Can I fax from Outlook Mail Quickly, Easily and Securely?

When it comes to sending a business email, the first name that comes to our mind is Outlook. It’s a prime mail service provider that not only helps business individuals to manage their business affairs but also to the entrepreneurs in reaching their potential clients. 

 Do you know that Outlook has more than 400 million active users on the platform who’re using their services 365 days of the year? CocoFax and outlook together create a powerhouse that allows you to send a fax through outlook without leaving the site.

Can I fax from Outlook Mail?
send a fax through outlook

We all know that there is no better platform for business communications than Outlook where more than 11% of total emails are opened. There are more than 3.9 billion email accounts that are there on the internet and Outlook is the second most used source for mailing. 

 It’s an obvious thing that you can’t send a fax if you don’t have a fax machine next to your office. But what if you can send a fax using Google Fax Free without buying any package? It’s a perfect solution for your small and big businesses where you need to send endless faxes every day.

Now you can from outlook mail in a quick, easy, and efficient manner. In addition to its advantages, nobody is going to ask for a subscription to get access to all the features. You just need to add your login details and ready to fly with progress in your business.  

How Can I Send a Fax Using my Outlook?

According to a recent survey conducted in the United States of America, Outlook was among the top three safe email service providers in the world. It’s also the second-largest cloud system used for sending and receiving emails after Gmail. Here are the tips and tricks that one can use to send a fax using Outlook.

1. Compose a fresh email

Starting from the easiest step, sign in with your Outlook account and start composing your email. Here you can write all the necessary instructions regarding the fax you are sending. This information may not be necessary for some businesses but can be added for further elaborations.

2. Add Credentials of the Receiver

Now you can add the details of the receiver in the mailbox, for example, It’s suggested to double-check the receiver’s identity as you may lose your private documents by entering a wrong mail account.

Can I fax from Outlook Mail?
Add Credentials of the Receiver

Try to read it by characters, not words, if one word is missing or wrongly written in the receiver’s mail: you may permanently lose the crucial documents about your business.

3. Create a Cover Page

Last but not the least, create a perfect cover page that professionally represents your fax. You can select one of the cover page templates from CocoFax to make a good first impression. Adding a cover letter to your fax will give an amazing impression of your business and personality.

Why Choose Outlook to Send Fax?

In the modern age, where everything is available at the one-click: why are you still using old ways of sending important documents? If the document is available in hard copy, we can just scan it and send it through an email by using free services. Because this source of sharing documents and important details are far better than the traditional fax machines.

Another big reason for using CocoFax web services to send Outlook fax within a few seconds is that it’s a secure platform for sharing secret and prime documents. In the case of using an Outlook to send a fax, the chances are rare that it can be accessed by a third party.

In traditional fax, you have no other source of confirmation then the mobile phone and the receiving person should be on the fax machine to receive it before someone else takes it. But this is not the case when you send a fax using Outlook email. The recipient will give a back massage with acknowledgment.

In the end, we’d like to invite you to use our professional platform that is entrusted by hundreds of reputed companies around the globe. CocoFax is a cloud system that makes sure full convenience and accuracy in sharing your fax.

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