11 Best Sneaker Apps to Get Shoes Drops (2023)

Sad to say, with the best sneaker apps, it’s tough to get trendy shoes now than it used to be. Rare pairs are extremely unlikely to be discovered randomly in a store, and even heavily popular websites are still inundated with bots.

However, the apps are frequently more dependable. Although paying resale for shoes you desire might be annoying, this is simply a test to determine how badly you really want them.

The fact that there are so many outlets available for sneakerheads to pick from, from online markets to trading stations, speaks more to the evolution of the subculture than anything else.

The most well-liked methods for purchasing shoes, both new and old, are currently sneaker marketplace applications. The simplicity of purchasing on your smartphone beats standing in line for hours in the cold, even though the change to internet shopping has also introduced new difficulties, most notably those annoying bots.

Most sneakerheads have a love/hate relationship with the best apps for sneaker drops in general. Online shopping is designed to streamline the purchasing process.

Similar to the shoe industry, the shoe apps market might seem oversaturated and intimidating to individuals who are new to this. You can explore the most practical best apps to get sneaker drops by using the guide below.

After considering everything, we’ve selected the top 11 best sneaker apps for you to buy your sneakers, whether they are new or used.

Let’s get started straight now without further ado.

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Top 11 Best Sneaker Apps for Buying Shoes (2023 Picks)

#1. Adidas Confirmed

Adidas Confirmed
Adidas Confirmed

One of the most popular shoe brands, Adidas, is the first on our list. Whether you give Kanye or Kareem credit for this, fans of both may get access to some of the brand’s most desirable sneakers.

The Three Stripes app offers users the chance to enter raffles for the brand’s highly sought-after releases, including Yeezys. After its release, it changed the branding to the Adidas app and then came back as the updated Adidas Confirmed version.

At the same time, the standard Adidas app offers in-store benefits like real-time stock updates and easy access to the whole product assortment from adidas.com.


  • Receive updates on the newest footwear right to your phone.
  • Browse the newest Adidas collections.
  • Gain access to exclusive deals, awards, presents, and equipment.
  • Receive notifications when your favorite Adidas shoes and clothing are on sale.
  • For uncomplicated returns, keep track of your orders and purchasing history.
  • The app is available at no cost.


  • Two different best sneaker apps might create chaos and confusion.
  • The interface can be laggy at times.

#2. StockX

StockX best sneaker apps

It makes a strong argument for being the most dependable online retailer of shoes. Along with the rare older gems that could be more difficult to discover on other websites, they provide some of the most recent releases.

You probably won’t find any sneakers at their original retail price if you shop for sneakers on the secondary market. When drops are available on this sneaker resale app for resale, you can count on paying a little bit more.

Having said that, StockX has a good range, reasonable ask/bid pricing (although finding youth sizes can be challenging), and everything is immediately validated, so you don’t have to worry about buying a fake.


  • Quickest and safest method to purchase and sell various things and clothing.
  • Purchase and sell authentic watches, purses, gadgets, streetwear, shoes, and collectibles.
  • The reliability and quality are entirely assured.
  • You can sell and shop more wisely thanks to the real-time market data that StockX provides.
  • The app is cost-free and accessible.


  • Low stock availability in certain regions.

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#3. Finish Line

Finish Line
Finish Line

This app covers whether you’re looking for the most recent Yeezy release or something more performance-focused, like The Rock’s Under Armour sneakers.

There are customary raffles and shoppable options, but there is also an educational component with blog entries that dissect the subtleties of highlighted launches and a sneaker feed that showcases the best of Finish Line’s Instagram.

Members may also access the retailer’s Winner’s Circle rewards program through the rarest sneaker app. You have a better chance of getting the shoes or streetwear you want because of its user-friendly layout. Overall, this app is a terrific blend of the modern and the old, and using it is straightforward and uncomplicated.


  • Live Chat support inside the app.
  • The software is free to use.
  • Release dates and recent shoe news.
  • Price charts and the opportunity to win free shoes!


