13 Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission [2024]

In this article, best phone tracker apps without permission we bring you information about some phone trackers. These apps let users quickly access a person’s location using their phone numbers.

This list contains information about the paid and free apps for tracking the location of people. Phone tracker apps are some valuable applications for knowing anyone’s mobile location.

The applications use the GPS feature of mobile phones to track down the location of the person. These apps prove to be of great help in situations of emergency.

Parents can well use these apps to look after their child’s location. Travelers can also use it to locate their companions. The working of the apps takes place within 10 meters of range and holds responsive for 95 percent of the time.

The tracking system works till the time their phone is not switched off. Location tracking work in the background of mobile phones. This feature of the apps makes them invisible to the user.

This also hides the running of such applications from the user’s notice. The best phone tracker apps without permission are usually free to use for users. However, signing into the applications allows users to access the apps’ premium features.

The premium features enable users to avail of unique benefits on the app. The uncountable numbers of positive reviews we have attached below and the apps prove their trustworthiness.

This is an extensively prepared list that is well-researched before putting it in front of you. These apps are not just any random apps and are trusted by millions of users worldwide. 

Top 13 Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission (2024 Picks)

#1. Amebix


It is a fantastic application to track and locate the phones of friends. It uses GPS location on the phone to track the location of the person. The phone has a lot of features to offer to its users.

These functions collectively make the app fantastic software. The Amebix application can be used in the android and IOs operating systems on the phone.

The location provided by the app is precise and accurate. The app uses latitude and longitude coordinates to track the location. The app also displays the places of the visit from the past on the cellphone.

The sign-in process is quite simple on the application. The user needs to purchase on the website. The user then selects the desired plan to be purchased.

After completion of the purchase, the user receives the email and password credentials. Users can then install the application on their preferred phone and start tracking.

The app’s developers warn the users about the use of the application. This warning prevents users from using the application for illegal purposes.

The app claims to be present for parents to keep an eye on their pupils for safety reasons. The developers keeping in mind the point of responsibility, handle it for the user. This frees the company from the blame for the illicit use of the tool.

#2. Yeezy

Yeezy best phone tracker apps without permission

The app is a powerful tool for monitoring the activities of a cellphone. The company claims to be one of the best and most powerful applications for tracking activities.

The app is a designated application for tracking and overseeing the actions of people. The app keeps the users safe from the risk of getting into the person’s notice.

This app feature makes the user invisible to the eyes of the observer. The application empowers the user to watch and notice social and personal activities these features include monitoring the social media chats and images saved on the phone.

The software is created in a way that alerts the user of any suspicious activity that the person performs. Artificial intelligence, the intelligent technology present in the application, alerts and warns the user of the same.

The application claims to cost relatively lower than other best phone tracker apps without permission with a comparison to a cup of coffee. The application also supports the users with an amazing customer support system to look out for grievances and complaints around the clock.

The use and registration of the app are quite simple. The user just needs to choose an appropriate plan. After selecting the plan, the user must download the application to use it.

The application is available for use and explores it for more exciting features. The website of the application allows users to check the compatibility of their device to run the application.

#3. Cocospy


This app is different from the one mentioned in this list because it allows its users to access not only the location of another device but also the messages, calls, and apps.

This app is the best tool to keep an eye on your kids if you are too concerned about their safety. Our kids are glued to their phones, making us doubtful about them.

It makes us worry that if they get into any trouble. This app will eliminate this tension by giving a proper record of what your kid is doing with their device all day long.

If you know what your kid is doing, you will be in a better position to protect them. We understand parenting can be authoritarian, but this phone tracker app will help you do it nicely.

Using this app, you can ensure that you’ll be there for your kid anytime he needs you. This app has very good ratings and a lot of people recommend this for spying on devices.

#4. Geofinder


This app will help you to know the location of any device by just entering the mobile number, and even the data is not required.

