9 Best uTorrent Alternatives For Downloading Files

If you love watching videos and movies and you visit the torrent sites more often to download them, then you must be knowing about the changes that have occurred once bit torrent acquired it. In this article, I have listed some of the most trusted and useful uTorrent alternatives that one can try.

Top 9 uTorrent Alternatives For Downloading Files

Earlier torrent used to be known for its clear and easy interface but after it was acquired then there are unnecessary spam ads that keep on interrupting and it now even give comparatively slow downloading speed. 

1. Vuze

We can say that this is one of the best uTorrent alternatives that one can try. It has many similar features like the torrent which makes it even more appealing for the regular torrent users. this amazing alternative can be used in many platforms like android, windows, Linux etc. it has many additional features from u torrent like remote control and transcoding.

uTorrent alternatives

2. Bit Torrent

This is also an amazing alternative that almost everyone must have heard. This was mainly for the windows platform but now it is also available for android users. It is the oldest client for torrent that people are using. It has an easy interface and quiet an easy way of downloading the files and documents. 

Bit torrent web

3. Bit Comet

This is another torrent client that people use widely due to its interesting features. It has an easy interface without any interrupting ads in between. The downloading speed is also quite fast with few simple steps that need to be followed for the downloading part. Bit comet is both the download manager and the torrent downloader. 

Bit -comet
Bit comet

4. qBit Torrent

We consider qBit torrent to be an amazing alternative with the lightest weighted torrent client. It is well optimized and provides a well downloading speed, it has a clean and easy interface so that all the new users can also learn and understand quickly as compared to other torrent alternative. One of the best features is that qBit torrent also offers a torrent search engine, a media player.

qBit- torrent
qBit torrent

5. Transmission

This is an interesting torrent alternative that one can use, but initially it was meant for Linux users only but along with the updates it can now be used by Windows users also for the downloading movies and files at a much greater speed. This alternative is free from all the ads and from any charges and is an open source that is people use widely. 

uTorrent alternatives

6. Tribler

This is an amazing torrent alternative that I would like to add to the list because it has now been widely used. It has an easy and simpler interface that many other alternatives. This alternative provides you with better torrent speed because they don’t have unnecessary features that may hinder the downloading speed. This torrent is not heavy on the eyes as their interface is clean. 


7. Deluge

This is a unique alternative of torrent it has many amazing features that are making it easier for the new users, along with the good downloading speed. The interface of this alternative is easy, simple and very much similar to qBit torrent. This alternative is free and does not contain ads. Apart from that, the functionality of Deluge can be expanded through plugins.


8. Tixati

We know this alternative of torrent for its simplicity and downloading speed. This is a free website and doesn’t contain any ads. The interface is quite simple and very much similar to u torrent. The interface of Tixati is pretty much similar to uTorrent and it offers every feature to fulfill your torrenting needs. The great thing about Tixati is its Channels which allow users to connect with peers. 

uTorrent alternatives

9. Boxopus

This is the last u torrent alternative that I would like to add to the list. you can use it in many Windows, Linux, Mac OS etc. It has an easy interface which are simpler than the others. However, sometimes Dropbox bans the account which is associated with Boxopus. Still, users can send torrent files to Boxopus servers where it can be downloaded easily. 

Eleggible’s Final Words

All the uTorrent alternatives that I have mentioned above are quite similar to the u torrent which are quite simple and easy interface. These alternatives are free of cost with no ads that hinders the downloading speed.

All the alternatives are quite trustworthy and you can use them on various platforms from Windows to android. Visit the sites and give them a try, hope this article was a help. 

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