst will monitor business and cultural growth opportunities that foster operational excellence. Responsibilities will include: Financial statement analysis and budgeting support strategic project deep dives, construction of reporting tools, best practice identification, and ensuring that business leaders have the insights required to make high-quality decisions. As an ideal candidate, you have proven experience maintaining lab equipment, testing and analyzing samples, and following scientific best practices.

A lab analyst must have an excellent ability to read and enjoy the learning process. For this job, one must have a solid background in math and science and a powerful desire and dedication. 


The estimated total pay for a Laboratory Analyst is $74,104 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $49,321 per year.

#6. Recruitment Coordinator

Job Description

As their name suggests, the recruiter coordinators have delegated the responsibility of lending a helping hand in the recruitment process and talent acquisition for the company. In helping in recruiting, they devise various methods and strategies to do so. Recruitment coordinators have the job of hiring new employees to fill up the open positions in the organization. They have a significant role to play in the company company’s workforce management. The recruitment coordinator must have good written skills and communication skills as well. They should be well dressed, and their sharp personality must reflect their behavior. 


The job of a recruitment coordinator is believed to be very promising and well paid off. Their average salary stands between $22.21 per hour and $25.21 per hour. Other than that, their annual average wage may range near $41549 a year.

#7. Material Checker

Job Description

The job of a material checker is of prime importance for the industry because it is the only one who facilitates the smooth delivery of customer orders and ensures that they can be fulfilled on time. This is one of the easiest and best paying jobs in consumer non-durables. They generally work in industrial warehouses and production facilities. Their job role asks them to find products on shelves, wrap them or package them nicely, and place them on trucks for delivery to the customers. They look after the industry’s minor work, which needs particular attention with incredible detailing. They also may be asked to total the prices of goods, collect payment for the goods delivered, etc.


Their average annual salary is speculated to be $39,920 per year. This is believed to be a reasonable payment, and there is excellent scope in the future for pursuing a material checker’s job as a career.

Eleggible’s Final Words

In the above article, we tried to list almost every little bit of information relevant to the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables. We picked up the pace from defining the sector for you to speculating its growth perspectives and then coming into various positions it has to offer. Lastly, we concluded with the different job role descriptions and their salaries. We wholeheartedly hope that you got all the information you were looking for. You can now decide to get into this sector with any of the above-listed jobs with more ease and convenience.

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