Generally, it would be best if you had a stable network connection to track the machines, but with this app, you can access the device you want without any network connection, and this is undoubtedly the best thing about this app.

This is the most innovative tool to spy on any device and this app leaves no traces that can get you caught. You can track any device only if you know the mobile number of that device.

No geographical boundaries are attached, and you will know where the device is no matter how far away it is. We assure you that you will get a better tracking device app. This app has innovative technology to track devices in minutes. 

#5. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch best phone tracker apps without permission

The next app on our list is Hoverwatch. This app is far more than the other best phone tracker apps without permission in the market because it will let you access not just the location of another device but also records the SMS, keeps a check on the call history and records audio, gets access to the camera, checks locations, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Telegram, Instagram, internet activity and much more.

In other words, it gives you full access to another person’s device. If you use this app, you have complete knowledge of what the other person is doing on their device and this will make you fully aware of their activities.

This app is best suited for those parents who want to know about their kids’ activities so they don’t indulge in wrong acts. We understand that you must be worried about your kid glued to their mobile phones for the entire day, and this app will help you take good care of them.

#6. KidsGaurd Pro

KidsGaurd Pro
KidsGaurd Pro

Were you worried about your kids? If you are looking for a beautiful spying app for your kids, you will get a stop on your search. Yes, you heard that right!!

KidsGuard Pro is a beautiful app that will blow your mind for sure. KidsGuard Pro is the ultimate Android Monitoring application to keep a check on your kids or maybe your suspicious partner.

However, this application is only partially free to use. You can unlock the pro features or buy the memberships available. There are many outstanding features such as monitoring over thirty files from applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat, calls, SMS, etc.

Your loved ones can never detect that you are spying secretly on their phone. One can also listen to the phone’s surroundings without letting them know and record their phone screen as well. Start spying on them as soon as possible with the help of this great application now.

#7. Localize Mobi

Localize Mobi best phone tracker apps without permission
Localize Mobi

This one is the next application on our list that provides its user with the best spying features, including protection of the user’s identity.

The person you are spying on will never know who did that. The best quality about this beautiful app is that you don’t even need to install anything in the host’s smartphone.

Just type their phone number and it’s done. Yes, that’s completely true! It generally works with all phones and devices. The GPS tracking is accurate and you can precisely track the location of your friend’s device.

It doesn’t matter where you are or where the person whom you are spying on is. This remarkable application Localize Mobi functions from every corner of the world.

You can spy on unlimited phone numbers in this app. That is another excellent feature of this spying app. Try using this wonderful spying application to spy easily on your loved ones if you find something suspicious about them. 

#8. AirDroid Parental Control

AirDroid Parental Control
AirDroid Parental Control


Thi is the next spying app on our list of best phone tracker apps without permission that is best suggested to parents who want to spy on their kids all the time for their safety and protection.

AirDroid Parental Control App helps its users to keep their children safe and secure in this physical world and online, and to assist them to construct a healthy digital environment around them.

There are a variety of interesting features of this beautiful application that include easily monitoring your child’s smartphone, screencasting, screen time supervision, games and apps blocking, Sync of the notifications and SMS, location tracking, instant alerts, and a lot more.

You will not get disappointed with this crazy application for sure. Now, with the help of this app, you can handily check out the daily life activities of your kid’s smartphone and track all of their search histories and everything.

Everything will be supervised by you, from which app they are using to what texts they received last night.

#9. SkyBubble

SkyBubble best phone tracker apps without permission

This is our next app on today’s list. This app does not just access the location of any device of your choice but it will also help you in getting complete control of the entire features of one’s device.

By using SkyBubble, you can continuously monitor SMS, call logs, and social media handles such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and a lot more.

You can try this app for free but you will soon have to update to the premium, paid version to use it further. This app is the best to keep a close eye on anyone you want to.

However, there is one drawback of this app. Earlier the icon of this app used to be hidden and it was impossible to find out that the device was being spied on.

