Best Time to Post on Instagram to Get More Likes

Instagram is perhaps the most popular platform for sharing media online. From images to videos, brands and individuals are connecting through the platform.

However, there are better times when you can publish the content to get the best engagement and likes. So when is it best to post content on Instagram?


Why Publish on Instagram

There are numerous reasons why you should be publishing your content on Instagram. For one, it is the number one product discovery choice. Consumers love to swipe through their content feed to discover new brands, services, and solutions.

Studies have shown that 44% of customers use Instagram daily for shopping. The products they’re looking for vary. Some of the most popular products that customers are looking for are:

  • Health and Beauty
  • Fitness
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Business
  • Pets

Therefore, for many young businesses, Instagram is the place to find new leads, which can be very important. Companies should be actively trying to find new leads to grow. But that doesn’t mean just publishing on the platform will yield results.

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Getting Better Results from Instagram

There are numerous ways you can publish on IG and get better results. Most platforms allow you to use hashtags and other elements to make content more shareable. To receive more engagement, you should be using hashtags on all your content.

Research has shown that limiting the number of hashtags used on a piece of content to just one and three will yield better engagements. Some brands like to give their campaigns a little head start.

After all, if users on the platform see that the content is already popular, they will be more likely to engage with it. That is why you should ask staff members, friends, and family to like anything you publish. Additionally, you may try fake Instagram poll votes to engage your audience with your content.

If you buy 20 Instagram likes, you can also give your content a better head start. Another factor is to ensure that your photos and videos are of the best quality.

High-quality images and videos from a good camera have much better success than those taken with a poor-quality camera. You might also find that uploading your content at the right time will get you the best results.

What Time is the Best for Publishing Content 

Each social media platform has its benefits and audience. LinkedIn, for example, has a high proportion of business-focused content. People use the platform to create business leads and network for job opportunities.

Instagram, in contrast, is more for the consumer market. You will find that your audience will mostly be consumers who are looking to find solutions.

Despite the differences, there are some consistencies with the best times. Of course, these times will relate to whether you’re looking to get more likes, followers, or comments.

It might also be related to your niche. For instance, food outlets tend to find more evening traffic whereas clothing can be closer to the evening.

Research has shown, however, that the most effective time for publishing engaging content is between 9 am and 10 am throughout the middle of the working week (Tuesday to Thursday).

These timings are consistent for most of the four major social media channels. The worst time for social media content to be published is Sunday.

Best Time to Publish on Instagram for Engagement

But what about the specifics of Instagram content? Instagram doesn’t strictly follow the same rules as the other platforms. There are similarities but some differences in creating an engaging campaign.

For most platforms, publishing on a Monday is not optimal. If you wish to have high engagement, publish at the beginning of the week. However, Instagram is slightly different.

One of the best times for publishing on the platform is Monday at 11 am. The platform also has other high-engagement spots on the platform.

For instance, on Tuesday and Wednesday between 10 am and 1 pm, you can find that engagement will be higher. You will also be able to engage audiences much better between 10 am and 11 am on Thursdays and Fridays.

If you only have a small amount of content and need to get the maximum impact, then you should concentrate on Tuesday and Wednesday as these are the days when more users are online.

How to Improve Engagement on Instagram

There are numerous ways that Instagram has expanded since 2020 when much of the world was under Covid restrictions. This challenging time was when social media usage increased significantly, and Instagram saw a surge in monthly users.

Now about two billion regular users are there. The features added to the platform include sixty-minute videos that add more content and new ways for you to engage with your audience.

But also, how users behave on the platform has changed. During the weekdays, more people became engaged on the platform during their midday breaks. Even times that traditionally performed particularly badly, like the evening and weekends, saw a surge in use.

Add More Personality

Of course, to add more engagement to Instagram, you don’t just want to ensure that you’re publishing at the right time. Many brands that are successful on the platform are also creating a persona on the platform.

If they’re a more prominent brand, they’re using employees who can give the brand a face. Those that are small businesses tend to use real people in the office.

One of the biggest trends on the platform is to use authentic images. One of the most sought-after hashtags by audiences is #nofilter. So staging images and videos should be avoided by all brands.

Adding Call-to-Actions to your Content

Another focus for many brands to help them improve visibility is to tell audiences what to do. When watching YouTubers, you can see that many instruct the audience to subscribe, comment, and share the videos.

The same three things should be encouraged on Instagram, whether you’re asking the audience to share, like the video, or start following you.

You mustn’t leave this request to the end of the video when on the video. You should be asking your audience to like and share your content at the beginning and the end. Again, this is a tactic that YouTube creators often utilize.

Colors on Display

It is also essential to think that Instagram has set colors that perform best. For instance, when Instagram creators had blue as their dominant color, the content would generate 24% more likes than those with high concentrations of orange or red.

These colors are also used more with luxury branded items. Bright images were also important. Taking photos on sunny days will generate 24% more engagements than taking shots at night. That is unless you have a backdrop that is bright.

So be sure that when creating Instagram images, you find the best place and lighting for the image.

Eleggible’s Final Words

So, as you can see, there is no magic formula for high engagement of IG. It’s hard work and posting at the right time that can really make your profile popular. With the choice of the proper strategies and time, you can make your content really stand out. 

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