9 Best Running Apps for Beginners To Start (2024)

Today in this article, we will introduce you to the top five best running apps for beginners that will help you overcome the issues you are facing in your running routine.

Are you also someone who is troubled with the never-ending cycle of procrastinating your running schedules and then going into guilt mode for hours?

Most of us plan to run diligently and be consistent with our schedules but are not capable of doing so. At the same time, we may start on a perfect note which makes us believe that this time will be different from others but every time the end is the same.

This can be really disheartening and even depressing sometimes, but don’t worry because we have the solution for your problem right here with us!

It doesn’t matter whether you are just a beginner thinking of going for a run or a professional who has been practicing running for a long time.

These apps can be of great help in both cases. These apps will help you to remain motivated and catch up with your daily running schedules.

You will also be guided while running as these apps will provide accurate information regarding your heart rate, breathing rate, and total kilometers you covered while running versus the set targets.

Some apps are free to use, while others want you to go for a paid subscription before you can access them. However, a free trial is available in both cases.

Also, some apps will provide you with an audio mentor that will be nothing less than a cherry on top as it will boost your confidence to the highest levels. Now, without wasting any further time, let’s get into the depth of our article.

Top 9 Running Apps for Beginners To Start in 2024

#1. NHS Couch to 5K

NHS Couch to 5K best running apps for beginners
NHS Couch to 5K

Are you looking for the best running apps for beginners for yourself? NHS Couch is considered one of the best applications for running purposes.

There are various unique features available within the app that will fascinate the users. The application will offer you a program of around nine weeks or even more if you want.

Generally, the program is considered suitable for beginners, as they can easily set and check countdown timers while they are running. By this, they can easily track their performance, which will benefit beginners.

The users can also play their favorite music while running, where the application automatically adjusts the instruction and timer voices along with your music.

All of these fantastic features are responsible for making this app more preferred than the others available in the play store. Go for this beautiful app once if you are a beginner and want a great start in this journey.


  • This app is a lifesaver for those struggling to get into rigorous running schedules.
  • Most of the users have witnessed remarkable progress after using this app.


  • The app crashes very often, and you may face a lot of trouble accessing it.
  • This can hamper your continued running practice.

#2. Runkeeper


Runkeeper is an excellent application for beginners out there who are looking for the best running applications. Runkeeper offers its user a wide variety of unique features.

Runkeeper is a tremendous and the best running apps for beginners that guides and help them to track their activity easily. You will find a variety of guided workouts within the application which will be helpful for the learners.

One can also find other features like custom training plans, actionable insights, goal setting, shoe tracker, monthly running challenges, etc., within the application.

All of these fantastic features help the user have a great start in their running journey and maintain it throughout the end.

Along with all of these features, one can invite their pals, build custom challenges for each other, track each other’s activity, and praise each other through the chat feature.

Enjoy your running with your favorite music playing, as the app supports some partner apps like Spotify as well. 


  • This app is great for the user interface, as even a beginner can easily access and operate it.
  • The tips that it offers to runners are very reliable and helpful.


  • There are some troubles caused by this app due to its GPS starting all of a sudden.
  • This forces the users to experience frozen and crashed screens every now and then.

#3. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club best running apps for beginners
Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is another fantastic running app for beginners out there. Nike Run Club comprises outstanding features which not only help beginners but regulars as well.

It is an excellent app for those looking for a decent and easy-to-use running application. Here, using this app, they can easily track down their running activity.

With this fun app, you can start running, keep running, and enjoy running more. The users can track their running speed; distance traveled, elevation, and heart rate, along with the Gps route feature.

The other features include a distance tracker, mile counter, training stats, tracking functionality, expert coach tips and plans for beginners, and many more.

The users can discover many more remarkable features within the application and the mentioned characteristics. You can also invite and add your friends within the application to enjoy running even more.


  • This app is perfect for someone who never went running in their entire life.
  • Needs all-time guidance for scheduling their running.


  • The app functions well overall, but there are severe disturbances due to the never-ending number of annoying ads.

#4. Strava


Want to start and enjoy running with a fixed routine? Strava will help you track your running activity and maintain punctuality if you are a beginner.

Strava is considered one of the most fantastic and best-running apps for beginners out there. You can easily track your running activity and record everything like runs, yoga, etc.

You can find friends on Strava as well and can compete with each other as well as cheer each other on. You can also get your data insights and a lot of motivation for running efficiently within the application.

The user can easily sync other applications and devices with Strava, with the help of which you can listen to your favorite music while running or exercising.

Get new challenges every day and enjoy running even more with Strava. Go for this unique application; you will not need to go to any other one. Try it now!


  • The app is highly motivational and can significantly help those who want to stick to their running routine.
  • But cannot do so on their own.


  • Many users have reported that the app crashes and recovers on its own, which has been a continuous process.
  • This can hamper your running routine and even discourage you from running further.

#5. Aidlab


Aidlab is a beautiful and easy-to-use running application for beginners. Aidlab is a great app and is free to use as well. However, some features are paid for.