But recently, this app was modified and now the icon is visible on the screen and the person can find out that his device is under this app’s vision.

This can be an issue for you and maybe you’ll not be able to smoothly spy on a device. Still, if you smartly hide the icon in folders then your plan may work. You can give this app a try and see the results.

#10. XNSpy


The next name of a hacking or spying app on our list is that of an XNSpy application. Generally, this application is considered among the best hacking or spying apps available in the market.

This is a paid application but you can also try some features of it for free. There are a variety of beautiful features within this application.

Some of them include a GPS location tracker of the person you are spying on, their phonebook records tracker, and their SMS records. You can also track texts from the applications such as Whatsapp, Instagram, telegram, fuel, etc.

You will be provided with instant notifications and alerts about your loved one’s smartphone. XNSpy can track every incoming and outgoing call and their texts on various platforms. This application is easy to use and can help you solve your issues.

Along with all these great features, the application works smoothly without any bugs. It is not free of cost, but not that expensive as well. Try using this great application to keep a check on your loved ones.

#11. The WiSpy

The WiSpy best phone tracker apps without permission
The WiSpy

This is another tremendous spying application that is present on your list. If you are a parent worried about your kid’s safety or you are suspicious about your dating partner, then this application is going to help you a lot.

This app is also only partially free to use. There are three basic steps to hack your kid’s smartphone. First, register in this application, buy the plan you want to spy on your kids’ smartphones, and fill in the details about your kid’s smartphones.

And that’s it. Yes! The application has various unique features that include tracking their incoming or outgoing call records, monitoring their social applications like Whatsapp, Instagram, etc., checking their browser’s history, remotely locking their device, and tracking their GPS location, and whatnot.

This application comprises all the features you need to keep a check on your loved ones. Check out this great application and its other components with the help of the link mentioned above.

#12. Spyic

Spyic best phone tracker apps without permission

This is another phone tracker application that helps you track your kid’s activity on their smartphone. Track your kid’s smartphone and keep them safe without letting them know.

We understand your worry about your kids, and we are here to help you out!! Spyic has a lot of incredible features to get track of your kid’s smartphone activity.

The three basic steps to use this app include signing up on Spyic, installing Spyic, choosing the target platform, following the installation, and monitoring their smartphones.

You can check their browser’s history, call records, and SMS records, receive instant notifications, track applications such as Whatsapp, Instagram, etc., use a GPS location tracker to know where they are going instantly, and many more.

Yes, there are a lot of exciting features like this available in this beautiful application. Help yourself with the help of Spy.

#13. Mobistealth

Mobistealth best phone tracker apps without permission

The next phone tracking application on our list is Mobistealth which has amazing features to track your kid’s smartphone. You won’t need to search for other tracking apps after using this incredible application once.

You can easily track down your kid’s location with the help of the built-in GPS tracker of this application. One can also track down their call record, and messages sent, and get instant notifications after tracking out various applications such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, etc.

The application Mobistealth is compatible with Android, Windows PC, iOS, and MAC. The users will not be needed to root or jailbreak their kid’s device!

So, what are you waiting for? Track your kid’s privacy with the help of this beautiful tracking application Mobistealth. The application is only partially free to use, and you can purchase from the various plans available and start your tracking as soon as possible.

Eleggible’s Final Words 

Here, we have arrived at the end of this article, and we are confident that we helped you with all your doubts regarding the best phone tracker apps without permission.

The apps are mostly free to use and will allow you to access the location of any phone by just their phone number. While some of the premium features of these apps require a sum to be paid, we will consider it to be low in return for the services.

We assure you that you won’t be disappointed after using these apps and will further recommend them to your contacts. These apps will be a savior when you want to check on your loved ones and ensure their safety.

We know it’s tough to stay with your kids or family all day long, and you can sometimes be worried about their well-being.

However, you can stay with these apps without actually staying with them. They will always be safe as you’ll know where they are. Don’t wait. Try these best phone tracker apps without permission now!

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