7 Best Vinyl Cutter for Mac [2022 Buying Guide]

Looking for Vinyl Cutter for Mac? Let’s start from the root level, a Vinyl cutter is primarily a cutter of vinyl. Yes! What is Vinyl? It is self-adhesive plastic. Hence this cutter is employed to cut out the plastic to desired shapes. Technically, it is a computer-controlled machine. The computer controls the movement of sharp blades over materials. The vinyl sheet cut is used to be stuck to a variety of surfaces.

The vector drawing software is used to create a vector-based image. This design is passed on to the cutter via USB or serial cable, where it cuts along the vector path( direction), commanded via design.

You can go on creating your logos, designs, and decals. You are primarily employed for advertisements on automobiles and vans. They are also employed for enhancing attires. You just have to cut the mirror image of the attire, sew it, run a hot press over it, and your logo/design is imprinted extremely well.

we know you would agree with me that many services regarding business in attires, plastic, etc., have lost their effective motion during the lockdown. No matter how depressing it sounds, a way has to be carved out to restart.

The sellers can sell their materials from home, but how to manufacture the finishing from raw? Workout any staff help? Well, to your rescue, we have this portable, almost printer-sized vinyl cutter where you can create and print out your designs, thus ensuring continuous production and selling of customizable goods.

What is the Best Software for Vinyl Cutting? To help you out, we have listed below some of the best Vinyl Cutter software. They would save you from the hubbub of extended staff requirement and low goods production in this scenario of lockdown.

What are the Best Vinyl Cutters for Mac?

1. Cricut Maker Rose Cutter

Best Vinyl Cutter for Mac Cricut Maker Rose Cutter

Want to accomplish your endless project possibilities? Then the right tool for you is Cricut Maker Rose Cutter. It is a common platform for making things out of paper, leather, iron, and balsa models.

Want to design for free? Then this is the perfect solution to your problem. You can even create the design on mobile as well as computers and upload as well. It is essentially made up of plastic, with the color and brand of Rose and Cricut, respectively.

Price – It starts at $329.

Pros – Easy to Use, Versatile, and easy to learn.

Cons – The fabric mat is not up to the mark, the light grip is also not satisfactory. Other than these, hundreds of digital sewing projects and new rotary blades for fabrics are highly popular.

2. Silhouette Portrait 2 Electric Cutter

Need a PC and a Mac-compatible cutter? Which also has the integration of Bluetooth technology? Then here is the pick for you. This is an extremely compatible and compact Electronic tool. It even has an auto-blade feature.

The dimensions of the product are – 18×8×9 inches. It has the feature of automatic tool detection. Extremely user-friendly.

Price – Available for $178.

Pros – Cuts a wide range of materials- fabric, heat transfer material, paper, adhesive, etc., portable, PixScan feature.

Cons – Has weak cutting force. It is highly recommended for not-so-strong cutting.

3. Brother ScanNCut SDX125E Machine

Best Vinyl Cutter for Mac Brother ScanNCut SDX125E Machine

Want to gift your loved ones greetings cards created by yourself? Best suited for DIY purposes. Brother ScanNCut SDX125E Machine is the ultimate solution to your wishes.

Get hands-on with your scanner and customize your stickers. It has the ScanNCut DX auto blade and auto blade holder feature, hence enabling you to hassle-free material’s thickness and selection.

It is the only machine with a scanner built-in. Hence you can scan your desired pictures or stickers to a cut file. It is loaded with a 12 “×12” standard tack mat, black pen, pen holder spatula, and other necessary items.

Price – Available for $399.

Pros – effortless cutting of 3mm thick material- paper, vinyl, fabric, etc., an Only machine with an inbuilt scanner, provides 682 built-in designs, of which 100 are quilting patterns and nine fonts.

Cons – Does not include a detailed manual hence makes it a bit difficult to work with, minute things make machines hard to deal with.

4. Silhouette Cameo 3 Vinyl Cutter

New to vinyl cutting and eager to start from scratch? Then this is the best pick for you. It can be regarded as the best Silhouette Guide to Vinyl.

You can utilize a USB cable to plug into your Mac or PC. Even employ built-in Bluetooth for establishing the connection. The dimensions of the material it can produce are – 12 feet wide and 10 inches long.

They are essentially in use for sketching rather than for cutting. The CAMEO can replace the cutter with a pen. Its dimension can be specified as – 23.9×10.98×8.9 inches.

Price – Available for $178.

Pros – PixScan compatibility, Touch screen facility, register and cut printed materials, etc.

Cons – has weak cutting force.

5. Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus Cutter

Are you a professional vinyl cutter? Looking for one such cutter which can gift you with bonus design software, including Oracle 651? Then this is the right pick for you.

Highly professional and reliable. Efficient in delivering accurate results. The USB 2.0 ensures a reliable connection between the kit and Mac or PC.

We are majorly employed for cutting vinyl and contour cutting pre-printed graphics and equipped with Auto Registration Mark Sensor system. Expansion of print and cut areas ensures considerably low wastage of media.

Pros – precise cutting, efficiency, and fast at work, best for commercial and personal use.

Cons – prerequisite knowledge and handling are in need and poor customer service.

6. USCutter 28″ Titan 3 Cutter Machine

Best Vinyl Cutter for Mac USCutter 14 inch MH Craft Vinyl Cutter Plotter

Pc and Mac users alert! Want to cut vinyl for a length of 300 inches? Here is the solution for you.

This Vinyl Cutter for Mac has an automatic registration mark sensor. This comes in model sizes – 28″, 53″ and 68″. It can cut a variety of materials which includes- adhesive vinyl, paperboard, etc.

It is the successor of TITAN 2, hence has all its features. But the new addition of precision servo motors uplifts its merit. It has a remarkable cutting force and variable speed.

Pros –  Precise contour cutting, quiet servo motor, vacuum hold down, etc.

Cons – The non-efficient deliverance of results. Lack of manuals hence requires time for settling.

7. USCutter 14 inch MH Craft Vinyl Cutter Plotter

Favorable for a startup business! Not compatible with the Mac system. Essentially a cutter and plotter. Enhanced designing and cutting skills.

Compatible to work with other software. It is a 14-inch cutter. This has three connectivity options- parallel-serial and USB.

It has 3×45 design blades. The best feature being lifetime phone support. It even has included software for Vinyl Master Cut.

Pros –  seamless versatility and durability, free vectorizing and cut software inclusion, free US-based technical support, etc.

Cons – Inflexible replacement service, not many promising results.

Eleggible’s Recommendation

You can use the above Best Vinyl Cutter for Mac based on their applications and your needs.

  • Startup needs- USCutter 14 inch MH Craft Vinyl Cutter Plotter. As it is relatively cost-effective and durable.
  • Professional desire- Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus Cutter.
  • Beginners use- Silhouette Cameo 3 Vinyl Cutter.
  • Free design- Cricut Maker Rose Cutter
  • Easy decor/greetings- Brother ScanNCut SDX125E Machine


Does SignMaster Work With Mac?

Yes, SignMaster is easy to download and work with on Mac.

Eleggible’s Final Words

What do you think about the above cutters?

Now it’s your turn: Which one of the above Best Vinyl Cutter for Mac would you pick? Tell me about your preference list, or maybe you know some other options, which we did not cover here. Leave a comment to let me know.

Happy Cutting!

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