13 Best Raspberry Pi Zero Projects to Try in 2022

Even if you are a programmer or any DIY projects, a single board computer is a must and is most important. In this article, I have listed some of the fantastic Raspberry pi zero projects that you can start with.

If you are going to bring Raspberry pi for the first time, then you should start with the cheapest one it is $5 and has 1 GHz single-core CPU and 512 MB RAM.

Top 13 Raspberry Pi Zero Projects to Try

Now, after reading this, you must be thinking about what can anyone do with this small credit card-sized thing. So, let us move to the project to clear your doubts. 

1. A self-driving car with Raspberry pi zero

This is one of the best projects that one can do with Raspberry. At the moment as the self-driving car is at the rage right. As it is a self-driven car project, it will require a lot of components to make it like a camera, wheels Lipo batteries.

This project will require some technical knowledge also like that of python. All the instructions of python are pretty detailed so if you follow all the instructions step by step it will be easy. 

Self driven car raspberry pi project
Self driven car with raspberry pi zero

2. Pi zero powered airplay speaker

If you love listening to music, then you should try this. Apple’s airplay protocol assures you a way to wirelessly stream all sorts of songs and media which also include videos. But what if you are not an iPhone user then don’t worry. You can easily create a raspberry pi zero powered air play speaker so that you can enjoy media anywhere anytime. 

Airplay speaker
Pi zero powered airplay speaker

3. Pi zero internet connected information display

A lot of time in our everyday life gets wasted or spent by gazing at the devices in search of information or to get some information.

You can easily create pi zero internet connected information display then it can easily show you various day to day information like time, weather and even all your social media notification. Isn’t it amazing?

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The project even requires some extra material for proper functioning like push buttons and Adafruit 128*64 OLED display.

4. Pi zero retro gaming system

Nowadays every game lover has Xbox or PS, it is amazing but they are not great as the retro gaming consoles used to be. If you are getting a nostalgic feeling after reading this then don’t worry we can easily make a gaming system like retro games with raspberry pi zero. You can easily play all the retro games that can be played in the retro consoles but you also need to install retro pie gaming console emulator. 

5. A raspberry pi zero drone

We all know that the usage of drones might be a controversial issue till now but these drones can be really useful. You require few things to complete this project, apart from drones and raspberry pi zero you also need PXFmini autopilot board that will help the drone to create its own WiFi using the USB dongle and the project also needs Linux OS image.

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6. Raspberry pi zero USB hub

As you know raspberry has less connectivity option as compared to Pi2 and Pi3 as it has only one slot for USB connectivity. But now that we have raspberry pi zero projects we can easily make the USB hub that will work more efficiently and will provide more connectivity than Pi2 and Pi 3.  Although it’s quite a basic do-it-yourself project, it can come in really handy if you intend to interface the Raspberry Pi Zero with multiple peripherals. 

7. Smart environment monitor

If you are a nature lover and care for your environment then this is the best project that you can do with raspberry pi zero. It will create a device that will help monitor various parameters of the environment like temp, weather, humidity, etc through which you can easily tell if there is a threat to the environment. It can also help you tell the pollution level so that you can trigger the alarm in your locality. 

8. Electric skateboard

Electric skateboard is surely fun, everyone loves it once they know how to ride it. you can easily make an electric skateboard by the help of raspberry Pi zero. All the component that you need for this project are simple and are easily available.

You need a motor, a battery, motor collector and a mount to hold it in places and your main raspberry pi zero that will work as the brain of the project.

9. PIX – E GIF camera

Everyone likes clicking photos but have you ever thought of a camera that can easily click GIFs for you. Well with this raspberry pi zero project you can easily make one camera with the feature that was just mentioned. You just require few items like microSD card, a push-button etc.. With the help of this project, you can fully customize your camera. 

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10. Xbox controller mod

If you are a game lover then this will be the perfect and interesting project for you. With the help of this project, you can fit the entire raspberry pi zero inside the Xbox controller. You will also need HDMI cables or USB cables. In the end, you just have to flash the pre-built retro pie image. 

11. Match bot line following robot

This is also an interesting project that can be done by raspberry pi zero. The robot that will be built will also have proximity-sensing capabilities. It will seem like a two-wheeled toy but have amazing features. It can easily perform many actions that will be based upon various interaction of the proximity sensing. 

line following robot
Match bot line following robot

12. Tempus fugit raspberry pi zero word clock

This is another interesting project that uses raspberry pi zero. It is an 8*8 matrix that will spell out the current time. Isn’t it amazing and fascinating? It will also have a real-time clock chip that will help it to maintain accuracy. The clock is also available in Dutch and Latin.

13. Raspberry pi zero powered pirate radio

If you have ever dreamed of being a radio jockey then you will surely find this project fascinating. The project will let you transform the raspberry pi zero into an FM transmitter. You will just need an antenna and a battery pack. It will easily transmit all types of audio files. 

Eleggible’s Final Words

All the raspberry pi zero projects that are mentioned above are interesting and are quite fascinating. All these projects have been made by thinking out of the box and will be appreciated by people depending open their field of interest.

These all are easy to carry out projects as they do not require much labor or component and are quite helpful in the end. You all should give them a try, hope this article was a help. 

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