This terrific application helps to monitor or track your running activity effortlessly. Aidlab helps you to stay alert with the help of an intelligent notification feature available within it.

The brilliant insights the application will provide will keep the user motivated and aware of your workout. It will help you to track your running accurately and to live a healthy life.

If you are a beginner, then with the help of Aidlab, you can quickly start running and monitor yourself. You can keep yourself motivated as well throughout the journey and can have more fun in it as well.

Try choosing Aidlab as your running application if you are a beginner and want an easy-to-use and simple application. Stop thinking and try it now!


  • This app is just excellent, and the features are also fantastic.
  • The tips that it offers its users work wonderfully and help them improve their performances too.


  • A lot of ads are the only dark side of this app.
  • They have a very negative impact on the overall performance of the app.

#6. Zombies, Run! 11

Zombies, Run! 11 best running apps for beginners
Zombies, Run! 11

Zombies, Run! 11 is a fun and practical running application for all beginners. Want to stay motivated by running every day in a fun and entertaining way?

Zombies, Run! 11 is all that you need right now. It is an excellent app for all users, and it is easy to use as well. Many exciting features are available within the app, which will enhance the runners’ experience.

Your every run will be more like an adventure than just regular exercise. You will get missions on every run, and the audio drama will keep motivating you throughout the run.

It is a fun application that tracks your running and monitors yourself accurately. One can view and share their run, stats, and maps with friends.

Generally, a few features of this app are free to use, but you need to pay to use the app in a better and more fun way. Don’t wait, try it now!


  • This app is exciting to use.
  • Its creativity ultimately forces even those people to run, who have never been seen running in their lives.


  • Many users have reviewed this app as super glitchy for them
  • The annoying ads that pop up half the time when they are using the app are also a matter of concern for them.

#7. Map My Run

Map My Run
Map My Run

Map My Run is the seventh application on our list that will motivate you to get out of your couch and hit the ground daily. You will be forced to quit all your laziness and go for your daily running practice because you will have the perfect running app handy.

MapMyRun tracks the route, distance, pace, and more in real-time using GPS. You can approach this app immediately even if you have just started your running schedules or are already well versed with them.

You will be able to avail customizable training modules and highly personalized coaching tips so that you can practice running with all ease.

This app has a trusted user base of more than 60 million people and does great justice to them. Try it now to know everything about the app.


  • By using this fantastic app, you can stay healthy no matter where you are.
  • It is just like taking your running coach everywhere you go!


  • Many users have faced this trouble when the app stops recording their running time.
  • Leaving them with no scope of tracking their progress.

#8. Charity Miles

Charity Miles
Charity Miles

Ever thought that how would it be to do your regular running, walking, or swimming and get some money for the same? Isn’t that just a steal deal?

Well, Charity Miles gives you the opportunity to earn money for every step that you walk. This app will motivate you to go a step further for your health and be very optimistic and hopeful with respect to your health.

This app is very unique when it comes to the idea with which it is formed. We would surely recommend you try this app and get a good experience of how it works.

You will get daily motivation to keep doing your exercises on a regular basis and stick to your sporting spirit. Charity Miles will enable you to walk with a purpose! So, don’t sit back and wait, go ahead and try it now!


  • This app works as a great assistant for the users and has a great impact on the performance of the users.
  • When it comes to regularity in running.


  • The app functions well but many users have reported that it had logged them out without any prior warning.
  • The information led to a very bad user experience for them.

#9. Adidas Running

Adidas Running best running apps for beginners
Adidas Running

Adidas’ best running apps for beginners will bring a complete revolution in your sporting spirit. You will force your mind to run more than ever before because this app will fill you with so much motivation.

Using this app, you can track your running schedules and more than ninety other sports activities. These activities may include walking, cycling, swimming, etc.

Hence, your sporting freedom is not just limited to running. No other app will give you this great variety in one single place. The app has a wide database filled with a lot of tips and advice for beginners as well as professional runners.

You can take up the advice to be better at your sport. This app is available on almost all devices and you can access it from anywhere. It is very handy to use.


  • This app gives very detailed insights to the users.
  • With respect to their running schedules such as the map, route, kilometers, duration, etc., it is very simple to use.


  • There are some serious issues with the GPS and the calculations of this app.
  • The GPS goes out of control and runs on its runs.
  • while on the other hand the burnt calories and the kilometers run are not calculated properly by the app.

Eleggible’s Final Words 

Here, we have reached the end of our article and are confident enough that we have served the purpose today. These best running apps for beginners are certainly the best in the market for catching up with your running routines.

By using these apps, you can easily get rid of procrastination and lack of motivation because they will force you to get out of bed and start working.

Your set goals will remind you of where you have to head towards. The audio mentor will be of great help because it will represent that someone is constantly looking at you and tracking your progress.

Having a handy record of how you have been doing in your running exercise in the past few days or months will also be very useful for you to be proud of yourself if you are doing well and also look for the scope of improvement as well.

You can install them now and go for their free trial to get a better idea about their usage. Till then, happy reading!

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