  • The app might occasionally crash.
  • The limited supply of unique editions of well-known sneakers.

#4. Stadium GOODS


This is the best app to buy sneakers that sells shoes on the secondary market, much like StockX and GOAT. The app is user-friendly and offers both recent and vintage releases.

Stadium Goods tends to be more expensive than the best sneaker shopping apps like StockX when it comes to total costs. The store also sells other goods, including the most recent streetwear brand collections and vintage t-shirts, but their sneaker inventory really stands out.

The newest pairs of Dunks and Jordan 1s occasionally cost a considerable amount, but that’s simply the way things are in today’s world. Nevertheless, you’re sure to come across a deal on here at some time or another. 


  • Incredible collection.
  • The UI is simple to use.
  • Outstanding customer care service.


  • Prices are typically MRP.
  • The software has a few bugs here and there.
  • Checkout error.

#5. eBay

eBay best sneaker apps

One of the finest shoe apps for jordans or to buy any shoes is eBay. On eBay, you may locate a tonne of collectible sneakers, and purchasing kid sizes is much simpler. Other best sneaker apps can be hit or miss when it comes to youth sizes, and there are many occasions when finding particular sneakers in youth sizes is practically difficult.

In recent years, the site’s collection of sneakers has undergone a significant makeover, mainly due to the growing appeal of other selections.

The Silicon Valley-based company’s sneaker-specific Authenticity Guarantee also includes a specific return policy and a physical authentication procedure to make sure you’re getting the best possible product.

Whether it’s rare player-exclusive Air Jordans or vintage Adidas Superstars from the 1970s, there are some items you can’t get anyplace else.


  • Shop for your preferred sneakers.
  • Most popular release calendar application.
  • Current sneaker news and release dates.
  • Price charts and a chance to win free footwear!
  • The software is entirely free.


  • You could encounter a problem with authentication.

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#6. KicksonFire


This classic app comes next on our list of the best sneaker apps. KicksonFire is one of the top resources for up-and-coming sneaker launches, so you can use the app to shop.

In addition to covering Jordan and Nike launches, KicksonFire also provides you with information on less famous footwear. Regarding their shoe range, they also have a good assortment.

However, specific shoes are pricey compared to other retailers. Sometimes, prices may be MRP, which you can typically find on and off at other websites. But they continue to be among the finest at providing you with the most varied sneaker calendar.


  • The best Nike and Jordan Brand shoes may be found and bought.
  • Intimate knowledge of premieres, debuts, and events.
  • Stay one step ahead with updates regarding upcoming releases.
  • The greatest is available here, and they always have an entire stock.


  • Exorbitant Pricing.
  • Very few discounts or deals are available.



This app has served as the company’s primary platform for limited-edition online drops since 2015. It is debatably the most apparent option on our list.

By this time, most readers likely have a love/hate relationship with the sneaker-buying app, which frequently returns the dreaded “didn’t receive ’em” message. There’s nothing quite like that sensation when W does happen to roll in, and it’s one of the simplest methods to compete for hyped-up drops.

Depending on your size, you can be spending between $100 and $400 more than the suggested retail price. So even though we know how annoying SNKRS may be, we still advise trying to buy through the app first since, even if you don’t get W, you won’t have to pay exorbitant resell costs.


  • The most extraordinary Nike and Jordan Brand footwear may be found, purchased, and unlocked.
  • Insider access to events, new products, and debuts.
  • With updates about impending releases, stay one step ahead.
  • Purchase shoes straight from the app and participate in drawings.
  • The cost of the app is nothing.


  • The app can be laggy at times.

#8. GOAT

GOAT best sneaker apps

Another fantastic online retailer of sneakers is GOAT. You can pay the seller’s asking price upfront or ‘bargaining’ for a lesser price. Similar to StockX, GOAT allows you to purchase both new and worn shoes, and like StockX, all footwear is validated by GOAT before being sold.

The customer experience is incredibly straightforward and easy, and the GOAT collection is sick with a nice balance of modern and old items. You’re guaranteed to discover something that suits you on our site because there are infinite pairings to pick from, and we really do mean everyone.

