6 Most Exciting Card Games like Spades (2024)

Have you ever wanted to switch up your card game rotation but weren’t sure which game to try next? If you’re a fan of the classic, trick-taking card game Spades, you’ll be thrilled over the card games like Spades available today!

With so many fantastic options inspired by traditional Spades variations, narrowing down which alternative card games are most worth your time can be difficult. But don’t worry—we’ve got you covered!

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the top alternative card games similar to Spades that provide plenty of strategy and excitement for all players. Prepare for an adventure full of exciting new experiences as we journey through some fantastic modern takes on classic spade-style games.

Top Alternative Card Games Similar to Spades

If you want to try different trick-taking card games similar to Spades, our list below will help you find an excellent replacement. Check out our list below.

#1. Call Break

A game similar to Spades is Call Breaker but with slightly different features. The game is usually played by four players with a deck with 52 cards. At the beginning of the game, players will check their cards and will bid on how many tricks they think they can make. A game has five rounds, and all players have to bid an equal number of bids each time the round starts.

The total score will highly depend on the number of tricks the player accumulated or won once a round ends. If a player doesn’t reach or surpass the initial tricks they bid, they will receive negative scores. After five rounds, the players with the most tricks (score) win the game.

One game you can try is Callbreak: Game of Cards, which you can download on your smartphone. It has an intuitive interface and excellent graphics, resulting in an exceptional game experience.

Some features to anticipate:

  • Single-player mode against AI bots
  • Multiplayer mode against friends and family on a private table
  • Leaderboard and achievements available

#2. Wizard

Another trick-taking card game similar to online Spades is Wizard, which uses a 52-card standard deck. It’s one of the most exhilarating card games due to its complexity and strategic options. In addition, two to six players can join the game instead of the standard four players. It’s also a bidding game.

At the start, players will bid on how many tricks they think they’ll manage to accumulate for every round. What’s fascinating about this card game is it begins with a single hand. After that, the succeeding round will progress from there.

How you play at the start will affect your outcome. Wizard by Sean O’Connor is a great example, but it uses a 60-card deck and a wild card element for fun, challenges, and surprises. It also has Jesters and Wizards, but mastering the game’s strategy is the real challenge.

#3. Euchre

Euchre has numerous similarities to online Spades, which already has millions of fans worldwide due to its simplicity and strategic challenges. Like Spades, it has the same number of players (four) but with different rules. It’s relatively much easier since it can be played with only 24 cards as the lowest or 32 cards if there are more players.

What makes it different:

  • Euchre has different variations
  • The number of players and rules may differ for each variation
  • The winner must reach a predetermined number of points to win

Euchre 3D is an excellent example, equipped with smart AI, achievements, and numerous gaming options to improve your gaming experience. It also provides a social gaming feature where you can join live online multiplayer tournaments.

#4. Hearts

An iconic card game that’s similar to Spades is Hearts. It’s identical to Cribbage and Euchre, which is no surprise since both are considered trick-taking games.

Hearts is applicable for two to seven players and come with several variations. You can try Hearts: Card Game by the renowned mobile game developer MobilityWare to get a taste of what this card game is about.

Game features of Hearts: Card Game:

  • Play against Artificial Intelligence
  • Offline gaming for convenience
  • Unlimited free hints and undo
  • Shoot the moon as a Hearts card master

All Hearts card games aim to lose tricks rather than win them. It’s why Hearts is also known as the successor of Reverse. The scoring is also the same: the player with a low score wins.

There are also web-based versions of Hearts that can play without downloading an app.

#5. Pitch

This game is also known as a setback, auction pitch, or high low jack in other places, Pitch is a must-try card game comparable to Spades. It’s enjoyable in its own right and offers significant strategic depth that the other card games don’t provide. The game is ideal for three to five players. Furthermore, players can choose to play individually or team up with a partner.

The main element in Pitch is trick bidding. The player with the highest bid will be the pitcher of the game. Even though the gameplay seems simple, the scoring and rules aren’t. They’re a little complex and complicated to understand, but anyone can master it with constant practice.

Here, players will receive six cards each. During their turns, they can choose to either bid or if they want to pass. The lowest bid must only be two, and successive bids must be more substantial than the last.

The winner will be the player who reaches seven points first. If you haven’t played this card game yet, Pitch-Expert AI is an excellent app you can find on Play Store.

#6. Oh Hell

Known as Oh Pshaw and Nomination Whist, Oh Hell has similar game elements to Spades but with slightly different rules. It’s a trick-taking game where winning extra tricks means failing or losing, unlike Call Breaker and Spades.

The player’s objective is to have the same amount of tricks as their first bid when the game starts. It can be played by three to seven players, with a fixed number of deals. After all, the cards have been distributed between the players, the Trump card is decided by drawing a card.

Eleggible’s Final Words

If you want to have fun without the same old boring gameplay of Spade, then the card games above are the best options you should try. They’re all available online or offline, giving you various gaming options. With many resources, you might become an expert card player in no time!

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