11 Best Stud Finder Apps for Android & iOS (2022)

Stud Finder Apps: Want to find the wall studs in your wall? Or, have you lost the keys to your home? There’s nothing to be worried about since you can track them using the magnetometer in your smart device.

Stud finders use this magnetometer to detect metal objects, and with new upgraded technology, these detectors have been developed to a great extent.

These apps can help you detect wall studs to hang heavy paintings, photo frames or even TV sets. Other than this, you can get a rough sketch of wiring in your home.

Top 11 Stud Finder Apps for Android & IOS

Here are the top Stud Finder apps for Android and iOS:

1. Stud Detector

Stud detector allowing users to find metal framing studs in walls easily. It is simple, easy to use stud finder app free also.

Stud Detector

It has a straightforward UI, and this app works based on magnetic fields detected by the magnetometer and the compass.

It has a visual indication of feedback and gives the users the freedom to change the screen interface and configuration as per their choice.

2. Stud Detector by Guylyhey

This is a good stud finder app for android to detect studs that will help you turn your device into a virtual metal detector.

Stud Detector by Guylyhey

Just like other apps, it uses a magnetometer and compass to determine the position of metals like studs, screws, etc.

One unique feature presented by the developers is that you can set the detection level in three distinct forms for a different and specific use.

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3. Metal Detector (iOS)

Metal Detector (iOS) is another stud detector app that can be used to detect studs. It is free and easy to use metal detector coupled with some unique features.

Metal Detector (iOS)

You can adjust the sensitivity of detection, which makes this app unique from others, and another one is that you can change the sound as well as the vibration settings accordingly.

It also has an EMF meter to detect magnetic fields around and thus; this app proves to be an outstanding choice in terms of iOS devices.

4. Metal Detector (Android)

This is another metal detector or stud finder app android users like this most. This app is extremely simple and can precisely detect metal object upto a range of 30 cm.

It can be used to detect wires and studs in walls, thanks to its commendable range. One more distinctive feature it offers is the ‘ghost detection’ feature.

5. Toolbox

A combined app for multiple features like compass, stopwatch, timer, surface level, protractor, etc. It is the best cell phone stud finder iOS app providing so many features in one single app.


It also has a metal detector feature along with the others, and it works quite well. If you are looking for an all-in-one app, then toolbox is the best app you can get. It is the best iphone stud finder app.

6. All tools

Just like ‘Toolbox’ for iOS, ‘All tools’ is the stud finding app for Android users. It has a compass, converter, mirror, speedometer, recorder, surface-level detector, and of course, a stud detector.

All tools

It is free and easy to use the app with so many features making it the best stud finder app for android.

It also has GPS tracker that can give you your exact coordinates concerning the latitude and longitudes.

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7. Metal detector EMF

Another app for devices falling under the iOS platform is Metal detector EMF that detects the intensity of magnetic fields using the built-in magnetometer.

Metal detector EMF

The EMF detector is efficient and helps to get an approximate value of the magnetic waves around. This feature has an additional utility to find paranormal activities around you.

8. Tesla

Tesla is one of the best magnetic field recorder, metal detector and stud finder apps available on the iOS platform.

It is a free and handy app for detecting metallic and electromagnetic fields around you in a quick time.


It promises ‘accurate’ results and one distinguishing feature of this app is that it provides an option of feedback signals by sound for better and efficient user experience throughout.

9. EMF meter

It is another android app you can use for free to detect metal objects around using electromagnetic fields around.

EMF meter

All you have to do is to permit this app to use the device’s magnetometer, and boom, all you get are easy and accurate results every time you use.

You can also use the EMF radiation detection feature to detect the EM fields in moving electrically charged objects.

10. Metal Detector

Metal Detector is another application developed by popular developer Steve Yoes for iOS devices. It is a good metal detector and stud finder that converts your smartphone into an EMF meter and easily test electromagnetic fields.

Metal Detector

It can detect EMF in all directions in time. The best feature offered by this app is that you can record your observations into a systematic reading log, into which all your recordings are stored automatically, and you can review them whenever you want to!

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11. Smart metal detector

Smart metal detector, just like the name suggests, is a smart android stud finder. When it detects any kind of metal or EM fields around, it makes a unique, distinguishable sound, that notifies the presence of something.

Smart metal detector

A super easy to use the app, and the free app can detect metal objects through the wall, hence proves to be a good stud finder.

Overall, the basic features provided by this app are the same as the others, but the one smart notification sound is the one that makes it unique among the other similar apps available.

Eleggible’s Final Words

After analyzing 11 best stud finder app, we can conclude that almost all apps for this seem to be similar, making the selection a bit complicated process.

But, the efficiency provided by all is based mainly on the quality of the magnetometer of your device and some other supporting features of your smartphone. 

Moreover, these devices are prone to errors, because the EMFs are affected by nearby running electronic devices, so the probability of getting an accurate result is lowered due to such contingency.

Keep this in mind as a precaution, and the apps would work substantially good for your daily tasks!

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