The famous marketplace has also agreed to sponsor Paris Saint-Germain, proving the seriousness of its international reputation.


  • Purchase footwear, clothing, and accessories.
  • Receive alerts when prices change.
  • Make bids on the footwear you want the most.
  • Try on popular sneaker models with AR.
  • You can access premium drops and collections.
  • The cost of the app is nothing.


  • The user interface might need help to grasp.

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#9. Nike


SNKRS has garnered much attention among Swoosh’s many applications, but you should pay attention to the basic Nike app. The app, formerly known as Nike+, is well-known for providing members-only early access to particular products.

Additionally, it offers live expert chat and training recommendations and will eventually include a new digital foot-measuring function called Nike Fit.

Additionally, it serves as the location for the retailer’s raffles for many of its collaborations and other limited-edition footwear. Users of the app have exclusive access to the newest releases and a tonne of product narrative. Install it right away if you love sneakers and you haven’t already.


  • Impressive and renowned collection.
  • It’s easy to utilize the UI.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Usually, prices are at MRP.
  • There are a few minor bugs with the app.
  • An error occurred during checkout.

#10. TradeBlock


With Tradeblock, you can avoid the exorbitant resale costs we’ve been accustomed to seeing by listing your shoes, looking for the pair you want, and proposing a swap.

The extraordinarily rare shoes, many of which are offered for sale via multiple events throughout the day by well-equipped collectors with endless possibilities to pick from, must be mentioned if we’re talking about pop-culture classics.

Additionally, shoppers will find SNS-only collaborations, drops available solely in Europe, and more. You will surely enjoy this one, so go ahead and download it right away.


  • Check the prices in your local currency.
  • Live Chat support inside the app.
  • The software is free to use.


  • Low-stock availability.

#11. Sole Collector

Sole Collector best sneaker apps
Sole Collector

There are so many other best sneaker apps that can compare to the official Sole Collector app for individuals who want to combine their apps and have everything in one location.

By enabling comparisons across the most well-liked marketplaces and websites, it is intended to assist consumers in finding the footwear they want at the most extraordinary costs.

The app not only provides the hottest pairs at the cheapest rates, but it’s also a terrific way to monitor Sole Collector’s most recent video and editorial output and release dates.

The newest pairs of Dunks and Jordan 1s occasionally cost an extortionate amount, but that’s simply the way things are in today’s world. However, you’re sure to find a deal on here at some point or another.


  • Effortless, logical browsing.
  • Powerful filtering and search.
  • Simplified checkout process using Apple Pay.
  • Keep things until later.
  • Check out the costs in your currency.
  • Support for in-app Live Chat.
  • The use of the app is free.


  • The software has a few random bugs.
  • Checkout glitch.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which brand of sneakers is the best?

Nike, Adidas, Converse, Puma, FILA, Reebok, New Balance, Vans, and ASICS are a few of the most significant and well-known sneaker manufacturers.

2. Is it reasonable to get shoes online?

Online shoe shopping is very secure. Online shoe shopping is a great choice. Shoes may be purchased online with ease. On the website or app, you may find hundreds of shoe designs that are only sometimes available in retail locations. Do your research and purchase what you genuinely believe to be your style.

3. Is it preferable to shop online or in-store?

In contrast to offline stores, which only run promotions for a few months out of the year, online retailers run promotions all year long that you can take advantage of, such as clearance sales, discounts, and coupon codes. Online retailers provide vast possibilities that physical retailers cannot match.

Eleggible’s Final Words 

While there are additional sneaker applications available for purchase, exploration, inquiry, etc., these were a select handful of the finest. Our compilation benefited you whether or not you decide to utilize the apps recommended in this post.

Before sticking with one app, you should thoroughly investigate your preferred businesses and the discounts you want. Choose an app that ideally has practically all brands on board so that you may compare pricing between brands and browse the variety of available possibilities.

To save a few dollars, you should make purchases using these best sneaker apps. Be careful to enable app notifications for stock backs and new releases.

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