How to Cast Phone to Laptop or PC [Detailed Guide]

We all love technology and innovation, and due to this, there is a lot of competition and competitors. Each year thousands of words are created and used for technology alone. It just not a bad thing that people are getting enthusiastic about technology and how these innovations work. And one such word that is synonymous with each other is mirror casting or mirror screening.

Screencasting or, in simple words, can be a screen reflecting on another screen. In the technical world, screen mirroring or cast mobile to laptop.

It’s like recording a video and watching on your television with specific instructions. Screencasting allows you to watch the contents without straining your eyes and is a great way to share technology. Due to technical development, every day, the screencasting techniques have taken a modern spin, and now it can be done on any device of your choice.

Your favorite movies or songs can now be enjoyed in full view of a television, tablet, or laptop. Many apps are improvising the way you see the contents. For example, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. these apps have a pre-installed function or a Chromecast for you to enjoy their content on a big screen.

One important thing to be noted in this technique is that casting depends on your device’s model that is the television. To cast mobile to laptop, think of a way like you want to click a photograph, and your camera is ready to do everything with minimum instructions, and output is perfect high definition pictures.

The Screencasting is Helpful in Many Ways :

  • Learning can be done easily 
  • The tutorial can be easily created for teaching.
  • You can record the presentation.
  • The whole family can watch on a single screen. 

The best thing about screencasting is that you can watch videos at your pace by pausing and playing at your comfort. You can record videos and save them for later.

Screencasting Can be Used in Many Ways

  • Watching tutorials and making presentations on the small screen can be a very hectic and time-consuming process, but screencasting increases work efficiency.
  • How many times do you ask yourself how to connect to a printer or how to do this, but there is a simple answer to all this hassle that is screen mirroring?
  • You can record or pause your learning tutorial or watch with your whole group and improve your communication.
  • Screencasting is popularly used in seminars and presentations.

Software Used For Mirror Screening

Most companies add a watermark to encouraging users to purchase their program to avail of all other features. There is also an additional tool for adding another device like a microphone or a camera. One of the many platforms that offer to cast may include Google’s Chromecast, which is widely popular.

How to Chromecast from your laptop?

Using Google Chromecast, you can easily stream your offline videos, your YouTube, your music playlist, etc. It’s a free app, but you have to pay $1 for additional music playlist streaming. The first step would be installing a Chromecast from your AppStore.

After that, it will give you an option to select your file, and simply Chromecast will display your content without stuttering or any graphical interference.

Essential steps to note before using this feature are to Ensure the mobile screencast and the Chromecast device are well connected to WiFi. The app will stream all kinds of things, whether it’s a photo, downloaded videos, YouTube videos, or any other streaming website.

For trying other features like screen mirroring, or IPTV you have to upgrade your subscription to premium. Chromecast doesn’t have a USB plug and play system; that’s why you’re stuck streaming your website. Another option is Plex or video stream that has an advantage over Chromecast as they take your computer as a media device and flow from it.

How do I Cast Media from my Phone to my Laptop?

1. Open the cast option from your Android device.

how to get mobile screen on laptop
Cast from Android

2. Click on more settings app and connect mobile screen to laptop

how to get mobile screen on laptop
Click on the connect option

3. Once your PC option is displayed, click on the connect option

4. Then, connect mobile screen to laptop.

Cast Phone to Laptop


Additional Options for Setting Up a Quick Cast would be:

1. From your Android device, find a display option in the settings.

2. Options like cast or mirror should be clicked.

3. Your laptop name would appear on the menu. Click it

4. Tap the PC, and you are good to go.

cast mobile to laptop
Cast from Android

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Why is My Screencasting Not Working?

There can be many reasons that your casting is not working correctly, and one of the main reasons would be the internet is not working correctly. The second reason may be the router configuration or device settings problems. For solving these issues, connect your machine correctly and in the correct device.

Make sure your WiFi and device connections are stable to your streaming website like Netflix. If it doesn’t work, Contact your device service center or refresh your router and clear your cache.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Lastly, whether you’re are presenting your lecture or video streaming or making your presentation, mirror casting is a breakthrough technology to make your viewing experience wonderful and in HD version.

And installation of the cast is just a click away. Mirroring can be done in many ways depending on the device you are connecting to. Like windows are equipped with Miracast, and Apple is Airplay. Mirroring is very useful in learning areas like schools and universities and valuable for business for backing up presentations and meetings.

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