6 Best Transcription Services to Use [2022 Updated]

When you want to convert audio to text, you have to use the transcription service. A good service should be cheaper with high accuracy. The turn around time of the Transcription Services should also be fast. When we look for the speed of the service, we will suffer because of the high cost. Most of the transcription companies will charge more when faster service is required.

Service should be easily usable for the customers. When we talk about ease, we are referring to the ease of use of the website portal.

Top 6 Transcription Services to Work For

Here are the top 6 companies to convert the audio to text online.

The review contains information on pricing, speed, and accuracy. This will surely help you select the right transcription service for you.

1. Audext

This service is different than other transcription services because they give 30-minute free audio to text conversion online. They offer different pricing plans. The first plan is to pay per hour, and the second is the subscription service. In pay per hour service, you can either go for starter, optimal, or charged packages.

They accept a large number of audio formats and convert them into text. Audext service is amazing because they even offer refunds in some specified cases, and you can try to convert mp3 to text for free first 30 minutes.


For 1 hour, you will have to pay $13, but when you increase the number of hours, the price will reduce. You will pay 109 dollars when you want to transcribe 10 hours of audio. In subscription service, one can pay the subscription fee for a month or a year. They also offer enterprise packages for large volume services.

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2. Scribie

This is a good service as they have two options. You can easily upload the files on the scribed.com to get them transcribed. Four steps manual process needs to be followed when manual transcription is required. They do not offer free demo service.


You can either select the automatic transcription at the rate of 0.1 dollars per minute or select the manual transcription at 0.8 dollars per minute. Both of these services are quite accurate. The turnaround time for the automated transcription is 30 minutes, while the manual transcription required 36 hours.

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3. iScribed

This is not special audio to text conversion service because they have translations service also. Normally, it will take 24 hours to transcribe audio, but it can also take up to 48 hours. This service is quite expensive, especially when you want to add timestamps. They have an online transcription fee calculator you can use to check the cost of the service.


They will charge you 8.9 dollars for every 10 minutes of audio. This company does not give any free demo service like Audext. For one hour, they will charge 53.4 dollars.

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4. Rev

This website offers transcription, captioning, and foreign subtitling services. Normally, it will take 12 hours to get the audio transcribed. No free service is offered to test the company.


For the transcription service, they will charge 1.25 Dollars per minute. This is cheaper than some other services but still expensive than Audext. They have an online calculator to check for the price of the transcription service.

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5. Temi

This service is specially designed for the transcription. Their process is very simple, but there is no free demo service. You just have to upload the audio or video file in their portal. Their software will convert this audio to text in 5 minutes. This is a good service, but when we compare it with the Audext the price is higher.

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They charge simple 0.25 dollars per minute.

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6. TranscribeMe

This is is not a simple transcription service as they also give translation and annotation services. They will take one day to deliver the transcribed text.

They have three different services that include first draft, standard, and verbatim services. Verbatim service is the most expensive as they charge two dollars per minute and take up to three days to deliver the text.


They charge for transcription 0.79 Dollars per minute. This makes the service extremely expensive.

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Transcribe Me

Eleggible’s Final Words

We can compare different transcription services on the base of price, turnaround time, and accuracy. Audext takes the least time to deliver the text. Audext transcription service is quickest of all the other services reviewed here. The price of the services is also a minimum for the Audext. They guarantee satisfaction because they have a refund policy.

This is an advanced way of telling people that their service is exceptional. There is no other service that is giving 30 minutes of free audio transcription. They will not charge extra even when speaker identification is required. We can conclude that Audext is the best of all services because of its amazing features.

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